Thieves Yell “Police” Before Invading Home, Shooting and Robbing Resident

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Opportunistic thieves now seem to recognize that they can take advantage of people’s perception of authority in police and the prevalence of violent police raids.

SWAT’s no-knock home invasions are increasingly used to serve non-violent drug warrants. This tactic conditions the public to stand down when masked thugs barge through their front doors.

The video report below claims home invaders yelled “police” upon entering apparently to gain an easier advantage. The thieves shot one of the residents in the head and allegedly stole some things. They are still at large.

Think about that for a moment. We live in a society where home invaders can actually be mistaken for “legitimate” police work! How far has our society fallen to accept such a scenario?

And home invasions, whether executed by SWAT or petty crooks, always result in the same outcome for the victims; theft of property and possibly their lives.

When the actions of gangsters mimic the actions of “authorities”, you know we’ve got big problems with government.

Source: ABC13

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30 Comments on "Thieves Yell “Police” Before Invading Home, Shooting and Robbing Resident"

  1. Thieves mimicking government. Government mimicking thieves.

  2. SWAT teams were supposed to be for known hostage or siege situations. It is ridiculous that this & no knock warrants are done at all [especially on hearsay] because the same amount of personel [or less] could be used to cover the back door & windows[preventing escape] and as far as destroying evidence; this is rare especially with drug dogs & forensics.
    As for officer safety; this will soon be putting more at risk as many families will be fighting back as this escalates. We have the right to protect our home & loved ones.
    This needs to be banned & tighter controls need to be enforced on issuing of warrants and how they are carried out. Too many PTSD/ medicated former military doing search & destroy instead of protect & serve.

    • I’m sure this is not a problem for the people posing as the government or whatever you want to call the fictional entity.They’re busy doing whatever they can to dismantle the country at a profit.I’m sure it’s just too bad unless it’s an incident promoted by the Newmanite Al Sharpton.Wake up.We live chaos.The incorporated corporations known as the governments are all incorporated and privatized with foreign partners.Corporations are papers signed by men.
      Dead guys we don’t even know.It’s a fiction everyone buys into and pretends it is our mommy. The SWAT team was a bad idea and became necessary after the Patty Hearst PSYOP. All they are is the Russian Tax Police Tactics of Overwhelming force.Then they ca;; it”Dynamic Entry” as if it’s not a goon attack.Now all someone has to do is yell the magick word word and people cower in fear.SWAT was a bad idea,but don’t worry it’s never going to be dismantled while we have a paranoid asset seizing bodyguarded in armored BMWs and Limos as our fictional “leaders”so many people empower buying into this crazy fiction.They SWAT are just pumped up freaked out men in costumes armed by criminals,now armed criminals operating freelance have the same powers.It’s what happens at the decline of societies!

      • And when you can’t cut it as a SWAT member anymore?

        Hire on as a Monsanto thug and try to force your way into farmer’s houses to look through their computers.

        Of course, there are less job openings – i think Monsanto itself has around 200 or less or so i hear. Bayer? Dow? Syngenta? C’mon, let’s develop a job market for SWAT defectives.

  3. I have no reason to believe police will be busting my door down to serve a no-knock warrant…they had better make sure they have the right house…

  4. I’ll assume it’s an armed home invasion under color of law….
    and respond as any prudent free man would to defend his life.

  5. I agree with CAWS and OzCop and dan . . . But if normal thugs do this more often, Courts will have a near impossible time of convicting an innocent person who shoots a no-knock warrant thug between the eyes.

  6. No one should be surprised.
    Organized Crime: what The Government calls criminal organizations less organized than itself.
    — Quotations from Chairman Zhu

  7. ① I know that I and my family are not up to no good.

    ② So, if my door is knocked down and a stranger enters he or she will be killed without any hesitation.

    ③ In Texas defense against a cop is going to see you charged with attempted capital murder. And, juries are refusing to convict so long as the shooter is an honest citizen defending his/her home.

              ► The trick is to ensure that you are an honest citizen. If there is a warrant out for your arrest or you have a record then it’ll get dicey. The hinge question would be if it were unreasonable to consider cops over home intruders.

    • I’m not sure that anyone has fully thought through what the implications are for Santa and his elves. Increasingly, they are being shot at and sometimes mortally wounded as they go about their festive task.
      Sad times indeed…

    • Do you even know what a citizen is?

