Vindicated: Paris Events Meet the False Flag Checklist

Jay Dyer
Activist Post

Already numerous patterns I listed in my initial analysis, as well as others consonant with false flags, have made themselves apparent in the Paris shooting and hostage incidents. Also apparent are the predictable results that follow these events. We have seen all of the following:

1. Mass mainstream media buildup and rollout, with ready-made “placards” to call global attention to event.

2. Questionable videos and details of the event, as well as drills or security buildup prior.

3. Military training for the perpetrators, while the “terror” suspects with deep state connections and rap sheets run free.

4. A false dialectic of left versus radicalism polarizing public consumption of propaganda.

5. Investigators and key individuals in the event end up “suicided.”

6. Media quickly fingers low IQ duped patsies based on magical ID appearance (think 9/11).

7. More funding for militarization, surveillance and police state with media replaying past terror events ad nauseam.

Webster Tarpley explains of the purpose of synthetic terror: “Terrorism thus has been known to provide a means of social control. Parts of the US oligarchy are today almost euphoric about the seemingly endless panorama of possibilities of exploiting terrorism they believe they see before them. But it is now wide to build an entire state and social order on terrorism.” (Synthetic Terror, pg. 88)

Helpful graphic from Webster Tarpley’s Synthetic Terror.

So, have the recent terror events in Paris met these criteria? Yes, they have.

1. CNN was already on the spot, with Anderson Cooper’s 360 live on the scene, while media and French security (as per usual), had been hyping new measures in France.

2. The videos and details of the Paris shooting do not add up, as the videos contain numerous discrepancies worth considering, such as no blood or recoil, while Couliabily’s femme fatale girlfriend has been conveniently written out of the script, as Patrick Henningsen commented to me.

3. The shooters were said to be military-trained and had contacts with terror cells and Anwar al-Awlaki, a known asset of Western intelligence, as well as seeking revenge for the 1995 RER convction of Rachid Ramda. The terrorists had also reportedly returned from training in Syria, where the French, UK and US governments had been arming and training the Al-Qaeda affiliated “Free Syrian Army.” Coulibaly also met with French President Nicholas Sarkozy in 2009, looking for employment.

Helpful graphic.

4. Media furor is in full force, polarizing the globe into a false dialectic of either standing with Charlie, or you are a terrorist. One thinks here of Bush’s notorious “You’re either with us, or with the terrorists,” fear mongering, as if there are ever and always only two options in life, between a provocative satire and “freedom” or radical Islam.

5. A key investigator of the incidents has now turned up dead from, you got it, “suicide.” Important individuals in the 9/11 event mysteriously turned up dead, too, and members of the power structure that pry too deeply end up gone.

6. Soon after the shooting, Kouachi supposedly left his ID laying in a vehicle. This calls into question at least his supposed expertise and tactical training, and is also reminiscent of the passport of the 9/11 hijacker. What is more likely is that they had a handler who was intelligent, possibly the femme fatale who disappeared from the narrative, while the Jihad cut outs were duped.

7. In the wake of the events, freedom of speech and Internet monitoring are the buzzwords, with the Atlanticist establishment all singing in harmony the 9/11 narrative of needing more security, more surveillance, more police, more crackdowns  (the more money thrown at them, the more terror comes) – not on Jihadis running free with state knowledge, but on all citizens. Terrorism, you see, is a psychological attack on the public, and rogue, asymmetrical rogue terror is extremely rare. What is not rare is state-funded or private funded false flag terror.

In the wake of this event, Paris’ “9/11” has resulted in the same response the world saw with 9/11.  We can expect the recruitment of more moron radicals as the “Jihad” is being marketed to a new crop of dupes, hipsters and rappers.  This social engineering and PR selling point of faux anti-establishment is something that smells of being cooked up by Western and intelligence and their think tank overlords like the Rand Corporation, than any real opposition.  In my article from November, I wrote about the fictional Bond villain, SPECTRE, which was known for its international character, playing nation states off against one another in a false dialectic, while simultaneously receiving their funding from global black markets.  Truly fiction models reality, and reality models fiction.

You can read more from Jay Dyer at his site Jay’s Analysis, where this article first appeared.

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23 Comments on "Vindicated: Paris Events Meet the False Flag Checklist"

  1. Another website made similar claims. I find it very suspicious, that all western leaders “united” in Paris and took a bath in the horrified masses. They will probably be quite satisfied: it worked.

  2. What is said of a people, (possibly world wide) who know they are being hoodwinked and take no action against it.

    Writing articles and commenting the fact that… “we see what you’re doing, you can’t fool us”, but not doing a thing about it is just as insane as the parasitic criminals that are threatening you.

    This is likened to bragging you dodged the bullet of the drive by shooter.
    Until they come by at a later date and take better aim.

