State Department Discusses Banning Alternative Media Outlet

Justin King
Activist Post

The US State Department has openly discussed shutting down RT, the Russian news network.

Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was asked about the idea of shutting the company down at a meeting at the Brookings Institution. She said no, paying lip service to Freedom of Speech, but citing RT’s limited reach as the real reason.

The incident goes to demonstrate exactly how much censorship exists in the United States. RT broadcasts a narrative that is undoubtedly pro-Russian. Now that the pro-Russian narrative is at odds with the Pro-US narrative, the government is willing to openly discuss simply shutting off American access to the network.

This isn’t the first time that RT was targeted by government officials.

The Chair of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors equated RT to terrorist groups when he said:

We are facing a number of challenges from entities like Russia Today which is out there pushing a point of view, the Islamic State in the Middle East and groups like Boko Haram.

Why would such a question be asked of a State Department official to begin with? Because the US State Department is responsible for large portions of America’s propaganda efforts.

This is the United States of America. We are supposed to have a free press, but if you push a point of view contrary to the government’s, you’re likely to lose your broadcasting license. Regimes in the past held book burnings to remove unfavorable opinions from circulation. The US government doesn’t need to be so boorish. They simply remove the book from libraries or revoke the broadcasting license of the outlet that won’t read the government’s script.

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42 Comments on "State Department Discusses Banning Alternative Media Outlet"

  1. Anyone preaching censorship of free speech is an enemy of the Constitution. The enemy is here and we’re already under attack.

    I’m telling u, there will be a horrendous push for censorship and loss of free speech to prepare for the UN Climate Fraud Conference this December in Paris. The mafia needs to control their narrative. Its a must pass for nwo, EVERYTHING (chemtrail poisoning, gmo, agenda 21, skynet, smart meters, false scarcities, etc) is based on their environmental lies. Its a go, no-go for the mafia in December. Only a revolution will stop them from passing it.

    Prepare, there will be more Charlie Hebdo false flag psyops to hammer in more draconian controls.

  2. While your at it Victoria Nullandvoid get rid of the other mind control , lying , Nazi , Marxist Propaganda American outlets in America too. While your at it get rid of yourself .

  3. Nuland should know about lying, she does enough of it. Of course that comes easy for her and her hubby…

  4. Fortunately, RT doesn’t rely on a broadcasting license. Although it is true that they could be removed from American cable and DBS television outlets, how would the US government shut them down short of an act of war? RT has more than enough technical competence to compete with American outlets just through Internet vectors.
    It is interesting, the few times when one with no television like myself, has seen videos of RTs programs, that it appears that their extremely attractive female presenters appear to be equipped with incomparably greater intelligence to the hotties on American cable news networks.

    • Agree on the very hot looking ladies of RT being as lethally intelligent. I believe Abby Martin in particular seems very capable of investigative journalism, and top rate in your face presentation. She has done reports that were not favorable of Russia, Israel, America and various other national policies or actions. Big business is not off her radar either, nor religion. Her journalism is as objective as she can manage for some of the subjective material presented. At the same time, she too is a human being. Not saying I have seen much faulting on her part but am aware she’s capable to make mistakes the same as any person.

    • Minkovsky was a fox (and smart and funny) but left; now we have the brilliant, witty, and foixy Abby Martin!

      The only competitor is Fox “news”s Megan Kelly, who after she opens her mouth (much like Sara Palin) becomes kind of nasty ugly.

      • Minkovsky was damn good but Abe – she’s not up to scratch. I don’t particularly like her. The others are all very good.

        • Abby Martin, as an investigative journalist, is superior to Minkovsky, in my view. She presents viewpoints no one else covers, and she has guests who provide alternative views to the cringing MSM. We love Abby, who is a homegrown rebel (norcal). She is not afraid to criticize Obama, Russia, or anyone she thinks is wrong.