      Perhaps that misconception derives from the misunderstanding of just what citizenship is.
      For citizenship is simply a membership, be it voluntary or forced
      through coercion and martial law, unilaterally agreed to by an
      individual. It is no different than a gym membership; where you must
      follow the rules set out in your agreement contract that only you sign.
      Like the government, the gym does not sign your contract. It is simply
      an agreement for membership to enjoy some benefits, as well as an
      agreement for you to follow their rules.
      But what happens when the rules change without your consent?
      What happens when the benefits diminish?

      • Good afternoon kids. Todays word is “Relevant”.

        I went to your link as a courtesy. After reading a minute or two it became obvious that the only reason you “answered” my post was to pimp your blog.

        I don’t mind people who link or pimp blogs if the content being linked/pimped is relevant to the discussion. I have a blog with about 250 posts that from time to time I will pimp out. But, when I do it is because a specific post is actually relevant to a current discussion.

        So, in closing, don’t pimp out your blog posts onto a discussion I am having unless your post is actually relevant to the discussion. Thanks.

        • It’s not my blog.I was hoping you would awaken from the fictional realm of thinking.You say be a good “citizen”.
          Like a good doggies.If you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear from the Kleptocracy position.
          I was hoping you would realize that since 1933 and especially in the present you live under a state of emergency.
          I think you must have noticed since the 9 11 thingie you are still in a state of (ahem) “emergency”.That means any laws the government (especially when it’s outsourced which has even less accountability.)
          It’s anarchy.Yes,the TV owned by 6 companies tell you the anarchists are legit. In a state of emergency as a citizen you volunteer to abide by all the demands of the anarchists.There is no law that the corporation you think is the real government has to follow in a state of emergency,which leads to the lawlessness including crimininals adopting the magick word to steal what they want too.
          Thanks for your emlightening post making it so simple.Just be a good doggie and you have nothing to worry about from the out of control Kleptocracy and the criminals who know all it takes to raid a home is say the magick word that the authorities you believe in are “governing” because they… about YOU! Yes they do! You are the most important person ! Just try and follow every of the 2 million laws and then you don’t have to worry about a raid,I had a agency try to milk me for 180.00 worth of tolls.Had I paid right away with the credit card they wanted I would have been out $180.00
          It turned out because I let someone use their I pass in my car once 5 years ago.I owed them $5.00. While they scamming me there could have been a raid on me,
          I might add that not long after giving the private company posing as the Tollway(still uses the States name)my card had to be canceled because the number was stolen.
          The “Tollway” scammers would have soaked me for $180.00 They have been caught skimming I Passes.
          I don’t have such a Pollyanna outlook as you.Maybe I should believe in the fictinal government more like you and then everything will be OK and I’ll wise up like you!

      • Perhaps you need to read the Organic Documents and their definition of natural citizen as it entaile inherent rights which cannot be taken away.
        The govt now pretends that they own all rights and they’ve let us take them out and play with them for awhile. Now they want to take them back from you and put some in the closet, and give most to the bullies. The rich people.

        This is not possible under the concept of natural citizen, from which our citizenship was derived according to multiple referenced from the founding fathers.


      Saying used to be that 3 things kept America free; the voting box, the cartridge box, and the jury box.

      Many do not know that the state can prove EVERYTHING it has accused a person of, and a jury can nullify any conviction and declare that person innocent because they recognize that the person is the victim of an unjust law.

      A constitutional and organic law right.

      • That’s good thing unless the Judge sets aside the verdict. I don’t pretend to know the legal hoops involved that allows a judge to decide that the rendered verdict is invalid, but it happens.

        I also understand the basic concept of natural rights. That is philosophy which makes for excellent discussion. But they, natural rights, don’t exist. Rights are conferred by a benevolent government if at all.

        Never forget that Reality ALWAYS Trumps Philosophy.

        • There is always some manner in which the crooked, greedy, and authoritarian supportive people can try to steal freedoms. Were that judge to become vilified on youtube, facebook, etc for destroying the constitutional powers given the people, he/she would likely never make another election.
          There needs to be some point at which we who see through some of this false paradigm, fake “civilization” act in a degree of concert.

          i would LOVE to see this. Background in equivalency – If 1 + 1 = 2, and the equivalent is that 2 = 1 = 1, then it follows that if “Money = speech, then speech = money. Therefore, good patriotic americans should pay their income taxes in speech this April 15th.

