Mom Says NO to The School System Intimidation

Heather Callaghan
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And Common Purpose, and the threat of Social Services…

This British mum smacks down the punishing culture of the public school system. She gives a chilling account of what happened when her son was given confusing commands, humiliated in front of class, brought to tears and trauma and how it was covered up with a false accusation towards him from the system. She didn’t just take to YouTube, however – she confronted them. Their response? See.

Most chilling – are the eerie similarities between the British school system and North American – coincidence? [*Language Warning*]

She also explores “the Bullying phenomenon” – where is it coming from? Where do children spend most of their time? It’s hard to miss the irony here when discussing an intimidation scenario on the part of school faculty.

And, lastly, she alludes to Common Purpose. Officially, it poses as a charity for “leadership development” education and networking, but people in the UK (including teachers) have noticed a menacing and secretive force trickling into all facets of society that wreak of Common Purpose, since 1985. Danielle La Verite, in the video above, is detecting the language of Common Purpose in the school system. Its founder was allegedly inspired by similar, American leadership development groups (bootcamps), which I might add also make their way into the school and religious systems here.

It cannot be denied that this kind of “force-over” system gets projected onto students in the form of nonsensical, harsh punishments. No wonder people refer to this system as the “school-to-prison-pipeline” system. But it must also be stated that there are many good people – good teachers and staff who really care – who are just as pinched by the commands and fear tactics of the system as the students and parents. They have told me repeatedly “I just wanted to teach…” and as more garbage gets piled on, they watch their dream slip into a nightmare.

Unfortunately, a lot of them also just go along with protocol, and children pay the price. It is time parents, teachers, staff and anyone else talk on an even level, look directly into the face of the B.S. and in unison say to it, the most powerful word in the English language – NO!


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