Obama: ‘The American People WANT Me to Sign All These Executive Orders’

Melissa Melton
Activist Post

The single quotes in this article’s headline denote a paraphrase of something Obama basically said Wednesday at his U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit specifically in defense of his use of executive orders to bypass Congress whenever he feels like it.


“The American people don’t want me just standing around twiddling my thumbs and waiting for Congress to get something done,” Obama said.

Really? The American people don’t want the president of the United States to follow the Constitution?

Strange, coming from someone who liked to refer to himself as a “constitutional law professor” back in the day on the campaign trail. Flashback to a fundraiser in March 2007 where Obama found it within himself to say, “I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president I actually respect the Constitution.”

Yeah. Unlike George W. Bush, Obama actually respects the Constitu— BWA HA HA HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!

I’m sorry, I can’t even finish typing that sentence.

Back to the present, earlier today the Business Insider reported,

The president repeatedly indicated he would prefer to work with Congress to find legislative solutions on a slew of issues including funding for federal infrastructure projects and the border crisis. However, in the face of what he described as “dysfunction” in Congress, Obama said he would “scour our authority to try to make progress” within the bounds of the law.

“I’m going to seize those opportunities and that’s what I think the American people expect me to do,” said Obama.

Nice, right? Obama is just going to “seize those opportunities”.

But only specific opportunities he feels like seizing.

That’s right, the paid spokesman for The United States of America, Inc. then went on to make excuses about how, even though he can pass all these executive orders, he somehow can’t seem to sign one that would stop megacorporations from merging with foreign businesses and shell companies overseas to evade paying taxes…but, you know, he’ll look into it if he gets a chance.

The most infuriating thing about Obama saying these things isn’t even that he would excuse his overreach by pushing it off on the American citizens, but that he is even bothering to act like he has half a damn clue what the American people want or expect him to do at this point, or that he would muster up the strength to pretend to care even if he did.

But wait! I just remembered that corporations are people, too! So maybe those were the “American people” Obama was referring to in his statement.

Melissa Melton is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple, where this first appeared, and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Wake the flock up!

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127 Comments on "Obama: ‘The American People WANT Me to Sign All These Executive Orders’"

  1. But you cannot act like Congress didn’t stonewall him for his 6 years in office. Their sole goal was to see him fail as a Black man first and a Democrat second. They hurt the American people just as much. Don’t just tell one side of the story.

    • American Citizen | August 7, 2014 at 9:48 am | Reply

      Wow it took an entire two posts for the race card to get thrown out. Did it ever occur to you that people are against this President because of his policies? It has nothing to do with the color of his skin. As Martin Luther King once said: “”I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

      Heaven forbid you disagree with a black man because you don’t agree with his politics or his lifestyle choices, that must automatically make you a racist. This administration is the most corrupt in the history of this nation, hell he makes the Nixon administration look like a bunch of amateurs.

      I don’t like President Obama, because I am against everyone of his policies. So if you choose to label me a racist then so be it. Perhaps you should look up the definition of the word and see if it applies, which it doesn’t.. If I was in Congress, and 50% of American voters were against his policies then I would do everything I legally could to stop the man as well.

    • lololol What a joke. Interject RACE? You are a racist. All you see is color, not this degenerate that is intentionally destroying America. You have been programmed to see only race. Can’t see the forest for the trees. Congress is controlled by his party. Thank GOD that the House was taken over by the Repubs, even though 1/2 of them need to swing along with Barach and his crew for subversive acts of war against the American People. There would be nothing left of this country, just like Iraq and Libya that he has handed over to Muslim Caliphatists. He would hand it over tho his Islamic Brothers in a heart beat. That is exactly what he intends. It is what he has done there.

    • Kansas Bright | August 7, 2014 at 12:05 pm | Reply

      You are incorrect. It had/has NOTHING to do with race except that it is brought up continuously to try and distract people from ACTIONS being done.

      It also had to do with election fraud being committed in every single state. Election Fraud has been committed in every state and by some supreme court judges by BOTH parties since Bush 1 (probably before, but these I could verify). Because of the election fraud that we have allowed to continue we have not had a legitimate, lawful US president plus very few legitimate, lawful “representatives” since before Bush 1. That is right, we have not had a real, functional Constitutional US government in place and nothing that has been done since Bush 1 is lawful or binding on the American people.

      There is also no such thing as “emergency powers” which is the direct opposite of the US Constitution.

      The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people, equally in war and peace, and covers with the shield of its protection all classes of men, at all times, and under all circumstances. No doctrine involving more pernicious consequences was ever invented by the wit of man than that any of its provisions can be suspended during any of the great exigencies of government. Such a doctrine leads directly to anarchy or despotism.” The Supreme Court of the United States

      “Legislators have their authority measured by the Constitution, they are chosen to do what it permits, and NOTHING MORE, and they take solemn oath to obey and support it. . . To pass an act when they are in doubt whether it does or does not violate the Constitution is to treat as of no force the most imperative obligations any person can assume.” — Judge Thomas M. Cooley

      Dr. Edwin Vieira: “This has nothing to do with personalities or subjective ideas. It’s a matter of what the Constitution provides…

      The government of the United States has never violated anyone’s constitutional rights…
      The government of the United States will never violate anyone constitutional rights, because it cannot violate anyone’s constitutional rights. The reason for that is: The government of the United States is that set of actions by public officials that are consistent with the Constitution. Outside of its constitutional powers, the government of the United States has no legitimacy. It has no authority; and, it really even has no existence. It is what lawyers call a legal fiction.

      … the famous case Norton v. Shelby County… The Court said: “An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties. It is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”

      And that applies to any (and all) governmental action outside of the Constitution…”
      What are the defining characteristics of a limited government? They are its disabilities; what it does not have legal authority to do. Look at the First Amendment… What does it do? It guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion. But how does it do that? I quote: “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press” etcetera. “Congress shall make no law;” that’s a statement of an absence of power. That’s a statement of a disability. ” (End quote by Dr. Vieira)

      The 2008 Democratic Nominating Committee (DNC) document did not include language stating that Obama was qualified to be a candidate. The 2008 Republican Nominating Committee (RNC) document that it received did have it, as is normal. This shows that the DNC knew that Obama was not qualified, or why change the form?

      South Bend, Indiana jury found that election fraud put BOTH President Obama and Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008 election.

      There are plenty of REAL black men (not mixed race) that would make excellent US presidents, Obama is not one. But he is one who would sell out this nation (all races) which is why he was put into that position.

      • Thank you Kansas Bright!!! Very informing and succinct. Unfortunately, the people that need to know this will not understand/believe it unless it (accidentally) falls out of Obamas mouth, or some other orofice. Well done though.

    • You have to be kidding me Obama has failed all on his own and he keeps failing, he needs no help from anyone and quite frankly I do not think people care if he is white, black, green or purple… You can not disregard our constitution and the bill of rights like he does , he is an incompetent leader any way you look at it… He is tearing the United States apart and I have not forgot that the Bush and the Clinton families helped in tearing down America but O’bama has destroyed us in almost 5 years and if Hilary gets elected she has said she will finish what O’bama has started..

