New World Order Sustains Uncomfortable Setbacks in 2014

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

Looking back to 2014, I was thinking to myself, what theme summarized the year from a truth and freedom-seeking perspective? Could we pin down one common theme for the year?

Obviously many significant events occurred so I wondered, could we narrow these key events to one theme. Then it occurred to me, there was a clear-cut theme if you consider several memorable moments of the year and line them up side by side.

I recalled the April Bundy Ranch standoff where Senator Harry Reid got caught making secret business deals with the Chinese for land in Clark County, Nevada; and how this deal would be directly tied to the federal government’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) attempted land-grab of the Bundy Ranch estate. I recalled how the BLM showed up with SWAT teams, military equipment and helicopters, and even slaughtered innocent cattle and shut down cell lines as payback for unpaid fees they tried to illegally extort from the Bundy family.

With guns pointed directly at them in gangster fashion, the ranchers fought back and, more importantly, on behalf of everyone else in America who believes in the U.S. Constitution, they stood up to the BLM bullies. The BLM bandits would ultimately be ordered to stand down and leave. The historic stand down would be remembered as a historic failure on the part of the federal government, and a historic victory for Americans who believe in the principles of the Constitution. Despite the CIA-controlled mainstream media’s 24/7 attempt to paint the Bundy family as racist federal tax evaders who are exploiting the system, their mission failed.

This theme of failure may just be the one common theme we saw most in 2014. For anyone who has been tracking the new world order and our march toward global tyranny at the hands of the U.S./NATO led cabal, you may have noticed these Western-led globalists took some big hits in 2014, both domestically and internationally. Setbacks that stand out as outright failures in their long-term plans for world domination. Let’s examine other examples of their failures in 2014.

Following the Russian invasion of Crimea, the U.S. dumped billions of dollars into purchasing regime change in Ukraine. This would turn out to be a huge failure for the imperialistic U.S., as the people of Crimea would eventually vote overwhelmingly to join Russia, while their political strategies in Ukraine would outright fall apart by the end of the year.

In the middle of their struggle to portray Russia as the invaders and themselves as the noble couriers of democracy, the U.S.-backed Ukraine would be caught shooting down Malaysian Airline flight MH17 – blowing it out of the sky in a horribly failed false flag attempt to blame Russia. The failed false flag attempt was intended to rally global sentiment against Russia, to justify sanctions against Russia and begin beating the drums for WW3. All of these would fail or backfire in some way.

I recall thinking how much of a failure the U.S./NATO empire was for thinking they could actually fool the world into falsely blaming Russia for the shooting down of MH17 without any solid evidence. The globalists badly miscalculated the global community’s ability to see through their lies. Evidence quickly surfaced to debunk the hasty claims of the U.S. that blamed Russia. The gloves were suddenly taken off. The Western powers’ intent was now clearly revealed to the global community. The failures of 2014 by then had begun mounting for them, and were now becoming a clear theme in a year of political failures. In fact, by the end of the year the U.S. would embarrassingly be looking for ways to atone with Russia again, only to be rejected.

Earlier in the year, the Western powers were highly suspected in the mysterious disappearance of another Malaysian flight, MH370, who many accused the U.S. of being involved in. Many of us saw the usual hiding of evidence, bizarre oddities and rumors about the plane landing in Diego Garcia Air Force base. The mystery of MH370 would soon deepen with the downing of MH17 when the presumed crash site was reportedly laced with mysteries out of a Hollywood movie, including glow-in-the-dark cadavers with little to no blood, bodies that were not fresh, bodies with no clothes and bodies piled mostly in one area. All near a plane marked with what many felt (though not necessarily proven) may have been plane parts of flight MH370. To this day the mystery of MH370 looms in the background of the U.S. lies, propaganda, and failed false flag of MH17.

The fact is that the globalist criminals realized in 2014 that pulling off false flags at an international level is not as easy as pulling off a local false flag like Sandy Hook or Boston bombing. The corrupt Western powers who are fighting to form their one world Western-led (U.S./Israeli/NATO) global order had a horrific year from the standpoint of expanding their global influence.

