6 Points To Consider When Analyzing The Charlie Hebdo Attacks

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

In the aftermath of yet another highly publicized terror attack – this time in France – by Islamic fundamentalists, the Western public is once again experiencing a variety of emotional reactions that they have carefully been trained to experience whenever such events take place at home or abroad.

The xenophobic pro-war right is predictably using the attack as an example of how all Muslims are terrorists and how their total annihilation and implementation of police state tactics are the only solution. On the one hand, the pathetic left-wing attempts to blame the victim for incitement and focuses on the need to become more politically correct, self-censoring, and linguistically minimal. The vast majority in the middle, however, believe the official mainstream version of events, quake in their boots, and move on to the next form of entertainment provided to them by the culture creators without a second thought.

Yet, as is almost always the case, there is much more to the story than is being reported by mainstream outlets. There exist a number of questionable details regarding the Charlie Hebdo attack, as well as the relatively open control over terrorist groups and Islamic jihadists by the French intelligence apparatus, the US, and NATO.

While random acts of violence certainly do occur – some motivated by religious extremism and some not – it is important to examine all of the facts surrounding these acts before coming to a judgment regarding the nature of them. We cannot simply engage in knee-jerk reactions labeling every act of violence as a “false flag” yet we cannot ignore the history of such acts and the prevalence of false flags in recent times.

To be clear, this article is not attempting to definitively prove that the Charlie Hebdo attacks were false flags. It is, however, attempting to provide a brief collection of points that may shed light on the nature of those attacks and possible motivations for them that the mainstream media is largely refusing to cover.

Below are 6 points that should be considered when analyzing the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

1.) Reports suggest the attackers acted as if they had military training. Reports are confirmed that the alleged assailants did receive military training in Syria.

David Blair writes for the Telegraph

They were also fully equipped for their murderous task. Photographs taken at the scene show two men clad entirely in black, their faces concealed by balaclavas. Each one is armed with an AK47 assault rifle. 

They wear army-style boots and have a military appearance and manner. One of the men wears a sand-colored ammunition vest apparently stuffed with spare magazines. Some reports suggest that an attacker was also carrying a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.
The men attacked the magazine’s headquarters with clinical precision, killing their victims and then shooting two police officers in the street outside. 

Amateur footage shows them using classic infantry tactics. They move along the street outside the office working as a pair: one advances while the other gives cover. 

Instead of spraying automatic gunfire, they fire two aimed shots at each target – a pattern known as “double-tap” firing – thereby conserving their ammunition.

The CIA and military-industrial complex connected security analysis organization, Stratfor, also suggested that the attackers were trained militarily. The organization based concluded this “from the way they handled their weapons, moved and shot. These attackers conducted a successful attack, using what they knew, instead of attempting to conduct an attack beyond their capability, failing as a result.”

The attackers indeed received military training. They were fighters in Syria at one time as part of the jihadi proxy army of the United States, France, UK, and NATO.

According to mainstream reports, the attackers spoke “flawless, unaccented French,” despite claims that they are members of the foreign Al-Qaeda in Yemen organization or the widespread belief that the attackers may have been fundamentalist immigrants.

As CBS News reports, “Corinne Rey, the cartoonist who said she was forced to let the gunmen in, said the men spoke fluent French and claimed to be from al Qaeda. In an interview with the newspaper l’Humanite, she said the entire shooting lasted perhaps five minutes.”

Cherif Kouachi, one of the suspected attackers, was no stranger to French law enforcement. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment with 18 months suspended for terrorism charges in 2008 when was convicted of “criminal association with a terrorist enterprise.”

Apparently, the group to which Cherif was affiliated, known as the 19th Arrondissement Network (named for the neighborhood it was based out of), was involved in recruiting French Muslims to fight for al-Qaeda in Iraq. As is typical in Western-backed terrorist operations, the group preyed on poor, disenchanted, struggling, and working-class young men.

After procuring the necessary manpower, the group would then organize for weapons training and provide the necessary travel arrangements.

Although convicted in 2008, police had arrested Cherif in 2005, just days before he planned to travel to Syria.

Cherif fits the profile of a target for terrorist recruits. He was Muslim, had left school, and was working a dead-end job as a pizza delivery man. He was decidedly lower working class.