      • The very few times when I’ve had the opportunity to see Megan Kelly in action, she made me glad that I don’t own a television, and so, can’t be subjected to her vitriol on a regular basis.

  5. What Censorship? This is what a “freeeeeeeeee” country looks like, now pay your taxes, slaves; and forget about your privacy.

  6. RT is a hundred times more objective than the NYT or LAT. I’ve been reading them for over ten years now, as well as RIA Novostiy. If I want real objective news, that’s where I go. American journalists could take a lesson.

  7. Nuland a Zionist nit wit…who is the reason why the neo Nazis are in charge in Kiev. Who the hell does she think she is. I listen to RT everyday and get more truthful information than any of the corporate Zionist owned media in the US.

  8. OK everyone, if you cant get what you want/need & pay for, from the Internet check out price scales with your provider & get the cheapest you can get.

    I.E ‘the ONLY sending & receiving of EMAIL’ this plan is (under $5) or the original slower Internet deal is (around $10) mthly (NZ prices)
    Don’t forget these are govt funded CORPORATIONS (even though they have been privatised, and they are EXPECTED to increase profits every year) When govt sell assets part of the deal is that the companies debts are, what they call `SOCIALIZED’ which means the taxpayer pays their bills.
    Wouldn’t the little business owner love a deal like THAT.

    My telephone Bill would drop well over a $100 a month. Do you really believe these CORPORATIONS would’nt jump to attention if we all change to a much cheaper deal the MOMENT they muck us about?
    Don’t worry about any contracts you might believe you are locked into, it is THEY who are breaking the contract, not you.
    No matter how they try to re-interpret their rules. You will have thousands of people to witness you are not getting what the provider has taught you to expect from them.
    Take Back Your Power.

  9. I guess no one likes getting called publicly on their shitty foreign policies.

    Or having their lies revealed and undermined.

  10. As a 73 yr old American with a skeptical mind, I find RT much more journalistic and less propagandistic than any corporate media in the US. As for its tiny audience, “In 2011, RT was the second most-watched foreign news channel in the United States (after BBC World News),[114] and the number one foreign network in five major U.S. urban areas in 2012.[115] It also rates well among younger Americans under 35 and among inner city areas.[115] In 2013, RT became the first television news channel in history to reach 1 billion views on YouTube.” Wikipedia

    …and “In the United States, about 85 million people in key urban areas can watch RT in English and Spanish via cable or satellite, including Comcast, Dish Network and Time Warner Cable. Key spots include New York City, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. In 2014 RT’s weekly audience in seven of the largest US cities has doubled, according to a Nielsen survey.”

    Clearly, RT has challenged the US propaganda machine, in which the government and corporate media, both left and right, cooperate and thus poses a threat to the lies of the US state/corporate propaganda machine.

    If you go to MSNBC or Fox, they are blathering about Deflategate or some such trivial issue while RT will have journalists on the ground in eastern Ukraine or Gaza, actually reporting the news.

    We are facing a situation where the media/govt narrative is being exposing on a daily basis, and the only solution is to kill the messenger (or per Nuland pretend no one is watching).

    To paraphrase Nuland, “Fuck the corporate media/state propaganda.”

  11. Nuland is looking more and more like Hilary Clinton, her role model.

    • I have noticed, that these characters such as Nuland, Kissinger, Hilary, etc. all have a sick, demonic appearance, very dark. Even the so-called “beautiful” celebrities, such as Miley Cyrus, have a sick,demonic look. They exude evil.

  12. I love RT, as it challenges US propaganda. However, the headline is deceptive. The State Department is NOT discussing banning RT. I hate when so called journalists lie in headlines to attract viewers (what a scandal!) and then you find that the State Department is saying RT should not be banned.

    Journalism which lies in order to attract audiences, on the pretext of exposing government outrages, is part of the lie machine!

    • Please explain why it isn’t accurate.

      • Read the article: the headline is State Dept discusses banning RT, but no evidence is presented to support this claim.