U.S. partner in crime, Israel, whose disproportionate aggression and full-on genocide against the people of Gaza based on accusations and rationalization of Hamas “rockets,” would capture the attention of the global community as well. We saw protesters throughout the world come together to expose Israeli terrorism, prompting attention from the International community, many calling for charges of war crimes against Israel.

Just in time to remove Israeli war crimes from the front pages of the global news, however, ISIS was rolled out to the world by the Western globalist cabal. Suddenly, almost overnight, the Western propaganda machine told us that ISIS – the new James Bond of terror groups – created itself and was the new bogeymonster terror group whose members accidentally switched sides after being trained by the CIA in Jordan. The world couldn’t help but notice that ISIS happened to have U.S.-made weapons and trucks, and went by many other U.S.-friendly front names including “rebels”, FSA, Al-Nusra, and even Al Qaeda in Iraq. A massive failure of Intelligence.

With everyone on the planet, except the Western mainstream media, fully aware that ISIS was funded and armed by the West, ISIS would become the symbol of Intelligence failure. The conspiracy theory that ISIS is a creation of the U.S. and its allies would soon become common knowledge to all except the politicians and media of the U.S. and its allies. The U.S. and Israel would be busted attacking the sovereign nation of Syria instead of ISIS, and in some cases actively supporting ISIS with air strikes and supplies. Yet the Western media would carry on with ISIS stories as if no one is watching. Not surprisingly, the year would eventually end without one story about the U.S. attempting in any way to actually destroy or disable ISIS’s supplies. Not one story from mainstream media for that matter explaining why ISIS won’t attack neighboring Israel or why they never run out of ammo. Instead it would be revealed that NATO’s Turkey is actively supporting ISIS with hundreds of supply trucks crossing from Turkey into Syria every day.

Before the end of the year the ISIS stories would become more of a headache and annoyance, as people everywhere were forced to digest the two-fold reality: ISIS are dangerous bad guys who want to force Sharia law on everyone, AND ISIS is a full creation of and allies with the U.S. and its allies who need ISIS to exist for political reasons.

Ultimately, 2014 not only marked a year of outright Intelligence failure for the Western globalist gangsters, it marked a year where they got the attention of many around the world. The Russian president himself stated several times that U.S and its NATO allies were now the greatest threat to global peace and stability. Many throughout the Middle East openly confronted the propaganda of the West.

The truth about the West would become common knowledge amongst many in the Middle East. In one case, even a former Al Qaeda commander exposed to the world how the U.S./Israel and its allies were following their own PNAC plans for the Middle East, and that Al Qaeda/ISIS was working for CIA and Mossad. The West was fully exposed to the world, their reputation fully destroyed, trust in the U.S. shattered seemingly forever even as Western mainstream media continued their false propaganda narratives.

By the end of the year the Western-led propaganda mainstream media would collaborate with the FBI to falsely accuse North Korea of a major SONY hacking scandal which would prove absolutely false and unsubstantiated. In the face of global embarrassment, even after proven wrong, the U.S.’s FBI would shamelessly cling to their false claim accusing North Korea of hacking into Sony. As would be the usual trend globally, the U.S. would provide zero proof of their allegations. Naturally, this would serve to strengthen the relationship of U.S.’s enemies even as the U.S. dollar drew closer and closer to collapse.

As if all of the U.S. failed foreign policy was not enough, domestically again we saw problems beyond the Bundy Ranch disaster. The police state problem was inescapably brought into the consciousness of Americans in ways the globalists would never have wanted. In one nightmare scenario, the entire Lakers basketball team wore T-shirts that said “I can’t breathe” in protest of the NYPD criminal chokehold murder of Eric Garner. Shortly before this, the nation was captured by the murder of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Protest against the fully exposed police state would rage nationwide.