    If nothing is the result of all the investigative journalism by the alternate news sources than it’s all in vain.

    We have no trouble condemning and going after these crazy shooters but can’t seem to find the justice in going after criminal officials who kill tens of thousands.


    Just remember the jews thoughts when they were finally in the camps and it was too late then.

    “Only then did we realize the seriousness of the situation and should have fought back with anything to save ourselves”

    • It took a while for people to wake up from 9-11 Gate, and this paris false flag took only a few days for the real authentic and genuine truth. From a decade to a few days, there is a great awakening and openness. The next step is to change the consciousness and start commmanding Right and Fair Justice and it is no longer morrally acceptable to “kill without punity” (including our beautiful, heroic whistleblowers)
      Please Check out the webiste of phi beta iota. There are false flags (including 9-11 Gate) journalism being exposed from the former intelligence community and others on this source.
      Thank you from our heart to Activist Post for picking up on this story and expounding it’s own discovery and investigation. “War”of all facets on our Planet is no longer an option in this Cycle and for our Survial.
      For Peace, liberty and thriving in our new era. Mityakuye Oyasin. IN La’kech.

    • So what are you doing?

  3. The Seven Deadly Doubts about #CharlieHebdo That Should Leave Every Objective Observer Puzzled:
    Doubt 1: The security cop who “killed himself“.
    Doubt 2: The missing frames from the France 24 video of cop being ‘killed’

  4. At least this ‘false flag’ phenomenon is doing wonders to reduce unemployment because ‘crisis actors’ are in great demand.

    • They have upped the game by putting face masks on “terrorists” so that same crisis actors can be used again and again …

      These are the same guys, who were in Syria, Pakistan, Australia and now Paris…

  5. One of the Charlie Hebdo female journalist survivors has claimed, immediately post the event, that one of the attackers had ‘beautiful blue eyes’.

    • Admiral_Shackleford | January 13, 2015 at 1:15 pm | Reply

      How is that weird? Have you ever met any middle eastern people? I was in Jordan last summer and I swear every other person had blue eyes.

      • How is that weird?


        How about the fact that those who were immediately accused of the crime (and later killed) clearly had BROWN eyes? Look at the pics, bro.

      • That is known as reticular activation – you notice more of what you are expecting.
        Finland has the highest percentage of blue eyed people at 50% of its population.
        Britain has 25% and the US about 10%.

  6. What seemed curious to me was that for the first 48 hours it seemed like the French Press was reluctant to use the word “Terror” or “Terrorist”; however, from the very start, the American Press couldn’t scream (no, not yell, not shout, but bloody scream) “Terrorist” enough.

    This was an instant replay of the Boston Marathon circus.

    It was only after enough time had passed, to get the word out, that the French papers began to use the word “terror”. Initially, the French Press seemed to see the affair as a couple of crackpot French citizens taking a disagreement with other French citizens to the most severe level. The French seemed to see this as a totally internal, civil problem, that is, until the ramrods behind this could get everybody onto the same page.

    Remember the motto of the US Foreign Policy Wonks: never let a good crisis go to waste.

  7. False flag attacks usually involve a civilian target of little or no strategic significance – office buildings in New York, a deli in Sydney, a magazine in Paris, etc. It might be a kindergarten or amusement park – something that makes absolutely no sense. The perps are almost always dead and unable to answer any questions. The motive is to make people angry – but who would sacrifice his life to make people angry?

    • Admiral_Shackleford | January 13, 2015 at 1:14 pm | Reply

      crazy people?

    • Exactly.

      As a high end Jihadi warrior you spend years in training, spend a fortune on materials, and deny yourself any kind of normal life. All for what? To shoot up defenceless civilians at a sh!ttie magazine?

      And after all your terrorist training, and slick performance of a textbook operation, you just happen to leave your ID card in the getaway car/s?


      • Absolutely. These ‘professional’ killers ‘just happen’ to leave ID behind? Same happened on 9/11 and London 7/7, readers may be able to think of other examples. It seems to be becoming some kind of false flag ‘calling card’, rather like grunts in Vietnam leaving playing cards on the bodies of their dead foe.

      • They want to start a war in Europe.

        • They (TPTB) have already started a war in Europe. It’s in Ukraine.

          This, OTOH, is about villifying Muslims, finding convenient scapegoats to blame for ‘austerity’ (like they did with the Jews in the 30s), ramping up new ‘anti-terror’ laws, and making out that it’s OK for Israel to treat the Palestinians like sub-humans because they are Muslims.

          I didn’t see anyone marching about and wearing a ‘Je Suis Gaza’ teeshirt over the summer…….so the Western message is that it’s OK for an supposedly accountable organisation (affiliated with Jews) such as the Israeli government to kill over 500 innocent children, but not OK for an unaccountable terrorist organisation (affiliated with Muslims) to kill 11 adults.

