‘American Sniper’: Lies and Propaganda to Divide a Nation

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

The recent release of the film American Sniper has, if nothing else, furthered widened the divide between many Americans. While those who view Chris Kyle as the reincarnation of George Washington are singing the praises of Kyle and the movie, others have come to the opposite conclusion.

Of course, the American oligarchy via its mouthpiece mainstream media has firmly attempted to draw the battle lines – If you like Chris Kyle and American Sniper then you are firmly in the camp that supports the troops, loves your country, and opposes terrorism. If you do not view Kyle as a hero, then you are clearly in the camp made up of pinko-commies, socialists, and terrorist sympathizers.

And, of course, if you don’t think Chris Kyle was a hero, then you hate the troops.

But the truth is that Chris Kyle was not a hero. Chris Kyle was a murderer. He was also a war profiteer and a liar.

One need only look to Kyle’s past history and his own words to see the proof of that statement. In his book, American Sniper, Kyle repeatedly referred to the people whose land he invaded and whose families he helped kill as “savages,” regretting only that he was unable to kill more of them.

Kyle wrote,

People ask me all the time, “How many people have you killed?” My standard response is “Does the answer make me less, or more, of a man?”

The number is not important to me. I only wish I had killed more. Not for bragging rights, but because I believe the world is a better place without savages out there taking American lives. Everyone I shot in Iraq was trying to harm Americans or Iraqis loyal to the new government.

I had a job to do as a SEAL. I killed the enemy – an enemy I saw day in and day out plotting to kill my fellow Americans. I’m haunted by the enemy’s successes. They were few, but even a single American life is one too many lost.

Kyle was proud of the “savages” he killed. Not only did he not regret it, he loved it. He wrote,

There’s another question people ask a lot: “Did it bother you killing so many people in Iraq?”

I tell them ‘No.” 

And I mean it. The first time you shoot someone, you get a little nervous. You think, can I really shoot this guy? Is this really ok? But after you kill your enemy, you see it’s okay. You say, Great. 

You do it again. And again. You do it so the enemy won’t kill you or your countrymen. You do it until there’s no one left for you to kill.

That’s what war is. 

I loved what I did. I still do. If circumstances were different – if my family didn’t need me – I’d be back in a heartbeat. I’m not lying or exaggerating to say it was fun. I had the time of my life being a SEAL.

Kyle seemed to enjoy his torture of the Iraqi people boasting about his number of kills and having a great time chasing them with remote controlled hummers as they screamed, presumably thinking it was some kind of weapon being aimed at them.

Kyle also boasted of his ability to punch cattle so hard back home that he twice broke his hand. It should be noted that, abusing animals, of course, is one indicator of a psychopath.

After his stint in the US military, Kyle moved on to more lucrative pastures – the private sphere of war profiteering. Becoming the president of Craft International, a military tactical firm working with both the US military and law enforcement, Kyle continued to benefit off the wholesale slaughter of innocent people overseas and the increased police state here at home.

War profiteering was not enough, however, as Kyle was then turned loose as propagandist by erroneously claiming that he had once been in a bar fight with Jesse Ventura, whom Kyle claimed had insinuated he was happy about the death of Navy SEALs. Kyle claimed that he became angry with Ventura and punched him in the face. Ventura had been a vocal critic of the war in Iraq and painting him as a heartless criminal that rejoiced in the death of American soldiers served to denigrate both Ventura and other critics of the war. Ventura subsequently sued Kyle, but Kyle was killed before the court case was resolved. Ventura was then painted as a heartless troop-hater that sued a poor soldier’s widow. It cannot be overlooked that Ventura won the case and was awarded $1.8 million by a federal jury.

Now, with the release of American Sniper, Kyle is being portrayed as not only a victim of Ventura, but a genuine hero who exuded honor in his actions that were allegedly solely designed to protect Americans and the lives of his “brothers.”

But Kyle’s representation in the media is not only inaccurate, it is disgraceful.

Kyle was bloodthirsty. He was a murderer. And he was proud of his actions.

But Kyle has now become a symbol of “supporting the troops.” With the use of liberal blowhards like Michael Moore as the opposition, the die has been cast – you either love the troops and are a conservative or you hate them and are a liberal. In the mainstream media and, thus, in the minds of the vast majority of the American public, there is no in between and there is certainly no independent thought.

To see such a murderer glorified by the mass media is nothing new. What is truly disgusting, however, is the reaction given to those who dare criticize the new Christ of killing. The complete rejection and borderline violent reaction to anything that resembles a hesitation to rush to war in this country is both frightening and extremely dangerous.

Much of this reaction has come from blowhard reactionaries and entertainment-based commentators. Yet, many average Americans have fallen prey to the culture of militarism and pro-war propaganda to the point that American Sniper has now become akin to what the Passion of the Christ was for Christians. Americans, so overcome with their worship of militarism and so devoid of the ability to tell fact from fiction are now reportedly standing up and giving ovations when the fictional Kyle kills the “bad guy” of the movie.

It is this grouping of individuals who have been the most vocal in their support for a war based on proven lies and virtually every armed conflict that bankers, corporate interests, and the US government have been involved in as well as those in which it may become involved in in the future.

To nearly half of the population, war is the answer. The question doesn’t matter. As Paul Craig Roberts wrote, “In the United States patriotism and militarism have become synonyms.”

The fact that their religion tells them killing is wrong is no matter. Their religion supposedly gives a pass for the orders of politicians and generals.