In both cases the officers would get away with murder, thus exposing the corrupt legal system. In both cases we also saw how the mainstream media manipulated the masses and spun the issue of corrupt police and the police state to one of racism, in an attempt to fuel division and incite anger. In New York City, the year would end with the apparent vigilante execution shooting of 2 NYPD officers. The lapdog mainstream media would seize the moment and use the NYPD murder to promote massive pro-police propaganda in an attempt to ignore the greater police state problem.

As if these failures of the Western powers were not enough, the year would not end without one more bombshell that would put a major dent into the new world order. The CIA would be busted by documents revealed to the world that prove that they had been illegally torturing political prisoners for years following the 9/11 false flag. In a year laced with failures, the CIA torture report seemed to put an exclamation point on the failures of the new world order in 2014.

Let us all hope that this long series of failures, debacles, and embarrassments on the part of the Western globalist criminals continues and that they are all brought down in due time. Let us hope we are seeing a pattern that represents the beginning of a domestic and international paradigm shift. Evil is gradually being exposed, even as they continue to do more evil. Let us all continue to expose them, and hopefully 2015 will present even more problems for these criminals who hope to enslave us all.

From the exposing of criminal politicians of the past administration to the local and international criminal actions of the present administration, the year 2014 will be remembered by many of us as the year of the failures of the new world order. If 2014 is any indicator, it seems we have a lot to look forward to in 2015 from the standpoint of justice, accountability and hopefully transparency.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

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49 Comments on "New World Order Sustains Uncomfortable Setbacks in 2014"

  1. Your heart is clearly in the right spot, but you are too optimistic in your overall assessment, and besides, have got the timeline of the Ukraine/Crimea issue wrong when you write, Following the Russian invasion of Crimea, the U.S. dumped billions of dollars into purchasing regime change in Ukraine.

    First came the sustained media vilification campaign, including provocation during the Olympic winter games, then the CIA-sponsored illegal coup, and endless attempts to lure Russia into attacking, to justify the Putin is Hitler meme. There was no “invasion” of Crimea – the Russians already had troops stationed there, legally, and their only warm water port. They disarmed the Ukraine forces without bloodshed and saved Crimea from the horrors the Eastern Ukraine underwent soon after.

    Russia is the wronged party here – the whole conflict was instigated, financed, and masterminded by the USA and its NATO stooges. But it was not a complete failure from their POV, if the goal was to create tension and conflict on Russia’s borders.

  2. Unfortunately those of us who are informed are still looked upon as conspiracy nuts and the government military, & police state keep right on doing as they please because the MSM is covering their asses. Doesn’t look like we will have anybody that can/ will put a stop to this on the ballot either.
    I talk to people everyday who know of what you write but feel powerless to do anything but struggle to get by. We need actionable solutions that the little guy can do. Any ideas?

    • Yes, wake up and act like an adult. Why are you depending on others? The system is based on dependency. nd they depend on us, not the other way around. Become self sufficient. Your needs are food, clothing and shelter. Everything else is not needed. Turn off the television. Quit using money to the greatest extent possible. Why do you refuse to think for yourself?

      • I get angry when I see comments like “We have no power” and “I or the taxpayers can’t do anything about it”. What the hell is wrong with you people? We ARE the people. Politicians, the police, the establishment are only there because you agree to them being there, they are our employees not vice-versa. There is plenty you can do about it – don’t vote for them for a start (there is not a single politician in any country – even the so-called ‘good’ ones – who wants a genuine democracy with citizens able to freely live their lives without interference and restriction from government. The first aim of any politician is control of the masses, period, no matter what they might tell you otherwise. We don’t need politicians and we don’t need ‘leaders’ but that would mean each and every one of us taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions and sadly, most people haven’t grown up enough yet to realise or embrace that concept. If only a few thousand people sat down outside parliament (here in the UK) and got themselves arrested every day, day after day, week after week, until the paedophile MPs are named, or corrupt politicians like War Criminals Straw, Mandelson, Campbell and Miranda Bliar are brought to trial, or whatever issue needs to be addressed, then the whole rotten legal, judicial, criminal and political system would grind to a halt and we’d start to see change pretty fast, and that would be exactly the same in the US. But, of course, it’s far easier to whinge from the sidelines and hope ‘someone’ else will somehow fix things (which of course they won’t) rather than stand up and speak your truth and put yourself on the line for the issues you claim really matter to you. By taking the lazy way out and professing an inability to help change the situation yourself, you are not only part of the problem in denying your own sense of worth and self-empowerment but also actively encouraging the now accelerating fascist police states that both the UK and America are fast becoming. And when you do finally wake up to the terrible realisation that you should have joined others to at least try to bring about meaningful change, or been your own leader rather than looking for ‘representatives’ to make your decisions for you… inevitably, it will be too late.

