6 Major Lies That Will Be Pushed On NFL Fans This Week

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

Anyone who is fully awakened to the agenda of the new world order and the globalist terrorists knows by now that they don’t like to miss out on opportunities to push their lies and set up the general public for accepting their long-term agenda. It is therefore our duty to expose their lies before it happens in the hope that more people will see through their deception as it happens.

As we wind down another NFL season, let’s turn our attention again to how the globalists rely heavily on the irrational sports (fanaticism) platform to pump their lies and deception to an already hypnotized audience waiting as empty vessels to have their minds polluted with any lie the globalists want them to believe.

First, let me say that there are few audiences in America which are as vulnerable to government propaganda as a football audience in late January. The excitement of the upcoming games and the anticipation of who will be in the Super Bowl is psychologically overwhelming for many. The excitement surrounding the chase for the Super Bowl leaves these zombie-like naive football fans wide open to subliminal messages, political suggestions, reshaping of paradigms, tweaking of belief systems, manipulation of perceptions and overall indoctrination on what one should believe.

To understand the magnitude of this NFL fan TV-watching hypnotic effect one must understand the hypnosis that most Americans are under due to the flicker rate of the TV, the constant rapid visual stimuli, which have been shown to induce hypnosis. Coupled this with the already complacent self-absorbed state of mind most Americans are in to begin with, add a little alcohol, and a daily dose of mental junk food known as mainstream media news and Hollywood entertainment. Add to that, the fact that most Americans are ingesting massive amounts of fluoride to keep them complacent, and then add to that all the Americans that are on long-term prescription and other drugs that alter your mind. Put all of these factors together into the chips-pizza-n-beer couch-potato typical scenario, and you have a recipe for mental disaster on your hand.

Sadly, as extreme or cynical as this may sound to some, most readers will probably acknowledge and even cringe at the fact that this description is the reality in many football-watching American homes, especially over the next few weeks.

And let’s not forget that NFL football is by far the most watched sport in America with an impressive 64% said to watch NFL football. That’s over 200 million Americans watching! For perspective, if the presidential administration wanted to push an idea to the general public they would reach more people by advertising with the NFL than they would by having the message spoken in a presidential State of the Union speech.

The NFL is a massive and thus a coveted platform by the CIA without a doubt. For this reason we would be foolish to not focus our attention on this CIA platform to observe, predict, expose, and defuse the lies they have planned for our general public. With that said, let’s examine some of those sure-fire lies we’ll hear pumped through the NFL this weekend, and especially in the coming Super Bowl weekend. Let’s examine these lies in the order of magnitude starting from the smallest to the greatest lies.

6 – You Need to Watch More TV

Over the next couple of NFL weeks leading to the end of the season, the NFL will take money from Hollywood as producers promote their TV shows. The message? You need to watch more and more TV. The ads will come at the hypnotized NFL watchers, one after another, telling them what shows they need to watch for their lives to have more meaning and excitement. These ads, suggesting the watching of more and more TV shows, work perfect with the overall globalist plans. There is, after all, no way that their long-term plans for global domination will work unless people are continuously UN-aware of the global political scene. And there is no greater way to keep people unaware than to keep them entertained with meaningless and pacifying distractions.

At this time of the year, with NFL football winding down, Hollywood producers are desperately trying to pull you into their hypnosis to get you to watch their shows and (like a drug) get you hooked on them. The ads will be cleverly put together with quick headline shots, compelling sound tracks and intriguing visuals, snappy actor dialogues and editing trickery, all designed to pull you in. Sadly, like ready sheep, millions of NFL TV watchers will be lured by these ads and commercials into thinking they are missing out on life if they don’t watch these shows. All of this is just the tip of the iceberg of deception which we will see over the next few weekends.

5 – U.S. Military = “Heroes”

The next biggest lie we will see pushed through the NFL is the meme that claims that U.S. military men and women are somehow “heroes” that deserve to be worshiped and admired for what they do. Nothing could be further from the truth. As I wrote about in an article several months back, U.S. military share no characteristics consistent with the definition of “hero”, or for that matter (as discussed previously) with the definition of Character, Honor, or Honorable. As I discussed previously, one could argue that some of them show “courage” but this courage is only being applied in the same way that one could say that members of ISIS or Al Qaeda ALSO show courage by simply being part of those organizations. Courage alone is no reason to honor or worship someone in the U.S. Military. One MUST show honor and character, for without these virtues one cannot be considered a “hero”.