          If enough people did so, there could be no prosecution. It would be a total bitsh slap to the uber-rich that depend upon our tax monies for their corporate socialism and fascism. It blatantly screams your CITIZEN’S UNITED ruling (of the Supreme Court MORON-jority is perceived as bullshyt by thinking people, the self-annointed “Elite” fools are seen through, etc.

          As a martial arts metaphor it would be known in some styles as leading the beat, or a pre-emptive attack. The “elite” fools would have to either totally and immediately stomp on most of society (in which case better sooner than later when more people are disarmed and in greater fear) or they will have to spend billions of $$$ to try to get back to where they were in terms of acceptance and respect. i submit they would never recover and the violence would ensue in their attempt to totally enslave us.

          As stated, it’s going to happen in a few years anyway – so force them to move before they thought they had to so that they aren’t all prepared. That causes more mistakes. They couldn’t win Vietnam, couldn’t win Afghanistan (russia or the US) how could they do so against a people upon whom they depend for their armies and funding as they fight their cannon fodder and supply source??

          Note: i do not espouse trying to overthrow or rebel against the US govt even though they are factually treasonous in the legislation they pass. i recommend the destruction of the wealthy class to cut the head off the snake as it were, and ONLY as a last resort.

  8. are you kidding me? they probably WERE cops

  9. And they really weren’t police??

  10. What took them so long? I saw this as a problem years ago and have been waiting for it to happen. Now, here it is.
    Every home needs a hidden safe room to protect against both types of criminals busting down doors they have no right to enter.

    • Sorry….that’s Illegal according to the corporate fiction that people believe is their government.They got it covered!

      A person can be charged with criminal fortification of a
      residence or building when, with the intent to prevent the lawful entry
      of a law enforcement officer, he maintains a residence or building in a
      fortified condition, knowing that the residence is used for the
      manufacture, storage, delivery or trafficking of illegal drugs.
      condition” means preventing or impeding entry through the use of steel
      doors, wooden planking, crossbars, alarm systems, dogs, etc.

      No no no!
      Just do like the children are trained to do in the nationwide anti-bullying training paid for by community partners including stores you shop at!

      The anti-bully programs teach the children that if they feel threatened to lie on the floor in the fetal position and wait for an adult (authority) to show up! There are the future generations.There will be no one complaining about such things very soon.
      All we need to do to be safe is lie on the floor in the fetal position,and if it’s not the police then we just wait till some authorities show up!

      It’s simple! We should take a lesson from the educators and be safe !
      It’s all super smart and making a better world,and helping the authorities be efficient!

  11. There is NO reason for SWAT to raid my home. Anyone who bursts in screaming “POLICE” is gonna get a face full of buckshot.

  12. They say it was criminals but reading over the many “swat” raids gone bad. I’m thinking this might be a new trend for them. .They’ll never be held accountable so why not go ahead and enjoy the “spoils of war”

    • They say it’s a SWAT raid gone bad.Hehehe
      It’s hard to believe the “official” stories anymore made up for the public consumption.Maybe the “wrong address” was the right one if the guy was a pain in the arse to the authorities,and they do it and say “Whoops”
      The world is incredibly corrupt,no one is trying to do anything right.They just use their positions to justify their looting and control.
      They have to make it look as if they fighting “crime”,but it is crimes against their corporate fictin they keep making new laws for to fill up their private prisons or confiscate property,or exact fines with.
      Everyone needs to vote to tell them that you consent to their fictional corporation being god.
      It’s all done by consent.It’s still a state of emergency since 9 11 so they can do anything they want anytime they want LOL

  13. I wonder who gets credit for this invention!

  14. i found out a couple of years ago that the DHS can go into your safety deposit box and take any guns built after 1870something, any gold, silver, coins, jewelry, cash, or anything so “terrorist” AND the bank cannot tell you who did it.

    i mentioned this in disgust to my son, and he thought for about 3 seconds and said “So get fake DHS security and uniforms, go into a bank and rifle through all the safety deposit boxes. Since the bank cannot tell the box-holders that DHS stole it, and DHS can probably have those portions of the tape deleted – you could commit the perfect crime”.


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