        • Wow, so now we have ranting anger & criticism about joining others to make change, but still nobody doing anything specific or different. I want to hear what you have done; not what you will do when the time comes. I want some fresh ideas.

          Everyone is so quick with assumptions here. I am 62 years old and have been taking affirmative action most of my life. Still marching to a different drum, got wise to the system back in the 60s. Recently took my 6 year old grandson on the March Against Monsanto. I have been growing my own food for decades [recently put up 1500 lbs frozen, canned & dehydrated] and lived in a tent for 6 months. Taught my kids how too. I can cook, sew, build a fire,butcher an animal, shoot ,and ride a horse. Have also assisted in many veterinary surgeries, deliveries & post op care.

          I’ve boycotted most of the major food companies since most of you were in diapers. I traveled to Canada to the International Conference of Fluoride Research and spent forty hours listening to 100 scientists from 15 countries about the horrible damage fluoride does after I was poisoned & disabled by a fluoride drug. I lecture on this & mercury poisoning from amalgams wherever I can.

          I’ve sent dozens of letters & signed hundreds of petitions for causes I believe in & even sent in a few $ for those that show results. I have voted every election but the candidates will all be corporate owned until we get rid of Citizens United & get publicly funded elections. Hoping Gary Johnson can force the broadcasters into allowing third party candidates in the debates.
          The few things I think common folks could be doing more of is 1] homeschooling to avoid govt propaganda & poisonous vaccines 2] waking up the young parents on prepping & real food , dangers from big pharma, & the real news. I frequent many sites & try to encourage this. What have you done to help others awaken or to change the system? Remember this site is mostly preaching to the choir. Time is short & I have nine grandchildren & need to think about their future.

          • “Everyone is so quick with assumptions here” – including you, it seems. You’re a prime example of why nothing ever changes.

            I’m only a year younger than you, yet you seem to assume that because of your age you have some great god like status because of it. Do you think you’re the only one who didn’t see what was going on forty years or so ago? And you’re patronising – your comment about boycotting companies ” ..since most of you were in diapers” is both arrogant and offensive. You don’t know it all – it’s the younger generations coming along now who will be taking over from where we leave off and, fortunately, many of them already realise that a completely different way of effecting change is required, the old ways you appear to hold so dearly don’t – and never did – work. Did your boycotts ever actually change anything permanently? You voted and signed hundreds of petitions and went on marches? Wow, that obviously did the trick then! You listened to a lot of scientists and …(gasp) you wrote letters!! How radical is that? But where, in all this outpouring of self-satisfied ego, is the evidence that you were or are actually challenging or actively helping to change the very system that creates all the problems, instead of continuing to engage in the kind of ‘protest’ that actually validates it instead of challenging the status quo? It appears that very little you have done ever threatened the way things have always been and always will be unless the actual paradigm we operate in is changed

            You ask what I’ve done. Well, for a start, I could present you with a similar life-history of all the campaigns I’ve joined, all the boycotts I’ve been part of, the marches I’ve been on, etc., etc.(and yes, even all the letters I wrote) – until I got wise to the fact that they achieve precisely nothing in the big scheme of things. Sure, they’re useful for meeting up with other folks, spreading the word and making us feel like we’re doing something – but for real change to happen, we need to go beyond that .. non-violent direct action, civil disobedience and lawful rebellion.