Despite that the lower ranking members of the U.S. military are lied to repeatedly by their leaders to keep them in line, the government and military will spend lots of money over the next few weeks to tell you that they are heroes. Despite the fact that the military obedient sheep are trained not to question their mission or ask questions, but instead to blindly follow their leaders, even if the mission they are in is dishonorable, NFL fans will be lied to and told that they are unquestionably heroes. Never once will NFL fans be reminded that Henry Kissinger himself said that “U.S. military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Instead these “dumb stupid animals” will be paraded as “heroes” instead of people who likely MAY have meant well when they joined but are now being lied to in every single thing that they do.

4 – Donate to Cancer Charities $$

The NFL hype tends to bring out the call for money $$. NFL fans will be bombarded with charity calls for giving money to cancer. Despite the fact that no one ultimately knows where all the money goes, people will be lured into the almost religious call for shelling out money to one or several cancer foundations. This call for money will utilize sympathy and emotion to lure viewers into giving their money to these cancer organizations. Never once will the viewers be told that cancer is a multi-billion dollar scam industry that is designed to kill cancer victims not cure them, while making the industry billions $. Never once will viewers be told that government and the Medical Industrial Complex themselves have persecuted individuals who have cured their own patients of cancer. NFL hypnotized TV watchers will be told that cancer is a giant that has no cure unless they give their money to these foundations.

The Western Medical Industrial Complex will take full advantage of this special time of the year to reassert their lies and deception on Americans that cancer is fought with pink ribbons, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a knife. The Western caveman approach to cancer will be sold to the American public as science. The same system which treats cancer as if it is a disease that must be smashed out with a hammer instead of seeing cancer for what it is – a symptom of an underlying disorder – will suggest that if you give money to cancer, that will bring us closer to a cure.

No mention will be made of eating right, about repairing your own immune system so that your immune system can get rid of the cancer for you. Instead, like smashing the check-engine light in a car to fix a problem in the engine, the cancer business will continue to lie to American NFL watchers with few ever seeing the lie coming or much less understanding what cancer and its true cure is all about.  

3 – Reinforcement of Previous False Flags

There is no better time to reinforce false flags of the past than to push them through the NFL crowd toward the end of the season. We all saw the Sandy Hook children rolled out last year in the Super Bowl. Similarly, through the use of the sportscasters themselves as well as commercials, announcements, ceremonies, half-time specials, and pre-game presentations and more, we’ll see specific false flags reinforced in the NFL platform.

These clever techniques for reinforcing government false flags can come at any moment and have a powerful effect on the unaware viewer. Why? Because of the power of words that come out of the mouth of a trusted voice. They will often use the sports commentators and announcers to reinforce their false flags by having them make an announcement. Also, we may see a pre-game ceremony to honor the victims of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, etc.

One of the great advantages the globalists have in this tactic is that these false flag reinforcements can come at any point, thus catching the viewer off guard. This is quietly one of the greatest lies NFL fans will be subjected to over the next few weeks.

2 – America: “Land of the Free”

Young NFL fans are more likely to go for this one. During the national anthem, and at any other point in the presentation, particularly during one of their pro-military ceremonies we will hear America being alluded to as the “land of the free” despite the fact that since 9/11 America is anything BUT the land of the free. We have seen the massive frightening expansion of the aggressive police state, destruction of civil liberties, expanded TSA abuse, DHS’s expanding roll, militarization of the local police, expansion of the PATRIOT Act and the N.D.A.A. (National Defense Authorization Act), all of this in just the last 10-13 years. Despite all of this, sports arenas all over will continue to toss around the phrase “land of the free.”

As someone who once worked in large sports stadiums I can assure you this deception will take place at no less than the stadium PA system level and will trickle down to other levels. Before and throughout the game, fans will be constantly subjected to announcements which are designed to keep the control system’s paradigm intact. NFL fans will not only be periodically reminded that America is the “land of the free” but the word “freedom” and “free” will be tossed around regularly, often as mentioned above, in conjunction with the honoring of the military. This is just another lie to keep everyone, especially the military and those thinking of joining the military, believing they are fighting (or will be fighting) for something special instead of the truth, which is that they are just pawns in a global political scheme as admitted by Henry Kissinger.

