Why the USA is Losing Power, Jobs, and Respect, but Making Enemies

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David Redick 
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All of the negative words in the title of this article are related to the facts that;

1) The USA has been an aggressive empire, seeking more political (control and influence), and economic (reserve currency, land, oil, ports, etc.) power, since the ‘War of 1812.’

2) We are now a failing Empire and our ‘leaders’ are grabbing for power and money worldwide to keep their jobs and status. The fall of Rome is a valid analogy. The technology differs, but the human elements are very similar!

The Native Americans (‘Indians’) in North America were early targets of the European ‘settlers’. The purpose of the first war started by the USA, the ‘War of 1812’, was to evict England from North America and take over Canada. We started by invading Canada from Detroit! This had been brewing because the Articles of Confederation, signed during 1777 to 1781, said in Article 11 that Canada could join the USA if they chose to ‘accede’.

Aggression and invasion always cause human and physical damage, which tends to anger the victims. The USA holds the dishonor of a long history of being a murderous and invasive nation, and maybe the worst in history. My article “13 Lies: An Abbreviated History of U.S. Presidents Leading Us to War,” shows how all of our wars since 1812 have been started on lies by our ‘leaders’. Before you attack me as disloyal, let me point out that I am loyal to the ‘USA nation’ (the people –though many are compliant ‘sheeple’- and land) but not the government (the aggressive, ambitious and egotistical politicians, and many Generals).

Losing Power and Jobs

I have noticed that since our downhill slide gained speed with the illegal, immoral Korean, Vietnam, and Mideast wars (all for oil and imperial control), many respected authors have written more frequently about misconduct by the USA leaders, and their ‘willing dupe’ followers in Congress and the public. Examples from two authors are;

1) “The Lie Machine”, Oct. 11, 2014; and “The High Cost Of Saving Face For Obama,” Sep.14, 2013, by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, and

2) “Things Fall Apart,” on Oct. 24, 2014 by Pat Buchanan. There are many more articles by them, and other respected authors (please forgive the omissions).

My goal (and safe to say theirs also) is to help restore the USA as a place of liberty, peace, and prosperity, based on personal responsibility (not communal parasites), and the rule of law. It’s all in my book Rebuild America Now. This rhymes well with the goals of our Founders, but we have been pulled astray by power and money-seeking crooks, while the sheeple watch and whine.

The US Dollar (USD) has been the world’s primary reserve currency (used in 80% of int’l transactions) since 1918 (succeeding the currency of France and England who were broke). We abused this ‘exorbitant privilege’ (as De Gaulle called it) by creating new money out of thin air (reducing gold ‘backing’; only the issuer of the world’s primary reserve currency can do so much of this) and spending it;

  1. by starting wars (for Israel and oil; not defense), 
  2. for welfare to people, and corporate subsidies (in exchange for campaign contributions; ‘crony capitalism’), and
  3. for excessive imports (thus ‘offshoring’ jobs, factories, and technology).

Further job losses have been caused by government intervention in the free-market process, such as;

1) giving special powers to unions (union shop, check-off system for dues collections, etc.), which 2) causes higher domestic costs and thus more imports and offshoring (see above) funded by an unlimited supply of fake money from the Fed. In addition to offshoring, managers try to be competitive in the market by investing in more capital equipment (robots, automated machines, etc.) to lower costs by reducing labor content in their products. This increases ‘productivity’ (more output per man-hour, which funds and justifies higher wages), but fewer employees are needed.

In the 1960s, other nations started redeeming their declining value paper USDs for gold at $35 per ounce and we were running out, so Nixon ended redemption in 1971 and creation of new money zoomed up and the value (purchasing power) of the USD zoomed down, causing ‘price inflation’. A family car cost $2,000 in the 1970s, and is now $20,000. There are many other examples.