        When Victoria Nuland was asked at a news conference whether RT should be banned, she replied:

        ““We believe in freedom of speech, freedom of media in this country..”

        That is not a discussion of banning RT but an assertion of its right to broadcast.

        Claims made without support and which in fact are contradicted by the evidence are not journalism; that is propaganda. And so why are you falling for it?

        • I’m not. Just wanted to see what tipped you off. Also, without an explanation you were guilty of what the author did. Thanks.

          • Your response is incoherent. Why did you ask why the article was inaccurate when the headline clearly contradicts what Nuland (whom I despise) actually said?

    • Average Joe American | February 5, 2015 at 8:15 pm |

      I read this article, and the original RT article on which it is based, and I watched the RT video.

      It certainly sounded as though Nuland was discussing it (not planning on it, necessarily, or advocating it, but DISCUSSING it). Kerry puts them on a terrorist list, Nuland says well, we have freedom of speech [heh, heh, especially if you belong to one of the Six Sisters of MSM created by Hillary Clinton’s husband, by default, when he deregulated media ownership in the latter 1990s]. Hillary says we’re losing the information wars–sure sounds like war drums to me.

      Nuland said: “All you have to do is look at RT’s tiny, tiny audience in the United States to understand what happens when you broadcast untruths in a media space that is full of dynamic truthful opinion,” which is interesting because Kerry and Hillary and other government officials (and millions of YouTube and other Internet site audiences) hold a different view.

      So, yeah, I’d say there’s some DISCUSSION of the subject of censorship going on. So much, in fact, that the question was raised by someone at a public Brookings Institute press conference. This was not something on the level of a “discussion” re: a manned mission to Pluto or ending Third World hunger, rather about something the US government has the technology to actually do right now. And Nuland’s response suggests that if our government thought RT had something more than a “tiny, tiny audience” [which they know RT actually DOES have] they might damn well consider it, Constitution or no. Nuland certainly seemed unsurprised by the question.

      After all the official lies, and the high-handed actions both overt and covert to which We The People have objected (and been overruled) since the Kennedy and King assassinations, who would actually be surprised if our government tried to shut down RT? It’s not merely RT’s broadcasting license (or that of other designated Enemies of the State) which can be cancelled, the government possesses the technology to selectively shut down Internet feeds based on in-depth content searches. They can cut off RT, Al Jazeera, Liberty Crier, Democracy Now, Rense, Activist Post, Gerald Celente, dozens of others whenever they feel it’s time to reveal their true colors.

      • Don;t be naive, Joe. Nuland had previously bragged that the US spent 5 billion to foster a movement to bring about regime change (of a freely elected goverment)…you don’t spend 5 billion and then merely “discuss” regime change.

        Here is what she said from the leaked audio:

        Ambassador Pyatt says “I think we’re in play….”

        (that is not discussion but a recognition that the plan is unfoldng)……..

        Nuland: [Breaks in] I think Yats is the guy who’s got the economic experience, the governing experience. He’s the… what he needs is Klitsch and Tyahnybok on the outside. He needs to be talking to them four times a week, you know. I just think Klitsch going in… he’s going to be at that level working for Yatseniuk, it’s just not going to work.

        Pyatt: Yeah, no, I think that’s right. OK. Good. Do you want us to set up a call with him as the next step?”

        ……….Nuland: OK, good. I’m happy. Why don’t you reach out to him and see if he wants to talk before or after.”

        In play, next step, appointing 39 yr old central banker Yats as Prime Minister with the neo-Nazis “on the outside….(but) talking to them four times a week?????” Talk “before or after” ????

        This is clearly more than mere discussion: it is setting up the leadership of the new coup regime, since the regime change is “in play.”

        Just this week, Obama openly admitted the US was not just discussing but “brokering a transition” in the Ukraine government. The leaked conversation includes the recognition that the time had come and who would be out front as the leader and who would stay hidden but consulted “four times a week.”