            So, with other people, I began to challenge the system on it’s own ground, and where it hurts it the most – in the pocketbook. Gandhi had the right idea with the salt tax protests, and I often use that as a model. So I started getting difficult, By not deferring to so-called ‘authority’ and officialdom and their illusional ‘powers’ over me. I made it difficult for them to exercise that control. I read up on how the law operates and how it is based on lies and coercion. And then I used it against them. I became non-cooperative. And then I became positively disruptive. With other people, with others who felt like me that there had to be another way to end the insanity and tyranny of life as it is currently forced upon us.

            Because the one thing the ‘system’ cannot handle is even relatively small numbers of people refusing to accept laws which have no legal of moral basis, taxes which have no purpose other than to line the pockets of the corrupt scumbags further up the chain, or living their lives (with all your high talk of how much you have allegedly done, have you ever actually put yourself on the line and said: ‘No! Enough is enough! I refuse to be told how to live my life!”. Even if it means being arrested. Ever been arrested? No, thought not. Because I have, several times And I mention that not as some kind of badge of honour, but that each time I had the satisfaction of knowing I was clogging up the system just a little bit more and that I was bearing witness to my own power and my own integrity).

            When people come together and claim and exercise their own power (I gave examples in my original post) it costs the system money. It costs the system time and resources and therefore denies the system the opportunity to make more money out of you, and it shines the light of publicity and exposure on those many aspects of our day to day controlled existence that those who think they are in charge would rather we didn’t know anything about. Because if everyone fully understood the true nature and extent of how such control has been exercised over us and the extent of how deep the deceipt runs, then there would be an uprising tomorrow. Not a mass signing of petitions.

            There is also a ‘spiritual’ or metaphysical (call it what you like) element at work here. Whatever you give your energy to only feeds off it. By withdrawing your consent, your energy, to be governed by others and instead by acting in your own power, you cause a little ripple of subversion to move through the system on an energetic level – imagine what happens when thousands, millions of people do that? Which is exactly what is happening now as people all over the world wake up instead of going on marches, voting, writing letters and continuing to live in blissful ignorance of how the world really operates and who really runs it.

            So, in conclusion and in answer to your question, that’s some of what I’ve done to help others awaken and change the system. You also asked for some fresh ideas, Well, I’m not holding my breath, but perhaps I’ve given you some.

            However, your comment about this site preaching to the converted is probably correct and as I’ve given this correspondence enough of my time already, I will not be commenting further on this particular thread. I’m sure you would agree with me that there is only so much you can do before others have to figure it out for themselves

          • I understand you anger ; but you are attacking the wrong folks. I was not self aggrandizing, just letting you know that just because we are not living up to your standards by getting arrested does not mean we are just whiners [which is what you called me] doing nothing. I agree & am also frustrated that most of what I have done has not made as much difference as I would hope . I am also in favor of civil disobedience, but not sure if being thrown in jail would even get coverage nowadays. MSM won’t even cover major protests most of the time. For those of us who are no longer healthy I would suggest getting on a jury where we can practice nullification for people like you.
            Most of the real change I have seen has come when there is a hit to the pocket book. I try to tell folks to follow the money when they don’t believe the crap that is going down and respond with how they spend or do not spend their time & money. Presenting them with viable alternatives is key as well because it’s hard to come out of the fog when you have been poisoned from birth & conditioned by the media to believe the fantasy. As you said “getting them to understand the amount of control that is exercised over us” is critical but unfortunately I think it will take things getting a lot worse before this happens.

    • Read ‘The Organic Act of 1871’ on you tube as a video(Lisa Guilianne)

  3. Good article, Dr. Suarez. You are becoming one of my favorite writer/analysts.
    You and Brandon Smith are outstanding. A league of your own.

  4. Great article! My point of view, too! Rising consciousness could overturn the current power structure…sure hope so! Keep up the great reporting!

  5. In the same vein;
    leaders for half the world’s population won’t accept the cabals petrol-paper.
    One of the only good things about people;
    when the SHTF we come together.
    We will need to in an unprecedented manner.

