Retired U.S. Soldier Charged for Planning Gambian Coup with the Same Plot as His Book on 1981 Gambian Coup

Melissa Melton
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This week the U.S. government and its pet mainstream media are telling us that two men are being charged in the U.S. with planning a violent overthrow of the Gambian government.

“The United States strongly condemns such conspiracies,” Attorney General Eric Holder declared in a statement. Yeah. That’s right. The government would never attempt a violent coup to overthrow another nation’s government.

A cursory search of articles on this unfolding situation just keep regurgitating the same standard facts, one after another — with a few bits that seem rather important noticeably absent.

Here’s more-or-less what’s being widely reported in the mainstream media (Reuters via The Daily Mail):

Cherno Njie, 57, and Papa Faal, 46, a former U.S. Army sergeant, will appear in federal courts in Baltimore and Minneapolis on Monday, the department said. The two men have been charged with conspiring to carry out the violent overthrow of a foreign government, it added.

Down in the details, we find things like:

About 10 to 12 people were in Gambia to try to overthrow the government “with the expectation that others in the country would join and assist them,” the department said.

The criminal complaint said that Faal, who had not lived in Gambia for 23 years, was approached by other conspirators in August. He agreed to join because of alleged vote-rigging in Gambia and concerns about the Gambian people’s welfare, the complaint said.

Most of the 10 to 12 people who entered the country to overthrow Jammeh came from the United Kingdom.

Njie bankrolled the coup bid and each of the men taking part was given $4,000 to pay expenses in Gambia. The conspirators rarely met in person and stayed in touch by phone and email, the complaint said.

Faal and two other men in the United States each bought eight M4 and AKM rifles, and about 30 weapons were shipped to Gambia. The group was also supplied with body armor, night vision goggles and other equipment.

Faal arrived in Gambia in early December after flying to Senegal, which surrounds Gambia on three sides, according to the complaint, which was filed in U.S. District Court in Minnesota.

The coup plotters allegedly planned to ambush Jammeh during his travels around the country during Christmas and the New Year. They decided to attack the presidential palace instead when they found he was going to leave the country on Dec. 26.

Lots of little things that haven’t really been mentioned by the mainstream press include items like the fact that Cherno Njie is the former head of the state of Texas’ tax-credit division.

Papa Faal was not only a former Army soldier but a member of the U.S. Air Force for seven years before that with two Master’s degrees who is pro-AFRICOM and pro-neocolonialism.

But even that’s not nearly as interesting as the largely unreported fact that Faal literally wrote a book on the 1981 Gambian coup d’état — the plot of which sounds exactly like the plot the FBI supposedly uncovered here and is now trying Njie and Faal for presently.


Here’s the description of Faal’s 2013 non-fiction book, A Week Of Hell: How Rebels Shattered the Innocence and Peace of a Nation – One Family’s Story of Survival, off Amazon:

While the Gambian president Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara was out of the country on vacation, a band of twelve renegades and civilians slipped into the tiny country of the Gambia in West Africa. The gang of rebels took over the government and held the president’s wife and children, brother, government ministers, foreign diplomats, and expatriates hostage while releasing the country’s most dangerous prisoners to inflict a frenzy of carnage and chaos. After a week of hell for the Gambian residents, the Senegalese military crushed the uprising under its great strength, freeing the hostages and sending rebel leaders on the run in the wake of its victory.

Hm. How has this amazingly ironic tidbit slipped the mainstream media’s attention?

Let me get this straight:

1981 Gambian coup plot as detailed Faal’s 2013 book: a dozen people went to Gambia and attempted to overthrow the Gambian president while he was on vacation. 

Faal’s current coup plan recently thwarted by the FBI: a dozen people went to Gambia and planned to overthrow the Gambian president while he was on vacation.

Am I missing something here?

Check out Faal’s Amazon author bio:

Papa Faal is from the Gambia, West Africa. He served in the United States military for ten years, spending seven years of his service in the United States Air Force with the 459th ARW, and three years in the United States Army with the 201st Brigade Support Battalion. He culminated his military service with a tour in Afghanistan. Papa Faal currently works as an information technology consultant. He is also an adjunct instructor with ITT Technical Institute and Brown College. Papa Faal holds a master’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in technology management. He is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in business administration and information systems management at Walden University.

Are we really supposed to believe a former Air Force and Army soldier of a decade with two Master’s degrees who teaches at two colleges and who is working on his PhD is also so blatantly stupid, he would literally write and publish a book on a crime he was about to copycat the following year on the world stage???

Way to be inconspicuous there about your big coup plan, pal. The guy literally wrote the book!

The book, by the way, is supposedly a factual eyewitness account of what what former president Jawara’s family went through in 1981 and is in direct opposition to the story told by Kukoi Samba Sanyang, the ringleader behind the 1981 coup who recently came out of hiding after three decades claiming he is a Pan-Africanist and freedom fighter, according to Senegambian News.