      • Another reason people need to think with their wallet in the next Presidential race, assuming there is still an America… and elections. Ask yourselves before you vote for anyone in primaries, local (city, county, state) and national elections, remember, YOUR life, politically and financially, begins in YOUR COMMUNITY. ASK YOURSELF, ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW than you were 8 YEARS AGO? This does not apply to those that are on the dole. They are still going to vote for those that GIVE THEM EVERYTHING THEY NEED! The rest of us don’t qualify for that and I know some that do and won’t accept it because they believe they should earn what they want because in yesteryear that was how it was done until another Democrat invented “WELFARE”. Thank you President Roosevelt. Things have gone to hell since then!!!

        • Johnson is the one who invented welfare as we know it with his “war on poverty” and his 30 something give-away programs.

    • Frederikahere | August 7, 2014 at 11:55 pm | Reply

      Thank God our nearly spineless Congress tried to “stonewall” him!
      Are you really this deluded or just making small talk?

    • Look at the post above.

  2. I wonder if the American Dream believers will ever come to grips that the Federal Government is now a CORPORATION Government, and not a Constitutional Government?

    • The U.S. is based on the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence! Until another revolution replaces them, that is it! To hell with what the government thinks under obummer — the tin-pot dictator!

      • Perhaps you missed the lecture, but the Constitution is a betrayal of the core values of the Declaration, which are equality and consent of the governed.

        The Constitution originally allowed slavery and did not even make voting a right. In the first elections, only 1% were qualified to vote or hold office, all rich white males (and 95% of the Founding Fathers were slave owners).

        Not one branch of government is based on equality and consent of the governed.

        The President, as with Bush, is not elected by the majority and thus not all votes are equal and Bush had consent of a minority.

        The Senate has states like Wyoming and Montana, with 3% the population of California, but twice as many Senators and votes.

        The House, in the last election, saw Democrats get one million more votes than Republicans, but due to gerrymandering (manipulating district borders to pervert representation), the Republicans (with 49% of the vote) got 72% of the seats.

        The Supreme Court is unelected, its seats filled on partisan basis, and no Justice has ever been removed.

        None of these 3 branches is based on the values of equality and consent of the governed. We do not have a democracy but an oligarchy, a plutocracy of the wealthy, whose agenda is to transfer as much public wealth as possible into private pockets.

        Let’s quit pretending.

        • ALL rich white males? There were plenty of New England traders, pirates, and whalers etc of wealth who didn’t have slaves.
          “Allness” statements are almost universally wrong. You had great points the rest of the way, but that “ALL” is just not accurate.
          As for the Constitution, it does grant us rights and is better than what they are doing now in trashing it.

          • The first several national elections had a turn out of 1% of the total population, 100% propertied white males. No natives, no blacks, no women, no indentured servants, no poor people, no people without substantial property…..rich white males exclusively
            chose Washington, Jefferson, etc. No one else was qualified (by state laws) to vote or hold office.
            The country, then, as now is run by those who own it..

            Of the Founding Fathers, only 3 of 75 were NOT slave owners. 95% owned slaves, many, like Jefferson (200) and Washington (300), had large slave plantations. I am not saying 95% of the rich white males who were qualified to vote owned slaves (only that the Founding Fathers were); many were the hated “moneyed aristocracy” of banks and large corporations which Jefferson considered “more dangerous even than standing armies” and which he warned would one day own the country and destroy its laws.
            This is based on documentation of slave ownership. Of the major founding Fathers and early Presidents, only John Adams did not own slaves.

            Laws that say all (as in: “All male citizens (this would exclude women,natives, slaves, etc) with
            substantial property are entitled to hold office and to vote.” create all situations.

            I can think of a thousand correct all statements—when did you make up that law? Here’s one that comes to mind:

            In 1798, the Founding Fathers, in Congress, enacted a socialized medicine bill for maritime workers. All maritime workers were required to pay a tax to fund the govt run hospitals, and all present voted for this bill, without one voice of dissent.

            The laws creates so many alls, like Dred Scot, which ruled that all slaves are property…..

            And never forget, all of us must eat to survive!

            All early voters (by law) were propertied white males, as were all office holders. Look it up.

            All done.

          • Good info in areas i haven’t focused on. Thankful to pick up good insightful research from INTELLIGENT people not parroting the flawed societal paradigms.
            (What’s good for business is good for america, vote for a repub or demo so you don’t “waste” your vote, ad nauseum)

            Thanks. Much appreciated. The concept of Allness statements is a General Semantics concept, along with process (multiple levels) and much more. There is a scale at which this is true and the scale at which legal declarations and probably other things are true allness statements – but they have a different gestalt for me – i believe with some significance.

            One could obviously make the statement that ALL US citizens are Citizens of the US and that would be obvious, but to make the typical allness statement of error/damage would be the “all christians, all sovereign Americans, all of ___ minority, etc. This tends to include many of the ALWAYS statements as few things are totally consistent.

            i suspect we agree pretty closely, but that info you put out was good. i DO wonder how we can use the Constitution to retain all the rights and freedoms possible, as the Constitution DOES clearly state enumerated powers, and defies the govt from stepping over those lines – the ones they jumped about 3 forevers ago. That there is some writing with lawful consequence seems the best place to start in assaulting the morons of wealth and their political whores.

          • The fact that ALL the voters and candidates in our first national elections (where 1% of the total population voted) were white males with property was based on state laws which excluded women, natives, African-Americans, and those without property. That left about 1%. My claim was made about the results of a law.

            If someone tells me all Mexicans are lazy, I could see your semantic point. But matters of political science often are based on laws of inclusion and exclusion, containing all and only, etc.

            The Constitution mandates that the government promote and provide for the general welfare and the “elastic clause” has been consistently ruled, for over 200 yrs. “The Congress shall have Power … To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.” Art 1, Sect 8, Clause 18)

            so the mandate to provide for the general welfare allowed as early as 1798 for the authors of the Constitution, sitting in Congress, without one voice of dissent, to establish a socialized medicine program, which made it mandatory for individuals to pay a tax to fund a government run healthcare system, for those in the maritiime trades. Over time, this original creation has been expanded.

            Clearly, there is no “enumerated power” to create a socialized medicine plan in the Constitution, but the Founding Fathers understood that it was in the national interest in promoting the general welfare, to have a program to keep the maritime workers healthy and heal them when insured or sick.

            This was unanimous, with all the leading Founding Fathers voting for this program. They obviously did not think that an act, unspecified in the powers of Congress, was totally compatible with the true spirit of the Constitution and the duty of Congress to provide for what they saw as being in the general welfare. This was an early use of the elastic clause and shows, indisputably, that the FF had no problems with broad powers.

            Enumerated powers are not lines the government cannot step over but areas in which the government has authority to make laws. The 1798 Congress, as well as court rulings since, has established the constitutionality of broad powers which “promote….and provide for the general welfare.”

            That’s the way it was…and is.

          • i’ve heard people that are supposed to be constitutional scholars state the enumerated powers are a limit, but the example you provide is somewhat daunting.
            Of course the FF weren’t afraid to wield power. They fought and overthrew the most powerful empire in the world at the time. That they didn’t include any women, minorities, etc was more likely a blind acceptance of the days mores and assumptions. They essentially WERE products of English/European upbringing and thus assumed that anyone NOT white, male, rich, was basically owned property. Face it – in Europe for centuries one couldn’t own krap unless they were royalty. The banking/merchant guilds forced their way in through paying the royal debts and financing the royal idiocy. Thus they became alderman and mayors of towns and cities. Owning property was likely the largest motivator in the colonies – that you didn’t have to give most of your crop (and first run at your wife or daughter to a pig landlord/lord) for your bed and board was ENORMOUS and probably a huge aspect of our initial freedom and productivity. Rothschild didn’t like that, so they worked to make us a (fascist) Patron/Client state.

