7 Things Truth Seekers Should Stop Doing in 2015

seek-truthBy Bernie Suarez

Yet another new year is upon us, and those of us fully awakened can see that the globalist plan to control humanity is rolling forward at superhighway speed as our battle for humanity rages on. So let’s ask the question, what can we do as truth seekers to improve our odds of success against this global cabal of control and oppression? Is there anything worth throwing on the table with the advent of the new year for truth seekers to consider that could actually act as a game-changer in this battle for truth, freedom, and consciousness? Actually there is.

I deeply pondered on this issue as we begin a new year and I want to share seven points that could make a big difference in our battle for humanity by bringing truth seekers together on the same page so that we can act more effectively, more efficiently and have a greater impact on the world around us in the new year. Here are seven things I believe all truth seekers should stop doing (if they are doing these), so that we can gel as a movement and strengthen our presence and impact on the consciousness of the current world. These points, I believe, will help us leave our mark on history as we push forward with the current information war of today.

1 – Stop labeling everyone who doesn’t agree with you on every single issue, as “controlled opposition”

I now hear it all the time. This person and that person is “controlled opposition.” We know factually that the U.S. government has indeed co-opted (to put it lightly) many movements in America in the past, dating back to the 1960s and before. There is no question that government employs controlled opposition to stifle and derail movements. The phrase, “the truth shall set you free,” comes to mind. It is exponentially more important for truth seekers to fight the good fight, do their own research, check the authenticity of claims with verifiable facts and science, i.e. search for truth. Most importantly, determine what your main purpose is, and then focus on what means most to you instead of burning all your energy trying to warn others who the controlled opposition is or isn’t. Consider that, ultimately, if you are wrong about your accusation, this will serve to divide the movement further and potentially create more damage than good to the movement.

We all know that the trolls and shills that regularly appear on mainstream media are ALL by definition controlled opposition, but what about the person that is doing a lot of work to expose evil and state crimes against humanity? What about the perceived leader who is tirelessly working to expose the actual globalists, the Illuminati, and the long-term plans of the new world order? Is that person also controlled opposition if you don’t agree with everything they are saying? Perhaps they inadvertently are; however, shouldn’t those people be given credit for the good that they are doing to expose the globalist plans?

Example: I believe truth prevails, and if someone is working hard on one issue while declaring other things that you or I may not completely agree is true, then it might be better in the long run to say to others that person X has a message A, B and C of which you only agree with A and B and you’re hoping messenger X comes around on item C – or just be firm, you don’t agree with item C. This less aggressive approach alone could help the truth movement become stronger rather than pulling out the shotgun and tearing down the messenger all together over one issue.

Some people may do this with good intentions feeling they are “saving” the truth movement from a “disinformation” agent; but, in reality, truth seekers today are smart and not everyone believes every single thing that someone says anyway. If these people working hard in the truth movement are truly controlled opposition, I believe we should at least give credit for the “opposition” part of what they do and ignore the “controlled” part. Or, if you feel strongly, don’t accept the person all together but don’t spend all your energy bad mouthing that person. Instead spend you time in a more productive manner.

It’s a tough topic and understandably every case is unique. Ultimately, however, if each and every single one of us focused primarily on being the change and (as the late Michael Ruppert once said) picking up your weapon and firing it – we wouldn’t have so much time to attack or “expose” those who we think are “controlled opposition” who in fact may simply have a different opinion. Instead, we’ll be active making a name for ourselves as individuals who are the actual effective “opposition.” If everyone did this, I believe those that truly are controlled opposition inside the movement will eventually reveal themselves, as we have seen with some individuals this past year. Truth itself is far more important than following and believing someone you want to believe is “all truth.”

2 – Stop pushing only doom and gloom and start focusing on solutions

Some truth seekers only talk about how bad things are. We hear it all the time: The world is always about to end. The control system will never be defeated. They have eternal power and control over you and I and anyone who challenges them will die. Evil is forever, everyone is a sheep. Those who  are awake stand alone, so brace for the inevitable cataclysmic ending. They often may suggest – don’t even bother to share information and awareness because the sheep are too stupid to get it. Instead, they suggest, just look out for yourself!

