9-Year-Old Boy Incarcerated After Misssing Court Date For Stealing a Pack of Gum

Cassius Methyl
Activist Post

Right now, the Internet is blowing up with a story of a 9-year-old boy who is currently behind bars for stealing a pack of gum.

An arrest warrant was issued for an unnamed 9-year-old boy, who stole a pack of gum and failed to appear in court.

His parents could not transport him to court, and he was later booked at a juvenile detention facility. He is currently awaiting trial.

Meanwhile, officials in Idaho are back peddling from the arrest, claiming that they would have tried to prevent it had they known the circumstances. “Had we known that before the court date, we would have provided something for the family,” said the police chief of  Post Falls, Idaho. “I wish we would have had more information, that way we could have provided some sort of assistance,” said the cop, while still justifying the arrest.

The date of his trial has not been specified.

What this case shows is that in America you can be thrown in a cage, regardless of age, for the most petty reasons known to man. The good news is that the boy wasn’t gunned down in the street.

Does this surprise you? You can let the department and prosecutor know how you feel about this case by contacting them here: JSimon@postfallspolice.com or (208) 773-0215.

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Cassius Methyl writes for TheAntiMedia.org, where this first appeared. Tune-in to The Anti-Media radio show Monday-Friday @ 11pm EST, 8pm PST. Image credit: screen grab from khq.com

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