The narrative now being constructed is that a gullible young man then fell under the spell of charismatic “street preacher” known as Farid Benyettou, who trolled the East Side of Paris. It is implied that Beneyettou, who was also convicted on terrorism charges, played a role in setting up Cherif with the terrorist organization he eventually joined and his subsequent travels to Syria to slaughter innocent people ultimately for the benefit of the geopolitical goals of NATO, France, and the United States.

It should be noted that, during the course of the trial, Beneyettou was responsible for recruitment only. Out of the entire membership of his network, he was the only one not slated to travel to Iraq.

Also noteworthy is the fact that, in 2005, it was revealed that some members of the 19th Arrondissement Network had affiliations with the ad-Da’wa mosque,[1] one of the largest mosques in Paris.

More importantly, all of the suspects were on the terrorist watch list of authorities long prior to their terrorist attack in Paris.

2.) The publication that was attacked has served to promote the strategy of tension in the past.

Whether Charlie Hebdo was merely a media outlet who reveled in irreverence of Islam or whether it is something more sinister, the magazine is no stranger to controversy. As CBS News writes,

Charlie Hebdo has been repeatedly threatened for its caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad and other sketches. Its offices were firebombed in 2011 after an issue featured a caricature of the prophet on its cover. Nearly a year later, the publication again published Muhammad caricatures, drawing denunciations from the Muslim world because Islam prohibits the publication of drawings of its founder. 

Another cartoon, released in this week’s issue and entitled “Still No Attacks in France,” had a caricature of a jihadi fighter saying “Just wait – we have until the end of January to present our New Year’s wishes.” Charb was the artist.

To be sure, the magazine has offended other religions and belief systems as well. However, it is interesting to note that, while the magazine and its editors have been allowed to continue operation despite the violent reactions its statements and cartoons have produced across the world as well as in France itself, some religions are apparently considered more equal than others. For instance, in 2009, an 80-year-old columnist for Charlie Hebdo was actually put on trial on charges of “inciting racial hatred” for making a joke that then-President Sarkozy’s son was converting to Judaism for financial gain. Indeed, even the act of “denying the holocaust” is a punishable thought crime in France.

Despite the uber political correctness, however, France has allowed the magazine to continue lampooning Islam and Christianity, obviously acceptable targets of derision and abuse. Of course, religious organizations from both camps have responded with the traditional and typical response of fundamentalists the world over – by attempting to stop the freedom of speech and expression of those not necessarily convinced by the arguments of the converted via the government apparatus and any other available means at their disposal.

To be clear, however, while many Christians and Muslims likely detest the representation of their faith and religious symbols in such insulting ways, the overwhelming majority express their discontent in the same way – by griping to their friends and family, turning on the game, and moving on. Only a minority are actually moved to action, and an even smaller minority to violence, the latter generally encouraged by foundations, NGOs, or intelligence agency-affiliated religious organizations.

In regards to Christianity and Islam, France has largely sided with freedom of speech at this point. Still, Charlie Hebdo has served to act as a catalyst in a number of instances of incitement (though, to be clear, the magazine itself should not be blamed for the reaction of others) of the Muslim communities in France and abroad. Is it possible that the magazine actually serves the purpose of intentionally inciting these types of religious riots and acts of violence from fundamentalists brought into France by the French government and armed by them abroad? Is Charlie Hebdo really a free and independent magazine, or is it actually a tool of the Anglo-Americans in their attempt to maintain the strategy of tension domestically and abroad?

3.) France arms terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda

If the attackers were indeed members of one of the myriad terrorist groups documented to be under the direction and control of Western powers, France itself is to be implicated in the cause and execution of the attacks. As Tony Cartalucci of Land Destroyer Report writes in his own article, “France Armed Terrorists That Struck Paris,”

France, as part of a NATO-led coalition, has been arming, funding, aiding, and otherwise perpetuating Al Qaeda terrorists for years, beginning, on record in Libya with the overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and continuing until today with NATO’s arming, harboring, and backing of Al Qaeda terrorists including the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS) within and along Syria’s borders

With the recent attack in Paris likely the work of the very terrorists France has been arming and backing across North Africa and the Middle East, the French government itself stands responsible, guilty of the continued material support of a terrorist organization that has now killed French citizens, including two police officers, not only on French soil, but within the French capital itself.