That’s right, some truth seekers have completely given up on humanity. Unless someone writes about how horrible things are, the messengers are often accused by these very truth seekers of being gullible, naive, maybe even “controlled opposition”!! The attacks go on and on. Scarcity, doom and gloom is here, they warn us, and anyone who doesn’t worship this meme is a thorn in the side of the truth somehow. All of this is nonsense and is derived, I believe, from our own inherent fearful nature combined with our obsession with being right. Certainly many of us can relate to the feeling these doomsday messengers relay. We understand that they may even be right in their predictions. I get it! The world we live in is evil, and we indeed face many insurmountable obstacles.

Message to all who think this way: the world may indeed be over by tomorrow. And, if so, then you win! Congratulations! However, as humans, we must not ever give up. We must fight, and we must continue to have hope and share the hope for tomorrow with each other. Learn the power of hope. Learn the power of people. Yes, we are all the same, regardless of what your skin color is, your gender, your age or even how much money you have in your account. We all seek love and acceptance, and we all buckle to fear. We all need hope for tomorrow and it is incumbent upon us to perpetuate this hope and find and share solutions to overcome the fear.

The enemy wants nothing more than for you to live in fear, worry and hopelessness, so that they can stand on your head and declare victory over you. Call me naive, but I will never give the enemy that easy victory and neither should you. Does it mean we shouldn’t be vigilant? Of course not. There is a big difference between being vigilant and doomsday scaremongering. Learn the power of love, hope, and personal inspiration instead, and put it into practice in your journey for truth. This alone will offer more solutions to humanity than you could ever imagine, even in the face of all the darkness and evil we live in today.

3 – Stop giving a voice to those still echoing opposition to well-established facts

This next item is a pet peeve of mine; and if others don’t agree, that’s okay.

I feel truth seekers should (whenever they can and whenever it is reasonable) stop giving a voice to trolls and shills posting comments online that are entirely against well-known and well-established facts. The prime examples that come to mind are the trolls who phish sites to post comments denying the existence of admitted geoengineering programs known as chemtrails and chembomb spraying.

Despite the overwhelming evidence available to our own eyes every single day, and the evidence collected by the movement over the years, here we are in 2015 and still the “contrails” trolls continue their online campaign.

Well it’s time to cut them off. Remove all their comments from your channel, blog site or other platforms. Specifically with chemtrails spraying, these (paid?) trolls need YOUR platform to spread their lies, deception and Department of Defense propaganda and unfortunately too often you may be giving it to them. I say silence their voices on your platform to help accelerate understanding for the sake of those who are new to the issue.

Remember, these DOD trolls (to borrow the example of chemtrails) only need a Web platform to have their voices heard, which they know they can get any time with mainstream media sites. They go out of their way, however, to visit KNOWN truth and consciousness sites and channels, (which they obviously disagree with) to drop their (paid for?) messages. Why then would we (truth seekers) help them out?? At a glance, the same could be said for 9/11 truth, JFK and other issues.

Yes, I can’t believe I’m saying this. I’m actually advocating censorship to some degree and perhaps I’m wrong, but I stand behind my conviction at this time. I say it’s time to move forward with helping and healing humanity, and silencing the (Gov’t Intelligence provided) online trolls could go a very long way in our journey to improve spreading awareness!

4 – Stop demonizing those who try to be positive as unrealistic dreamers

As discussed above (point #2). Many truth seekers demonize those who are positive and share the message of hope as “unrealistic” or naive “dreamers.” Instead, consider the points above and remember that throughout the history of humanity, all evidence points to the fact that humans are capable of incredible things and these things are made possible by hope, positivity, and belief in yourself and humanity. As has often been said, it takes ONE person to change the world. On the other hand, throughout history there are no examples of anyone using fear, doom and gloom to accomplish anything great. Except for one group that is – only the globalist Illuminati cult followers look to promote fear, doom and gloom to accomplish things they consider great.