Torture is fine too. In fact, in the eyes of the Hollywood generation, the ability to torture is the hallmark of a true man. Any suggestion to the contrary is nothing other than sympathizing with terrorists and hating the troops.

And, of course, unless you yourself have served in the military and participated in combat you have no right to criticize Chris Kyle, the war, or foreign policy in general. In America, only military personnel or combat veterans are allowed to have an opinion. That is, an opinion on war and invasion. An opinion on sub-standard health care, combat pay, GI bill loans, mental health assistance, homelessness or other economic or health-related issues that pose as much of a danger to the lives of veterans as the war they came back from is reserved for academics, politicians, and commentators.

Yet, frankly, I am sick of hearing how I should not criticize the war or the horrendous acts routinely carried out by US military personnel unless I have taken part in the same acts. I do not have to go to war to know that killing is wrong. I do not have to experience the horrors of war to know that shooting children and old women is wrong. For someone to say that I do is nothing but a moral cop out on their part.

I will criticize foreign policy, the implementation, and the results of that foreign policy – as well as the perpetrators – any time I wish.

To suggest otherwise is akin to the tired and ridiculous adage “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.” Yes, I can. And I will.

Furthermore, I will not leave it if I don’t like it. It is an absolute demonstration of hysterical irrationality to suggest that someone leave their home country – which they have every bit as much a right to inhabit as anyone who has worn a uniform – to leave that home simply because another individual who feels particularly entitled through Hollywood and incendiary political rhetoric disagrees with his opinion.

It is also ridiculous to suggest that criticism of foreign policy equals criticism of the individual soldiers fighting the battles on the ground.

The truth is clearly that wars are always started by people who are not forced to fight them. If they were, then wars would never be fought.

However, it is also true that those people who start wars do not fire bullets, drop bombs, or throw grenades. It takes men wearing uniforms – not suits – to do that. Unfortunately, all too often those men in uniforms are throwing grenades at people with whom they have much more in common than those men in suits. Unfortunately, those men in uniform are shooting people who have done nothing to them or their countrymen, but have had the tragic misfortune of being born in a place where natural resources or geopolitical interests can be found.

So, regardless of the well-meaning ideals or the best of intentions many soldiers may have when they sign up for service, we must not pretend that these men and women are fighting for us. As General Smedley Darlington Butler once stated, “I served in all commissioned ranks from a Second Lieutenant to a Major General. And, during that time, I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street, and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for Capitalism.”

Butler was one of the most decorated soldiers in the US military at the time and he had figured out the game. It was too late to change anything that had happened, but he figured it out. Many other soldiers from all ranks and all branches have had the same experience and come to the same conclusion– that what they thought they were fighting for at the time was nothing more than a lie and a business decision coming made at the top.

Many of these soldiers have begun speaking out about the results of the tragic consequences of blatant and repetitive stupidity of the American populace and the treachery of its “leaders” both on the victim population as well as the soldiers themselves. These men and women are the true heroes. In fact, they are heroes twice over – once for putting their lives on the line for something they believed in and twice, after realizing that the cause was wrong, for speaking out in an attempt to stop it from continuing and from ever happening again. The second time around, of course, instead of finding a “band of brothers,” they find derision amongst many of their own peers who simply cannot admit that they had been duped.

There are still other soldiers who regardless of their conclusions, do not begin speaking out against the war or even becoming spokesmen for it – they become drug addicts, alcoholics, depressives, or even kill themselves. These veterans, who are trotted out and called “heroes” and thanked “for their service” one day a year, are shunned and hidden for the other 364 days. This is because they show the underside of war. Instead of college degrees, big new trucks, and middle class houses, they have homeless shelters, crackhouses, and filthy hospitals. They have traumatic brain injuries. They don’t have the John Wayne X Factor anymore. After all, young people aren’t inspired to rush to war by crippled old men – they are inspired by flashy movies and braggarts.

Clearly, in the minds of those who promote war – both at the top levels and at the bottom – some veterans are more equal than others.

The question of military service aside, however, the most vociferous proponents of war tend to be those with no military service behind them at all. In other words, the biggest warmongers – besides those at the higher levels of society who organized the war to begin with – are often those who stand no chance of being affected by it. From the comfort of their own home, they call others “cowards” and “unpatriotic” knowing full well they will not be the victims of the massive eating machine marching overseas.

But neither will they be the perpetrators. That would require too much genuine courage and effort. Instead, these individuals will live vicariously through 18 year olds who are not considered old enough to drink alcohol in their own country but old enough to be shipped off to kill and be killed in someone else’s. The loudmouth back home, however, will watch the war from afar in the safety of his home, the comfort of his couch, and his ever-expanding waistline.

The loudmouth back home will continue to brag about his friends and his relatives who served in the war as if he had done so himself. He is perhaps brave enough to attempt to bully someone he considers a panty-waist peacenik but not to pick up a rifle and shoot the enemy that he claims threatens his way of life.

The truth is that he is a coward. He is loud. But he is a coward nonetheless.

The truth is that he is the one destroying his way of life as well as the lives of countless others who are the victims of his vapid, pathetic, lack of masculinity for which he must overcompensate by his goading high school graduates into signing up for a living hell.

Still, he will have the gall to argue that, “If you haven’t served in the military, keep your mouth shut.” But if he wants to follow that statement to its logical conclusion, then he’d better pick up a rifle himself and stop asking someone else’s children to do it for him. He should put his money where his mouth is.