In his article “Timeline: Where’d Paris Shooters Get Their Weapons?” Cartalucci also provides a timeline of assistance, aid, and arms provided to Islamic terrorists since 2011. He writes,

2011 – France supplying weapons to Libyan rebels, London Telegraph:

A French military spokesman, Colonel Thierry Burkhard, said it had provided “light arms such as assault rifles” for civilian communities to “protect themselves against Col Gaddafi”.

But the decision to arm the rebels is a further move towards direct involvement in the land war on top of the air war against Col Muammar Gaddafi. The Nafusa rebels have come closest to breaking through to Tripoli itself of any of the front lines of the conflict, while three months of Nato bombing have failed to dislodge Col Gaddafi from power.

Le Figaro, the French newspaper which first reported the air drops, said the shipment included rifles, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades, along with Milan anti-tank missiles. 

2011 – Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links, London Telegraph:

Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. 

2012 – France to push for arming Syria’s opposition coalition, the BBC: 

France’s foreign minister has said he will discuss supplying arms to the Syrian opposition coalition with European partners.

The government plans to push for a relaxation of the EU arms embargo to Syria to enable “defensive arms” to reach opposition fighters. 

2013 – Syria crisis: France and Britain move a step closer to arming rebels, the London Guardian:

France and Britain have moved a step closer to arming the opposition to the Assad regime in a radical move aimed at tipping the balance in the two-year civil war while also ignoring European policy on Syria.

The French president, François Hollande, went into an EU summit in Brussels with a dramatic appeal for Europe to join Paris and London in lifting a European arms embargo, but the sudden policy shift was certain to run into stiff German opposition. 

2013 – Syrian rebels pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda, USA Today:

A Syrian rebel group’s April pledge of allegiance to al-Qaeda’s replacement for Osama bin Laden suggests that the terrorist group’s influence is not waning and that it may take a greater role in the Western-backed fight to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The pledge of allegiance by Syrian Jabhat al Nusra Front chief Abou Mohamad al-Joulani to al-Qaeda leader Sheik Ayman al-Zawahri was coupled with an announcement by the al-Qaeda affiliate in Iraq, the Islamic State of Iraq, that it would work with al Nusra as well. 

2014 – France delivered arms to Syrian rebels, Hollande confirms, France 24:

President Francois Hollande said on Thursday that France had delivered weapons to rebels battling the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad “a few months ago.”

4.) France ordered aircraft carrier to the Gulf in order to “fight ISIS” nearly a full day before the attacks in France.

While certainly not conclusive evidence that the attack on Charlie Hebdo was an “inside job,” it is without a doubt very questionable. After all, it should be remembered that, when the French people and even some of its parliamentarians were hesitant to engage in military action in Iraq, ISIS released a video of an alleged beheading of a Frenchman, which provided justification for French involvement. This was the third video in a series that prompted justification for action from each of the “target” countries.

Undoubtedly, such brazen attacks inside France will drum up even more support for French military action in the Middle East. The fact that the military action was announced a full day before the attacks took place will be no matter to the few members of the general public who discover it.

As Agence France Presse reported on Tuesday January 6,

The deployment of the marine battle group is due to be announced by President Francois Hollande when he gives his annual new year’s speech to the armed forces onboard the Charles de Gaulle on January 14, according to the “Mer et Marine” news site. 

The Elysee Palace confirmed to AFP that the carrier would travel to the Gulf on its way to India, where it is due to take part in exercises in mid-April. 

“The Charles de Gaulle will be available to participate, if necessary, in all operational missions”, the Elysee spokesman said. 

According to Mer et Marine, the Charles de Gaulle carrier will travel to the Gulf with its fleet of air and naval craft, including Rafale and Super Etendard fighter jets and an attack submarine, to take part in the US-led bombing campaign against IS forces in Iraq.

5.) Timing takes place after French government begins to show signs of opposing Russian sanctions and recognizing a Palestinian state.

Timing is everything. This phrase is particularly relevant in the field of propaganda. Because of this, many are now wondering whether or not the attacks were some false flag type event used as an attempt to reign in members of the French government who may be straying off the reservation.

For instance, in December of 2014, the lower house of the French parliament voted to recognize a Palestinian state. While the vote will not likely affect France’s foreign policy, it is a powerful symbol of a changing of the tide in terms of popular opinion regarding the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Likewise, the recent statement by French President Francois Hollande that the sanctions on Russia must end, could be seen as a threat to Anglo-American solidarity. Thus, such attacks could serve as a justification for French military action in the Middle East, a reminder to some players in the French government not to show dissension in public.