            A short step from feudal servitude. This is the goal right now – disempowerment, disenfranchisement, dispatch.

          • I agree with most of what you say, but I don’t give the Founding Fathers a pass for excluding 99% of the population from liberty. They were men of the Enlightment, believers in reason and contemptuous of old myths and superstitions. Tho 95% were slave owners, many of these proclaimed that slavery was an evil, and folks like Tom Paine presented the argument to abolish slavery on terms that had all accepted in the Declaration of Independence: “all men are created equal, “consent of the governed” and universal human rights.

            The Enlightment taught not only rationality but tolerance, as a result of equality.

            A man does not write the most quoted words on equality in the world (“all men are created equal….”) and own 200 slaves without being both a hypocrite and traitor to his own values, not the norms and customs but the Englightment principles of Equality, Liberty, and Brotherhood.

            The justification given by the slave-owning Founding Father (only 3 did not own slaves) for not freeing their slaves were crudely racist (and not at all Enlightenment, which Paine reminded them of ): slaves were lazy, needed strict disipline, were incapable of freedom, could not survive out of slavery. These were the reasons given by Jefferson (wh had 6 kids by his slave concubine and treated them as slaves.

            Jefferson, and the others, betrayed their Enlightenment principles mostly I would guess, for economic reasons. Jefferson’s 200 slaves, Washington’s 300 slaves were, in effect, large businesses. These men despised and feared the other wealthy class, the bankers and large corporations. Their wealth, and thus their status and power to create history was based on slave plantations.

            Despite the most soaring rhetoric about equality, the Founding Fathers, when it came down to living up to their principles (not ours—not the “masses” but theirs—the intellectual elite’s) they did not.

            Selling out is as old as the Constitutional Convention, which created a structure which would block the egalitarian/democratic values on which the nation was founded with “checks and balances.” And today, over 200 yrs later, Congress is still primarily involved in blocking the will of the people and managing a system of engineered inequality.

            All things are in the beginning: our nation began with theft, conquest, genocide, treachery, and slavery, clothed in the most precious rhetoric of Freedom and Democracy.

            The Founding Fathers are much more complex and real if you see them for the paradoxes and contradictions they embodied, which is mirrored in the contradictions between the Declaration of Independence (the rhetoric, the ideals, the values) and the Constitution, which institutionalized inequality, minority rule, and a system in which those who own the country run it (John Jay).

            To the degree that this schizophrenic beginning has ended up with a nation run by wealthy corporations who either take office or buy politicians to serve their interests. When the corporate power is so dominant that the people themselves have no power, the merger of state and corporation becomes complete; a corrolary of economic fascism is the need for an enemy, consequent wars, lucrative contracts which transfer public wealth (taxes, public debt) to private pockets at Haliburton, Exxon, Blackwater, as well as the banks, the weapons makers, and military suppliers, all of whom profit from war, and who, therefore, promote it.

            Most of the original sins are now visited upon the world. US arms the Israeli genocide of Palestinians, supplies arms to al Quada, sells 60 billion in weapons to fascist Saudi Arabia, the primary sponsor of radical Islam, arms the military dictatorship in Egypt, funds and has CIA working with Ukraine security, lead by neo-Nazis, etc etc

            The essence of fascism is to justify the need for aggression. It is the political philosophy of the psychopath, which is mirrored in the psychopathic nature and totalitarian structure of modern corporations. If your origins are rooted in violence, you will always be violent, witness the US and Israel.

            There are many amazing things about America, but the national security state, merged with the banks, energy, and the MIC makes us the most violent and dangerous nation on earth.

            Personally, I am thinking Costa Rica, a nation without a military. As Jefferson said, “Banks are even more dangerous than standing armies.”

          • William Burke | August 7, 2014 at 10:05 pm |

            WRONG! The Constitution does not grant us ANY rights! It recognizes that those rights are PRE-EXISTING.

            Go back to school, Rufus.

        • William Burke | August 7, 2014 at 10:02 pm | Reply

          “The Senate has states like Wyoming and Montana, with 3% the population of California, but twice as many Senators and votes.”

          Twice as many as WHAT? See, you just HAD to go and reveal your imbecility. Wyoming and Montana don’t have twice as much ANYTHING as California. Not even cowboys.

          What an idiot you are.

          Well… probably twice as much fresh air and clean water.

          • COMBINED, Montana and Wyoming have 4 Senators with a population of 3% of that of California.

            That’s a fact. “What an idiot you are.”

            Each of these states has per citizen, 70 times more representation in the Senate than California citizens.

            That violates the basic concept of equality expressed in the Declaration, and it perverts the concept of consent of the governed.

            The 4 Senators from Wyoming and Montana have twice as much voting power as the 2 Senators from California, who represent 97% more people. This is not democracy, which is based on all votes have equal value, which is the bare minimum of the meaning of equality in a representative government.

            The Constitution is contrary to the core values of the
            Declaration. It’s a counter-revolution.

          • The senate was sent to basically ensure that states rights and interests weren’t interfered with in Fed govt. (we see how THAT is working out -sigh) At that level, the state only needed that voice, and each state’s interests would be equal. Since we are not/never been a democracy – this seems to make some sense to me.

            The whole thing is screwy, but then i am a person who is UTTERLY CONVINCED that our entire parody of a civilization is totally on the wrong track and inevitably self-destructive. The rich morons running things are just accelerating the process by taking about the worst concept of goverenance in the world and running/ruining the world with it.

            We don’t need to act anything like we now do, but it would require a highly motivated (hah-where?) and somewhat enlightened and intelligent human population. Thus, not likely to change until mass extinction events caused by our technological idiocy.

          • I have to agree with you.
            The Senate was designed to thwart the will of the people, or democracy, as expressed in the House.(until perverted by gerrymandering).

            The radical democrats were missing from the Constitutional Convention (Jefferson, Paine) and so the authors of the Constitution, who were 95% slave owners, feared both slave revolts and “the mob (democracy).” The Constitution was designed to keep the power in the hands of a central government which represented the rich white male class, 1%.

            Over the decades, our government became more democratic with voting rights, etc but in the last 30-40 yrs, it has become less democratic and today is a full fledged oligarchy with fascist marriage of state and corporate interests.

            On the local level, there is still democracy but the federal and state governments are controlled by the wealthy elites.

            We need a revolution to return to the basic values of equality and consent of the governed, with basic rights, as expressed in the Declaration but thwarted by the Constitution.

            I never thought I would see legalization of marijuana, marriage equality, etc so you never know how close we are as a society to fundamental change. Therefore, we must never stop the struggle for equality, liberty, and democracy.

            It took 400 years but non-violent massive resistance finally brought down legal segregation.

            These things can drag on for generations, then change almost overnight.

            The shock doctrine you call on to catalyze change is double edged; it is the doctrine of the neo-cons who want crisis, chaos, and disaster to bring about rapid changes for the benefit of the ruling class.