We have over 1,000 bases in over 100 countries (says the DoD) which constitutes Empire-USA, which is failing (see ‘Phases of Empire’ link below)!! Since the self-caused crash of 2008, and QE, etc., the USD is now only about 60% of world transactions, and many nations (the BRICS; Brazil, Russia, India, China, S. Africa) and others are trading (including oil and gas) with their own currencies, This loss of demand for the USD (and the ‘PetroDollar’; oil sales only in USD) is causing it to lose value faster!!

Our political ‘leaders’ are desperate to keep their jobs and power, so as with all failing empires in the past, they are restricting rights of citizens, and restricting, threatening or invading other nations who are contenders to replace, or weaken, us as the world’s biggest economic and military power. Our actions to stir-up Syria and Ukraine (both friends of Russia) bring the threat of WW3. Russian President Putin has been conducting himself as a ‘mature diplomat’ in the face of these provocations by our immature, self-serving ‘leaders’. Paul Craig Roberts analyzes it well in the articles at these links; http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/10/15/vladimir-putin-reminds-obama-sowing-discord-nuclear-powers-can-undermine-strategic-security/ , and http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/10/25/vladimir-putin-leader-moral-world-paul-craig-roberts/.

Losing Respect

Before 1960 (when we started big spending at home and abroad, and more wars for empire) the US was considered a beacon of Liberty and Progress. Since then, the increasingly illegal and immoral conduct of our ‘leaders’ has put other nations on guard that it is a risk to be a ‘friend’ (or ‘puppet’) of the US because you get dragged in to our self-made military and economic troubles. Further, our ‘leaders’ lie as much to our friends (and citizens) as they do to our ‘enemies’ (opponents for power).

Making Enemies

Any fool knows that people get angry if you invade, murder, and bomb them without just cause. It is even worse when the invader is lying about their reasons (claiming they were threatened or attacked, etc.) when the ‘real reasons’ are to steal their victims oil (Iraq), build a pipeline (Afghan), or reduce oil exports to China (Libya and Iran). The list is too long to show here.

It should not surprise us that our victims fight back (we call them ‘insurgents’ or ‘terrorists’) with whatever weapons they can find or afford. Some even get a bit crazy with hate. Our leaders’ like to label them as Muslim fanatics, but members of any religion would fight-back under the US attacks. Road-side bombs and gun attacks work well for them. To end the counter-attacks we must end our foreign intervention and invasions. International correspondent Eric Margolis (an American citizen of French heritage, who grew up in the Mideast; see http://ericmargolis.com/) analyzes our ‘lunatic foreign policy’ in his article; “Don’t Let Lunatics Make Our Policies.”  He includes comments on the recent gun attacks in Canada (where he has lived). In 2004, the late Chalmers Johnson wrote the book Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire about this process. It is part of a trilogy including The Sorrows of Empire and Nemesis. He worked for the CIA (so he knew their schemes), and then semi-retired to write and teach at UC-San Diego

Of course the Sep. 11, 2001 ‘911’ destruction of the World Trade Center towers, and 47-story Building7, is a key event in the creation of the ‘War on Terror’. There are many opinions about the plans and perpetrators of this tragic event, but as an engineer, I give weight to the physics (natural laws of science) involved, before seeking details on ‘who planned and did it’. Key issues that must be considered (no fair disregarding them) are;

1) The ‘Project for a New American Century’ (PNAC) was a group assembled in 1997 to promote ‘defense of US interests worldwide’. The group included Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, Steve Forbes – a Trustee of the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation -, and various Israel-first neocons, such as William Kristol, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, James Woolsey, Elliot Abrams, John Bolton, and Robert Kagan. In 2000 they issued a report ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources for a New Century’ that became the game-plan for the G.W. Bush Presidency. It called for strong action to preserve the US world hegemony (visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_for_the_New_American_Century). When the Cold War with Russia ended in 1990, the US ‘military-industrial complex’ needed a ‘cause’ to justify more production of war products. They have been quoted as saying; ‘We need a ‘Pearl Harbor type’ event to help us get started’. The PNAC gang helped by creating the ‘War on Terror’ (WOT)!