There is also the potential domestic agenda to be considered. Given the fact that the attacks are being painted as a fundamentalist response to the mockery of Islam, it is likely that the agenda will revolve around the issue of free speech and the police state. With the meme of “I stand with Free Speech” making its rounds across the Internet in response to the narrative of the attack, it is more likely that the attack will be used to increase public support for military action overseas and acceptance of an even greater police state at home. The attacks and their subsequent coverage are likely to be used to engender further hatred and distrust of Islam, thereby injecting the circle of extremism and hate (Christian to Muslim to Christian to Muslim and on and on) with fresh fuel. Convincing Christians that all Muslims are extremists and convincing Muslims that all Christians are extremists will be a goal of radicalization made all that much easier with the Charlie Hebdo attacks fresh in the minds of the French people.

Of course, with the incessant political correctness running rampant across the entire West, it is also possible that the attacks may be used to silence criticism – not necessarily of Islam – but of the policy of unfettered immigration which has contributed to even greater economic troubles and the destruction of French culture.

6.) One of the attackers “left his ID” for the police to find

While one of the alleged attackers, 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad, turned himself into police late Wednesday afternoon, it was reported that police were able to identify one of other attackers after he left his identification papers in the getaway car that the two assailants ditched.

While dropping one’s ID in the process of a getaway is certainly not outside the realm of possibility, such a convenience for law enforcement cannot help but remind informed observers of the survival of the alleged hijackers’ paper passports on 9/11.


Whatever the true nature of the Charlie Hebdo attacks may be – “blowback” or false flag – there is clearly much more to the story than what the mainstream press is printing and promoting.

Regardless, the only thing that we can know with absolute certainty is that the Charlie Hebdo attacks will be used as propaganda to the utmost effect by all Western and NATO governments in the push for further war abroad and an even greater police state at home.

Recently from Brandon Turbeville:

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of six books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real ConspiraciesFive Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, and The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria. Turbeville has published over 300 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV.  He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) gmail.com. 

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            You cannot legislate these things out of society. When you flood the nations of Europe with foreigners you can expect many horrible results. It isn’t racist to want to preserve one’s culture and peoples.

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          • The Penitent Man | January 12, 2015 at 4:46 pm |

            Well, we do it naturally, don’t we? Personally I look at all human beings as belonging to the same family, in essence, one race of people. But let’s not be naive, ethnic and cosmetic differences do make a difference. When I look at a black man, an Indian from India or an Asian I immediately see and feel the differences between us. When I get to know these different people I understand and can see the cultural differences also. This doesn’t cause me to hate though, though in other people that does seem to be their first response.

            I can enjoy their company and their cultural differences, I can recognize what we have in common, beyond simply being human, but I can also recognize that trying to forcefully throw us together in the same environment isn’t a good idea. It may work on as smaller scale to a certain degree but when politicians create edicts to legislate our moral and ethical behavior, based on forcing us all together, i.e., tolerance, based on “race” then I have to cry foul.

            Explain to me why European nations are being forced to become multicultural and multiracial (regardless if it is false construct)? Why are so many Jewish ideologues behind this forced meshing of cultures and ethnicities? I’m no antisemite but I can provide evidence, from their own mouths, that they are leading the way to destroy the “monolithic” white European nations.

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            The same thing is true in America, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

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            The people who control the mainstream media, whether it be the print media, Hollywood, etc. have a plan. It isn’t a secret, you can read about it in the books they publish, in the articles they write and in the movies they produce. They are using Fabian Socialism to slowly yet surely destroy an entire “race” of people. The world does nothing, not even a whisper is heard.

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          • You are entitled to your opinion, but as far as the content of it is concerned, those that matter to me most, will render it invalid. Who gives a fly!ng f00k what you think anyway, your rotting mind is in dire need of sanitation as it is, madala!

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      • The Penitent Man | January 10, 2015 at 6:27 am | Reply

        “Brother” Nathanael is a scam artist at the very least and an asset at worst. The man continually asks people for money because of all of the “important work” he does (is it really hard work to film one’ self with a tripod and a camera?). What “news” is “Brother” Nathanael providing? none at all, it’s literally what Dale said it is, propaganda and hate-filled ranting.

