Real-Time Community News App in Development for Citizen Journalists

Making the unique freedom of speech and privacy laws of Finland available to the rest of the world. 

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The decentralization of technology is a key component in overcoming restrictions imposed by governments upon independent media. Recently, we all have witnessed the heavy-handed approach law enforcement has taken again the citizens of Ferguson, even going so far as to apparently use a kill-switch during one particularly chaotic moment.

We also see how social media is often used by the establishment to gather data and predict behavior, while our smart gadgets have become windows into our private lives. This needs to be turned upside down; we cannot be afraid to use the tools at our disposal, but they must be reconfigured so that our social activity is being utilized in the most constructive way possible.

A new map-based news app called Vews is in development that aims to offer an easy-to-use citizen journalism platform that lets you know in real time – near or far – where news events are taking place so that you can get involved. It is wrapped within the framework of non-censorship and privacy that has made Finland #1 in press freedom worldwide. The video below offers additional details.

Please visit their Indiegogo campaign link below to donate if you feel that this is a useful tool in the quest for free and open media. Or do you have a better idea? We certainly need all the solutions we can get our hands on, so please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

54 days remain:

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