These arguments, however, are only ever intended to work to promote war – not stop it. It is blind nationalism, blind patriotism, and blind repetition at its best. It has worked since the inception of nations and even before. There is no reason to believe that it will stop working now.

Killing people who have done nothing to you is wrong and, in the end, your motives are largely irrelevant – it is still wrong.

Some have no regrets. They revel in their kills. They are a special breed of psychopath that will go far in today’s society. Others cannot bring themselves to face the results of what they have done.

Others still, have realized the consequences of their actions. They realized they have made mistakes. While nothing can change those mistakes, resisting the truth, avoiding personal responsibility, and hiding behind veils of patriotism will ensure that they continue to happen.

Chris Kyle, of course, was of the former variety.

There are military veterans all across the country who still fight their battles daily. There are others who grapple with the results of their actions but who are also fighting to awaken others to the fact that war is, indeed, a racket. They are the heroes – not Chris Kyle. These men and women are truly fighting for the American people, not promoting the slaughter of innocent people from the flickering light of a flat screen.

America’s priorities are entirely skewed. Years of Hollywood propaganda and oligarchical domination have seen to it that certain things are not discussed, people are separated from one another, and dialogue is always stopped short. When the United States is done being used as a battering ram for the world oligarchy, its militarism will come back to haunt it. It has no other choice. It has been the same with every empire.

I wish I could say that it’s not too late for ours but, to be honest, I’m no longer so sure.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of six books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real ConspiraciesFive Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, and The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria. Turbeville has published over 300 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV.  He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) gmail.com.

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97 Comments on "‘American Sniper’: Lies and Propaganda to Divide a Nation"

  1. accurate as usual. well done.

  2. A great article, Brandon !

  3. Excellent article–thank you.

  4. Fantastic piece of writing! Thank you for this!

  5. Divide and conquer. Resist these divisions: the people, if ever united, will never be defeated. Brilliant article!

  6. It was just a movie and entertainment to the max. I always seem to enjoy an Eastwood movie. Everyone has his view and will comment, but don’t miss te entertainment

  7. Excellent article, Brandon. You hit the proverbial nail on the head about the disconnect between the pro and anti war voices. What is lacking so dearly on the pro war side is critical thinking. If they truly analyzed how wars start, they would likely have a cognitive disconnect upon finding the truth.

    The breakdown of the educational system have lead to a larger voice of stupidity ranting throughout the nation. It is bad and only getting worse with the new state of continual war.

  8. Wowsers! If you want to know anything about the horrors of combat, and the men who do the fighting, just ask a candy-ass liberal that’s never been in a dangerous neighborhood, let alone a combat zone where the enemy doesn’t wear a uniform, buries a bomb, and then hides among the women and children.

    Keep up the good work you dipstick!

    • WTF has liberalism VS. conservatism got to do with the content of the article? Not a dam thing.

      I find it strange that any time a person disagrees with the collective indoctrination of statecraft, that person is labeled a liberal. Wake up from you’re dualistic only mind.

      Left vs. Right = fake
      Liberal vs. Conservative = fake
      Democrat vs. Republican = fake
      You vs. the State = REAL

  9. great article!

  10. Clint Eastwood must be getting senile to put his name on this piece of propaganda!

  11. Yes killing is not to be glorified. The problem with your writing is you seem to excuse ISIS,Boko Haram, palestinians provoking Israel to defend themselves by creating killing and kidnapping methods, the bombing of Christian churchs, throughout the Middle East, defiling Christian history, forced marriages and selling for sex, expelling Christians from lands they occupied before Mohammed was born, (Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq,etc.)crucifications, beheadings, because these things have links to the Koran itself. You, true to your “activist” leanings, ignore all these such violent and evil acts.Beheadings even in North America are never commented on. You follow the US Bad Jews Bad Christians Bad slant that you read on the Al-Jazeera type sites you pick up your “facts” from, aren’t I right here? I read absurdities that Boko Haram was created from the West, ideas so ridiculous as to not bear commenting. Obama, whose half brother is associated with Christian persecution in Africa, seems to turn a blind eye to Islamist evil, why did he not attend the French memorials to the brave news cartoonists? Is the whole world supposed to kiss ass to Sharia Law? Is that your idea of “peace”? Even if the whole world was subject to Islam there would be killing of Shiite and Sunni, and decapitation daily. Your type seems to believe that the only problem in the Middle East is that it is not 100% under control of the Islamists, which is the direction it has been going ever since Christian Egypt was forcibly taken over by Islamists many hundreds of years ago, just as Africa and the Middle East is now. Thankfully the Egyptians stood up to the Muslim Brotherhood radicals and deposed them, which the peoples majority support. War is Hell, I do not defend the movie, I will not see that movie, but there are times when was is necessary, if not for defensive war you would be under the Germans and/or the Japanese today.

    • ” I read absurdities that Boko Haram was created from the West, ideas so ridiculous as to not bear commenting.”

      Maybe not so ridiculous, seeing as how you commented (“no comment” IS a comment) upon it.

      So why is it so ridiculous, other than you said it was?

      • I read this idea last week in an activist post article, like other writings such as blaming the US and/of NATO for “creating” ISIS, when yes ISIS took weapons intended for the “moderate” opposition, but that in itself did not create ISIS. I find a curious lack of balance in many such writings, it is OK to read this with a grain of salt , but not to take these ideas as facts or complete analyses.

