Police Block Highway for Strange Truck Convoy That Goes On for Miles


Are authorities prepping for something big? Virginia police provide an escort for a seemingly endless convoy of tractor trailers presumably carrying food and other goods. The official cover story claims this long train of products was designated for a local Special Olympics event. What do you think?

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10 Comments on "Police Block Highway for Strange Truck Convoy That Goes On for Miles"

  1. disqus_tKUiAezKl2 | October 27, 2014 at 12:10 am | Reply

    Did anyone follow this convoy to see where it was going?

    • I was thinking the same thing.Yet they would have to be very adventurous and fearless. And I often consider that minds are mellowed and controlled as to not consider such an endeavor.

  2. Deep underground military bases, or (DUMBS) comes to mind…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhxazsfRT9c

  3. Over 100 semi trucks of goods heading to a Special Olympics event??? Why would they need a police escort? I call bullshit, I do not trust this government and neither should you. Everything they tell us is lies. My guess is these trucks are headed to a labyrinth of underground tunnels where our beloved politicians will retreat to when SHTF. They have something up their sleeve. Perhaps they are getting ready for a Ebola outbreak, who knows…..

    • Or a fake ebola outbreak, followed by compulsory damage causing vaccines for ‘The Great Culling’ of the ‘Useless Eaters’, words used by an Insider Head of State to her doctor, Dr Rima who as a qualified medical doctor prefers to practice natural medicine. This was just before the fake ‘swine flu’ crisis during which the vaccines caused such serious/fatal reactions they could not get away with it for long. On youtube there are videos showing fake african ebola victims and their family members, ‘crisis actors’ (one walking off with money in hand) busting CNN, NYTimes and a Dr Without Borders commenter. One boy walked normally to a canvas then lay down and lay still for the camera’.Shame on them.

  4. Jeff Pearce Sr. | October 27, 2014 at 6:58 am | Reply

    Ask yourself: Was such a convoy necessary for the “OLYMPICS”? The “OLYMPICS” that the entire world participates in? Never. They think “we’re” idiots, those of us reading this post. But they know most are idiots who will not question anything except if their cable TV went off. Then there would be riots and conspiracy theories abounding.

  5. Signs on trucks can be intentionally misleading

  6. A police escort is one thing, shutting down the highway is something else; this is for a DHS reason and not a good one for us. Faye is correct, the trucks markings can be just for show. Whatever was in the trucks was very important as there were trailer less rigs there in case of a break down so as to not get outside people involved or stop the convoy. This was a point to point transport, if anyone blocked their path, you would have seen guns drawn on them. I have seen this with nukes being transported.

  7. turtleonafencepost | October 27, 2014 at 4:54 pm | Reply

    Special Olympics event, turned conspiracy theory… go figure. http://resources.specialolympics.org/Sections/Donate/Truck_Convoy.aspx

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