Pentagon: Hillary’s Push For War In Libya Was Based on ”Stupid Facts”

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Eric Blair
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NATO’s 2011 air-bombing assault on Libya turned the most successful country in Africa into a failed state now run by terrorists.

If the result of this so-called humanitarian intervention wasn’t bad enough, it appears that our leaders lied to sell this war to the public, again.

We’re learning from leaked documents and recordings, first reported by the Washington Times, that the Pentagon at the time disagreed with Hillary Clinton’s justification for the Libyan war, calling them “stupid, stupid facts”. Stupid facts that led to the devastation of a thriving nation.

Effects of humanitarian intervention in Libya.

You know something’s amiss when the Department of War is more careful about facts to prevent war than the Department of Diplomacy is.

Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who worked in the House of Representatives to stop the military action in Libya, secretly recorded a phone call with Gaddafi’s son during NATO’s siege. Gaddafi expressed his confusion to Kucinich saying:

“The people here are fighting terrorists and gangsters. And we have their names, their photos – everything. And they’re well-known. And all of them are less than one thousand in the whole country. So, I mean, can you imagine a country like the United States forgetting about six million Libyans and supporting one thousand gangsters and terrorists?”

As Gaddafi’s bloody carcass was being dragged through the streets of Libya by Western-backed jihadists, Hillary Clinton celebrated her policy victory and bragged with a sinister cackle “We came, we saw, he died.”

Clinton may have to testify under oath about these recent revelations on the beginnings of the war, as well as the botched security during the Benghazi consulate raid and murder of US ambassador Chris Stevens.

The image of Stevens being dragged through the streets was eerily similar to Gaddafi’s fate in what many called blow-back, a term used to describe the rebounding of the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Take a good look. This is the West’s version of humanitarian intervention — carpet bombing a nation to ruins, while protecting barbarian mercenaries in their bloody march to topple a once-peaceful nation.

Once Gaddafi was ousted, NATO shipped these foreign fighters to Syria to make it look like Assad was fighting a civil war just like Libya supposedly was. These are the very same fighters now known as ISIS.

Whether it’s “stupid facts” or outright lies, we’re all being punked into fighting an endless war.

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