Action Alert! We Need Your Help to Go Ad-Free!

How can a man be a philosopher and not maintain his vital heat by better methods than other men. – Henry David Thoreau. 

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Dear friends,

We are excited to announce our plans for a new Ad-Free platform, but we need your help to launch it. Go to our crowdfunder now and get some cool perks for supporting us.

When we began this journey four years ago to rant about the establishment and curate the most important news of the day, we never imagined that nearly a million people would visit our blog each month. Your support has humbled us beyond measure.

Yet, despite record traffic, our ad revenue is insufficient to advance our mission to promote peace and liberty. The good news is that the great awakening is growing exponentially, the bad news is truth telling doesn’t always pay the bills.

We started this blog part time, as a maddening itch for truth and justice that had no foundation in prestige or in making money. Today, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to work around the clock to provide a counter to mainstream propaganda and a platform for other independent journalists. However, our income, if broken down hourly, would make a fast-food worker blush at their good fortune.

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It is no mystery what we are up against: a corporate-government media machine that continues to expand their desire to shut out dissenting voices and alternative information. They even resort to labeling peaceful activism or political dissent as “terrorism,” and reading alternative information as potentially “becoming radicalized on the Internet.”

Ideas of peace, love, and liberty have great power. In fact, the establishment is scared to death of these ideas taking root. Anyone who desires control over others would naturally be terrified of these principles because they are the precise antidote to their agenda. But they have incredibly vast resources at their disposal, and all we have in independent news is each other. Our crowd. Our tribe. You!

We always envisioned an open-source platform that would rise or fall based on the merit of the information, and hard work and dedication. However, there are very few ways to make money in open-source media and stay true to our principles. We originally chose market-based advertising as our chief source of revenue because it’s voluntary, but we know many of you despise the advertisements.

But, alas, fighting the war of ideas against the established order takes more than passion. It takes action and it takes resources. It takes the crowd support for alternative media to survive and thrive.

In the past we’ve opposed offering a subscription news service because we believe information this important must be free, but now we clearly see value in offering an Ad-Free experience. That said, we will always maintain the free version of our website with ads.
We know times are tight, so we’ve priced this subscription as low as possible to be able to bring this new platform to you. Membership in this Ad-Free community will be $5/month, or basically like buying one Starbucks coffee per month for our crew.

We refuse to back down from our goals – now we have 45 days to show the establishment that people-powered media means business like never before. As a big thank you, we have put together some exciting perks for helping with this mission.

Go to our Indiegogo page HERE.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support,

Activist Post crew and staff.

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