        Let’s reserve our anger (not hatred) for those intimately involved in this global conspiracy. Not all Jewish people, or even mist Jewish people are part of their cabal.

  3. Top 10 (now 12) inconsistencies tally:
    1. 10 people were supposed to have died with others injured. Yet at the
    scene, a max of 2 ambulances showed up when well over 10 would have
    been needed for such an event.

    2. It looks like they did fire some real rounds from the looks of one of
    the police cars for this “drill”, however the pictures are not clear
    enough to show if the bullet holes are just gangsta stickers, in one of
    the photos the police officers are laughing and joking next to the shot
    up car where someone supposedly died. Additionally, images on Google of
    shot up windshields have cracks going all through the windshield. In
    this France event, all damage is limited to where the holes are. Is
    that possible?

    3. All people who responded to the scene had French Foreign Legion haircuts. Odd for ambulance drivers and EMT’s.

    4 (a good one) – If the perpetrators got away and have not been
    captured, HOW did the French police identify them within hours when they
    did not turn up elsewhere? Sort of like the passport on 911 or all
    those pristine passports from flight MH17. That works. Gotta have a
    positive ID on them to “prove” they are “Muslim” and not just the Mossad
    out on a field trip. Gotta do it when the shock factor is at max. And
    no one dropped a passport this time, HOW did the police figure it out?

    5. I never saw any bloody photos from this, not even fake blood, not
    even from a police officer who was shot by an AK and laying on the
    sidewalk for 10 seconds before being “shot” a second time, and still no
    blood. Very odd if this is real.

    6. Target was a group of Jews, who belong to a greater whole which stages B.S. terror attacks frequently. That stinks.

    7. How did the road miraculously have no traffic? The scene is set up
    as if staged. It is as if the area was cordoned off prior to the
    “attack” for a drill, so the “terrorists” simply parked smack dab in the
    middle of the road because they knew there would be no traffic.

    8. How did the attackers know there would be a giant staff meeting with
    everyone important for the publication present to be shot all at once? A
    little help from the NSA or what?

    9. The publication had serious prior financial trouble, and if
    it was going to close anyway, why not use it to stage a psy op? That
    would “explain” why it closed, would it not?

    10. There is no recoil on the AK as it shoots. I initially assumed
    blanks, but what about rubber bullets? At any rate, there was no sign
    of blood at any point from the police officer, an AK goes all the way
    through and bullet proof vests are for handguns, not AK rounds. If he
    was wearing one it would not work. LACK OF ANY RECOIL AT ALL SCREAMS

    Inconsistency 11: All video initially posted was shot from
    rooftops. FOR A SCENE THAT LASTED LESS THAN A MINUTE. How did anyone
    get up to the roof that fast to get video of this, times several people
    shooting from different places? The roof tops were just regular roof
    tops with no reason for anyone to be up there. It is not like there was
    a roof top Starbucks or something. Why were people up there to begin
    with, how did they figure out what was going on and have their cell
    phones all ready to shoot video from perfect angles from start to

    ANSWER: They went up ahead of time, got in position, and shot
    video of a drill they knew would happen. It is the only rational
    answer. Even if they were a roofing crew, they would not have
    figured out something was going on and had camera phones (times several)
    shooting clear video in under 15 seconds to capture this less than a
    minute long event. The staged camera angles and time frame alone
    nails this as a fraud, such timing and positioning is flatly impossible.
    Even the robot android DATA from Star Trek could not have gotten up to
    the roof that fast, found where to shoot the best video from and
    captured this so well.

    Inconsistency 12: Getaway driver was in school at the time of the “incident”

    Classmates stand up for him

    The classmates of an 18-year-old suspect in the Paris shooting, that
    occurred yesterday afternoon at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine,
    have protested his innocence by saying that he was in class at the time
    of the incident in which 12 people were murdered.

    Hamyd Mourad was reported to have handed himself to the police at around11pm last night after he saw his name mentioned on the news and his friends and acquaintances have said that he has an alibi, as they claim
    he was present in the classrooms that day.

    It won’t matter, just like the Boston bombing, where dorm room
    mates said Tsnarev was not at the bombing scene when it happened. Once they name a patsy, he is TOAST. What an innocent dupe Hamyd was for turning himself in expecting the system to be just when running a Jewish scam! Gitmo time!

