Midnight Ride: When Rogue Politicians Call for Martial Law

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Even the perennially blind are beginning to notice the police and surveillance state that has been quietly built around us since 9/11. We have seen de facto martial law declared following the Boston Marathon bombing, and any other place where an isolated incident or threat of an incident will trigger enhanced security measures such as checkpoints, curfews, pre-crime arrests and widespread police brutality. Couple this with onerous legislation like the PATRIOT Act and the NDAA, and one must conclude that warnings about tyrannical military rule inside the United States is no longer a far-fetched conspiracy theory.

Midnight Ride — the sister film to Molon Labe — explores what would happen if the dollar crashed taking the world financial system down with it. How would this police state be used in the ensuing mass civil unrest? Would martial law be openly declared? If it were, would this be constitutional? Should such martial law be obeyed? The concerned citizen should be asking these questions.

Midnight Ride was inspired by the book, By Tyranny Out Of Necessity: The Bastardy of Martial Law by Edwin Vieira, Jr. The film explores the nature of martial law and how it relates to the Second Amendment and militia clauses in the U.S. Constitution. Moreover, the film looks to history as a  consistent guideline for what happens when economies crash and governments use the crisis to impose authoritarian rule.

Please watch the trailer below for Midnight Ride.

The film was produced by James Jaeger and features interviews with:

  • Ron Paul
  • G. Edward Griffin
  • Larry Pratt
  • Sheriff Mack
  • Stewart Rhodes
  • Pastor Chuck Baldwin
  • Dan Happel
  • David R. Gillie
  • Edwin Vieira, Jr.
  • Elias Alias
  • Erich Pratt
  • Jack Rooney
  • KrisAnne Hall
  • Rosie Haas
  • Walter Reddy

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7 Comments on "Midnight Ride: When Rogue Politicians Call for Martial Law"

  1. John C Carleton | January 17, 2015 at 1:17 pm | Reply

    Regrettably, moet Americans are sheep from a long line of sheep. They will do nothing unless herded and forced to so something. A certain percentage are jackals, they will feed on the sheep, attack, rape, rob and kill, but only when they have superior numbers or the advantage in a situation. These include so called lawENFOCEment. It is jackals who are in positions in government today. The wolves are a small percentage of the population, but it will be the wolves who will have to lead or take charge of the situation in a collapse. Some wolves are bloodthirsty and will join the jackals. Some wolves though, do not kill for profit or perverse pleasure. Only 3 % of the population supported the American war for independence or actively did anything in or for the cause. I suspect the percentages are about the same today.

  2. I’ll have to see the film. But I sure am becoming pessimistic, because upon reading the title to the article my first thought was: The rogues are politicians that are not for martial law.

  3. Elizabeth Martin | January 20, 2015 at 5:23 pm | Reply

    Can anyone tell me what we can do to restore our Constitution? If you bother to educate yourself re: Executive Orders of recent years, esp. Obama/Soetoro, as I recently did – to my horror – I found there is a NEW STRUCTURE of government ready to be sprung, w/FEMA, FEPA leading the way. This will be the final step before UN Agenda 21, and no more America, folks. No more folks! Sincerely want input – I heard Virginia is trying……….cheers!

    • Tropic Lightning | June 2, 2015 at 3:34 pm | Reply

      You could contact your state legislatures and find out whether they have applied for the Convention of States to enact Article V of the Constitution. The founders of our country had enough foresight to put this in the constitution for just this kind of occasion, an out of control, tyrannical federal government. It provides the only lawful and non-violent recourse for all states. If you would like more info on the COS simply type “Convention of States” in your browser and look for the name Mark Meckler or Bob Menges. You will probably find all the nay-Sayers there too such as, The John Birch Society and unfortunately The Oath Keepers, but please don’t buy into there arguments, stick with what the founders gave us. If you decide to go this route I’ll tell you right now it’s not easy but it is worth it, especially if you love this country as it sounds you do.

      • Elizabeth Martin | June 4, 2015 at 11:27 am | Reply

        Thanks, Tropic – I will check this out. We have to keep trying, against all odds, to get our country restored………………this dark, inhuman madness will only stop and retreat if we DO NOT CONSENT. Cheers

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