5 – Stop thinking that the current system will some day somehow repair itself

Speaking of being naive, too many truth seekers really believe that they will someday somehow repair the current system by forcing new legislation and convincing the bad politicians to behave differently by bowing to the demands of new petitions. None of this is based on reality or any political change success models of the past. Massive changes of the magnitude needed now in America usually take several generations to accomplish but, more importantly, massive changes like the ones needed today are accomplished by replacing (not repairing) the current system altogether.

True revolution of thought and a complete breakaway from the modern-day paradigm is needed in order to see true change. The depth of the corruption we have today will not be repaired by convincing one or two politicians with petitions to act differently. Instead, the entire system must be challenged and ultimately replaced.

It doesn’t mean that truth seekers should stop being active or give up hope in what they do. It means that truth seekers should be realistic about immediate results and expectations and what these perceived hoped-for changes will do to our way of life. Realize that dirty politicians will not suddenly wake up and change their ways because of some petition or even court challenge. These politicians must each be replaced entirely for us to move in the right direction.

6 – Stop thinking mainstream media news is true until proven otherwise

Truth seekers in their quest to be correct about what they are saying or believing, too often tend to hear mainstream media news and only debunk it IF they can somehow “prove” to themselves that the piece of news is not true. At a glance, that may sound like a prudent thing to do, but I would like to challenge this notion.

Yes, it is important to be judicious with the facts of a story. However, if we assume that mainstream media holds the power to lay down the original working narrative, then we are empowering the mainstream media without realizing it. In the real world, if someone lied to us every minute of every day, you would never believe anything they had to say at any time. That would be the logical thing to do with someone like this. Most people would agree to this without offering much of an argument.

However, despite knowing how often mainstream media lies, often for the sake of not wanting to sound like a conspiracy nut, truth seekers will initially accept the mainstream media narrative only until after it is proven untrue later on. We reason in our minds that believing mainstream media until proven otherwise must be the logical and the “normal” thing to do, but actually there is no basis for this argument. Instead we should assume that whatever initial claims mainstream media makes are ALSO an unproven (lying nut case) lie that has not been authenticated yet with hard facts. And, yes, we need to look at the current-day mainstream media standard of “evidence” with a magnifying glass since what passes as “evidence” by the mainstream media today is hardly evidence at all.

I believe it is very important to start your individual research into any story with the working hypothesis that the mainstream media has no interest in telling the truth; and their interest, across the board, as proven by the historical facts is to act as a mouthpiece for the State. We can reasonably and logically defend this assumption based on the history of mainstream media’s propensity to tell (State-scripted) lies. Why then do we give any degree of credence to any story they put out??

7 – Stop following leaders and realize we are all leaders

Finally, we need to stop putting truth-seeking perceived leaders on a pedestal like they are gods. Truth and consciousness is a manifestation of humanity. It is not intended to be limited or controlled by one person, one leader or one guru. Instead, it’s meant to be more like a network of truth where every connection and every point counts equally. Government Intelligence loves it when truth seekers look to one person or one perceived leader instead of realizing they are the leaders themselves. This “follow the leader” pack mentality plays into the hands of the opposition, as it makes it easier for the opposition to tear down the entire movement by simply tearing down that ONE leader. A very convenient and efficient tactic, don’t you think?

Realize that the last thing the opposition wants is for every single person to realize that they have the power in them to change the world. To realize that they are the leaders, and to realize they are the change that will make this world a better place. The opposition knows it cannot possibly control the masses individually for there are too many of us. But a single person is much easier to control or destroy.

It doesn’t mean we should resort back to point number 1, and label every leader as “controlled opposition.” It means we should support anyone and everyone who is making a difference, while realizing that we are the leaders as well. It means that you share with people the information instead of glorifying the person who is passing the information.

As we begin the new year, let’s re-elevate our truth-seeking game and create counter strategies so that we can be as effective as possible in waking others up and empowering them with truth. Realize that humanity is up against a sophisticated Intelligence apparatus that knows how to exploit, manipulate, divert, and confuse the masses who seek truth.

Now try applying these seven ideas to your life and see where you can improve your truth-seeking and self-empowerment strategies. If we all do a good job at applying some of these principles, I believe together this will absolutely make for a much brighter and more successful upcoming year.