    • “My type?” Do you mean a person who *thinks* about what he/she believes and does *actual* research? A person who reads BOOKS on subjects and doesn’t depend on a few paragraphs between the sports pages or a comment from a paid propagandist on TV to formulate his thoughts for him? Do you mean someone who applies the concept of “Cui Bono” – or – “Who Benefits?” when analyzing World events to determine who is actually behind the latest scare and propaganda he’s supposed to rush in behind? Do you mean someone who has the capacity to logically and methodically disassemble and discredit the bullshit that the people are fed on a daily basis? That type?

      Your comment is lock-step with MSM propaganda – you’re running your programming flawlessly – so I know the following is probably falling on deaf ears, but just in case, it’s worth noting that not everyone who is against war is a “coward” or “anti-Christian” or “anti-US” or a “Muslim-sympathizer.” Some people who are against war are heavily experienced and decorated soldiers. They’ve been there . Have you? (and yes, I have – with scars to prove it). They’ve smelled and tasted and seen and lived war. One of the greatest soldiers who ever lived – Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler – wrote a book about war and who’s really pulling the strings- “War is a Racket.” You can get it for free. Do a search for it and you’ll find a PDF – but before you do – you may want to look Butler up on Wikipedia and read about his life – as far as soldiers go, he makes Kyle look like a complete pussy. They used to call Butler “Old Gimlet Eye”, but if he’d have lived today, they would have called him “The Terminator”…..

      To be honest, even though your comment was meant to be insulting, I don’t feel insulted – I only feel sympathy for you. I think we all would like to believe what we’re told by people in positions of authority – it makes us feel safe – but there comes a point where the thinking mind can only tolerate so much cognitive dissonance before it’s had enough. There’s no doubt that it’s scary to make the transition from non-critical thinking to thinking for yourself – but once you’ve made the leap, it’s very freeing. You might want to give it a shot.

    • “The problem with your writing is you seem to excuse ISIS,Boko Haram, palestinians provoking Israel to defend themselves by creating killing and kidnapping methods, the bombing of Christian churchs, throughout the Middle East, defiling Christian history, forced marriages and selling for sex, expelling Christians from lands they occupied before Mohammed was born, (Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq,etc.)crucifications, beheadings, because these things have links to the Koran itself.”

      I do not see criticizing killing as excusing killing. That kind of logic is circular and foolish at best. “You’re excusing others to do it.” No. Killing is killing no matter if it is done by party A or party B.

      What is being expressed is killing is seen as wrong. The act of killing is seen as wrong, period. Anyone can perform an action. That does not excuse anyone from having that action criticized.

      “War is Hell, I do not defend the movie, I will not see that movie, but there are times when was is necessary, if not for defensive war you would be under the Germans and/or the Japanese today.”

      The problem in this argument lies in the fact that this “war” is not a defensive one. This “war” all began with George Bush Jr., who preemptively attacked.

      Preemptive [ http://tinyurl.com/kez9p97 ] as agreed on meaning from American Heritage reads interestingly enough as such. In simple terms he created this “war” before anyone else could act.

      If no one else had acted, there was nothing to “defend” against. There was no reason or compelling evidence for the United States to act. Terrorism is a criminal action which warrants a criminal trial, justice. This “war” is not either a trial or justice.

      And honestly, calling it a “war” is illegal and in error. Only Congress may declare war legally, which in this case it did not do.

      You twist your own logic. Would you execuse “defenders” for killing? If so, you are at odds with what you wrote above. The United States has invaded another country. Those in the country are “defending” themselves, sure, they are killing too. You say that is wrong. The United States is not defending anything, anyone. The United States is still killing. That is why you are at odds within your own argument.

      You excuse one party over another. That is not the argument presented. The argument presented is, killing is wrong, period. You are attempting to excuse one side yet justify that side by blaming the other side. Sorry, that does not “fly”.

      • DId I defend Bush’s going into Iraq? Hell NO. Where did you get that idea. I have to go into hell now to deal with the macho Activist types that love to put others down. I just believe that “thou shalt not kill” like the Jewish- Christian BIble said,although self defense is necessary. That is why Islam with its direct command to “smite the infidel at the neck” and other laws giving women a fraction of the rights of men and the right of Muslims to dominate non-Muslims and/or kill them is extremely offensive to my morality. That is the main thing I would like to say here on this posting.

    • The Germans actually stood resolutely against the race of people whose famous representative, Gutle Schnapper, said “If my sons did not want wars, there would be no wars”.
      Herein the root cause of all US wars of aggression, ie the complete takeover of the USA by these people, since 1913, and the average American’s sickening willingness to do the will of those people in exchange for a few dollars, and in the service of the latter’s eternal agenda, which is the destruction of the entire goy world, and its replacement by a world of two distinct legal systems, in which the goyim serve the jews as human beasts.

      • Here we have the thoughts of the new pseudo-liberal skinhead neo-Nazis. Nazis had brains too, they came close to having a major nuclear bomb they would have used against us. While you are in ” intellectual” ivory tower with your anti- Semitic semi-paranoid spider web formulations. You are totally blind to how the Islamists are taking over Europe and Obama is helping them here too, how will you like living under Sharia, where there is total gov control by religion? That would make you long for the good old days when Judeo-Christian values included general sep. of church and state. Some people nowadays are so far left that they are in the far right side, like yourself.