          • Most “democracies” in history have failed when the people realized they could vote themselves freebees from the public coffers. We are supposed to be a constitutional REPUBLIC — NOT a democracy. The problem is that we kept heading towards a socialist democracy until we’ve come to the Fascist state.
            Equality is also a double-edged sword when people start to think they can take the earnings of one to support others. That is not equality — that is thievery.

            The fact of the matter is that life is not fair. Some are born with more intelligence and drive than others. Should they be penalized for it? Not in my book, but that is what this government is advocating. What do they want? Equality so that we can all be equally poor and dependent on the government to control us? I don’t need a government to tell me when, where and how I can live, but you seem to think that’s the government’s JOB. Think again!

          • Most systems of government eventually fail…this is nothing unique to democracy.

            Here is the issue: is it better for the majority of the people to control government or for a minority of the wealthy. Both will support programs in their own interest. In a democracy (a real one), the laws and policies benefit the majority; in all other system, the laws and policies benefit a minority.

            Which is just? According to the D of I, government is legiitmate when it recognizes the quality of all people and is based on the consent of the governed. Lack of consent is what justified the right of revolt. Whenever a minority rules (elites of the rich and privileged), the equality and consent of the governed is betrayed, and the people can invoke the right of revolution.

            Only democracy is compatible with equality, liberty, and legitimate government.

          • ALL “democracies” are socialistic in nature. Our country was supposed to be unique compared to a “democracy” and was not built on a “ruling” class.

            One of the reasons that only propertied people could vote in the beginning is because they were the ones who paid the taxes that kept everything going. The idea behind it is if they are the ones paying the bill then they will care how it affects them. When 50% of the country doesn’t pay taxes they don’t care how it is affecting the people who are paying the bill.

            Most “small” business owners are conservative and vote Republican while most “big” business (like GE and the oil companies) is run by Democrats.

            It’s gotten to the point where it’s hard to tell the two parties and their policies apart. They have to have a lot of money behind them to even run for office anymore so they both cater to the rich donors. Both parties have forgotten the middle class and so we are ending up with a “democracy” and a “ruling” class of the rich.

            This is why the tea party was born out of older, middle class Americans. Both parties see them as the enemy and have tried to ridicule them out of existence. Both parties don’t want the Republican form of government that our Founders set up with the Constitution that leaves the power with the people. If you look at the hundreds of thousands of pages of laws, rules and regulations that the government has placed on the people in the last hundred years, it will make you sick. You can bet that at least once a week you are breaking some law that you don’t even know about!

            I USED TO call myself a Republican, but not any more! I would register as non-affiliated except I wouldn’t be able to vote in any primaries then. Most tea partiers are running under the Republican ticket as far as I can tell — trying to take out incumbent Republicans who are RINOs. I would love to see a “change” in who goes back to Congress next year. MAYBE then the people would get some of the changes we need, but I think it’s too little, too late!

            IF we even make it to the next election, the cancer of socialist government has spread too far. One way or another we are going to either end up in a civil war or another revolution if things don’t start to “change” fast. I don’t believe that will happen except for getting worse. Government by the people and for the people will be gone completely!

        • You miss my point! How did I end that paragraph! I’m basically saying F the government! I will live according to the law of the land! I won’t except less! I get you don’t feel represented by the document, but until it’s replaced (which would be a disaster), it’s what we have!

          • What if the law of the land is not based on core values (from the Declaration) of equality and consent of the governed. What if the government is an oligarchy where the ruling class makes the rules?:

            Do you feel represented when Congress ignores the will of the people, as with the public option, gun law reform, and immigration reform, all with robust majorities of public support but opposed by the Congress, which itself is not democratic.

            In 2012 election, Democrats got most House votes but Republicans got most seats. In the Senate, Senators from sparsely populated states representing less than 25% of the population are able, with 41 votes to block the will of the majority representing over 75% of the public and the majority in the Senate. In 2000, Bush became President with fewer citizen votes than Gore.

            When the minority rules, we have tyranny of the few.
            Consent of the governed, as articulated in the Declaration, requires majority rule.

            The Constitution gives us rights but takes away equality and consent of the governed by making minority rule possible in all branches of government.

            These anti-democratic structures and rules defeat the core values of equality and consent of the governed, which is why Congress has the disapproval of 85% of the public.

            I dare you to find evidence to refute any of these assertions of fact.


          • Dude! I do not feel represented by any part of this government! Get your head out of the giant fold you sit on! The fact is the past is the past! It was the biggest mistake America ever made! It is the source of most of today’s problems! Drugs, crime, corruption are a direct result of it! However, the people living today had nothing to do with it! Get over it! I don’t owe you a damn thing!

          • Dude!

            A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.
            Marcus Garvey

            “What’s past is prologue.”

            Your defense of ignorance is pathetic.

            As for owing me anything, we all owe each other honesty and respect. Only a psychopath does not value “the opinion of mankind (the reason the Declaration of Independence was written).”

            Without understanding the past, you are rootless, and that perhaps explains why you are flailing about, claiming the past is the past and irrelevant and in the same sentence blaming it for today’s problems.

            Your crudeness matches your ignorance and confusion perfectly.

          • The Constitution is not at fault. It’s the “changes” made to it that have changed the power structure. Changes like the 17th Amendment that lets Senators be elected instead of appointed by the states. Changes like the 16th Amendment with “direct” taxation on the people and the Federal Reserve (a private international corporation) controlling our money supply. The government making universal laws that should be left with the states. The list goes on and on. The one part you got right was their intention to strip Americans of their wealth, which has come true. Obama, with his executive orders, is only extending the power of the Fascist state like giving the EPA more power to bankrupt the coal industry. The people see their country being taken from them and they are rebelling against the tyranny. You just fail to see it!

          • The law of the land is made by the government.

            If you lived in Germany in 1940, would you say I don’t feel represented by the Nazis, but that’s what we’ve got?

          • The law of the land I’m referring to is the Constitution, not the laws created everyday in washington!

            What we have today, we have because of an “unconstitutional” government! If they lived up to their oaths, there would not be a problem!

            All the complaints you have are amended! There is no support for slavery! You and anyone else are free to vote! It’s just that people don’t understand the voting process (cause they didn’t finish high school), and so they only vote in the general election! But, the primaries are where it all happens!

            And this isn’t a democracy! The founders realized correctly, that the people could not be trusted with mob rule! So we have a representative republic!

            But you are right, we are now an oligarchy, because of political corruption and the people not understanding the voting system!

          • The Constitution is the framework for making laws.

            Congress is given many powers to make laws to “promote….and provide for the common defense and the general welfare.”

            According to the Constitution, Congressional laws and treaties are “the supreme law of the land.”

            You are another example of a Constitution waver who has never read the Constitution.

            I agree the US is only superficially a democracy; the Constitution set up a system of minority rule (only the 1% of propertied white males were allowed to vote or hold office in the early days), which thwarts the will of the majority and creates a system of oligarchy.

            The Declaration is based on the core values of equality and consent of the governed, but the Constitution was a counter-revolution, re-instating a new royalty, white males of wealth. 95% of the Founding Fathers were slave owners. The Constitution institutiionalized slavery and minority rule, and while there have been amendments and changes, the US is still a plutocracy, run by those who own it.

            I suggest you read the Constitution and ponder the way that it betrays the values of the Declaration and sets up a system for Congress to make the laws of the land, to the advantage of the ruling class.