Peace and love to all and have a truly happy new year!

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Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

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37 Comments on "7 Things Truth Seekers Should Stop Doing in 2015"

  1. On point 3, I would add that dissenting voices should not be intimidated by the trolls whose comments have been moderated to oblivion screeching “You’re denying my right of free speech.”
    This is a completely groundless complaint, there’s nothing stopping the trolls using one of the many free services to start their own blogs or post their articles setting out their arguments. There’s a big gap between respecting the right to free speech and having a duty to provide a platform to those who want to undermine our work.
    Let them do their own research, writing, editing, proof reading and link building if they want their opinions to be read.

    • Censorship is ossification not progress. There are mechanisms already in place to ban profanity and overt harassment. “Dissenting voices” are a different thing altogether. Who is going to “judge” what is acceptable and what is not? Our work is the truth, which surely can stand up to BS any time, any day. Many times I’ve observed Ivy League educated, professional disinfo agents handed their backsides in forums and comment sections by earnest voices of truth. They were beautiful teaching moments. Even the lower ranked trolls can be chased off with erudite commentary and a dash of mocking humor.

  2. A lot of reasonable advice here, but the onus is on the receiver of info, as Bernie states, to vett what is being delivered. Unlike the color gray, there are not 50 shades of Truth so ALL info must be held up to scrutiny. Even the Garden of Eden had its moment of ‘plausible deniability’.

  3. Bernie, please reconsider your third point. How do we lead by example if we clamor for freedom of speech, the outgrowth of which is an open society of ideas and public debate, when we resort to censorship? The elite psy op of banning “hate speech” is the same slippery slope Freedom Activists must avoid at all costs or we will undermine the very principles of natural rights we are fighting for. Nearly 10 years ago, a popular far left blogger penned a commentary on banning hate speech that was widely shared on like-minded websites. I responded with a impassioned plea for using reasoned debate to educate and using the very words of bad apples to highlight the logical fallacies they are pushing and how they go about it. Teaching deconstruction. The slam dunk in my response was quoting Chomsky’s fierce objections to France’s law banning holocaust skepticism (“deniers”). At the time, that respectful and adrenaline fueled incisive commentary of mine derailed most of the momentum coming from the growing “ban hate speech” camp, no doubt, the majority of whom were unwitting tools to the larger nefarious elite agenda.

    There’s the egregious situation of an Obama cabinet member, Harvard professor Cass Sunstein, discussing fining conspiracy theorists such as 9/11 Truthers and proposing “cognitive infiltration” of truther groups. We are very fortunate that in his book Cognitive Infiltration, David Ray Griffin’s response to Sunstein exposed the mendacity of those who continue to push the official myth and thus was largely a massive backfire for Sunstein who shortly thereafter resigned to slither away from his government post.

    The elites are working feverishly to COMPARTMENTALIZE DISSENT: physically (“free speech zones”), literally (e.g. unwarranted Youtube and FB censorship), and psychologically. The later mainly using gatekeepers, including those who are complicit and the inadvertent who are unwittingly being drawn into various layers of n-dimensional chess that serve as energy siphons, distractions, and dead ends. Activists need to learn how to recognize this dynamic and counter it with more reason, synthesis, and relentless pushing beyond limited hangouts and compartmentalization. Learn patterns. Don’t waste energy battling disinfo one on one unless you are using the occasion as a teaching lesson – an easy thing to do once you get the hang of it, then watch them scurry.

  4. Point 7 …. or, as the old anarchist maxim has it: “Be Your Own Leader!”

  5. I disagree on #5, the present system can be reset, we already have the best system in place, it just needs to be followed. The USA Constitution.

    • I respectfully disagree Steve.
      The present systems have proven corruptible and always will be fallible to corruption, coercion and covert control.
      I used to think these systems were the best too but after my own extensive journey researching the root causes of the issues we all face today, I know there is a better way, it’s just that we are so brainwashed in this paradigm that it is difficult to think outside the box and see a new way forward.