    I really like the one where the officer gets shot with an AK 47 and yet doesn’t bleed or twitch just falls down…Hmmm has anyone seen the Zapruter footage of the Kennedy assassination??
    That’s what it looks like to be shot.

    • And why, in the main roof-top video that was initially shown, are two of the people in it (who presumably ran there in a state of panic from the offices below), wearing flak-jackets?

    • Hey here is another one that can see!

      Good job Keith now if
      everyone else would just stop being frightened all the time and look at
      things with their eyes and not let all the Media BS cloud their view
      these “drills” are easy to figure out.
      Of course when you have been
      trained from childhood not to believe what you see and indoctrinated to
      listen to the “Experts” who you can believe in this is what you get.

    • Capt. J.B. Hennessy | January 9, 2015 at 10:59 pm | Reply

      The guy who shot the video is a Syrian with ties to Free Syrian Army the very terrorist organization that France is supporting, his name is Martin Boudot. More on him at this blog:


  4. John C Carleton | January 8, 2015 at 5:28 pm | Reply

    After over a hundred years false flag events by the US government, anytime anything like this happens, I consider them guilty until proven innocent. Just like the US government considers Americans guilty until proven innocent.

  5. Here’s three more..

    Pay no attention to dancing Israelis here to “document the event” (911)

    Pay no attention to dancing Israelis on Kiev roof tops sniping both sides. (how they roll)

    Pay no attention to dancing Israelis on Paris streets shouting Allahu Akbar!

  6. The tactic of Zionists which always works is, to kill some, or more (6 bill in the II WW) and abuse someone other to have done that. So the door to attack him is open. As Zionists possess the media chain all scenario function for the major public. As being done secret it is hard to prove as it remains an assumption. 9/11, Boston, even Gaza, winning the medieval Scots ….

  7. Tens of thousands of policemen are being
    pulled in the nose by the powers that be, leading them away from the
    real Gladio death squad which carried out the attack, and giving the
    deep state mechanism enough time and space to cover their tracks. It is
    probable that the patsies are dead already and all those hysterical
    scripts about how they supposedly plan “to return to Paris and carry out
    a suicide bombing in which many policemen will die” are simply setting
    the stage to their predictable liquidation by the SWAT teams who are
    under orders to “shoot to kill”. READ ON:

  8. #6: just like the intact passport found at the WTC, after they fell. Leaving your ID???

  9. We agree.
    These suspicious attacks will make Western countries more Police state than ever, which is just what the Intellligence agencies have been working toward, where there is no true freedom anymore.
    The corrupt and murderous western powers certainly opened Pandoras box in a big way when they invaded Iraq in 2003.
    Or even before when the USA and the UK subtely made Saddam think he had their permission for Iraq to invade Kuwait in 1990, when it was a ploy, so that his big army and weaponry could be dismantled in a war.

  10. disqus_q0fJBDaGHm | January 9, 2015 at 5:39 pm | Reply

    Sandy Hebdo

  11. The Penitent Man | January 10, 2015 at 6:20 am | Reply

    Hmmm? So it’s a good thing, allowing millions of Muslims into the west, after our forefathers fought and died to keep them from overrunning Europe? The Germans are protesting Muslim immigration as we speak and they’re being called Nazis for wanting to preserve their race and culture. France has long been a stronghold for Muslims and London is predominantly foreign at this point. It looks more like India then England.

    The same thing is going on in America. So why is everyone so blind or so politically correct that they resolve to do nothing about it? Forget about the false flag aspects in order to continue the bogus war on terror, what about the very real threat of Europeans being bred out of existence in their own countries? We’re already well below replacement values, i.e., our women are not having enough babies to replace our populations. Russia and Germany are in seriously dire straights, especially Russia.

    You can thank the same Zionist controlled politicians that are running this current scam on us. By the 22nd century we’ll be a hollow shell of our former selves, hated and despised the world over, weak and ripe for total destruction.

    • Your views on the “other” are no different from Hitler and all other racists.

      Race is an ideological construct; you cannot “preserve” a biological race, as such does not exist. European “whites” killed each other by the tens of millions with no help from Jews or Muslims. So much for “our race.”

      You are promoting a divisive and historically murderous division of the population between “us (ie “whites”) and “them.”

      No group has killed more people than the “whites.”

      Why not take a scientific view and see that there are no races, only subgroups with more differences within groups than between?