  6. I totally listened to your story until you accused Israel of being involved in all this and I believe if you don’t stand with Israel then your a traitor! Obama hates Israel but Christians know different. Now I don’t put any credit to your story.

    • Wake up.ISrael is not our friend.US is their attack dog.They sell our military tech to China.They spy on the US more than any other country.You might peruse the USS Liberty Survivors website as well.And Obama is largely controlled by ISrael as is Congress.McCain alone has received over $770,000 from AIPAC.

    • We can’t confuse the writer of the article with the facts. Eventially the whole world will buy the lies against Israel but, God and Israel win in the end.

      • I don’t have the patience to argue with “Christian” Zionists, but when someone who clearly cannot discern the Word of God claims the present-day State of Israel is “God’s Israel” then I must defend the truth: God’s Israel is actually all those who are marked by God, and are committed to Christ Jesus, not some genocide-committing, law breaking, anti-Christian country in the middle east called Israel…oh,, and, BTW, Jews running Israel are descended from Khazar converts and are Japhethites, not Semites.

    • His showing that Israel is deeply involved gives him much credit. Those who deny Israel’s involvment are actually just plain old liars or ignorant or deeply in denial in order to maintain their religious beliefs. Which is it Jalina.

    • So Jalina…..Are you a Zionist Rothschild cheerleader?

    • Are you retarded? Israel first bombed a Syrian checkpoint
      to let isis aka al qeuda aka syrian rebels into syria in
      the first place. Also israel has further bombed syria
      where isis was losing ground.
      Check out the rense website, they have the articles to
      show you how israel has been bombing syria for isis
      and even taking isis terrorists and treating them in hospital
      before rearming them and sending them back to regime change
      for the nwo that run zio america.

      Please stay in your israeli hasbara class room you are
      not ready for hasbara yet young sayanim.

  7. Bernie, Russia did not invade Crimea. I stopped reading at that point.

    • Those were not this author’s words but those of the article that he provided a link to. Maybe following and reading that will help clear up any misunderstanding.

  8. Amazing

  9. Good read but Russia did not invade Crimea

    • Those were not this author’s words but those of the article that he provided a link to. Maybe following and reading that will help clear up any misunderstanding.

  10. There is some truth to the idea 2014 has not been a very successful one for the Western Zionist NWO but I’d not be too optimistic yet, since there isn’t much change on the horizon as far as the power structure of the West and as you write they keep on keeping on regardless of the exposure or loss of many “believers”

    Unless there is more going on than appears on the surface I don’t see this as anything more than temporary set backs for them. My hope is that Putin is far more than he seems and may in fact represent the awakening Byzantine empire. Standing up one last time for truth against the devil and his minions. Increasingly what we hear suggests he may indeed be a carefully prepared and trained candidate for the Russian Orthodox Church, which does give one some hope, because that’s the remnant of the Byazantine Empire, the greatest Christian Empire of history and why few people even ever heard of it.

  11. Russian did NOT ‘invade’ Crimea. Jesus, we’ve gotta listen to that propaganda crap on ‘alternative’ media, too??

    • Those were not this author’s words but those of the article that he provided a link to. Maybe following and reading that will help clear up any misunderstanding…

  12. You need to do more study on what happened at Gaza as the enemy of Israel hid behind civilians and shot at Isreal! Get you facts right!

  13. Be the driver or be the target of the drone? To kill or to
    be killed? It is the Hamlet up to date question. When young we are far too_easy_to_program machines. Most of current propaganda energy is used to divert the attention of the young from the core of the problem: Why we are here, why in this space and why in our time? We, The Freedom Devoted People lost accountability of every good creation on the planet, starting with the wheel, continuing with the printing press and ending with the Internet which is about to follow suit. Wright brothers did not envisioned terminator drones. Religion was high jacked long ago too. The Adam and Eve story looks more and more as cover up, a romanticized court story of a VIP incest going viral. Only by the age of 50 I realized the modern party system is a sham. A party is not people and hardly ever worked for people. But wised up people like me are too old to make a difference in society anyways because the modern young mind does not revere old men, especially penniless old wise men. This is how the Empire, deep coded in our universal minds managed to endure all the
    ages, including the Internet one. Insightnificant

  14. Good summary of the zio nwo’s year.

  15. I don’t know if most American would care right now what other people think of the US in general. It’s the politicians that are the real problem.
    Hey! I got a great idea!! You want everybody to start coming there all the time to vacation there, and buy everything American? Put Cheney and Bush in the insane asylum.