1 – Join the U.S. Military!

This final lie is, I believe, the GREATEST lie of them all. This is the mother-ship lie that NFL fans will be told and are told throughout the year and especially in these final NFL weeks. The dangerous and evil military industrial complex will pull out all its ammunition knowing that statistics show that 3 out of every 4 males in America watch NFL football. They know they have the undivided attention of these young men and they would never consider blowing this opportunity to lie and deceive these innocent young men into joining the U.S. military.

With the money the U.S. military spends on injecting their influence on Hollywood, their influence on the NFL is far beyond what we could imagine. Look for the commercials, one after another, telling your kids to join the military for an education, a steady job and travel experience. No mention will be made about the 22+ veterans per DAY who are committing suicide or the alarming suicide rate in the active military. You won’t hear about how our military set up and murdered Pat Tillman for not agreeing with the U.S. illegal wars. And we won’t hear about how soldiers are suffering from PTSD, alcohol and drug problems, psychiatric problems, and mental disorders at an alarming rate. Instead, NFL fans will be flat-out lied to and told that everything is great, and that joining the U.S. military is a decision of courage and honor. They will even spin commercials that make the military life seem fun and exciting instead of the reality the U.S. military men and women face in the real-world supporting globalist terrorism.


Most if not all of these lies and deceptions that NFL fans will be subjected to in the next few weeks also take place throughout the year. Also there are many other topics that could have made the list. I have selected the topics which I see most often raised every year, but by no means is this list definitive or exclusive in any way. Either way, when it’s all said and done the year will be over and they will crank up to do it all again next NFL season. As truth seekers who are fully aware of these large platforms and how they are used by the globalist terrorists to sell their agenda and recruit men and women into their military, we need to find ways to defuse these government efforts. Last year we saw activist Mathew Mills interrupt the Super Bowl MVP conference to warn everyone that 9/11 was done by elements within our own government; and we should all be excited about this moment of truth that millions of people around the world were exposed to in one instance of time. Let’s hope for another moment of truth to penetrate the consciousness of the masses. Let us all stay focused and be mindful of opportunities to spread truth, to expose their lies and deception, and let us share these warnings with others.

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Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

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36 Comments on "6 Major Lies That Will Be Pushed On NFL Fans This Week"

  1. don’t watch football and superbowl since 1985, it is over commercialized, penalties have made the game a wuss sport!

  2. John C Carleton | January 18, 2015 at 1:43 pm | Reply

    Skip the games And food, get a good history book and educate yourself on the evil ones tactics.

    • Would your historical reading material include the Holy Bible? It’s a good one for studying the evil one’s tactics

  3. Well done, Bernie. The old conundrum applies though: only the awake are reading this. and those football zombies will resist any awakening. Also, tivo, or DVR is a great way to avoid commercials and b.s. (No sports fan here) but I watch a few shows, and my wife and I haven’t watched a commercial in literally years.

    Lastly, Bernie, as one writer to another, a little less hyperbole would be greeted well. And you do write so much, please be careful and pay a tad more mind to structural editing. I only mention as I know you seek excellence.

    Best to you and keep it up! YOU, Bernie Suarez, are the hero!

  4. Last week CBS mentioned that the Super Bowl should be a national holiday!

    A blood sport for a national holiday? When in Rome do as the Romans did as their civilization crumbled.

  5. Agreed ! I’ve actually never watched a Super Bowl game or an NFL game from beginning to end. I don’t find it entertaining period.

  6. Tyrelle Apuusa | January 18, 2015 at 6:11 pm | Reply

    Don’t discount the never ending ads for: beer (keep ’em drunk), pharmaceuticals (keep ’em poisoned and wondering), boner medications (won’t notice what we’re doing while banging!), automobile commercials (the economy is thriving, so buy a car), and insurance companies (for your new car or next disaster).

  7. Richard_Throbbin | January 18, 2015 at 6:28 pm | Reply

    Your loathing for those who serve, and have served, in the US Military is disgusting.