      Look up “race” as an ideological construct, not a biological fact, as determined by all anthropological and genetics professional organizations. Race is a concept invented in modern times to rank people by skin color. It was invented to justify slavery and persecution of people based on color of skin. Race is a racist concept. Don’t believe me: learn what the geneticists have found.

      Here a few samples by geneticists:

      Race remains an inflammatory issue, both socially and scientifically. Fortunately, modern human genetics can deliver the salutary message that human populations share most of their genetic variation and that there is no scientific support for the concept that human populations are discrete, nonoverlapping entities. Furthermore, by offering the means to assess disease-related variation at the individual level, new genetic technologies may eventually render race largely irrelevant in the clinical setting. Thus, genetics can and should be an important tool in helping to both illuminate and defuse the race issue.” http://www.nature.com/ng/journal/v36/n11s/full/ng1435.html

      http://www.aaanet.org/stmts/racepp.htm links to the statement by the American Anthropological Association:

      “From its inception, this modern concept of “race”….. was a mode of classification linked specifically to peoples in the colonial situation. It subsumed a growing ideology of inequality devised to rationalize European attitudes and treatment of the conquered and enslaved peoples. Proponents of slavery in particular during the 19th century used “race” to justify the retention of slavery. The ideology magnified the differences among Europeans, Africans, and Indians, established a rigid hierarchy of socially exclusive categories underscored and bolstered unequal rank and status differences, and provided the rationalization that the inequality was natural or God-given. The different physical traits of African-Americans and Indians became markers or symbols of their status differences.

      As they were constructing US society, leaders among European-Americans fabricated the cultural/behavioral characteristics associated with each “race,” linking superior traits with Europeans and negative and inferior ones to blacks and Indians. Numerous arbitrary and fictitious beliefs about the different peoples were institutionalized and deeply embedded in American thought.

      Early in the 19th century the growing fields of science began to reflect the public consciousness about human differences. Differences among the “racial” categories were projected to their greatest extreme when the argument was posed that Africans, Indians, and Europeans were separate species, with Africans the least human and closer taxonomically to apes.

      Ultimately “race” as an ideology about human differences was subsequently spread to other areas of the world. It became a strategy for dividing, ranking, and controlling colonized people used by colonial powers everywhere. But it was not limited to the colonial situation. In the latter part of the 19th century it was employed by Europeans to rank one another and to justify social, economic, and political inequalities among their peoples. During World War II, the Nazis under Adolf Hitler enjoined the expanded ideology of “race” and “racial” differences and took them to a logical end: the extermination of 11 million people of “inferior races” (e.g., Jews, Gypsies, Africans, homosexuals, and so forth) and other unspeakable brutalities of the Holocaust.

      “Race” thus evolved as a worldview, a body of prejudgments that distorts our ideas about human differences and group behavior. Racial beliefs constitute myths about the diversity in the human species and about the abilities and behavior of people homogenized into “racial” categories. The myths fused behavior and physical features together in the public mind, impeding our comprehension of both biological variations and cultural behavior, implying that both are genetically determined. Racial myths bear no relationship to the reality of human capabilities or behavior. Scientists today find that reliance on such folk beliefs about human differences in research has led to countless errors.How people have been accepted and treated within the context of a given society or culture has a direct impact on how they perform in that society. The “racial” worldview was invented to assign some groups to perpetual low status, while others were permitted access to privilege, power, and wealth. The tragedy in the United States has been that the policies and practices stemming from this worldview succeeded all too well in constructing unequal populations among Europeans, Native Americans, and peoples of African descent. Given what we know about the capacity of normal humans to achieve and function within any culture, we conclude that present-day inequalities between so-called “racial” groups are not consequences of their biological inheritance but products of historical and contemporary social, economic, educational, and political circumstances.”

      Also: check

      “There is great genetic diversity within all human populations. Pure races, in the sense of genetically homogenous populations, do not exist in the human species today, nor is there any evidence that they have ever existed in the past.”