    • You are misrepresenting the
      contemporary political reality. You are misrepresenting German and Japanese history and you are clearly spouting the CNN / Fox / MSNBC propaganda narrative.

      Germany and Japan were FORCED into war by the very same malevolent cabal who are currently fomenting religious polarity, and political agitation around Russia’s borders. Those who were REALLY responsible for WW1 and 2 are now again doing their best to spark the third global conflagration……just as they predicted they will.

      Ninety percent of the turmoil in Muslim countries are directly as a result of venomous “Western” malfeasance. The vulgar womb of global terrorism is U S A congress and senate and the U S A military are the mercenary fodder to the bankster “elite”

      • Forced into war? Japan was hell bent on dominating Asia, Germany was hell bent on taking over Europe. I can’t deal with irrationality. “activist” mentality is perverted intellectualism it seems, seen with blaming the US for everything that happened . Conspiracy theories are for brain games, not for reality. DId the US make Iran and Iraq go to war with each other, when the Shia-Sunni conflict goes back for ages? Did the US cause Russia to try to take Afghanistan? Have you ever researched the ugly history of Islamist domination in the world? Have you studied what the Islamists are doing in taking over most of the Middle East? A leader of Iran said their goal is owning all of it, and their bomb making is their attempt to do this. Islam is the most violent force today, without 911 the idiot Bush would not have gone to the same kind of stupid extremes that made for Germany starting WW2 over their humiliation from WW1.

  12. Great article! The best I’ve read on American Sniper and our foreign policy in general. I “served” 6 years in the military including 4 years on active duty in the Marine Corps during Vietnam. But, shamefully, as a stateside coward I never killed anyone so maybe I have nothing to say on the matter. I am also a conservative Christian who has watched in horror an disbelief as my fellow Christians cheer, wave the flag, and sing “God Bless America” at the suffering and death of innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. What Bible are the reading? I worship Christ, the Prince of Peace who said to “Love you enemies”. And the Iraqis are not even our enemies. They and we have the same enemy, Satan, the Prince of Darkness, who manifests himself in the money junkies, corporate boardrooms of war profiteers and central banks. When we wake up and stop the senseless slaughter of each other and roust the scoundrels from power we can, at last, live in peace, trust, and harmony with our fellow man.

  13. There are some truths and some untruths in your article. First of all I am retired Special Forces. You will find very, very few men that want to go to war. We are the first to be shot at. No war would be nice. Being in war is like going to work for FMCO every. It is just a job. Now when I say it is a great job that does not make the military tyrants. If not for the military you might be speaking German or Japanese by now. You act as though the other side in this case is totally correct. You do not recognize the fact when Kyle says he is sorry he did not kill more that he is talking about soldiers that would take his, mine or your life and think nothing of it. He is not talking about innocents. You or anyone else has the right to criticize anyone you please whether you are right or wrong and you are wrong in this case. Of course we all have opinions. One does have to been in war to criticize the soldier for keeping the peace. I spent 25 years in the uniform to protect that right. If you would cover fairly both sides this would have a great article. You, just as the rest of the liberal world though only look through one (1) piece of glass and never see the other side. God bless and maybe some day you will understand. I only hope your understanding does come as you having you head separated from your body by the terrorist enemy.

    • “I spent 25 years in the uniform to protect that right. If you would
      cover fairly both sides this would have a great article.”

      Thank you for that. Did you volunteer to do it, or were you conscripted? Yes, that point matters.

      If you volunteered then, you have no reason to offer your service time as a complaint. You chose to serve on your own at that point. It is no one else’s fault you served. You cannot say then, you served to provide for others if you chose it for yourself.

      If you chose you may have chose to do it for the pay. You may have
      chose doing it to attain women. You may have chose to do it to attain education. At some point you chose doing it simply to benefit yourself.

      You chose for you, not for anyone else.

      If you were conscripted then, you did not choose. Then, you may consider your service a complaint. Not having choice then, yes, you may have served to protect others.

      Either way, I thank you for simply “doing the job”.

      “I only hope your understanding does come as you having you head
      separated from your body by the terrorist enemy.”

      Can you not comprehend how you having such a view is perceived as being highly inhumane? At best, you expressing having such a view lends others to perceive you as psychopathic.

      Can you then not comprehend why such a view warrants criticism? If not, I apologize for no longer having hope regarding you as a human being.

      • A very interesting statement. I don’t often discuss things as this with a person that absolutely speaks in complete circles.
        1. I volunteered.
        2. I in no way offered my service time as a “complaint”. I did not say my service was to provide for others.
        3. There were 2 purposes in the beginning. (a) education, (b) to do my share in serving my nation.
        4. You continue to use the word “complaint” in relation to my service time. I HAVE NO COMPLAINT SIR. You seem to be the one with a complaint or maybe it is pure IGNORANCE.
        5. My view….I do indeed hope your understanding comes prior to having your head separated from your body by the Islamist terrorists.
        6. Psychopathis? We all have quirks do we not?
        7. I see you picture yourself as a black wolf with gleaming eyes, does this make you psychopathic??
        Have a great day

    • 25 years of having your brain pawned to an evil corporation that only serves a few. Congratulations!

      • We all have opinions as we all have assholes and you are entitled to yours. My brain has never been pawned to anyone. I am very aware of where my brain is, do you know where yours is? If not for men such as myself have you ever thought of where you might be at this time, the language you might be speaking and would you be able to freely criticize as you now can and do? What would you recommend in place of your so called “evil corporation”. Your answer will be greatly appreciated.