    • I was an Army Ranger… but he is correct!! People don’t join to defend America, they join for college money and lack of opportunities. If the service members (veterans) did these things for free, their intent would be a little more noble, but they would still be fools like i was.

      • Thanks for your honesty, Joe. I, too, joined for those same reasons long before we had the phrase “poverty draft” to describe it. Now that I know everything I didn’t know then I would have endured anything NOT to join.

        I got home from a road trip yesterday during which I went through several towns engaged in the identical (obviously being sold from the same source) type of slick “honor the vets” campaign where names and faces of serving members were displayed on the light poles along the main drag. I felt sorry for the men and women whose poverty, ignorance, and lack of opportunity was being dragged in front of their community in that way.

    • Busdriver Bill | January 19, 2015 at 1:10 am | Reply

      Dave, these fools who go off to fight for the rich bankers and politicians are NOT heroes. They are well meaning dupes. If they took the time to rationalize the whole scene, they’d be flabbergasted. They are the killing machines for an agenda not in the slightest bit in the best interests of the US and its future. They, too, will be killed in numbers, removing a base of brave, strong, idealistic youth – just what the NWO has in mind. We have absolutely no business telling countries on the other side of the world how to behave – until, of course they should approach our borders with skulduggery in mind. We certainly have no business “defending” Israel with OUR blood, when they just kill anybody on their way towards making Israel free of goyim.
      Read history, and not that from official sources, as you will merely be indoctrinated should you do only that.
      But then, Dave, you are obviously just a Troll, right?

      • Richard_Throbbin | January 19, 2015 at 2:49 pm | Reply

        Seems my first response didn’t make it past the libtard censor so I’ll try again. Obviously you are not the bus driver but a passenger on a very short bus. Have you ever served in the US Military? Do you have the same opinion about law enforcement, firefighters, EMT’s or is it just anybody that disagrees with you in general? We actually agree on some statements you make but your opinion of the actual front line troops is disgusting. When you speak of reading history are you talking of sources like Tomato Bubble?

        • Dave, are you stupid? Do you read? Other military people are responding and so am I. What honor is there in killing people on the other side of the world for the bankster-gangsters who control the Military Industrial Complex? President Dwight Eisenhower even warned about this. This global tyranny is disgusting, there is no honor in it and the sucker U.S. Military fools are indoctrinated starting with all those commercials to join the military, to the recruiters lying to them about free education and benefits, to the drill instructors in boot camp. It’s all brainwashing. That you still don’t get this is a shame and this is the reason why we are in the situation we are in. Stubborn people like you who refuse to acknowledge the difference between what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.

          WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Richard_Throbbin | January 19, 2015 at 8:27 pm |

            Well I can tell I’m much smarter then you as you seem to be an idiot. I’ve wasted enough time on this post and still stand by my original statement that the writers loathing for those who serve, and have served, in the US Military is disgusting.

          • A Voice in the Wilderness | January 19, 2015 at 9:33 pm |

            ok good luck

          • scott_ewing | January 20, 2015 at 6:52 pm |

            I think the people who tell the U.S. military what to do in South West Asia are disgusting.

            And any psychopath that joins up for the sole reason of killing – deserves what ever happens to them on the battlefields of the countries that they are stealing.

          • Richard_Throbbin | January 21, 2015 at 11:19 am |

            I agree the cnc is totally disgusting individual as well as his entire administration

    • I 2nd and 3rd the comments of Joe and Tom below. I joined to get out of a small town with no opportunity and turned it into the biggest party I have ever attended. Now if you think that is honorable or eligible for the title hero then that is your prerogative but even Pat Tillman recognized the lie albeit too late to retain his life.

  8. Had to stop reading when it was assumed that Sandy Hook was a false flag operation. This is called poisoning the well (of evidence based conspiracy theories like JFK/MLK/RFK and 9/11) and this benefits only those with something to hide. Conspiracies are real; false flags operations are real, and the way to have them relegated to the ash heap of history is to conflate them with every lunatic theory ever promoted. It was the CIA that invented this poison the well model, since they, at core, operate basically as a conspiracy and false flag agency.

    If you want to marginalize valid conspiracy allegations, just do as the CIA wants you to do and poison the well. When I see this poisoning take place, I stop drinking.

    • You are wrong and should take a closer look at Sandy Hook. It WAS a true conspiracy / false flag operation if there ever was one. No question about it. None!