        • The last time I looked the Constitution allows for just TWO Senators from each state no matter the size. What you are referring to is the House number that we elect in our local districts. The Senators used to be appointed by the states since the Senate represents the states, but the 17th Amendment “changed” that. The House represents the people because they come from our local districts. Now that Senators are “elected” they don’t represent the states anymore, but only party politics and big money lobbyists. Since the bills from the House aren’t passed except through the Senate (of party politics), the people aren’t represented anymore because the Senate is blocking the bills from the House. 352 bills being blocked by Harry Reid right now. This dysfunctional government is being caused by the party politics of the Senate which is now being run by Democrats. Let’s quit pretending!

          • You are having comprehension problems.

            EAch state has two Senators, so Wyoming with about about 580,000 citizens has the same representation as California, with 38 million. The vote of 1 Wyoming citizen has the weight of about 70 in California.

            If you combine Wyoming and Montana populatons, it is about 1.5 million, or about 4% of California’s; yet these two states COMBINED, with only 4% the citizens that California has, have a combined total of 4 Senators, or twice as many votes.

            This betrays the principle in the Declaration of equality and consent of the governed. In a true democracy, each vote has the same weight.

            Because of the anti-democratic structure of the Constitution, the equality of consent promised in the Declaration, is drastically distorted.

            Why should the vote of a Wyoming citizen have 70 times the weight of my vote? That does not support the concept that all votes count equally.

            Wyoming AND Montana, in the Senate, with 4% the population of California, have twice as much power.

            I understand the Federalist arguments for giving each state 2 Senators, regardless of population, but 1) they did not forseee that one state would one day have 70 times more citizens than another, and . their argument for equal represenation based on state boundaries rather than the equality of votes denies the fundamental values of equality and consent on which the nation was founded.
            In short, the Constitution, gave equal representation in the House (now perverted by gerrymandering) but, due to the Founders fearing equality (95% owned slaves) and democracy, they created a system which allows for blocking the majority and the will of the people.

            In today’s situation, sparely populated (usually rural and conservative) states can, representing less than 25% of the people, block the will of states representing 75% of the people.

            For instance, if you take the 21 least populated states, they have fewer citizens than 1 state of California. But they have 42 Senators or 2000% more votes in the Senate tho California has more citizens. 42 Senators, representing fewer people than California can, under anti-democratic Senate filibuster rules (not in the Constitution, block the will of a majority of 59.

            This creates extreme inequality and gives the minority more power than the majority.

            In a democratic system, as in the House, each vote is counted equally, so California should have 70 times more representation than Wyoming, not the reverse.

            When 1.5 million people (Wyoming and Montana combined) have twice as much power as 38 million, we have not democracy but the rule of the few, which is a classic definition of tyranny.

            I have spelled it out very clearly; I hope you see the point about how Senate representation betrays the twin values of equality and consent of the governed on which our nation was founded.

            When 21 states, with fewer citizens than California, can block the will of the majority of people and the Senate, we have extreme inequality and a minority are able to trump actual consent of the people, based on equality (as in each vote has the same value).

            This is why, tho the Declaration promotes democracy (equality plus consent=democracy), the Constitution promotes tyranny of the minority, which has led to the nation now being an oligarchy, according to a recent study, in which individual citizens have no power at all, but the wealthy corporations control the political and legislative process, to their own benefit.

            It is much easier to use propaganda and influence peddling in a small state, which has disproportionate representation.

            It is much cheaper for a rich corporation to “persuade” the 4% in Montana and Wyoming than the 96% in California…and this explains how Senate malrepresentation has helped destroy the promise of democfracy and created an oligarchy, or plutocracy, which immediately becomes a kleptocracy, since the rich use their power to elect politicians who will serve them and transfer public wealth in to private pockets.

            There is no just reason why my vote in California should have 70 times less weight than that of a Wyoming citizen. The vote of each citizen in Wyoming, for instance, has more weight than 65 votes from Californians. This is the tyranny of a small minority and the disenfranchisement of a huge majority (96% in California).

            All votes should have equal value, as all people are created equal, and the legitimacy of government is based on consent of the governed. Unequal representation (by up to 2500%) betrays the concept of consent. All votes should be equal: anything else is tyranny.

            We would not accept if a woman’s vote were only worth 4% of what a man’s vote were, so why should we accept that my vote in California only has 4% of the value of a vote in Montana?

            The solution would be that the Senate be elected as the House is, democratically. And of course, we need to ban gerrymandering, which in 2012 gave the Republicans 50% more seats than the Dems, tho the Dems had 1 million more votes.

            Nor should the President be elected by the candidate who gets the least votes (Bush in 2000 got 500,000 fewer votes than Gore).. This is not consent, and lack of consent is what justified the American Revolution, as the Declaration
            makes clear.

        • The soundest comment today!

      • The US is a fantasy, it no longer exists except in the hearts of those who believe that things last forever.
        The Patriot Act threw most of the Constitution in the trash.
        UCC Law has replaced Constitutional Law.

      • The sad truth is that the core values of the Declaration (equality and consent of the governed) were thrown under the horse cart in the Constitution which institutionalizes inequality and minority rule.

        Your hysteria about Obama has nothing to do with the betrayal of equality, liberty, and democracy by the authors of the Constitution.

        We need a democratic revolution to return to the values of the Declaration, which would require changing the Constitution to make all votes count equally and to make all elections democratic.

  3. People need to learn to LISTEN to what Obama is saying. And carefully. This isn’t splitting hairs. Listen to what he is saying. He plays it quite accurately. He will do what the people EXPECT him to do. Not what the people WANT him to do. Had he said the people WANT him to use Executive Orders he would have lit a fire. Instead he said EXPECT him to do. Which is quite correct. Considering the ways he has abused the office of President so far, what more would people EXPECT from him? Which, reviewing the degree. or lack thereof, of action from the people objecting to his abuse of office, clearly implies that whatever he does is okay with them. How much more insulting does he have to get before enough is enough?!

    • Like with any “legalese” New Speak, Obama has become quite the expert in verbal jiujitsu. A professional deceiver.

    • People expect him to do his job as a president and that means getting the votes to pass a law not just pencil whipping in a executive order because the republican’s and the democrats will not just lay down and let you pass a bill that you think is what the people expect you should do, that is a load of crap … he is a joke of a president and he needs to be removed from office along with his administration.. I get tiered of people making excuses for Obama.. splitting hairs….

  4. Didn’t “stonewall” (?) him?!!! Are you serious??!!!! Do you have any education of what WORDS mean???? All that has occurred, is Obama has said, he will talk with anyone who has a better idea than his. And he has repeatedly vetoed or denied to talk to anyone with another idea. Clearly stating, that only his idea, or plan, has true merit. Therefore he will continue in the direction he wants, and then play a round of golf. And the golf mention isn’t being sarcastic. 200 days of playing golf is a pathetic legacy of a person calling themselves President.

    • When is the last time you talked to Barak? You seem to know him so well.

      • When did you last speak to him personally? Kneeling in front of his poster on your bedroom wall doesn’t count.

        • You are the one who claims to be able to read his mind,not me. You also have the ability to see thru walls and see what “posters” are on the walls.

          Explain to us your x-ray vision abilities, calcul8ed.

          Do you agree with Obama’s use of drones in sovereign nations we are not at war with? Do you agree to arming al Quada in Syria, neo-Nazis in Ukraine?