    • “You do not recognize the fact when Kyle says he is sorry he did not kill
      more that he is talking about soldiers that would take his, mine or
      your life and think nothing of it.”
      That of course also describes the American soldiers exactly. They kill Iraqis and Afghanis and whatever other country’s defenders with the same ease and think nothing of it.
      The difference is in the fact that the Americans are not on their own soil. They are the invaders and the aggressors. The men they shoot at are the defenders of their country and their communities.
      Rather than justify their murders of these community defenders on account they might fire back at American soldiers, these American soldiers should just return home to American soil if they don’t like being shot at.

  14. “Of
    course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of
    the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to
    drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship,
    or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the
    people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is
    easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and
    denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country
    to greater danger.”

    — Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials

    As a combat veteran of two wars, I can say that I have zero respect for Kyle. He was not “brave” – he was the furthest thing from it. He lay prone shooting through 8″ holes in a brick walls, killing people 400 yards away who had no idea he was there.
    Kyle’s ridiculous claim that he beat up Ventura (and subsequent running
    away when he was called on it) shined a light on how deeply defective
    his character was. I was neither saddened nor surprised by news of his
    demise. It is truly sickening how Americans are holding him in such
    high esteem. If you want to hold a soldier in high esteem, look no further than Pat Tillman – he was 1000 times the man that Kyle could ever have been – and he was murdered for his willingness to admit he was fooled.

    Snipers aren’t brave – the grunt kicking open the door and charging into the unknown is brave. The grunt walking down the street beside the tank – right out in the open – is brave. The soldier who realizes that he’s been fooled by slick propaganda and endless brainwashing – and admits it to himself – is brave.

    Those who revel in killing – soldiers and civilians alike – suffer from the same black-rotten psychopathic sickness as those in the hallowed halls of government – they have no soul.

    • You’re just a real hero, aren’t you? Assuming you actually did serve – and that’s a risky assumption, you most likely were the fearless commander of some mess kit repair company.

      • A pointless insult. Is that all you can do? Too difficult to actually refute him point by point?

        • This guy displays his ignorance of combat tactics and sophomoric philosophy like the psuedo intellectual he is.

          You need to go cash your welfare check buy yourself another bottle of wine.

          • What was he ignorant about? And what’s the difference between an authentic and a false intellectual?

          • For one thing, this self-described combat veteran of two wars doesn’t understand the difference between a scalpel and a sledgehammer; the sniper kills only the exact bad guy who is trying to kill Americans while the IED bomber doesn’t care how many innocent people are around when his bomb goes off.

            Our hero isn’t a “false” intellectual, he is a pseudo intellectual. Read your dictionary while Scott is cashing his welfare check.

  15. What’s wrong with calling savages, “savages”?

    • They might eat you.

    • The Millennial Generation Motto

      By Château Heartiste:

      The most Millennial statement ever put to print is:

      “Here’s why that’s a problem.”

      Pathological solipsism and mile wide but inch deep self-esteem are a bad combo.

      The id of the Millennial Like Me Generation is a furry suit wrapping a toddler.

      If normalcy and personal responsibility offend the Millennial, it will make sure you know, in poopytalk, how that’s a problem.

      Help the Millennial feel less like a reject; validate its problems.

    • Stupid headline here, btw — “‘American Sniper’: Lies and Propaganda to Divide a Nation” — In fact it hasunited a nation. Selmanigry divides.

    • Those who attacked, bombed, burned and terrorised the
      children of Iraq for NO REASON ……….are the barbaric, psychotic savages!
      THOSE who find pleasure in target shooting at people who are attempting to defend their communities from a high-tech terrorist invasion force …….. THEY are the barbaric, psychotic savages!

      • “High-tech”, yet “barbaric”, as well as being savages? So there is nothing wrong with using the term “savages”.

        • USA military:- Psychotic savages barbarously applying industrially derived implements of destruction and terrorism against women and children in developing rural communities.
          Then, justifying further escalation of murderous
          aggression against those minimally armed communities when some men attempt to defend their families from these fckng Stupid-Hero Yo-Yo rats from Yomerica.

          • DougDeGrave | January 28, 2015 at 8:05 am |

            Yeah, whatever §hi†lord. So you wouldn’t mind if these diaper-headed savages moved into your neighborhood by the droves.

          • Doug Stevens | January 28, 2015 at 10:42 am |

            Ok now, how the fck did we get from a bombed, poisoned and ravaged neighbourhood in Iraq with its crippled and scarred children all the way to my neighbourhood? Are you a fkng imbecile?

            But, for the record….ALL the many Muslim people that I have ever encountered and had working relations with were ALL respectful, congenial and of high quality in their family settings. Any dysfunction that may occur in
            their societies you will find in every and all other societies and cultures.

            And….btw, my neighbourhood is within hearing distance of morning prayers from a large Muslim neighbourhood as it has been for more than a hundred years.

            The Muslim religion is absolutely saintly compared to the
            religion that spawned the Talmud.

            It is certainly NOT the Quran you have to fear. It certainly
            I S (s’cuse the pun) the Talmud!

          • Doug Steinvens:
            ” The Muslim religion is absolutely saintly compared to the
            religion that spawned the Talmud. “


          • But Islam is talmudic filth

          • Doug Stevens | January 29, 2015 at 2:15 pm |

            Bring some contrived diagram and you will find off shoots that lead to everything since all human culture
            will have some common thread.

