For Police: Postal Worker Accidentally Makes Video on How Not To Shoot Dogs

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

An Australian motovlogger shoots dogs – with a DriftHD 1080P camera. His other armament? Treats.

This postal worker comes across friendly dogs, but also plenty of vicious dogs who will bite him if they get a chance. And sometimes, those dogs get loose. He nonchalantly points to a dog who bit him in the past. He wants people to know that “posties” love dogs. What would he think of our American police state that trains officers to shoot any kind of breed? Without prompting.

But police officers always voice the fear of getting bit. This fear is upheld in the highest honor to them. “They were not bit because of their quick action. Basically, that was the end of the story.” They shoot dogs before there would even be a remote possibility. It’s the end of every senselessly bloody story where the owner is left to clean the mess; left with the bill and a ticket. “All I have to say is that I feel they’re a threat.”

Unfortunately, witnesses often report the dog’s friendly demeanor, but officers will falsify reports or say “there was a look in his eye.” They offer absurd, irrational responses. They intrude on someone’s property and then claim the dog was “aggressing” them, when it barks or approaches. They cry “Pitbull!” when it’s not, nor is that a cause for execution. Let’s not forget that killing animals for no cause is a hallmark of psychopaths.

But regular, rational people cannot fathom this, so they might go along with blaming the owners. They might claim there is a lack of proper training, that officers should be encouraged to use non-lethal methods. They already can but they don’t. “If they hesitate it could be their own lives,” people have said. To date, no officers have been killed by dogs. But one recently coaxed a friendly dog over to him in order to kill it. People need to know that none of these things account for police killing tiny breeds, chained or tied dogs, cats, kittens, squirrels, baby deer, docile cows, or a parakeet – and of course, innocent people. Nor does it account for using live, injured animals for target practice.

Mind acrobatics must be performed to justify the widespread killing of domestic companions when you consider that there has not been a movement on the part of postal workers and all forms of delivery people to be allowed to shoot animals that they come into personal contact with on a daily basis. Nor would society be too keen on arming them for indiscriminate blasting or cutting – not even for fear’s sake.

One guy wants to show you how to get the job done. Please also see The Free Thought Project’s report on the topic, where I saw this video first.

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