Harrowing Fight of Woman Struggling With Unidentified Offduty Cop

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

It happened in San Jose, California, this past September.

An alleged fender-bender takes place and before long a woman is being overpowered by a man in black sporting clothes. She doesn’t know why. For all she knows, he is a rapist trying to kidnap her away to an undisclosed location.

It’s only when her sister comes along that she is able to break free.

The most asinine aspect of this situation follows the video…

A couple things stand out like the blatant presence of something in a punch bowl.

First, what gives anyone the right to arrest, or grab hold of someone after a parking lot fender-bender? What usually happens after one – yes, a police report. Not brutalization and usually not arrest.

Secondly, and most asinine, is the moron giddily recording the fight – before he even believes the guy is a cop. Then, because the man in black clothes finally decides to announce his offduty “authority” (as if now the aggression is suddenly moral) the guy recording simply takes him for his word. And then starts yelling to the struggling woman “He’s a cop!” It’s all right…quit struggling, he’s a cop. A true sign of a pacified nation.

Are we to just assume that someone who says they are an officer means just that? And to then take everything lying down? What if he hadn’t been one? Criminals are catching on to this concept with deadly results. Worse, what if he had his weapons on him?

Are we to assume that the label “cop” suddenly makes the behavior okay?

But as you can see from a previous report, “Offduty Cops Pick the Wrong Person to Harass” – an offduty, unidentified, plain clothes cop out of his jurisdiction doesn’t have as much power as one thinks.

However, it looks like she will be the one facing charges from his aggression. Unnecessary and unlawful aggression that seemingly happened just because.

Badges, whether on the person or left at home, do not grant extra privileges.

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