Co-Creator of “Gray State” Speaks on Deceased Filmmaker; Future of Main Project

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Last week, we reported on the tragic and mysterious death of film producer David Crowley, his wife and young daughter who were all found dead in their Apple Valley, MN home, weeks after the incident took place.

A few new details have been reported by the media. Hennepin County Medical Examiners report a murder-suicide saying wife Komel and their five-year-old daughter were shot, and report David’s death as a suicide. No additional marks, injuries or signs of struggle, they say.

Bodies were found close together on the front room floor with a black handgun near David. Date of death not released. Apple Valley police Capt. John Bermel said there were no signs of a scuffle, that the house was intact. Last sign of verified activity was late December. Electronics were taken from the home to be analyzed with investigators saying it could take awhile to make more determinations….

They also report no signs of intrusion. Authorities have not addressed police audio recordings that report the initial finding of the back sliding door unlocked and ajar.

Last week we also reported that an uncut version of the dual documentary project, Gray State: The Rise could be seen online.

However, that left many to wonder about the future of the main, full-feature fiction film: Gray State.

That is one of the questions reporter Ben Swann asked co-creator and friend to Crowley, Danny Mason. Swan asked Mason some other hard-hitting questions such as if Mason thought there was truth to the initial assessment of the Crowley family’s death being a murder-suicide. Danny expounds on David’s persona and their work on Gray State.


The link to help the family:

Here is the concept trailer again, now viewed over 1.5 million times:

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17 Comments on "Co-Creator of “Gray State” Speaks on Deceased Filmmaker; Future of Main Project"

  1. If the back door was left ajar, and given the northern climes ( it is clear the bodies would have been in below freezing environment for some time. Why have they not provided details on gunshot residue, blood back splatter and all that CSI shit we learn?

    The one thing I just can’t resolve in my mind is the length of time to discovery. Friends, co-workers, wife a business owner, kid at school, family from both sides, obligations made and not attended….so many reasons for a sooner discovery than three weeks in the most visited/communication time of the year. I just don’t get that.

    That said, I believe they were killed, and do NOT believe this murder/suicide b.s. for a second.

  2. The one thing that sticks in my mind is why did the school not try to get ahold of the family ? Up here in canada you have to phone the school if your child is not going to be in school that day , you would phone the school letting them know why ( doctors appt dentist appt and such ) they mark it in the roll call done each day for students . What about the friends of the child ? I know that my daughters friends would of been calling to find out how she is also the parents of her friends would of wanted to know how she is … It just does not sound right to me . I get a love you text from my mom and older sister every day if they had not heard from me for longer then one week you can bet they will be at my door checking on me . This is so sad RIP and i hope the family gets the answers they need .

  3. Q: Is anyone deluded enough to believe this was, say, a home invasion, utterly unrelated to the fact that the film maker was about to expose the NWO?
    A: Sad to say, there are probably more than one can count.

  4. I do not for one second believe this was anything other than a hit from outside the family. Reason: corruption abounds and money is the god of those who do anything to obtain it.

  5. This guy mason is scared. ‘for now im sticking to what the examiner has stated’. A close friend. A colleague. Bring on members of crowleys family. Lets see what they have to say. Will grey state be permanently shelved I wonder?

    • Look.
      Just accept what you have been told by those who are wiser than you, and who have your best interests at heart, and move along.
      There is absolutely nothing to see here.

  6. obviously a murder, bodies found a lot sooner then posted by news agencies.
    The whole thing stinks!
    CIA is involved again.

  7. Who benefits from these deaths? Why would a normal person do something like that? This is extreme.

  8. This entire gray state “project” is a See Eye Ay operation. Mr “Crowley” and Mr “Mason” will enjoy spending the money raised for this movie that was never meant to be made. This public theatre propaganda is now completely legal:

    • Bullshit. You’re asserting a triple negative when a single negative will suffice.

    • Karl, if you are going to make such damning accusations, don’t you think you have a responsibility to at least give some evidence?
      Otherwise you’re just bitching…

      • The evidence is right in front of your eyes. If you choose to believe that Mr “Mason” and Mr “Crowley” have your best interests at heart, then by all means, send them some money. I am sure their plan to manipulate the public into a state of animal fear will benefit in a small way from your contribution.

      • PS: When your government passes legislation intended to shield them from prosecution for propagandizing the public, you can be 100% sure, they are doing just that. Now, most people would say “they have been doing that forever”. The difference is now this internet thing really makes it hard to bald face lie without people recognizing it for what it is, so protections were needed. Anybody who wants to make people afraid, without offering some constructive method of creating positive change, is working for the hidden hand, whether they know it or not.

  9. Danny comes across like an idiot

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