      Our so-called ‘representatives’ today are virtually powerless against the bankers, industrialists and corporations and have been reduced to being mere ‘agents’ for them.
      We could have a ‘reset’ but there is nothing to protect against the same garbage happening again. Even the hallowed US constitution no longer protects rights as it was designed to do, it is in shreds today.

      I am sick and tired of these systems which only ever serve a privileged few and nothing will ever change for the betterment of those who pay the tab, us, for we cannot solve the issues which were created from within the same systems.

      Rather than revolution we need evolution, evolution of thought, of belief, for it is new ideas and new ways of thinking which will ultimately free us.
      Presently, with today`s systems we are all just experiencing a form of `Groundhog Day` at each election. We know or should know that nothing substantial will really change as it is controlled by unseen hands and our vote means nothing, it is an illusion of democracy.

      I have ideas for a new system which I wrote into a short, free, no-strings Ebook called The Organic Economy, the final step in the evolution of democracy. Downloadable at http://www.theorganiceconomy.blogspot.ca

      I am doing my best to share new ideas which I hope will jolt people into realising these systems are a sham and that we can do a lot better, we can have a just, fair, truly democratic and prosperous life but we need to wake up and see things for what they are and absorb new ideas for a new way forward.

      I believe the coming collapse, whatever it`s cause, is nothing to fear but rather a golden opportunity for the people to rebuild, to rebirth anew, enjoy the life we desire and the fruits of our labours which are the only true tangible things of value.
      However, for that to happen we need a critical mass of people to understand there is a better way.
      If the Ebook resonates please be a part of the solution and help spread far and wide and plant the seeds of new ideas.

      Happy 2015 to everyone and buckle up for the upcoming ride!

      • The Byzantine empire seemed to florish for a while by banning all jews from banking, politics and teaching. Also Gadafi had a great government set up. He gave up all power in 1973. They used 2000 councils of 2000 citizens that would get together to directly vote for their laws thus by passing corrupt politicians represenitives. The Constitution will work if enforced

        • The constitution is right now functioning as it was designed to, and always has been. The difference now is our awareness of what it actually does. Now that you are aware of the massive slavery to the state that it produces, and always has, do you still like it..??

          • The constitution has never been totally followed. Then the 1870’s the USA was incorporated. That is what is running the country, admiralty law not common law.

          • Russell Sayce | January 2, 2015 at 6:35 pm |

            The constitution was written by lawyers that owned slaves, and they wrote, “all men are created equal”, is it any wonder that it has never been followed..? The important part to the people in charge, is there is no qualifications to lead the people, it’s wide open as far as character goes, who can be in control of everyone else. A loop hole left by early lawyers that lied, so future lawyers could follow in their footsteps. Do you like being lied to..??

          • All men have imperfections yet many try to do better than they are, so they wrote something better than themselves from learning from past mistakes. The constitution was based on Indian law and the Magna Carta and other freedom beliefs. No finer document has yet been made, it just needs to be followed. Have you read it?

          • Russell Sayce | January 3, 2015 at 5:54 am |

            I’ve read it, and laughed at how different reality is. I can only assume that you’re over 50, and somehow think the constitution gaurantees you retirement paid for by the young people. Slavery has indeed blossomed, the early lawyers would certainly be proud of their legacy in that regard.

            I believe that natural law is the answer to today’s questions, and no one needs to pretend to have a special language to understand it. Lawyers are a joke…And not a funny one…

          • Duh. reality is different because it’s not being followed

          • Russell Sayce | January 4, 2015 at 6:10 am |

            Duh….How many centuries do you need to put it into practice..??

            It’s all lies, plain and simple, lawyers = liars, let me know when it sinks in…

          • No you have to let it sink in we have allowed psychopaths to run things and soon as we stop them from running stuff it will change and if the constitution was followed like I have repeatedly said it would work. For some dumb reason you keep repeating the same thing how it hasn’t worked. Well duhhh, it hasn’t been followed, again duhh

          • Russell Sayce | January 4, 2015 at 5:56 pm |

            I guess you think that in 238 years, you’re the first genius to figure it out..??