          My guess is that you are the one who believes Obama’s lies on Israel, Ukraine, and Syria. I have called him out as a war criminal, but you probably support his war crimes, as you no doubt supported Bush’s criminal wars.

          You may have posters on your wall; I haven’t had one for 55 years.

          Do you support Obama’s war crimes? Is your mind-reading ability able to tell me why he supports neo-Nazis in Ukraine, Islamic terrorists in Syria, Zionist war criminals in Israel?

  5. Actually, Obozo, we want you to go back to Kenya and leave us alone.

    • Actually, unclezlip, most of us Americans want you bozos to climb back under the rock you came out from under and leave us alone.

      • Frederikahere | August 7, 2014 at 11:51 pm | Reply

        After you, sir.

      • You mean most of you brain-washed people. That’s not as big a group as those of us who are awake and aware… we want you and your dear leader to take a long hike.

        • Obama is not my leader. You want the majority who voted for him to take a hike. Brilliant!

          • Dale, you need to make yourself more clear. Your comments sound contradictory. Read the above messages from the others on this thread.

            And you sarcastically call me brilliant? Ha!

      • You don’t sound American. Are you African? Mexican? What?

        • I am not sure where dale ruff is from he might be from another country but he sounds like he is love with how Obama is ruining our country, he thinks if you want him and his administration impeached and tried for treason and executed for treason against the United States you are either a fascist or blood thirsty.. I think he was hatched.. hard to believe out of a million sperms he was the fastest swimmer….

          • This is pure fascist tactics, to accuse someone who has a different view of not being a real (German, American, etc.

            I am more American than you will ever be.

    • i would settle for a “time-out” in a corner somewhere. Deep dark room with no microphones to lie into.

  6. Obama does what ever he wants to do when ever he wants to do because no one is willing to stop him, our Military has the authority to remove any one from power even the commander and chief (if that is what you want to call him) and if our military does not remove him then they are committing treason against the United States.. Some one need to break that damn pen of his..

    • Because he is ” the commander and chief,” even after the Military (exactly who is that?) removes him as commander, he will still be chief.

      Thank you for exposing the myth that the military is under the control of elected civilians. That is just democratic bs. Of course the military has the last word and can remove a President; it’s been done scores of time, most recently in Egypt.

      Whenever the military doesn’t like a President, they have Constitutional authority (“and the Military shall have the power, at its own discretion, to remove the President and take over the government” Article 38, Section F.) to remove him and assume authority. But he’s still the chief————

      • Yet when i joined the Army i took an oath that may have even been the same as the ones sworn to (and broken) by congress and the Presidensity. (From Walt Kelly’s Pogo comics)
        We had to swear to “defend and protect the constitution of the USA against all enemies foreign and domestic…”

        Not protect the govt, the prez, congress, the courts, the agencies – the constitution. This implies that the USA is defined BY it’s following the Constitution of the US. Logical. If we follow the constitution of Zimbabwe we aren’t the US. If we keep allowing our political whores to rape the constitution for the Will of the Wealthy parasites – we aren’t the US.

        i think right now we are technically the UNAZI States of America. One definition of Fascism being: govt run for business and/or a small group of people.

        • Mussoline in the Doctrine of Fascism (1932) defined fascism as the :”merging of the interests of the state and the corporations.”

          We are there. Money rules, and the corporations have the money. Money buys laws and court decisions.

          • Since we already have a Fascist government — where do the people and the Constitution stand in this country now? It’s not going to come from the courts as you so obviously pointed out because they have already been bought by big money. What alternative do the people have except another revolution when the government and the courts have been corrupted?

            What you label as racism is really fear for what is happening to this country. People can see it happening (like Obama’s executive orders that by-pass Congress), but they don’t know what they can do to stop it. The government isn’t even trying to hide it’s corruption any more except to the “useful idiots” that are still buying into the game. Both sides are milking it for all it’s worth by asking for donations to defeat the “other side” when they do NOTHING to stop it! The people are between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. So what now?

      • He would only be chief until they tried him for treason , after that he would be executed .. That is what needs to happen along with most of his administration, Reid, H.Clinton , Joe Biden, Senior Advisor Vallerie Jarrett, and the list goes on and on …

        • You want Boehner, the leader of the most disapproved Congress in our history, to lead us?
          He can’t even lead his own party in the House.

          Calling for executions sounds a bit like fascism.
          Are you a fascist or just bloodthristy?

          • I am neither a fascist or blood thirsty I think the Obama administration has killed enough of our men and woman and people over in the middle east and if you are not smart enough to know Boehner is part of Obama’s little team then I do not know what to tell you .. he would be lined up right next to the rest of them.. I believe in a free America and we the people should be taking back our country and in order to do that we would have to get rid of the Obama administration the Rothchilds and the rest of the elitist that are destroying our great country..if that makes me blood thirsty and a fascist then you do not know what a true red blooded American is.. I am not perfect far from it I can assure you but the only way you make change is to do it the right way it is like cutting out cancer if you do not get rid of it you allow it to spread until it affects the entire body and that is exactly what is happening in the United States right now…

          • Changing leaders is useless. It is the system which is corrupt. You are either naive or ignorant.

            Calling for killing people is both bloodthristy and fascist. You can kill all you want and the system will continue as normal.

            A true red blooded American is a stereotype no intelligent person would support. Calling for killing people is cowardly.

          • You are an Idiot and if you honestly think you are a true red blooded American then you need to check yourself, eliminating the corrupt politicians is the way you keep the rest of them in check, they know the consequences for treason and you have to make examples of people in order to get the attention of the rest… I guess you would rather put them in prison and house them and feed them for the rest of their natural lives .. that is inhumane and it drains the tax payers , that is why we have so many prisons is because it is people like you that want to house the problem instead of get rid of the problem like murderers and rapist …bleeding heart liberals.. grow a pair and figure out what best suits society people who want to do the right things in life or be leaches on our society…

          • Dexter, my blood is red. You are a fascist and your blood is black. I suggest you might be happier in North Korea.

          • If I was a fascist then I would agree with what O’bama is doing I think you fit that a lot better and N.Korea really … get a life and learn what a fascist is … or just look in the mirror.

          • Dexter, give up. Fascism does not vote out politicians they don’t like; they kill them.or lock them up.

            You want a military dictatorship, one of the classic forms of fascism. Not only do you not know the correct label for the President but you don’t even get the way you have been played.

            If you want a military dictatorship, try Egypt where the military did what you propose by removing the elected government and taking over. If you don’t like American Constitutional rights such as due process, you would be happier in Egypt.

          • For once I agree with most of what you said, but it’s funny that you say the system is the problem while you back what Obama is doing. Isn’t Obama part of the system or do you think he’s exempt?

  7. PURE BOVINE EXCREMENT ! You can tell when this chimp lies, his big
    purple lips move !

    • thanks for poisoning the well for anyone else who might have constructive criticism, with your overtly racist rhetoric. Shame on you, you Nazi.

    • Prefer to have a meme that has O-bomb-u standing at a podium with obvious microphones in front – and they are labeled things like (do better than this you creative folks out there) “Lie dissemination device” or “Dishonesty amplification module” or . . .Go with it. Make it a national poster!