    • Don`t shoot the messenger, however you might be interested in taking the time to check this out. It certainly makes you think.

      Let’s Talk ~ Sandy Hook ~ Shocking Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaTrNmMKkmY

      Watch this documentary video that seeks to learn the truth and end the speculation once and for all.

      A diverse group of independent journalists have come together to raise awareness of the issue and encourage the public to act. They all agree that this event has been and will continue to be of such historical significance that the true details must be revealed.

    • What flavor do you prefer? You are one who refuses to see the events from all angles. You would rather follow the narrative from “those in charge” than do a little investigation yourself. NEVER ACCEPT THE STORY!! Always question.

      • I have been a robust skeptic for 60 years with a world class education. I have been denouncing the officials narratives of the murders of JFK, MLK, and RFK for nearly 40 years. I doubted 9/11 from the beginning. I have denounced the Gulf of Tonkin conspiracy hoax over 40 years ago, the lies about Iraq in the First Gulf War, the lies about Afghanistan in 2001, and the lies about Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine as they were told.

        I have looked at all the evidence available about Sandy Hook, and from my seasoned skeptical view, it looks most like a poison the well crock of shit, from the motive to the bits of “evidence.”

        I would suspect that my 60 years of skeptical independent views and my education and training in critical thinking, as well as my having been right on the fake narratives of the government, dwarf your experience. I always question and have since my early teens.

        I think you are exactly the kind of useful idiot the CIA invented the term conspiracy theory for, in order to use fake theories to poison the well. You have drunk the kool-aid, and your gullibility serves the CIA and those attempting to smear all conspiracy theories very well.

        You have presented no evidence, nor have you explained a plausible motive, since there have been hundreds of mass shootings, why would one more be the tipping point to promote gun law reform. It does not add up to this experienced veteran of the conspiracy wars.

        I know you believe what you believe…but it’s ultimate result is to poison the well.

    • dear dale ruff,
      WAKE UP THEY ARE LYING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SANDY HOOK WAS A FALSE FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Stop coming on here like you are a “real” truth seeker, all the while blurting official story, CIA packaged, mainstream media laughable Sandy Hook LIES!!! Where have you been?

      WATCH: We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook
      You’ll be shocked!

      Seriously dude, WAKE UP!!

  9. America is the most dangerous country for Americans.

  10. Seems Bernie is the one with a disorder…you do know that E. T. is not real…right!? What a buffoon!!

  11. The ones who will be watching the super dud won’t be reading this

  12. I remember a VERY good speech by a popular radio personality- Paul Harvey. He did a wonderful program on his radio show called, “If I were the Devil”. Step by step Paul described exactly what he would do if he were the devil, how he would do it and the probably outcome. PERFECT. Every step is and was followed, promoted, accomplished, and done. So, here we are decades later EXACTLY where Paul said we would be if we listened to this insane recipe for taking down the once proud and powerful United States of America. I think you can find it on you tube. If not- just google it. And get ready to be stunned at his accuracy.

  13. AffinityNetNews | January 19, 2015 at 7:53 pm | Reply

    Quote: “We’ll know our disinformation campaign is complete when, absolutely everything the American people believe is false.” – William Casey Dir. of CIA

    I think that pretty well says it all.

  14. anonymous4u4me | January 16, 2017 at 5:02 pm | Reply

    If one were to take the time to go to a National Cemetery, and one were to stand almost in the middle, and were alone while doing it, one just might as they spent time looking in each direction of said cemetery, be overcome with the amount of blood sacrifice that was done in the name of freedom, but with proper thinking would soon realize it was done by a few to fatten their pocket books, and to further a terrible agenda. Many things are done on purpose to ensure that the military will have enough new recruits to fight these illegal wars, one example is the unemployment rate must never get so low that no one will need a job in the fighting forces. Another is higher education and the expense, and forced belief it’s a must have or you’r a failure, most will go in to get a higher education or a job skill for later. Blind patriotism is another cancer that enables the forces to maintain a constant flow of new recruits, and this plan should not need any explanation. Almost every war has been designed, is profitable to those that design them, and is used to further an agenda, the wars are also used as a blood sacrifice to the evil they worship and the leader of those that have sold their souls.

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