        This violent overthrow of a democratically elected government (in what were called very fair and free elections) was the desired result of US spending 5 billion to fund protests and tolerate the neo-Nazis (many wearing swastikas) from Svoboda and the Right Sector who used false flag killings and violence to chase out the legitimate government. Almost immediately, the US appointed leader became the Prime Minister (and still is) and even before there were “elections,” he brokered (he is a central banker) the deal with the US dominated IMF to loan the new coup regime 18 billion and thus allow the IMF to control the Ukraine economy by cutting wages, pensions, and social programs and selling off state assets to repay the loan. This is the same kind of loan and looting scenario which played out in Chile in the 80’s, Russia in the 90’s and Spain and Greece more recently.

        The argument that the elected government was “corrupt” does not justify a violent overthrow, especially when the new President Poroshenko is a billionaire (and all the oblast governors are unelected oligarchs), whom the State Department in 2006 described as “a corrupt oligarch.”

        The US funded, supported, and instantly recognized a violent overthrow of a democratically elected goverment, led by neo-Nazi thugs. The leaked conversation outlines that the coup was “in play” and appointed the leaders and dealt with the neo-Nazi leaders, who engineered the violent overthrow, by putting them “on the outside” but a vital part of the new coup regime. Today, these fascist leaders, who celebrate the Ukraine Nazi collaboration with the German Nazis (in which 4 million Ukrainians were killed), have key government posts and are leading the assault on the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, who refuse to recognize the coup regime as legitimate (as it is NOT under international law).

        Recently, US appointed “Yats” was in Germany where he declared: “Russia (ie the USSR, which included Ukraine) attacked Ukraine and Germany.” This is the revisionist history of a fascist, who calls the German invasion of Russia, which killed 4 million in Ukraine and 25 million overall, an invasion by the Russians of Ukraine (ie a part of the Soviet Union) and Germany. This is Nazi revisionism, and the US will pay a tragic price for funding this unholy alliance of neo-Nazi thugs, corrupt oligarchs, and Western banker stooges.

        Don’t be deceived by the propaganda; don’t deny what is crystal clear, as Obama admitted just last week, that the US “brokered a transition” with the same unholy alliance now seeking war with Russia (and thus NATO/US military intervention) to rescue it from the bankruptcy and collapse of law and order in Ukraine. The Ukraine per capita income is 3.6K a year and falling, as IMF austerity takes hold (see Greece and Spain for how that plays out), whereas the Russians, who had a low of 2K per capita income during the “free market reforms” of the catastrophic 90’s, have a per capita income today of 14K.

        Without a war, Ukraine’s uholy alliace will end up killing each other and so they lie, massacre, and beg the US to start a war with Russia to bail them out. There will be blood, and it was all foretold in the leaked audio.

  13. The judeo-masonic enemies of freedom could not boost popularity of RT more than by banning it. As soon as they do RT’s viewership will rise.

  14. Thanks for calling attention to even the thought of censoring the likes of RT, Justin.

    Nasty stuff. I’m ashamed for my country, that TPTB – on either the (far) Left OR the (far) Right – are engaging in even thinking of such sleazy antics. This sort of thing doesn’t have anything to do with the founding of this nation, on the principle of individual liberty and rights. It is a mark of how far we have gone downhill, into the realm of the arrogance of power.

    Please continue to speak Truth to Power, Justin.

    • The “far right” being whom? We all know who the far left is, just who do you think the far right is? The Evangelical Christians?

      • Not predominantly; they are being used BY ‘the far Right’ to help them accomplish their dark purposes. I refer to the nest of vipers identified by such as Prof. Carroll Quigley in his magnum opus ‘Tragedy And Hope’ – the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the ‘international banksters;’ the Committee of 300; the Bushes; the bloodline gang. The military-industrial-complex crowd, who feed off such as war, and who want a total-control New World Order as much as the socialists do, only one run by them, for their corporate, fascistic purposes. Both sides of the political aisle being controlled by the same gang of thieves, at the top of the pyramid of power running the world today.