  8. well, after 6 obummer years, we can now see the biggest reason why africa is so screwed up………….those people are really stupid

  9. What a pile of crap! Obama needs to be impeached and face a trial for treason. If congress can’t grow the balls to impeach then Obama has to be arrested.

  10. The Constitution does not demand that the President do nothing.
    I am no Obama fan (I find his foreign policy bordering on criminality) but if Congress refuses to “promote….and provide for the general welfare,” as mandated by the Constitution, the people DO want the President to act within the law to do as much as he can. The purpose of the Constitution is to set up a system of government. When Congress opts out, who else can govern?

    I think the Republican plan of blocking legislation violates their duty to legislate, as mandated by the Constitution. They should all be impeached for dereliction of duty.

    • All of you complaining about congress doing nothing need to check your (facts?) instead of taking Obama at HIS word. The records show that Congress has passed 202 bills that Speaker, Harry Reid, has sat on and NEVER brought any, (ANY) of them up for a vote in the last 5+ years. All you Obama believers need to know what you’re talking about before you make blanket statements exactly like they came out of Obamas mouth/ass. ALL bills have to be voted on by congress and if they pass there they MUST go to the Senate AND BE PASSED there to become LAW. If Harry Reid does NOT BRING THEM UP FOR A vote, they can not pass and will not become a LAW!

      • How do you know that the 85% who disapprove of Congress are doing nothing?

        Fake bills do not count! The House has “repealed” the ACA nearly 50 times, knowing it would not pass the Senate or be signed by the President. Those are not laws but political posturing.

        A bill banning abortions is not only unconstitutional but was promoted as a jobs bill, since new births stimulates the economy………….unless the new births are from undocumented parents.

        Republeicans have presented no bills with a chance of finding bipartisan support on gun laws, immigration reform, or campaign finance reform. They have put up many bills which have no chance of survivial for purely PR (ie propaganda) value.

        The ACA is the old Republican plan, designed by the Heritage Foundation in 1989 and promoted by Gingrich and the Repubs as an alternative to the Clinton plan.

        As soon as the Democrats said, ok, let’s go with the Republican plan, Republicans abandoned their own plan and consequently have no plan at all.

        Blaming Reid for fake bills with no chance of passing is masking Republican agenda to prevent effective legislation, as Boehner openly admitted.

        “we should not be judged on how many new laws we create. We ought to be judged on how many laws we repeal.” on CBS Face the Nation.

        You have fallen for fake bills meant to mask the fact that the real agenda is not to pass laws but to repeal or block them.

        • See my previous reply above.

        • Do you mean repeal bills like the one Clinton signed that let the banks do what they did to cause the housing meltdown? That bill had bi-partisan support and can be blamed on BOTH parties. Look up the Glass-Stegall Act if you want something to squawk about. It was repealed by Clinton in 1999 and toxic derivatives were born. Five times the Republicans tried to stop the housing bubble, but five times Barney Frank wouldn’t let it go to Congress for investigation because he said there wasn’t a problem. So WHO caused the meltdown?

      • The number is now up to 352 bills sitting on Reid’s desk!

        • Sorry Sunshine, Obamonomics has caused me to have to lay off my two accountants devoted to keeping track Obama and Reid attempts to destroy America and I don’t have enough time to keep on top of their evil ways. I did notice that Obama has TAKEN TIME OFF FROM HIS GOLF VACATION to be there, wherever, for the Opening Ceremonies for the GAY whatever they’re having.

    • Have you ever considered that the reason the Repubs decided to block his legislation is because they KNEW what he was planning to do to this country? They know he’s backed by very rich and powerful Anti-American people. They’re aware of who’s pulling whose strings. You wanna impeach anyone, it should be Obama.

      • That is a vapid argument. Have you ever asked why Republicans would oppose their own healthcare plan?

        Repubs, even more than Dems, represent the rich and powerful.

        Repubs have betrayed their mandate to legislate and should be impeached for this high crime. Obama should be impeached for his neo-con foreign policy aggressions, but you probably support him on funding the fascists in Ukraine, the deathsquads in Syria, and the destruction of Libya.

        These are his crimes, but most Republicans support him on these issues.

        When 80-90% of the population supports public options, immigration reform, gun law reform, etc, Congress betrays the People when it blocks their will. This is on the Republicans, who are blocking not only Obama but the overwhelming majority of the People. That is why their support level is 70% lower than Obama’s.

        The People have been screwed by Congressional Republicans and they have said so.

        • Are you crazy?! I do not support ANY of Obama’s policies. Not one! And I do not know of any other republicans who agree with his policies either.

          • You are a racist. There is no other way you could arrive at opposing all his policies, many of which you have no knowledge.

            YOu need to widen your circle of friends.

          • Just because I don’t agree with any of his policies, I’m a racist? You are stupid! Widen your mind and your vocabulary. That racist line is getting old.

            I have lots of friends, many of them black; I live in a majority black neighborhood.

          • You do not even know all of Obama’s policies.
            Why would you oppose policies of which you are aware, or even those those that you do agree with but won’t admit (did you disagree with his tax cuts?) unless you were operating from prejudicef?

            If you are tired of being called out for prejudice, perhaps you should look in the mirror.

          • Obama didn’t start any new tax cuts unless you are referring to the fact that he extended the Bush tax cuts a few more years. Millions of people got hit with higher taxes when the Bush cuts expired. You probably don’t pay taxes so you don’t know how higher taxes have hurt so many people.

            You probably also don’t know that the Supreme Court in 1895 said that it was unconstitutional for the “central” government to directly income tax the people, but the Democrats did it anyway in 1913 with the 16th Amendment that was NOT ratified (the way it was written) by the required number of states. Only six states agreed to it the way it was written but the Dems said it was passed anyway and have been illegally taxing us ever since!

            If anything, you are good at repeating Democrat lies.

          • What? To hear more propaganda? The people need more truth and less lies and cover-ups. They don’t get it from this government or the MSM. Name ONE thing Obama has done that has been good for the American people IF you can?

        • Did you somehow miss all the reports about how millions have lost their health insurance BECAUSE of Obamacare? And what about the FACT that it costs more NOW then it did before to get insurance? BTW, Democrats wrote and passed the ACA without any impute from Republicans because they were ignored. Did you forget Pelosi’s famous statement that they have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it? Now that the majority of “Americans” from both parties are finding out what’s in it — they don’t want it! It’s a non-partisan bill because it screws over everyone equally!

          You must have also missed the report that Harry Reid has 352 bills from the House sitting on his desk that he won’t let come up for a vote. So WHO isn’t doing their JOB and should be impeached?

          You really are brain-washed — aren’t you? To bad there are so many just like you!

          • Did you miss the reports about 9 million more people are insured than before and how those who had their insurance cancelled in almost all cases were able to purchase, with subsidies, on the exchange or have the mandate waived if the cost was over 8% (per the ACA rules).

            Have you looked at the bills the Repubs have offered, knowing they would not pass (waste of time and money). A bill banning abortions (which was unconstitutional to begin with) was promoted as a jobs bill.

            I am well-informed on this issue due to 2 yrs of independent study. You are brainwashed by anti-healthcare forces.

            In many areas, premiums are down. Get over it.
            Next step: non-profit single payer, which on a national level, would save 500 billion a year, which would balance this years’s budget. We can promote this state by state.

