10 Ways to Opt Out of the System


By Joe Wright

I’ve noticed an increase in the defeatist tone among activists lately. Many are realizing that the current system cannot be salvaged, and they get angry at the lack of answers and give up hope. I’ve been there. We all have.

Yes, the system is tightening its control as more people begin to see it for what it is. Yes, mathematically and rationally, the system is nearing collapse. But the fix will not be found with anger and predictions of doom, and the fix will not come from petitioning a lawmaker, a regulator, or a sheriff. The fix can only come from you.

It’s true that it is nearly impossible to completely opt out of the system. The Matrix is all around us, embedded in our very survival. However, that doesn’t mean we should not do what we can to limit our exposure to the decaying system.

The more you depend on a system you despise, the more you will be hurt by it. Therefore, it’s vital to find ways to opt out to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Here are ten ways to opt out of the system:

1. Stop Feeding It: First, stop feeding the system. Stop advocating that the government do your bidding. The very idea that government should be powerful enough to do anyone’s bidding is how the elite took it over. You can also stop feeding it by boycotting corporations that do harm to society. Finally, reduce your digital footprint. Giving Facebook your whole life story is the same as giving it to the NSA.

2. Get Healthy: Modern medicine has become one of the most egregious pillars of control. Even if you have foolishly overpriced health insurance, they require you to attend a minimum number of “well visits” or they can deny claims later on. It’s a clever scheme to get you into the system as much as possible. The only way to feel confident opting out is to get yourself healthy. Simple: eat well and get fit.

3. Grow Your Own Food: Question: When GMOs finally get labeled, who will make sure they are not wrong? The FDA? Don’t make me laugh. Growing your own food is the most effective and rewarding way to opt out of the system. Get some chickens. Grow a garden. Learn to preserve food. What you can’t grow yourself, buy locally or in bulk quantities direct from the source (i.e., wheat, barley, rice).

4. Become Your Own Bank: This might be the biggest secret on this list. Did you know that you can opt out of traditional finance altogether? You can be your own bank and benefit from compounding loan payments instead of corporate banks. Oh, and it’s tax free. What is it? Dividend-paying whole life insurance. Before you groan, read this book.

5. Barter: Dollars are the system’s fuel and its very foundation. Use anything but dollars wherever you can. Do as much of your economic activity as possible with barter, or off-the-books transactions. Agorism, sharing economy, and peer-to-peer opportunities are growing exponentially.  Go to the Craigslist “barter” category and engage. Use Bitcoin – open a wallet and get some bitcoin here.

6. Produce Something: Make something of value. Create something beautiful. Learn a new skill that no one can take from you. It doesn’t even matter if you sell or trade it, because just doing it for yourself is making you more independent.

7. Homeschool Your Kids: For parents, this is by far the best step you can take to opt out. If you despise the system, why would you expose your children to its indoctrination? Public schools are temples of authority worship to promote a deliberate agenda. The system may not be fixed in your lifetime, but at least your children will be saved from its cult.

8. Don’t Outsource Your Personal Security: Let’s face it, some people will defend the militarized police no matter how much violence they commit. Scared masses have outsourced their personal security to a seemingly unaccountable armed gang … and the result is a police state for everyone else. Get fit and learn self-defense. That way you don’t have to demand that “authorities” protect the herd like helpless livestock.

9. Volunteer: Stop begging the government to take care of everything. If you want a better world, go make it happen. The war on poverty is clearly not working. The government criminalizing feeding the homeless all over America should be all you need to know. Disobey. Volunteer for charities, community or church events, or start your own charity.

10. Move to an Undisclosed Location: Last, but not least, you can just about drop out completely by moving overseas or to an undisclosed location. This can be accomplished, but it won’t occur without some hardship. Leaving friends and family behind may cause more pain than the system is causing you. So you should do serious research and meditation before attempting this option.

Dropping off the grid abruptly will likely make you miserable. Don’t feel like you have to do everything at once. It’s best to take small steps toward independence. Pick a few of the ideas above that are possible within your current circumstances, or the points that most resonate with you, and take action immediately.

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12 Comments on "10 Ways to Opt Out of the System"

  1. AmaterasuSolar | January 5, 2015 at 3:40 pm | Reply

    And 11… Share awareness of a solution, an end to the need to exchange to survive, an end of governMENT (controlMIND), releasing Us to create as We might love to do, rather than having to plug Our energy into a system of money to survive. Here’s a link to share:

    T.A.P. – You’re It!