  16. Turning the world against America may be the globalists plan?

  17. The article is good, but there is one major inaccuracy. The US, led by Jewish neocons, pumped billions into Ukraine to destabilize it and conducted a coup de etate that forced the elected President to flee for his life. After this, the Crimeans elected to rjoin Russia with which they had been an essetial part for hundreds of years (John Paul Jones after the American Revolution, went to Russian and commanded a ship to help defend Crimea against the Turks.) Russian military did not invade Crimea because they were already there in on a long term lease with a major naval base.

    • Those were not this author’s words but those of the article that he provided a link to. Maybe following and reading that will help clear up any misunderstanding….

  18. You Bloggers are warriors Brave men!

    Thank you for your helping us, Humanity. I am so moved to tears!

    We are honored to stand beside you!

  19. I believe your timeline is grossly incorrect. The claim that Russia invaded Crimea is patently false and an outright LIE. Maybe the webmaster should just remove this useless anecdote ASAP. 😉

    • Those were not this author’s words but those of the article that he provided a link to. Maybe following and reading that will help clear up any misunderstanding..

  20. I see the rise of the free press (on line press ) as the nail in the coffin of the NWO , i do not watch MSN anymore do to their cherry picking stories and out and out lying to us … The truth is an enemy of this system … and just incase they did not know this WE SEE THEM NOW lol . tc all .

  21. Hey Bernie,
    Looks like 80% of the commenters have called you out on your ploy to solidify the lie that Russia invaded Crimea.

    With articles like this it makes me suspicious of the integrity of the so called alternative news.

    Perhaps they too like MSM have been compromised.

    Tip of the hat to all those who accurately saw this ploy and didn’t fall for it.

    It seems this too is a new world order setback for 2014

    • Jack, did you read the article? The author was quoting the mainstream report to show how WRONG it was. Some of you sound like you only come on here to attack the writers like Bernie. Maybe its time to call YOU out as a TROLL.

  22. Haven’t seen this many trolls attacking a writer in a while. Bernie must’ve struck a chord with this piece. LOL

  23. Bernie; are you an establishment mouthpiece, purveyor of dis-information, or just ill informed.
    What Russian invasion of Crimea?????
    If you can’t get that fact right, then I have to obviously read as suspect, everything else you write, be that due to establishment ties, or just outright very poor research.

  24. To kennyalligood and truthbetold, who appear to be one and the same, Yes, I did read the article and Bernie’s name is on it. no link. 6th paragraph, first half of sentence.”Following the Russian invasion of Crimea”.

    My literary comprehension skills are fine, and you can call me anything you want. It just shows what a little boy you are to resort to immature name calling.

    Doesn’t bother me a bit.

  25. Although there may have been a mistake with Crimea on the whole the article was very good. It is even better when mistakes are pointed out and the truth put in. I believe the best form of action is to wake up as many people as possible to what is really going on in the world. United we stand, divided we fall.

  26. Re: Bundy fiasco – i wrote my senators (apologize for both Feinstein and Boxer) Rep Garamendi, and the White House – and nobody replied.

    i questioned how an absolutely illegal military force – the BLM is not allowed an army – and snipers, military uniforms and full assault rifles, helicopters, etc DO constitute a military force – and CLEARLY STATED THAT WE NO LONGER HAVE ANY FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS could go unanswered.

    The BLM knocked a son of Bundy to the ground “stomped” his head and caused severe bruising to his head and neck for taking a picture down the driveway, which they told him was “not an authorized First Amendment Zone.”