      Wikipedia (with primary sources) reports:
      “During the Enlightenment, racial classifications were used to justify enslavement of those deemed to be of “inferior”, non-White races, and thus supposedly best fitted for lives of toil under White supervision. These classifications made the distance between races seem nearly as broad as that between species, easing unsettling questions about the appropriateness of such treatment of humans. ”

      Here is an informative study at
      “Race is an exceedingly slippery concept. Although it
      appears in social life as ubiquitous, omnipresent and real,
      it is hard to pin down the concept in any objective sense,
      this is because the idea of race is riddled with apparent
      contradictions. While it is a dynamic phenomena rooted in
      political struggle, it is commonly observed as a fixed
      characteristic of human populations; while it does not exist
      in terms of human biology, people routinely look to the
      human body for evidence about racial identity; while it is a
      biological fiction, it is nonetheless a social fact.”
      source: http://minerva.stkate.edu/people.nsf/files/mina-82v8bu/$file/inclusivescience.pdf

      Adjust your thinking.

      Beyond that, I cannot help you if you choose to dismiss the findings of the entire universe of those who have spent their lives studying human variation. Why should skin color, which has thousands of tones, be more important than eye color? These fabrications were designed to justify persecution. It’s time to reject the racist concept of race.

      • The Penitent Man | January 12, 2015 at 4:55 pm | Reply

        Too bad you don’t know how to edit your posts. I’m not going to read a post longer then the average news article. You wrote a novella, not a reply.

        I will of course respond to your ignorant first sentence.

        I have no wish nor plan to kill anyone based on there race or ethnicity. I do not idolize Herr Hitler. Why didn’t you bring up Lenin or Joseph Stalin?

        And no, I am very different then Hitler. I’m just more honest then you, or more experienced. I judge individuals on how they treat me and other people. There are good people and bad people in this world, but that’s a judgment on the individual level.

        Racially, tribally, culturally, ethnicity, whatever you’d like to call it, generalizations can be valuable and accurate. (I will not use the term “species” as Darwin’s vile theory was used by both the Nazis and the Bolshevik communists to justify the murder of millions of peoples).

        It is a fact that people are different, both culturally and cosmetically, divided by language and custom, ad infinitum.

        Your beliefs are unrealistic and naive. History has taught us how wrong you truly are, time and time again, and no matter the amount of insults and slurs you throw my way, that will not change.

  12. Hmmm

    means, motive, opportunity and who benefits.Clearly Israel has already directly benefited in many ways. Most importantly France has done an about face and now refuses to support Palestine. “Muslim terrorists” are once again being blamed, supporting Israeli wailing about the “threat” of Islam. And an Israeli news team just happened to literally right there as the attack unfolded. Why is it that all these “terrorist attacks” just happen to be perfectly timed to support………….Israel.

    No mention is being made in the MSM that the police officer murdered in the Video just happened to be a Muslim. Not much about the fact that the cartoonist killed also had a long history of mocking Israel.

    Let us not forget the incredibly brutal, but perfectly timed terrorists attack (also blamed on “Muslim terrorists”)the last time a country made a big push to support Palestine. Sweden suffered the same results as France when it publicly demanded support and justice for Israel.

    Now lets apply just a bit of common sense and critical thinking here people. This was a profession hit. It was extremely well planned and carried out. SO it stands to reason that the people behind it would understand all the consequences and ramifications involved. So why in the world would “Muslim terrorists” stage such an attack against a country that just announced to the world its support for Palestine? The simple answer is NO MUSLIM TERRORIST ORGANIZATION WITH THIS LEVEL OF SOPHISTICATION WOULD EVER DO SOMETHING THIS DETRIMENTAL TO THE CAUSE. It is a false flag from start to finish. Yet another “attack” perfectly timed to aid Israel and undermine Palestinian statehood. Good grief people wake up.

    • You’re a “crazy conspiracy theorist” all that matters is that MUSLIMS ARE EVIL AND WANT TO KILL EVERYBODY!

      forget evidence, logic, reason, common sense MOTIVE and above all “who benefits”

  13. Readers beware: the racists are out and frothing at the mouth.

  14. Sadly, you will find in the following posts many openly racist and fascist comments, with ugly hate speech. One has posted that Hitler was better than “kikes.” Activistpost unfortunately draws in the lowest of the low to vent their poisoned minds and spread their hatred. If you are offended by ugly racist commentary, please be advised.

  15. Readers, come view the spectacle of a panicking, self-absorbed liberal shitlord attempting to defend his masochistic ideologies. In desperation, he issues futile appeals hoping to find someone who might somewhat agree with him. A necessity in maintaining a false sense of meaning to his pathetic existence detached from reality.

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