    “Revolution in ideas, not blood.”


    “Did You give an oath and find it’s bait and switch? Well, there is no oath then, is there?”
    “ALL money systems promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap – THEY will do ANYTHING to get there.”
    “The love of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows…”
    “If the universe is made of mostly “dark” energy…can We use it to run Our cars?”
    “If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war.”

  2. the most important thing to start is to stop watching U.S. mainstream TV

  3. Many of these “activists” also believe in disarmament. Here’s an idea, if you’re upset with the system and don’t even want to vote, just purchase a firearm instead. They may not care about rigging the vote count but they are certainly concerned about how many Americans are armed. Skip the ballot box and visit your local gun store.

  4. On point #2; Can they actually deny coverage if you skip well checks? I figured this would be coming especially for those on Medicaid & Medicare, but like to know where you saw this. Reference? We no longer go to pediatrician well checks as child is older, healthy & we are tired of being harassed about vaccinations. I also refuse mammograms in favor of thermography.
    I also read that they are implementing a new “medical compliance score” sort of like a credit score, which tracks your meds & whether you fill & take prescriptions as your doctor recommends. Unlike your credit score you will not have access to this ; only the doctors, hospitals & insurance companies. Especially scary if someone steals your identity.

  5. timwebb1000 . | January 6, 2015 at 3:43 pm | Reply

    Really, all these things are useless, unless you are spiritually prepared for what is coming.
    If you build a house, the most important consideration is what the foundations are like. Everything else depends on this fundamental part of the structure.
    None of us are able to foresee the future, except in the vaguest terms, or what our part in it will be.
    But there is One Who can see all that is coming, and Who can defend and protect us even whilst we sleep.
    “I will both lay me down in peace and sleep, for Thou Lord only, makest me dwell in safety”.
    His infinite blessings are there for the asking; and they are free to all who ask in faith.
    “Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon all them who fear His Name, upon them who hope in His mercy, to deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine”.
    He is at the door; open it to Him, and let Him in to your heart.

    • Yeah, you go and tell that hokum to the victims of pedophile priests and their parents or siblings and see how well it sells!!
      Thou shalt not bear false witness? My friend’s dad had a priest at their church sign a tax deduction form for him, stating that he’d donated 500 bucks (this was in 1971 or so) and that guy would have had a hard time donating that amount over FIVE years, let alone just one.
      Have you ever heard of the Holy Crusades, where “good” Christians were promised immediate entry into this mythical place called Heaven if they died in battle?
      I could go on for hours listing the lies and hoaxes perpetrated by various religions around the world, and you’d probably have some kind of a justification for each one of them.


  6. Mr. Wright,

    There are too many affiliate links in this article, and not enough content. Although the 10 subjects could be good starting points for someone to explore, writing a couple sentences about each one, and then pointing them to buy a book from Amazon comes off as a little lazy and greedy. If you want readers to support you, make sure you are offering them the best quality info you can. Thank you, and looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

  7. Quit paying taxes! That’s all that needs to happen for it all to come to an end.(government corruption that is.) If people could understand that a collective effort to not finance criminal activity is a totally legit and peaceful means to true reform of government the world would become a better place. But greed has saturated both beggar and king anymore….

  8. #12 Stop feeding monopolistic parasite mega-corporations like Amazon. Over $500,000,000 per yr. annual profit, ZERO philanthropy/giving back.

    Try socially responsible book portal Biblio.com, and Round Up For Reading at checkout to contribute to literacy programs. Benefits independent booksellers, people and planet.

    • Or just get books (public domain that is) via gutenberg.org and/or archive.org under “Texts”. My one and only (older) smartphone is not activated with any phone service but does have an ereader app I use to read epub files titles. I must have about 280 titles and they are all very good books I will read. Many how to instructional books, chemistry, novels, science, even joke books. I love reading my little “electric book” at night in bed, no bedside lamp to keep anyone awake. just white text on a black background and no pages to have to turn!

  9. This is is a good start. But moving abroad will not get you off the government’s radar. They keep tabs on you via your passport and with globalization they even work with banks in many countries to watch over your finances.

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