          • Good bye, if it makes feel good please have the last word

          • Russell Sayce | January 5, 2015 at 5:59 am |

            I hope the lawyers treat you well…

  6. Point 3 is a sticking point for me. ‘Well established facts’ aren’t always that cut and dry. Take climate change for example (I think thats the current term). Cooked data, changing names, several decades of failed predictions of ice ages, massive hurricanes and globals deserts, obvious schills like Al Gore looking for a quick several million bucks and a legacy. Both sides believe they have ‘well established facts’ when they only have one side of the story.

    Free speech and open exchange of ideas works both ways. Listen to the other side and then pick it apart, concentrating on the content and not the poster. You may not convince the troll but may win a number of converts who watch the boards.

  7. I LOVE #7. That is the biggest problem we have. It is so ingrained in us to follow – priests, ministers, political leaders, police officers. We have everything we need in us!

  8. #7 is so it for me and many! I’ve been working very consciously to stop looking to leadership for anything and it’s a hard habit to break, but each time I do, it feels like real inner progress and I trust my own wisdom that much more. This is the Age of Discernment! My pet-peeve: “We are all one!” slogans, any time a site uses these pre-programmed meaningless tagline I can’t shake the feeling they are indeed controlled opposition, or simply clueless. It’s the modern equivalent of older meaningless phrases like: “In God we Trust” or “Making the world safe for democracy!” Please stop espousing these platitudes, these rah-rah fogging slogans, or we’ll find one of them on our next currency! Happy New Year, thanks for the good works of Truth!

  9. Good article Bernie!

    I agree with you on all 7 points and especially #7.

    When the people realise they hold the real power, when the people change and place more belief in each other than in the state, then everything changes and the people become masters of their own destinies.

  10. “Well it’s time to cut them off. Remove all their comments from your channel, blog site or other platforms.”

    LOL! Not that this comment will be here for long! But that’s pretty sad.

  11. freewheelinfranklin543 | January 2, 2015 at 11:17 am |

    Activist Post goes up regularly on a website where the web master denies the reality of chemtrails,HAARP ect. The guy spent years telling everybody that the CIA Spring was The Arab Spring and that ISIS was just a bunch of Sunni tribesmen pissed off at Maliki’s government. Half the guys original posters have left in disgust! I think this guy needs to read this and I’ll bet we know what site I’m talking about.
    Once a great site with original stuff and now just a rebloggers blog. What the heck happened to that site?

    • Like your work Bernie, but lies repeated often enough become “facts”..e,g Global warming, since changed to climate change when the real facts became an uncomfortable truth..

      Not everyone who opposes comments on actvist post are trolls. I think you and many others are misguided re Contrails…..because the “facts” presented aren’t always what they seem…especially to those who haven’t a grasp on simple science.. Not denying that there is no spraying, but it isnt happening on the scale as believed by many “truthers”

      To bar anyone who opposes posts on this or any site is playing the same game as the media we despise.

  12. When ever i am on line i try to follow this belief … be polite , listen to all , and follow none . it’s allowed me to wake up on my own and when i do post a comment i do not ever go back and reply to anyone . i’m am what’s known as a lurker , i have no fb twitter account i do not see the need and i do not feed trolls lol . It has been a very lonely road but i did it and i can now awaken my friends and family and good news THEY ARE WAKENING UP . Tc all and stay positive .

  13. ” 7 Things Truth Seekers Should Stop Doing in 2015.”

    Number 1 should be Stop believing all of the Bullshittt Their favorite Politician and Religious Leaders are spoon feeding them.

  14. Just my 2 cents:

    “1 – Stop labeling everyone who doesn’t agree with you on every single issue, as “controlled opposition” ”

    I agree with this one. Frankly, one can’t get hung up on who is controlled and who is not; considering, the first avenue at making that determination is determined resolve and due diligence.

    “2 – Stop pushing only doom and gloom and start focusing on solutions ”

    Solutions are best understood within context of the issues of detriment of issues presently ongoing. While doom and gloom doesn’t help, it doesn’t help to solely focus on solutions either. The context of the issue available allows the solutions to be more viable. I’m guessing that this is more what you had in mind.