            Confusion and deception are expressed motivation in “The Protocols….”.

            Bolsheviks and “communism” spilled blood by the hundreds of millions. Two devastating world wars ravaged the northern hemisphere with a cataclysmic third being fomented and instigated at this very moment.

            Genetically modified food forced onto societies. Mostly through corrupt, clandestine political manipulation. Economic slavery by hegemonic banking tyranny where military force is the preferred instrument to ensure compliance.

            In all this MALEVOLENCE you will NOT find Islam!

            But if you wipe away the glitter-layer of the media veneer you encounter the putrid ooze of deceit, treachery, hypocrisy, fraud, blatant lying that camouflage the machinations of that fkng zionut-psycho-freak monster.

          • Doug Steinvens:
            ” In all this MALEVOLENCE you will NOT find Islam! ”

            You’ll find Islam in the Desert Quadrilogy ….

          • Doug Stevens | January 30, 2015 at 4:14 am |

            Kussit…!? Mmmm
            So what’s up with all the blood and death in your logo?

            Yep, Muslims are the least of the problems for global society!

          • Doug Steinvens from Cape Town ?

            Care to explain why the Western Cape’s leading party, the DA, which is pro-zionist and is frequently accepting ‘blood money’ from Isra3l with a J3w as it’s leader, has a muslim as representative in Parliament ?

            The DA, just like the ANC, denies that there is an ongoing genocide on the white people of South Africa.

            Plenty of blood and death of men, women and children unreported by the mainstream media ….

            Why is it that you throw your toys out of your pram because of the injustice done to a bunch of diaper-headed savages in other countries ?

            Oh wait, I get it. This is what is expected of the gullible, even if it’s from the same coin, you have to at least pick a side …….

          • Doug Stevens | January 30, 2015 at 11:08 am |

            WW1 and WW2 – Christians killing EACH OTHER by the Tens of millions because the J-media was used to
            demonise Germans to a point where targeting of German women and children in fire-bombing raids seemed justifiable to the idiot, media-controlled
            “Allied” goyim military.

            The Juice had a resounding victory and the golden opportunity for goyim to escape the zionut economic
            slave system was completely obliterated BY THE FKNG STUPID GOYIM THEMSELVES.

            Do you understand the implications?

            It is frustrating to see how the fkng stupid goyim is so easily suckered into the exact same narrative and
            when the smoke clears the remaining resources and social control will, again, be completely stripped away from the stupid goyim.

            Muslim people, Arabian people, are just other people, and the more you insult and vilify them the more
            you disparage your own human reality and the more you relinquish control over your own sovereignty.

            Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, etc, were/are NO threat to the people of the west and in fact could have been great ally’s in this opposition to that zionut
            psycho-freak f#cker……THE real threat.

            The complexities in the Cape, and southern Africa, . . . . . . . .are complex. …..Soos jy seker sal verstaan. Too much to discus here.

          • Poor attempt at answering my rhetorical question.

            Any belief that imprints circumcision or genital mutilation upon newborn innocence, is sick, end of story.

            Doug Steivens:
            “The complexities in the Cape, and southern Africa, . . . . . . . .are complex. …..”

            Sorry pel. jy’s te diep vir my

          • Doug Stevens | February 2, 2015 at 12:31 pm |

            So there are certain repugnant issues and problems with their cultural practice. How will we address
            that? Finance a subtle program of cultural awareness and development education?

            NO!,……we send military tanks and an army of deranged fkng monkeys to go and bomb and terrorise their women and their “new born innocence” for a decade. Poisoning the playground with “depleted” uranium! ARE YOU A FKNG RETARD?

            “Poor attempt at answering….” ?? WTF!!? …. You have a poorly developed intellect! Shut the fck up and go polish your 9 mil cartridges.

          • أيا كان شاذ جنسيا

            ( Whatever Fa99ot) ◔_◔

      • NO REASON ?
        they had two reasons
        1- Oil
        2- Power

        • Touché John. But the primary “reason” for terrorising the
          people of Iraq was that the leader of Iraq
          ( far distant from the people) expressed a desire to unshackle their economy from the hegemony of the petrodollar. A million dead innocents later and a country poisoned with “depleted” uranium causing shocking mutilation in the next generations.

          There is NO pride in the military uniform for Americans.

    • But ARE they savages? Do you actually know any of these people murdered by the US armed forces?
      And if they do exhibit some behaviour that you consider “savage”, is that behaviour the reason the US goes to war against them, or is the US’s aggression towards them the reason they turn to “savage” behaviour to defend themselves?

      Calling them “savages” instead of “people” or “Iraqis” de-humanises them in one’s mind and makes it easier to overlook one’s guilty conscience when torturing and killing them. It damages your own humanity. That is why it is wrong to call them savages.

      • Yeah lets give our soldiers behavior modification therapy so they will treat the perceived enemy like the delicate special snowflakes that they are. No, I’m not in support of any of America’s Zionist wars for Israel. But nevertheless, a soldier fighting in a war referring to the other side in non-PC terminology is an issue of least-importance.