You’d think the simpering media, members of which have admitted they only report on what they’re allowed to report on, would at least try to excuse this whole book thing away somehow as a major coincidence…

As of the time of writing this, they aren’t even trying. There is no news about Faal’s arrest that includes his eerily pertinent book A Week of Hell more recent than November 2014, and those news entries were simply to mention he was participating in Author Day at a St. Paul, Minnesota bookstore.


This guy was openly pro-neocolonialism, pro-democractic process, and seemingly in his own words, anti-violent coups as well. In addition to a whole book condemning the horror of the 1981 coup, Faal authored this missive openly denouncing Kukoi on Freedom Newspaper (Gambia’s Premier Online Newspaper) published July 24, 2012:

A broken clock is still a broken clock whether the hand was stock at 1am or 1pm. A criminal is still a criminal whether he or she considers himself a patriot or not. If you are a true Gambian patriot as you claimed to be why then have you gone into hiding for thirty-one years? We Gambians who witnessed that carnage cannot wait to deliver the justice you deserve. You and your rebel cronies inflicted egregious and malicious assault on our democratically elected government and on our constitution in 1981 without mandate from the Gambia people. How then can you called yourself a patriot? Who bestowed that title on you? I can attest Mr. Koukoie, that only a handful of delusional Gambians would consider you a patriot. You said we were enslaved in 1981. Who enslaved us? We woke up every day in peace and tranquility. We voted for our leadership in a democratic process. We had peace in 1981 until you came and destroyed everything we had.

You talk about neocolonialism. In 1981, the Gambia was only Sixteen years old and thriving. Your idea of socialism without market economy only looks good on paper. It had not worked anywhere on planet earth. Take China for example. The country was one of the poorest nations on earth, until it experimented and embraced market economy.

Now China is the second largest economy in the world. So don’t tell us that market economy doesn’t work. Don’t tell us that we were enslaved by neocolonialist. When you were born your mother nurtured you until you could take care of yourself. Look around you Mr. Koukoie, and tell me which nation could survive without contact with another nation. Are we then to carve ourselves from this earth and create our own planet? When are you going to apologize to the Gambian people for the lives you destroyed through your criminal acts Mr. Koukoie?

Now here are some known facts about you Mr. Koukoie:

  1. You ran in the 1977 election and lost big
  2. Your ego got hurt and you became bitter
  3. You decided that since the Gambian people did not vote for you, you will take their democratic rights from them by force
  4. You left the country and seek training from Libya
  5. You came back and found a few dumb people to listen to you
  6. You cowardly took over the government while we slept and the president was away
  7. Your movement got crushed by patriotic Senegambian soldiers
  8. You ran away like a coward only a couple of days into the fighting leaving your so-called comrades to fend for themselves
  9. You will be exposed for who you truly are
  10. As long as you live Mr. Koukoie, rest assured that you will be apprehended and tried in our Gambian courts for the atrocities you inflicted on our great nation.

It is important the younger generation understand the kind of devastation this man wrought on our great nation and the people. The Gambian people already know who you truly are. They already know that you cannot be trusted. They already know you still pose a threat to our Great nation. They still walk around with the scars you afflicted on them in 1981. They still seek justice and they surely will one day have it.

I am done with this conversation.

Papa Faal

In addition, in an interview with Mint Press News back in July, Faal expressed that AFRICOM’s presence was “crucial” in Africa, and that AFRICOM must align its mission to ensure “good governance”:

“Although AFRICOM is providing the needed security, humanitarian and crisis response training for the African military, its core mission remains the promotion of the United States’ interest and security,” Papa Faal, author of “A Week of Hell,” a chronicle of what happened in The Gambia when a group of poorly-trained, low-ranking soldiers overthrew a democratically-elected government in the West African nation, told MintPress.

“The presence of AFRICOM in such volatile continent is crucial in providing stability and security for the people of Africa,” Faal, also an assistant lecturer at ITT Technical Institute in Minneapolis, continued. “However, to achieve a meaningful end for the people of Africa, the United States must ensure that the mission of AFRICOM aligns side-by-side with the security, stability and prosperity needs of the people in addition to  promotion of ‘good governance.’”

Senegambia News also described Faal as a “human rights activist.”  So what changed? The guy is obviously pro-U.S. imperialism, pro-rule of law, and comes off the exact opposite of someone who would want to commit international crimes and attempt to overthrow a nation almost exactly like the ‘rebel crony criminal’ Faal describes behind the 1981 coup and whom he has so openly contested and condemned in both his book and in the press.

Why would a man who wrote about Gambia’s “Week of Hell” potentially want to be responsible for another Gambian “Week of Hell?”

Again, am I missing something?

Considering it has been on the record for a while now that the FBI organizes almost all terrorist plots in the U.S., and our government has been the man behind the curtain on many a coup throughout our nation’s history (how many times has our government tried to overthrow Cuba on record by now? I lost count), perhaps I’m not missing anything at all.

How are they going to explain this one away Wag The Dog style? I’m waiting for Robert De Niro to walk in with Dustin Hoffman any minute now…

Melissa Melton is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple, where this first appeared, and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Wake the flock up!

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