        And about to experience their Waterloo.

        • You’re close, but I think that the “two sides” are just a show, a blind. They are really one side, the NWO collectivists that control our world through the banks. The “two sides” myth is to divide American loyalties producing tension, stress and weakening any united opposition to their agenda.
          While Americans are busy blaming the other side for everything, the NWO, Agenda 21 people (U.N.) are busy setting us up for a global monetary system and totalitarian socialism.
          You’re right about their Waterloo. Too many of their plans and schemes are being found out and exposed. Because of the Internet and alternative media America and the world are waking up!
          Their plans are unraveling, they are being rushed as their house of cards falls around their ears. America and loyal Patriots are the only large armed force in their way. That is why they are bent on taking our guns and brainwashing the masses.

  15. That hole is getting mighty deep. Keep digging, you jerks.

  16. This Nuland is a disgusting piece of carrion. Off with her head. I will insist on my RT.

  17. RT scares the oligarchs because it’s the closest thing to the truth out there. If they had their way…all their propaganda would come from one source….oh wait…it already does….with the exception of RT…

  18. i wonder just how far the americans are going to let this go. in other countries have MILLIONS of people regularly in the streets. these people frequently unhorse criminal regimes, usually installed by the.US. the time for talk is long over. these Washington filth have clearly demonstrated utter contempt for the american citizens. now the police are being militarizing the police, and they are poorly trained. the increase in the number of people killed by police and then released with no charges. soon americans will have no chance to visit Washington reckoning they deserve

  19. Does anyone remember what RT and the Chinese Media were talking about in the wake of the alleged (didn’t happen) Sandy Hook Shootings? They talked about how the american population needed to be disarmed for their safety. Yes RT is in general against the laboratory conditions that we see set up in the Western countries using GMOs and certain other conditions. Yes, they cover a lot of the police state elements that occur in the US and the UK in particular. They do not however cover the fact that the exact same sort of police state measures are emerging in Russia, China, India, Iran, and other BRICS/Non-Aligned countries.

    If you look at RT (and let’s toss in PressTV, a number of prominent alt personalities (you know who they are), and the other Brics attempts to hijack the alternative media for their own purposes by stealing and perverting our terminology) long enough, you will realize that they are just a mouthpiece of BRICS/Non-Aligned countries which are essentially the spokesmen for globalist-socialism. Realistically you can look at most socialist/communist parties and they will be anti-GMO, pro-Palestinian, anti-war, anti-capitalist, anti-Banker, etc. Most of the BRICS countries also display the sort of idiotic, chest thumping, worship the state/grand leader nationalism that gave us the world wars on all sides. The fact is that the ‘west’ (keeping in mind that basically every ideology that has been imported into the west by the control factions are actually eastern) isn’t the only place that is “evil” like these morons present us. Are we really to believe that these guys other guys are somehow the saviors of humanity really? The west and the bankers/elites who control the west aren’t where the rabbit trail ends and unless people realize this, they will be ever caught up in the propaganda war of two factions (who in essence share the same mindset, but use different means to accomplish it).

    Take a Look at the Following links and ask yourself what is so different about these guys:

  20. If they continue to push this, which they will when RT gets more popular, then free speech advocates should be pushing for laws to prevent lies being told on TV – with possibly strict rules on what to do when honest mistakes are made, which would in effect shut down the mainstream media. It seems these days, telling the truth is un-Americam.

  21. It doesn’t surprise me RT is being targeted, since they report more in-depth journalism than the mainstream media news. A good way to find sources that report well researched cases? They will be targeted and vilified by mainstream. Of course, anything that is read online, needs to be confirmed by various sources.

    I still chuckle with the irony of their name (Russian Times), since they are more about freedom of information to the public, than the U.S press.

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