    “3 – Stop giving a voice to those still echoing opposition to well-established facts ”

    I’m going to have to disagree. The moment the truth moment starts this kind of response to opposition that creates further normalcy and past precedent utilized in shutting down dissident voices and ideas. The adage comes to mind ‘the devil I know is better than the devil I don’t’…

    “4 – Stop demonizing those who try to be positive as unrealistic dreamers ”

    Construction criticism, there’s nothing wrong with improving ideas or solutions.

    “5 – Stop thinking that the current system will some day somehow repair itself ”

    Agreed. It also sets people up to fall for the cut off Bismarkianists who were removed from attaining power-structure positions during the public-private merger phase. Thus far, they turn to hijacking secession movements or revolutionary movements with the purpose of establishing themselves or interests at the top. This one is parallel to the ‘let it burn’ philosophy in which let the system collapse and be destroyed to attempt changing it.

    “6 – Stop thinking mainstream media news is true until proven otherwise”

    Due diligence would be key in verifying or being able to dismiss information.

    “7 – Stop following leaders and realize we are all leaders”


  15. There is a difference between truth and information. Most who claim to be truth seekers are really only information seekers. Truth is any and all information that leads directly to love, and when the information that one is gathering and acting out on leads to fear and powerlessness, then it cannot be said to be true. Truth inspires. Truth hurts only when it takes from our egos, which is falseness; subtracting a negative is in fact a positive. To all you ‘truthers’- take a week long fast from technology. In that time, be and breathe in nature. The trees hold more truth than the archives online, for they lead you to the understanding that you are a part of nature, and loved as every other part. Truth is not afraid of hurting egos because truth knows that those things are non-existent. We are afraid of truth for as long as we allow falseness to rule our lives. “Enlightenment without action is hallucination.”

  16. Thought-provoking article, many thanks.
    Just a few comments:

    ‘We are all one’ is not a platitude. Research and learning about the energetic nature of what we call ‘humanity’ throws immense clarity on what is happening on this planet. The phrase means that we are all from one energetic source, as is all ‘life’, just vibrating on many different frequencies. The current experience cannot be fully understood by just focusing on ‘human’ reactions to the illusion that we call ‘life’.

    The perpetrators at the deepest level of what is happening know full well that humanity exists on a very restricted band of frequencies, having only five sense, or sometimes six. Their nefarious plans reply on this absence of awareness. They are desperate for ‘humanity’ not to wake up. The latter means not only waking up to what is taking place at a human level, but to refocus and remember/learn that we are powerful energy beings.

    A quote from a discarnate entity/teaching ‘guide in the 1970’s said;

    ‘Look forward to the time when humanity does not need governments’.

    Peace and Progress to All

    • It’s true. We are One. And at the same time we are differentiated – that’s the part that is confusing to people who have not awakened to the fact that we are energy and that there is a causal plane which almost no one talks about here on plantation earth.

  17. Stop making things black & white. Eg, chemtrails/contrails. In fact, most chemtrails are created by fuel additives in jet fuel, so the two are the same. By emphasizing the middle ground, emphasizing the chemical additives in fuel causing artificial clouds, mainstream sheeple are more likely to shift from their views.
    Remember, those with beliefs, when presented with evidence that disproves their beliefs, tend to reinforce their pre-existing beliefs; so they must be coaxed out of their superstitions gently. Trying to convince them of eg. a radical depopulation agenda via chemtrails will only make them deny their existence. Rather, one should emphasize the occasional use of such technology for agricultural purposes, to bring rain or to avert hail, and the fuel additives.

  18. #6 ? LOL. By now most people should know that if it’s reported by the MSM, it’s probably a deception, whether blatant or subtle.

  19. Gregory Alan of Johnson | January 3, 2015 at 5:36 pm |


  20. Bernie wrote an earlier article that stated the NWO has suffered many set backs, and now this one states the NWO is succeeding.

  21. Unity is the worse thing if unifying with the “cross-hairs” on the wrong “elk.” “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” – Henry David Thoreau


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