    Excuse me, but we ONLY have freedom when and where you say we do? We have this little piece of land in Nevada that our founding fathers specifically designated as the place where we have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to peacefully assemble, and the right to petition govt for redress of grievances? HOW did those incredibly prescient founding fathers – who didn’t even KNOW of this speck of land – set this piece of land aside for this purpose, and WHY oh WHY did they not enforce people’s ONLY exercising their 1st amend rights on that land. Sorry Mrs Lincoln – you want to go to church you have to go out to where Nevada is going to be.”

  27. “This theme of failure may just be the one common theme we saw most in 2014. For anyone who has been tracking the new world order
    and our march toward global tyranny at the hands of the U.S./NATO led
    cabal, you may have noticed these Western-led globalists took some big
    hits in 2014, both domestically and internationally.”

    The author’s theme is dependent on separating the West-East elites paradigm for the theme to be relatively valid. This ignores this international paradigm is designed for the specific purpose of enhancing globalism, internationalism, universalism, and also known as supranationalism which began dwindling support around the 80s. This is why many elitist think-tanks view a third world war will guarantee a new drive for Global Governance through supranationalism.
    The theme truly was more people noticing the inconsistency of governance and Constitutional governance. About it.

    “With guns pointed directly at them in gangster fashion, the ranchers
    fought back and, more importantly, on behalf of everyone else in America
    who believes in the U.S. Constitution, they stood up to the BLM

    Domestic skirmish that went to the people over the Federal government. Whistleblowers/insiders have stated that the Bundy Standoff is the first of many in which the people’s determined-resolve would be tested, and they weren’t expecting the backlash they got.

    ” The BLM bandits would ultimately be ordered to stand down and leave. The historic stand down
    would be remembered as a historic failure on the part of the federal
    government, and a historic victory for Americans who believe in the
    principles of the Constitution.”

    From a NWO prospective, why do people insist on calling this a victory? BLM is a militarized outfit that like law enforcement since 9/11 has been integrated under Federal authorities and possesses military weapons and munitions. Translation, they are military units under international law, and infringing on people’s right by a military force constitutes war-crimes. War-crimes justifies interjection of what supranational institution? The United Nations.

    Note, the Browns after the failure to indict Officer Wilson and in the aftermath of Garner’s lacking indictment under the normalization of deadly force for resisting unlawful arrest or not took their case to the UN Human Rights Council to plea their case of racial institutionalism.

    “Following the Russian invasion of Crimea, the U.S. dumped billions of dollars into purchasing regime change in Ukraine.”

    Crimea voted to return itself to Russia in which Putin accepted its annexation and built up the Russian Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol before the US or NATO could interject itself validly. Eastern Ukraine also made this attempt, but the West was mobilized by then crippling the fait accompli that led to today’s civil war in Ukraine. The reason is pretty simple; it’s West-East paradigm designed to make Americans view Putin as a better leader than American politicians in DC. Brandon Smith of altmarket is absolutely correct in that observation.
    Who makes up part of the estimated 600K force training on US soil at the request of DHS in case of civil unrest or natural disasters from Colorado-Tennessee along the old and discontinued river pilot system? Russia…
    Does Putin forgiving Cuban Soviet Era debt for access to bases and Obama normalizing relations with Cuba not raise strategic and tactical eyebrows?

    Ultimately, when the UN interjects or a new supranational institution, the world will not listen to the horrors conducted by Russo-Sino and other forces acting as Peacekeepers within the US.
    It is why the US’s veto powers are being pushed to being removed in both deciding Chinese Yuan as a reserve currency by the end of the year and in the security council…

    The themes are definitely people are taking notice, and NWO marches on towards global governance as the US loses its image and influence, so no one will believe the horrors to occur on US soil.

    I wish and hope that you’re right, but the evidence and trend is contrary…

  28. The mysterious cadavers from the MH370 shoot-down were being brought by AIDS researchers to a place to examine them with other researchers. That’s why they were drained of blood. So it appears, to me, that the plane was shot down perhaps to murder these HIV scientists, which were many.

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