Sky News Reporter Makes Freudian Slip Covering Up False Flag in France

Eric Blair
Activist Post

Much has been made about the lack of blood in the video showing a French policeman allegedly shot in the head at point-blank range with an AK-47 assault rifle during the Charlie Hedbo attack.

The video continues to be removed and censored on YouTube and other platforms despite the lack of blood. Yet, countless videos of John F Kennedy’s head exploding from a long-distance shot remain on these websites.

Here is the video in question with some commentary:

The mainstream media continues to push the story that this officer was killed by a head wound. One report by UK-based Sky News seems to admit having placed fake blood at the scene.

Sky News presenter suffers Freudian Slip: “You can see the blood on the ground, which has been put there to…” He then catches himself and clarifies, “because of the blood that was shed on this spot yesterday.”

You don’t need to accept that this is some wild conspiracy to recognize when you’re being lied to.

In related and equally unbelievable news, a new speed record was set for the planning and logistics of gathering most world leaders in one location. In the past it would have taken weeks to plan an event like this. However, Bono was unavailable on such short notice to play the reception.

Millions gathered in Paris to memorialize the victims and support free speech, not realizing they’re standing with free speech tyrants while supporting a bigger domestic police state with less civil liberties to fight a brand of terrorism allegedly taking aim at civil liberties.

Those who believe the official story that this attack was about religious revenge over a satirical cartoon are clearly infected with authority worship.

Reality is, at best, that Western governments incubated these snakes and delivered them to the desired den. At worst, the West directly engineered these attacks to boost support for their current agenda of military intervention in the Middle East and expanding police state authority at home.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what the background story is, the result will be the same. More war. More spying. Less peace. Less civil liberties.

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50 Comments on "Sky News Reporter Makes Freudian Slip Covering Up False Flag in France"

  1. Does this top picture look like the leaders walking in the streets with lots of people to support freedom of speech? It is meant to. But, as usual, it is lies.

  2. Masked men shouting muslim phrases and leaving ID = someone wants you to think “muslims” did it.

    • Just like 9/11.

    • Since Muslims shout religious phrases when they commit an act of Terrorist, how do you personally distinguish between those that aren’t Muslims….is it a beard thing?

      • They screamed ” We avenged the prophet Mohamet ”

        But real Muslims never say ” Muhamet ” which means ” the
        execrated ” , they only say ” Muhamad ” …

        • Hello friend, I am not allowed at I.W.’s after being banned 24 times, and I have not bother to make the effort to acquire a new “IP” address, I would like to see you commenting at Prison Planet. There are far less ‘trolls’ there.

          • Sir Baby De Porky | January 30, 2015 at 6:48 am |

            Mah man …

            Despite the fact that I like trolls ( as punching bags ) , what do I have to do to get on Prison Planet ?!?

            I guess subscribe ?!?

            If you say it’s worth posting there , and that there
            is a diff , I ‘ll assume that you must be right !!!

  3. Yeah, they can run in a building with military precision, killing, yet he drops his ID??? WTF??!!??

  4. They found a “terrorist” ID completely intact at 9/11 also!

  5. More proof the whole thing was a fraud…

  6. Well of course it was an Israeli Mossad massacre. Read their own approved history in the book “Israeli’s Secrete Wars” by Benny Morris. Mossad began major high profile murders of Jews back in the 1950’s. One of their first targets was the Jews of Iraq, so as to frighten them out of Iraq and into israel.

    The book, which received official Mossad approval, documents how Israel creates Islamic terrorist groups and directs them to their targets. The poor terrorist fools think they are working for some powerful Islamic entity because their Jewish handlers, raised in Arabic nations, speak perfect Arabic and have lots of money and get things done mysteriously, This is done to destroy Moslem reputation and to gather support for their war on Islam.

    It is clear to me that the Zionists have been working the American and NATO peoples into a revenge frenzy. Thier aim is to use us to massacre the middle eastern peoples, which has been happening a long time now,

  7. This is my favourite freudian slip 🙂

    Does New Zealand Prime Minister John Key Agree Explosives Were Used On 9/11?

  8. Another fine cock-up by the mainstream media as instructed by their masters. This is another hoax. Obviously.

  9. Wonder if the popos coffin is empty or will they give him a viking funeral … ashes?

  10. Now the second in charge of Police force in Paris investigating the Hebdo case is murdered , er , commits suicide AT THE PRECINCT where he was to hand in his report…… The stench is terribly strong all over the planet.

  11. If he was hit in the neck it could be less bloody than in the head. Need more details.

  12. Although admittedly more obvious, this false flag didn’t take near as long to figure out as 9/11. But then, there’s the leaning curve and people are a lot more aware of what is going than they were in 2001. Which makes you wonder if Israel and the Mossad is capable of coming up with a false flag event that can’t be figured out within a few short minutes.

    bread and circuses : provision of the means of life and recreation by government to appease discontent

  14. Per usual Eric Blair never calls for action, arrests or anything.
    Eric Blair’s job is to remind us we are all slaves AND that we are powerless. And that is all he ever does. That is the point of almost all of his articles.
    Like here: “Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what the background story is, the result will be the same. More war. More spying. Less peace. Less civil liberties.”
    Pretty lame Eric. Who’s side is this guy on? Not mine.

    • Ironically, his name was Orwell’s REAL name!

    • I can hardly formulate the words to write in response to your assessment of Blair. May I remind you he is an activist ‘reporter’, not a guru holding a lamp to a bright new tomorrow. If these things were NOT going on, do you suppose Blair would even have a job in which to share these events? To accuse him of being in collusion with evil minions is absurd…utterly absurd. My name is Michael Winter, and I have contributed a number of articles to AP, this site. Incredulously, even I have been accused of what you are inferring upon Eric. Muscatine, please go back to Iowa.

      • Eric, a “guru”? Hilarious.

        I clearly state my complaints against Eric Blair and others at this forum. You on the other hand don’t offer any comments as to why I am wrong. So I am not impressed nor surprised.

        You been accused of the same? Again, not surprised.

        Let’s have a look…

        Here’s a quote from you:

        “The gulag being created right under our noses is almost complete. When the system is fully in place, then our entire country will be one massive prison, and while the smiling faces will keep on smiling, the steely look in their eyes will be those of the jailer – YOUR jailer.”

        You do the same con game. You tell us we are slaves and you NEVER suggest a solution, call for arrests of anyone or call for any action.

        Michael Winter, you too are full of crap.

  15. TPTB are now going all out with terror-horror psyops. It would be the ultimate Theatre of the Absurd if the results were not so awful. Geezus, what the hell is next on the agenda?!

  16. An out of focus security camera sequence from 50 meters or so away of a heavily masked man.. and very soon they have his name, address, training locations, room mates etc.. Magic… same as the 9/11, 22 L pilots who magically flew 150 ton airliners into offices, were named 48 hours after the ‘incident’. Stinks to high heaven.

  17. When they show the ground you can CLEARLY see damage to the pavement from the multiple bullets.

  18. We all must fight the schemes of satan, his dupes, and stooges.

  19. The latest scoop is that the Kaouchi brothers were actually dead in Syria
    way before the Charlie Hebdo scheme !!!

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