        • The trouble is, Chris Kyle did that even when not fighting in a war. He did that while safely at home writing his book:

          In his book, American Sniper, Kyle repeatedly referred to the people whose land he invaded and whose families he helped kill as “savages,”

  16. Excellent article! I think the people have allowed things to progress so far the U.S. has crossed the Rubicon and there is no turning back.The PNAC is accomplishing exactly what they stated in their PNAC document of seventy-six pages white paper(Rebuilding America’s defenses) to take out seven countries they have targeted and millions of Americans, especially Christian Americans don’t seem to care. Like Bush, who said that God spoke to him and told him to invade Iraq most Christians saw Iraq as a holy war. America has long ago decided if God won’t destroy the evil men of this world then, it is Americas duty to do so. Killing millions of innocent men, women and children has never bothered most Americans. Studies found that America will always support war if it is skillfully sold to them. What better way than call it a holy war?

  17. Great article very well written, many thanks.

  18. “Yet, frankly, I am sick of hearing how I should not criticize the war or
    the horrendous acts routinely carried out by US military personnel
    unless I have taken part in the same acts.”

    And when someone who actually HAS volunteered and taken part in war sees the wrong and decides to speak out against it, ala Pat Tillman, look what happens to him.

  19. i sometimes write on conservative and liberal sites. Nation of Change, and IJReview (cons).
    When i stated that while i suspected that he genuinely thought he was doing a good thing and may have been patriotic, to be killing people in a war that is wrong makes his actions wrong, regardless of his intent, and the propaganda behind his actions.

    Talk about becoming the whipping boy for the unthinking!

    Others should consider getting a different perspective on that site as it is VERY heavy towards total support of police state, and War, war, war!

  20. apparently Brandon you have never been in combat. If you don’t look at the enemy as savages you begin to sacrifice your own sanity. If chopping peoples heads off on camera isn’t an act of savagery then tell me what is? I pray to God that you never have to face the horrors of a battlefield..

  21. American Psychopath

  22. It’s
    strong men people like Kyle who stuck their arses on the line so
    piss-weak airheads like Tubehead could remain free to write their
    peculiarly biased and resentful sort of rubbish.
    His kind make me throw up. I saw the movie – it’s very well done and tastefully so, even under very confronting circumstances.
    Chris Kyle’s job was to kill the enemy. He was trained to do that by his government.
    The likes of Brandon on their little righteous pedestals now criticise him and the likes of him to do his job properly.
    Kyle has been honest enough to say it straight that he was happy with
    his performance. That’s what indoctrination does to people,
    irrespective of which side.
    The ISIL lot are different only in their barbarity but not in the philosophy as to why they fight.
    Brandon’s Government chose to meddle in middle eastern country’s
    affairs that ultimately caused such hate against the Infidel West and
    the resulting 911 attacks – is another issue.
    Clearly the American
    public saw that as acceptable for at least maintaining cheap fuel.
    Hence why ISIL etc see the whole of the Infidel West who stomped around
    in their lands as their enemy.
    None of this is rocket science!

  23. Excellent article, and I agree completely! The slogan “Support our troops” was a public relations campaign to get people to support the war in Iraq–and people fell for it. Killing another human being is the worst sin, unless it is in self-defense. America is accountable to God for every unjust war it has fought. I would consider the Vietnam war and the Iraq war to be unjust wars. America was neither invaded nor attacked by Iraq. Both the Vietnam War and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have not benefited America (except for those who have made a lot of money from those wars), but have done great harm to America–they have caused the injury and death of our young men and cost us billions of dollars. Now we have large numbers of homeless veterans who are not getting the help they need.

  24. I was in the Navy during the Vietnam war and married a Marine whom I found out years later had fired on women, children and old men. We’re divorced now. He collects 100% disability for PTSD. I don’t consider my ex a hero or the thousands more like him.

  25. you are a parasitic tapeworm in need of an enema

  26. That wasn’t a movie review at all.

  27. This reminds me of the film “Inglorious Bastards” with the sniper they made a hero and movie of. Same thing…adoration for dealers of death. The more you kill, the more esteemed. what a sickness. As Satan prefers, take that which is bad and make it good. You couldn’t PAY me to see this brainwashing piece of shit.

  28. A lot of lies and propaganda to further divide us in this article.
    What a truckload.
    Couldn’t stop at a Bachelor’s in Shinola, had to Pile it higher and Deeper.

  29. Kyle was exactly what this article says he was and it is nothing to be bragging about. You sick fools calling him a hero do not deserve to call yourselves Americans. What Kyle stands for to you is so far off base of what America is supposed to stand for, he may as well have been a sniper for Hitler’s troops and you may as well be good little NAZIs. Support peace or I’ll kill you! Sieg Heil!!

  30. I note that my comment to the contrary regarding the article itself and the accolades which I see below – has not been posted. Sir – you are therefore a low type of person – unable and unwilling to accept challenge.

  31. Chris Kyle was a man. Like all of us he had his faults and his strong points.

    Many people have forgotten this. None of us are perfect and of of us ever will be.

    He served his country and came home from war.

    Like many who came home he had good times and bad – however he had done his duty.

    He was murdered by a man he thought was his friend.

    That is the sad part.

    None of us are perfect and many of us believe we have the right to say bad things about this man.

    I do not believe I have that right.

    I will close by saying – he not only did his duty as a soldier – he did it well.

  32. I recently started a little bit of a troll fest on FB by making this statement. I doubt it will have the same effect here but who knows, a flamers gonna flame and a douche’ is gonna douche’

    Do I have some antiquated sense of chivalry? When did shooting someone from a distant hidden position become anything other than an act of cowardice?

  33. I don’t think Chris Kyle is a saint. I think he lied. But I think you are on the same level of being a liar and idiot.

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