          • trampshining | January 17, 2015 at 5:12 am |

            I started decades ago not to call the Israelis Jews because I always saw the the victims of WW2. The Israelis of today are no better than the Nazis towards the people in Gaza. They stole their land with the help of the UK and won’t give up until they murdered them all.
            The next thing is a big war in Europe which has already started in the Ukraine.

  8. Admiral_Shackleford | January 13, 2015 at 1:14 pm | Reply

    this is retarded. How is any of this proof for a false flag operation? Oh because “They” are controlling the media somehow (???). we can’t really prove it, huh? Gimme a break.
    Here’s a summary o the logical fallacy of conspiracy theories.:

    If this comment is removed or deleted because it pisses off the admins, Maybe i’ll just say it’s a conspiracy or a cover up, huh?


    (also known as: canceling hypothesis, cover-ups)

    Description: Explaining that your claim cannot be proven or verified because the truth is being hidden and/or evidence destroyed by a group of two or more people. When that reason is challenged as not being true or accurate, the challenge is often presented as just another attempt to cover up the truth, and presented as further evidence that the original claim is true.

    Logical Form:

    A is true.

    B is why the truth cannot be proven.

    Therefore, A is true.

    Example #1:

    Noah’s ark has been found by the Russian government a long time ago, but because of their hate for religion, they have been covering it up ever since.

    Example #2:

    Geologists and scientists all over the world are discovering strong evidence for a 6000 year-old earth, yet because of the threat of ruining their reputation, they are suppressing the evidence and keeping quiet.

    Explanation: The psychology behind conspiracy theories is quite complex and involves many different cognitive biases and fallacies discussed in this book. In general, people tend to overlook the incredible improbabilities involved in a large-scale conspiracy, as well as the potential risks for all involved in the alleged cover up. In the above examples, those who stick with a literal interpretation of the Bible often experience cognitive dissonance, or the mental struggle involved when one’s beliefs contradict factual claims. This cognitive dissidence causes people to create conspiracy theories, like the ones above, to change facts to match their beliefs, rather than changing their beliefs to match facts.

    Exception: Sometimes, there really are conspiracies and cover ups. The more evidence one can present for a cover-up, the better, but we must remember that possibility does not equal probability.

    Tip: Take time to question any conspiracy theories in which you believe are true. Do the research with an open mind.

    • Umm. Complete nonsense that would earn you nil points in any debate.

      For instance, there is no point in trying to conflate the article’s premises with nonsense like the earth being only 6,000 years old UNLESS you are prepared to refute the 7 points made by the article with an alternative reasonable explanation.

      So I suggest you take your own advice: i.e. take time to question any conspiracy theory which you believe to be true (in your case, the ‘official’ conspiracy theory which doesn’t add up). Then consider the 7 points in the article, and make a reasonable argument as to why you don’t accept them.

      If you can’t do that, then please go away. Because a trite chimney-corner Nurse Ratched-style lecture on why we are silly to consider theories other than the ones shoved down our throats ain’t gonna cut it, dude.

    • You’re an imbecile.

  9. bush, post 911.
    *“through my tears, I see opportunity
    life in the US will never be the same again* [1]

    what opportunity might that be ?
    carte blanche to launch the long planned fraudulant wot !
    how’s life gonna be different…..?
    police state at the home front ! [2]

    the world mourned with the yanks, *we’r all murkkans today !*

    jan/15, post paris bloodbath,
    *Anchors on BFM-TV compared the shooting to the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York City and speculated that the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) was responsible. Predicting a major change between “a period before and a period after” the Charlie Hebdo shooting, they added: “January 7 will unfortunately mark France in this beginning of the 21st century.* [3]

    just like 911, world leeders troop to paris to show solidarity,
    *we’r all french now !*

    just what might that predicted *major change* are they talking about ?

    well murkkans fraudulant wot got a revitalised new leash of life !
    this is a veritable french edition 911 !

    for a start, fukusf[rench] recolonisation of africa get a huge boost.
    *The wheels are in motion for yet another NATO power grab in a strategic oil choke point .* [4]

    since *isis* in syria is also fingered, nato can escalate bombing the shit out of the syria , unsc, russia, china can fuck off.

    hmm, the terror torn nigerians are asking for help to fight that boko haram plague !
    guess who’d get dragged in oh so reluctantly 😉

    looks like the sky is the limit for the frenchie wot…with the murkkans
    leading from behind as usual 😉

    Chris Floyd
    *, a terrorist hit – like any illicit high – doesn’t last long. You always need another fix. Especially when your economy is sinking beneath the weight of rampant cronyism, corruption, poverty and inequality.*





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