Nanny State Americans Calling the Cops on Themselves

By Melissa Melton

We live in a country where common sense is more extinct than dinosaurs, where soon, people won’t be able to make any decisions at all or even THINK FOR THEMSELVES without begging the government for permission.

My earlier video was not about spanking, it’s about living in such a fear-based society that people are calling the police on themselves before they make their own decisions about being parents.

What’s next? Are people going to start calling the FDA to ask what to feed their kids? Are they going to start calling the MPAA to ask what movies they can allow their children to watch? Are we going to start putting cameras in our homes with a direct line to the $3 billion spy hub the NSA has built in the Utah desert?


Snitch Culture: How Citizens Are Turned Into the Eyes and Ears of The State

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