2) Treasury Sec. Paul O’Neill noticed that since Feb-2001 Bush was focused on invading Iraq and warned that such a war would be illegal and expensive. Bush fired him. The story is in the book The Price of Loyalty, a 2004 book by author Ron Suskind.

3) All photos show that the towers and Bldg. 47 fell in a classic pattern of explosions that can only happen with ‘controlled demolition’, which requires explosives installed in advance. Each floor of the towers exploded in a simultaneous 360 degree pattern of explosions just ahead of the falling debris, thus allowing ‘free fall’ speed. The theory of ‘pancaking’ would show odd shapes with no horizontal 360 degree puffs of pulverized material, and end after a floor or two due to lack of energy. Further, a. there were no flattened bodies or furniture in the debris pile because they had been pulverized, and b. the towers were built with a ‘tube; design where large vertical steel beams support the outer structure, with light-weight floor panels connected to the elevator structure in the center. The ‘pancake’ theory would have left these vertical beams sticking up like a corn-shock, but no, they were severed, and some pieces blown across the street! However, a. human bone fragments were found on nearby rooftops, and b. nano-thermite residue was found in the building debris (this stuff can melt steel). George Bush’s ‘other’ brother worked for the firm that maintained the towers, so they had 7×24 hour access to plant the nano-thermite.

4) First-responders reported explosions and streams of molten metal going into the basement,

5) Trucks arrived at the towers site at 7 am the next morning to haul away debris (mostly the steel) to a restricted-access site in NJ, then it was shipped to China for scrap, This was a massive violation of the crime scene, and prevented analyzing how the vertical beams were cut.

With great chutzpah, the government claimed to find undamaged passports of Muslim bombers in the debris. The sheeple believed them. The list supporting controlled demolition is long. See www.AE911truth.org for more. The next step is to determine who did the planning an execution of the demolition and why. I think it was developed by Bush an Israel president Netanyahu (and his Mossad) to justify invading the Mideast to protect Israel. Killing 3,000 people is nothing to these fiends. All wars started by the USA are expected to kill thousands or millions! This article cannot delve into the causes of 911, but see wiki online for more.

Creating the never-ending WoT was a brilliant ploy by the fiends in DC. It gives them a reason to declare anyone a terrorist and kill them or invade their country. They created the useless TSA to keep us in fear and willing to give up rights, plus they do various fake incidents like the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 (the structural damage could only have been done by pre-planted explosives, not an exploding truck in the road), the airline ‘shoe bomber’, and ‘Boston Marathon Bombing’. There will be more ‘scare’ events.

The above books, sites, and articles will give you an honest and thorough look at our illegal; immoral, and counterproductive foreign ventures.

How to Save the USA

The key elements of my solution are to;

  1. End the illegal, immoral wars for empire (a few are discussed above, and in the link below), and use a non-interventionist foreign policy,
  2. Reduce our deficits, debt, and taxes by not spending on wars or personal and corporate welfare,
  3. Abolish the Fed and restore the gold standard, and
  4. Comply with the Constitution and enforce property rights.

For details, see my published articles in part 8 in the left margin of my site Forward-USA.org, which includes the links below, and 20 others. The texts of my books Rebuild America Now, Monetary Revolution USA, and How to Protect and Grow Your Wealth are at parts 1 and 2. Visit the links below first;

Once we start rebuilding our moral, economic, physical, and financial systems, the entrepreneurs will get back to work, innovate, create jobs, and build our strength to produce more peace and prosperity for all of our citizens. Let’s get started!

Author David Redick (BS-Eng., MBA-Economics) is an activist for peace and prosperity via limited government and free markets. Send comments to redickd@aol.com. Read more at his web sites www.Forward-USA.org, and SaferInvesting.org. The books shown in this article, and his other books, are on Amazon.com.

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