Arizona Doctor Says, Don’t Vaccinate Children

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Heather Callaghan
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*Note this doctor practices in Arizona, previous title said ‘Cali’

Since the “Disneyland Outbreak” of measles in California, there’s been a mass hysteria and calls for quarantine and forced injection scarcely seen since…that brief break we got from Ebola.

So when a medical doctor boldly stands up and flies against the face of the narrative, the mainstream press cannot help but capture his “shocking statement.”

What they won’t heavily highlight about Dr. Jack Wolfson is that he is a respected integrative cardiologist who does not use medicine to help his heart patients, but instead a whole body view of nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Of course, they bring two opposing views to the broadcast, but in the end: “…both doctors agree that the measles infection, once caught, is not likely to turn deadly.”

Dr. Wolfson does not believe that injecting chemicals and heavy metals into the bloodstream is the way to help the immune system stave off disease.

Did you know that Merck, the only company licensed to sell the Mumps vaccine is in legal hot water for completely falsifying effectiveness test results? Mumps is included in the Measles Mumps Rubella shot

Furthermore, some of the side-effects listed on the vaccine insert could be life-threatening conditions.

Side-effects also include: atypical measles and measles-like rash. Isn’t that convenient? Actually, it’s not. A complication from atypical measles is pneumonia. That – is something to ponder. Medicinenet says that it only occurs in people who received a killed measles virus vaccine in the late 1960s and people should vaccinate with newer, live-virus vaccines. Yet, Merck’s own vaccine insert lists atypical measles.

Additionally, multiple vaccines have been shown to lead to virus-shedding leading to asymptomatic spread of disease. Dr. Gil Chavez, the California state epidemiologist said, “it is absolutely safe for you to go to Disneyland if you’re vaccinated”. Yet, seven people who contracted measles had been fully vaccinated.

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9 Comments on "Arizona Doctor Says, Don’t Vaccinate Children"

  1. I really hope more doctors are brave enough to speak the truth. Its too bad doctors aren’t given history lessons and learn that these diseases are cyclic and will continue to be so regardless of the amount of toxins they mandate. My grandparents were always glad when we got these benign diseases out of the way at an early age. Since when is getting sick a crime?

  2. Get your flu shot (even if it doesn’t work).

  3. We are told to get booster shots because we don’t have antigens. Duh.

    Your blood sample right now likely would not have antigens for whooping cough (pertussis) measles, mumps, chicken pox, HPV, HIV, cytamegalovirus, Hepatitis A, B, or C, scarlet fever, etc. etc etc.

    That is because your body doesn’t waste time or effort making antigens THAT IT DOES NOT NEED! If there is no pathogen to fight the body doesn’t randomly and intermittently practice making antigens that aren’t needed! Duh!

    So the biochemistry for the “need” of booster shots is sheer lunacy.

    • said the idiot with no medical degree

      • Hmm. Idiot you say. you judge intelligence by paper – who is the idiot?

        Disadvantage of not having a medical degree – people don’t worship you and you don’t get to overcharge for damaging your patients. Advantages – you don'[t have to sell your soul to a drug company and kill people – the US medical system being the worst in the industrialized nations – with the added “bonus” of forcing YOU to payover 250% more to threaten and damage your health. The US spends MORE on health care than the next TEN highest health spending nations combined – for what? The highest infant mortality rates, the highest maternal mortality rates, horrible cancer, heart disease and other chronic illness reates WITH worst cure rates, the shortest life expectancy, the first generation in CENTURIES expected to live shorter, sicker lives than we will.

        Things YOU don’t know. 95% of MDs have no training in biochemistry or nutrition. Almost all of the 700,000 gall bladder surgeries in the US annually are for LIVER ISSUES – bile production, or stones – produced by LIVER BIOCHEMICAL ISSUES, not gall bladder problems. Those surgeries for the pain? 25% do NOTHING for the pain.

        Antacids are a 7 BILLION/YR business in the US – for prescription drugs – another 3 BILLION/YR over the counter. YOU don’t know that “too much acid” is literally accurate in 0.001111% of the cases or less. i challenge you to find ONE patient of an MD who has had their ACTUAL pH measured.

        In studying biochemistry/nutrition informally since ’77 i knew in 79 that butter (not rBST/CAFO) is good for you, that you NEED cholesterol to survive, that salt is NOT the cause of hypertension, that hydrogenated fats are toxic on the cellular and intracellular levels, that eggs have good cholesterol and a healthy egg WITH YOLK is beneficial in many ways, etc. etc. etc. Things your Doc is just now – THIRTY SEVEN YEARS LATER being told.

        And you want to imply that “I” am the stupid one. You likely take pharmaceutical drugs – i do not – at all. NO pharmaceutical drug cures a single thing – just covers up symptoms. Well, they DO ALWAYS damage your biochemistry. 43% of the PDR listed drugs are carcinogenic. 42 INDIVIDUAL drugs are proven to induce “onset of dementia” symptoms, and removal of the drugs removes the symptoms – except for the benzodiazepine family, which makes the drug induced brain damage PERMANENT! Again – who is the stupid one?

        How about vaccines? Look at this very quickly downloading set of graphs from Australia.

        The timeline is the only significant difference for the US. If this doesn’t show you that vaccines DID NOT DROP THE DISEASE RATES you need to learn how to read graphs. Go back to 4th grade. These illustrate that diseases without vaccines, with very few vaccinations, and those pathogens you are trained to freak out over – ALL acted the same way, in roughly the same time. This proves that VACCINES DID NOT CURE ANYTHING!

        How about that little 5yr old in Las Vegas Nev. being killed BY THE SAME FLU VIRUS SHE WAS VACCINATED WITH? DERP! (corporate induced retardation on your part?) Well THAT one sure cured her flu!!!!! How about the CDC finding that 16% of the “flu” was not influenza AT ALL? There is no possible way that the flu shot can help the 84% without flu AT ALL, but you think am wrong for a scientifically undebateable FACT?

        You listen to the lies of the most dishonest, money-grubbing industry in the world (okay that is debatable) and swallow their BS, but haven’t the intelligence to investigate anything i generalized about above. No refutation, no disproving links, nothing.

        And you want to pretend I am the idiot. No look in the mirror for not idiocy, but incompetence, and a fierce example of one not capable of thinking FOR YOUR SELF.

        i am just really curious as to what the hell you think you are defending – your arguments are baseless, lame, and inaccurate. Devoid of information, Reliant upon emotive, vacuous attempts at manipulation and denigration because you can’t show an opposing viewpoint to be wrong – so you try to poison the water.

        • Awesome, bsroon.
          Astonishing interview tonight on Democracy Now. For ONCE, both sides of the issue were debated by two law professors with opposing viewpoints. The question was whether vaccination should be mandatory in the US, carrying penalties for refusal to vaccinate one’s kids. The case AGAINST such a measure was extremely illuminating, basically blew apart the whole hysteria surrounding the issue. Amy Goodman’s face was priceless. Its a must watch.

        • Wow. I could not have said it better. Loved the post.

        • I am a doctor, with all the diplomas to prove it, and I agree with what you say, bsroon. I have been researching vaccines for decades, and it is a huge, dangerous scam on the uneducated and the defenseless children. I thank God that the truth is finally waking people up. Big Pharm is hysterical about losing this massive profit-generating scam, which is why their mainstream media shills are working overtime with disinformation. Let the uneducated (and sadly pathetic) adults get injected with mercury, aluminum, etc., etc. But we must keep educating the Moms, especially, so that they can save their children. Cheers!

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