Memory-holed Scientist Feared Resonant Frequency “Ray Gun” Would Fall into Wrong Hands

By Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton
Activist Post

Suppressed Scientist Experimented with Resonant Frequencies to Target ATP, Release Life Energy that Could Double Lifespan, Kill Entire Populations or Power a World Civilization 

We stumbled upon the research of Dr. Leo J. Baranski, then working for North American Aviation, Inc. (a precursor to Boeing), on a microwave device that would target ATP, key to cellular energy in the body, with “resonant frequencies.”

Dr. Baranski reportedly found in animal studies that the depending upon the angle, this technology had the potential capability of doubling one’s lifespan, or alternately, killing an entire population. The same technology, he believed, could even be used to unleash an energy supply to rival nuclear power. Moreover, the wave energy could be beamed to trigger the effect from long distances, with the ability in 1963 to even reach the moon.

However, Dr. Baranski’s work with resonant frequencies, as well as his in depth research into theoretical physics and Unified Field Theory, which was conducted with Dr. Lancelot Law Whyte and Dr. Albert Einstein, has been all but lost to history – virtually memory holed.

As a point of reference, Leo Baranski doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry, and is only briefly mentioned in a stub article on his colleague Lancelot Law Whyte, though he was promising enough in 1963 to garner a widely circulated profile story in the Associated Press, entitled “Scientist Will Test Ray Gun on Self,” and to be featured in Newsweek’s March 4, 1963 edition:

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Further, Baranski’s credentials are extensive: he was a favorite professor in psychology at California Lutheran University, held a Ph.D from Princeton and was a senior scientist at North American Aviation, Inc. Baranski worked on the “Man in Space” program and collaborated with NASA, the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy while helping to design the X-15 rocket plane series, the RS-70 (XB-70 Valkyrie) bomber, and the Apollo moon ship.  He was also advised in his research by Dr. Albert Einstein, and spent research time with him at the Max Planck Institute.

Like other scientists who explored resonant frequencies including Nikola Tesla and Royal Raymond Rife, the implications of Dr. Baranski’s research were likely considered inconvenient to the powers that be.

Baranski died a suspicious and untimely death in 1971 at age 45. Reportedly, he fell ill on a Friday in August, entered the hospital and died from “acute leukemia” by the following Monday! Before his death, Dr. Baranski was working on a series of three books on the Unitary Field Theory, and had planned further collaboration with Dr. Lancelot Law Whyte, 25 years his senior, who died the following year in 1972.

Doctors Whyte and Baranski believed that their advances in Unified or Unitary Field Theory were the key to understanding and utilizing free energy. Baranski wrote in his 1968 paper “An Outline Summary of Unitary Field Theory”:

Asymmetry as the fundamental property of the unitary field and the unitary tendency toward symmetry. In their nascent state, the dimitants of the unitary field are in a state of absolute form-motion asymmetry for they partake of the fundamental chaos … UFT [Unitary Field Theory] also identifies dimitant asymmetry with the thermodynamic potential, free energy in its absolute form, that: dimitant asymmetry = free energy.

The possibility of tapping in “free energy” and unlocking truths that could rattle the power structure have proved historically unwanted by the rulers, and hence have been obscured, today only followed by a dedicated few who are all too often labeled as marginal, kooky and strange.

A Dr. James Watson has continued much of Leo Baranski’s work through research and making available much of his otherwise lost works. He made the following comments, that suggest the breakthroughs made by Baranski and Whyte have since been weaponized by the military industrial complex – against their wishes, an attitude perhaps best evidenced by their untimely demise. Here is what Watson claims:

Baranski then secretly was recruited by North American Aviation AeroSpace Division, CalTech and JPL, where for two years, he ran a very large Primate Center, and was directly involved in planting controls in the brains of these animals. He was transferring the thought processes of humans into these Primates… and due to the frequencies involved killed many of them… subsequently the U.S. Navy… asked him… through his employers for him to develop a weapons system based on these biologically sensitive frequencies.
He designed, developed and built square wave generators, duplicating the resonant frequencies that were generated by the Corona of the Sun, approximately 5 billion years ago, that interacted with volcanic pools containing Pyrophosphates and other chemicals, and which acted as a catalyst in triggering the development of the ATPADP rotating protein molecule which produced 50% free energy… which for all intensive purposes triggered the formation of life itself. His work in developing this system was evident in the results obtained using Primates, which resulted in the breaking of the molecular protein bonds of the brain cells
It is apparent that this technology is being used, by forces of evil. I might point out that to the credit of Baranski, he did not want this to happen…  and when he realized that they would use this technology for evil, he refused to cooperate any further… he died a horrible death, “under suspicious circumstances” … and according to his wife, there was nothing left of him to bury. Subsequently, his son also became a Physicist… and also died, “under suspicious circumstances”. It is also very strange that every Scientist that gets involved with the “Unified Field Theory” on an independent basis, is involved in accidental death or dies at a young age of a heart attack, with no apparent history of heart disease, (IE: David Bohm, another Physicist at Berkeley working in this field who also knew Baranski and worked with him at UCB).

Available Works by Dr. Leo J. Baranski:

The Quantum Mechanisms of Pyrophosphate and Their Postulated Role in the Rise of Life (Leo J. Baranski)

His Only Comprehensive Book, Scientific Basis for World Civilization: Unitary Field Theory – The origins, evolution, current operation and future destiny of the universe, life, mind and the social group (by Leo J. Baranski, Ph. D.)

Read Table of Contents and Preface here

An Outline Summary of Unitary Field Theory by Leo J. Baranski, California Lutheran College, June 1968

Temporal Characteristics of Dynamic Contour Perception by Leo John Baranski, 1960
About His Life & Death: Leo J. Baranski Memorial Scholarship

Available Works by Dr. Lancelot Law Whyte:

Unitary Principle in Physics & Biology

The Next development in Man

Accent on Form: An Anticipation for the Science of Tomorrow (World Perspectives, Volume Two)

Critique of physics

BOSCOVICH, ROGER JOSEPH(1711-1787): An entry from Gale’s Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Aspects of Form – A Symposium on Form in Nature and Art

Essay on Atomism (Classic Reprint)

The Unconscious Before Freud

The Universe of Experience: A World View Beyond Science and Religion

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