$0 Silver: The Price Point of Liberty

By Jack Mullen

A few years ago when silver was approaching the magical $50 resistance point, I wrote an article claiming $50 silver as the Price Point of Liberty. Today I realize there are two price points of Liberty, $50 and somewhere before the price of silver reaches $0.

Range limited, managed silver prices have been kept below $50 since 1980, regardless of inflation or the asymptotic decline in silver production and the drastic decline in production grams-per-ton and the exorbitant increase in national debt.

Now we see silver prices steadily declining while deficit spending and national debt are rising faster than any time in history (absolute dollars). Falling silver and gold prices in the face of astronomical, and rising debt, is a signal someone is attempting to violate reality.

I would like to go record as saying current falling silver and gold prices (and for good measure the other PMs must follow in lock step) are a deliberate, fraudulent manipulation of price for the single purpose of preserving the value of the dollar as necessary for the primary purpose of sustaining the Bond Price Bubble.

10 Year Bond Price 2010-Now Stable Price Values


Chart: finance.yahoo.com
US Dollar/Silver Price | Silver Price 2012 -2014 | Falling Silver Prices


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Falling prices in silver and gold are necessary to keep interest rates low. Low interest rates with skyrocketing debt is not a natural situation. Endless debt has physical limits signaled by rising interest rates; at some point the supply of currency has to be limited or each unit approaches zero purchasing value in the limit.

If silver and gold prices rise, it signals a loss in purchasing power, it indicates more Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) have been printed and each printed FRN has diluted its value such that it takes more to buy an ounce of supply-limited silver or gold.

Silver dollars, the Constitutional dollar, is a commodity limited in supply and the supply has been steadily falling year after year. Silver is the Achilles heel of the low-interest-rate-bond-bubble racket while gold is abundantly plentiful, with likely more ounces unpublished than published.

Silver is the metal of mankind, the champion and shield of the common man, silver will protect people from disease, werewolves and vampires; especially financial vampires sucking the wealth and life blood from Americans, and silver will deliver America from currency slavery.

Zero Dollar Silver : where silver price and reality curves cross

As the bank-gangsters manipulate the price of silver lower, there comes a point in the limit as the price of silver approaches zero where another magical price is crossed. Sometime, at some price yet unknown, which I call the “Price Point of Liberty” (PPL), silver will no longer be able to go any lower because as silver approaches zero, the supply of silver will approach zero faster. At the PPL, the metal exchanges default and the FRN price of silver becomes a singularity, and FRNs that can’t find silver move into gold and platinum and palladium raising all prices.

Un-priceable silver and rising gold and precious-metals prices begin to crack and burst the bond market bubble and, in a short time, the financial system based on the dollar will be in ruin.


Federal Reserve Note Endgame

The end game for silver and gold and precious metal price manipulation is now revealed. Silver prices and, therefore, gold and other precious metals have been held low to keep the value of the dollar stable; but as debt levels rise, silver and gold have been forced lower to continue to stabilize the value of the dollar and US Bond prices.

Bond prices are dependent on keeping interest rates low, and the moment these rates begin to rise a tsunami of interest payments is set loose; a violent shock to a fragile system that will shortly collapse under the weight of geometrically increasing interest payments.

We have only a small amount of time now as silver is only $17 away from zero; but long before zero, the supplies of physical silver will be depleted as stackers and asset protectionist seize the day and buy this asset at prices that can only be called insane or a gift from God.

When the supply of silver dries up, the metals exchange default and the price of silver heads for FRN price stratosphere – changing forever the purchasing power of the FRN and heralding the angels of rising interest rates, ending one of the longest running fiat currency scams in history.

Take part in history, help bring down the wall of tyranny and the conduit of financial power and energy fueling misery around the world; be part of the new day and the end of an Old World Tyranny . . . buy physical silver now while its still on fire sale.

Jack Mullen has been a businessman for more than 25 years, owning 3 radio stations, several technology based companies and a resource development company.

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