            But you are brainwashed, so this doesn’t register as a way to save 500 billion a year, due to govt overhead being 2% while private insurance overhead is 20% (and adds no value). 18% x 3 trillion is over 500 billion. All other advanced nations, all of which have superior health results have some form of single payer, and pay only half as much as in the US.

            US is twice as much as any other nation and we have ranked 40th in health. Canada has a better single payer system, better health, at half the cost, which is one reason Canadians are richer than Americans.

            Expensive healthcare (18% wasted overhead) loses jobs. Auto assembly moved from Detroit across the bridge to Windsor, because it costs so much less, given equal wages, to assemble in Canada due to healthcare being only half as much.

            You need to get out of the propaganda bubble and study this issue as I have using objective data and reliable sources.

            The uninsured rate is way down; those whose policies were cancelled have had chance to get better policies, usually with subsidies. The ACA allowed for grandfathering in old policies but the insurance companies negated the waivers and blamed the government. They have been ripping us off for decades. In 2009, the CEO of United made 105 million, as the rest of us saw home and pension equity collapse.

            If you are a fiscal conservative, all evidence of 35 advanced nations shows that single payer systems cost half as much with superior results, ‘The ACA is the old Republican plan, but it can be changed, state by state, into a non-profit system using private doctors and hospitals, as in Canada, which did it province by province. The evidence is overwhelming and unanimous but healthcare haters you are listening to are not going to tell you that. I am, and you can check it out.

          • If you check back in history a little further, you will find that health care costs were a fraction of what they are now until the government started Medicare and Medicaid. The fact is that hospitals are charging four to five times as much to insurance companies as they do to someone paying cash. Just another form of fraud on the American people.

            The government tried to rein in the Medicare and Medicaid fraud by setting limits on what they will pay, but all that has happened is less doctors will accept Medicaid. The single payer system will put everyone on Medicaid and there won’t be enough doctors around to accept it. That’s why there are long waiting lists in those countries you wrote about.

            I went on SSI disability the last few years and had to find different doctors four times in less than a year because of doctors dropping the program. That is what you get with the ACA program.

            The government is also dropping a lot of the stuff they used to pay for because they have to cut costs even more. The more people (with no money) on the program the less it will be able to pay. It is wrecking havoc with the medical system which was already a mess. Part of the problem came from millions of illegals going to hospitals to be treated and not paying a dime. The costs to Americans went up to cover the loss.

            The quality of care in the US is going down and even though more people may be insured now (according to you) they have to drive miles to even find a doctor that will treat them. Do you really think that doctors will work on a NON-profit plan? Not when they have to spend hundreds of thousands for medical school! 40% of doctors in the US plan on leaving the medical profession once the ACA is fully implemented. WHO will treat millions of new patients coming from the ACA.

            On another “personal” experience, my daughter tried to sign up for the ACA because she had NO income. They told her the cheapest insurance she could get would cost over $300 a month with a $5000 deductible and NO subsidies. Great plan! The sad part is that she is just one of millions that still can’t afford insurance in spite of Obamacare.

            I write from personal experience and from what I read. I see the ACA as just another socialist tax with no added benefits. Just another way to control Americans and strip this country of it’s wealth! It’s your right to believe anything you want.

  11. The only thing Oboma follows is his own agenda, and certainly not the American people. Oboma is a narcissist. His approval ratings are so low, due to his inept, and inexperienced governing. The American people are tired of his lies, and executive orders that only kills our freedoms, jobs, and growth. Oboma can stuff his signing pen where the sun does not shine.

  12. You know, when O-bomb-U was running the first time, i thought “A black president? This might really change things.”
    I didn’t expect to be so right SOOOOOOOOOOOO far in the wrong direction!

    You gotta love him. Executive Order says so.

    • You asked for IT, you got IT, Obama! (I’m going to make some bumper stickers of that.) He said he was going to give us “CHANGE”. He did, (maybe the last truth he told us,) my dollar bills have CHANGED into dimes.

  13. Chris Sherrill | August 7, 2014 at 8:55 pm | Reply

    Obama has made less executive actions in his 2 terms then any our last 10 presidents by far. Realistically because the house has blocked almost everything he has tried to pass in 2 terms, and you shit on him for it? I am not an Obama lover, but I am a realist. Which is he supposed to do? Pass bills like everyone else, or get completely stone walled and be forced to use executive powers (the same powers that every other president has abused MANY more times than him)? As for the governmental corruption, where were all of you nay sayers when bush was doing the same and more? A lot more, if you choose to remember. Shit the man (i truly believe) orchestrated the mass killing of 3000 american citizens and attacks his own sovereignty in the process. Where are the people up in arms over that? or the 11 year war that he started over complete falsehoods? Where is the bleeding heart “patriots” who are doing something about that? No where it seems, but you wanna whine about executive actions being taken. Jesus Christ, just go sit down.

    • For not being an Obama lover, you sure sound like one. It’s not HOW MANY executive orders he’s signed, it’s what they are about! His democratic buttli*cking senator Reid refuses to pass any of the bills the house has proposed. Why aren’t you up in arms about that?

      Bush is a moot point. Get over it!

      But FYI, I have been up in arms over his actions for a long time. About 9/11, I agree with you, but that’s all I agree with.

      • Take a real good look at agenda 21 and the Tran Pacific Partnership if anyone thinks O’bama is so great and they want to defend him then they need to take a look at these two things and if they truly read and understand what they are reading then they will understand how bad he has screwed the United States of America…

        • I agree, Dexter. I’m definitely NOT an Obama supporter.

        • I agree that Obama is trying to sell us out to UN treaties, but Agenda 21 started LONG before Obama took office. It’s already been incorporated into most city planning. Obama is just continuing the same sell out of the American people by our government that has been going on for over a hundred years already. The big difference now is the internet and the fact that people find out what the politicians are doing as fast as they do it — so it just seems like they are doing more now than ever before. There’s still hundreds of laws they pass that we don’t find out about until it’s too late.

          What needs to be done is to go back to a constitutional government and repeal a few amendments like the 16th and 17th, but that will never happen. The government is a cancer that has spread too far. With all the entitlement programs, you would wipe out half the people of the US by going back to a constitutional government. All we have left is an illusion of a constitutional Republic! The American people fell asleep with the good life and now it’s too little, too late when anybody tries to “change” it back.

          My prayer now is that I will have long passed when Satan finally gets his one world government. I’m not looking forward to the hell that’s coming!

      • I am defiantly up in arms over “Mr. Reid”. I don’t like Obama, but my stance is, let us not like him for all the shit he is ACTUALLY doing wrong, instead of either fabricating things, or nit-picking over the littlest of issues. The man is a spineless when it comes to his politics, says ones things, starts doing it, and bows out as soon as he has any opposition. Not to mention the rep/demo ratio in the supreme court. The man is hellfire on the campaign trail, and goes full flaccid afterward. And it is sad to watch. I don’t like him, but I’ll not like him for real reasons not half assed propaganda.

    • You must be one of the “useful idiots” that I just wrote about above. IF you had ever done any comprehensive research you would realize that the government (both sides) has been selling out the people for over a hundred years already. Every president is thought to be the worst we ever had until the next one comes along.

      What you don’t seem to realize is that Harry Reid has 352 bills from the House sitting on his desk that he refuses to let come up for a vote. Then the “useful idiots” are told that Obama HAS TO USE executive action because Congress isn’t doing it’s JOB! Maybe he should write an executive order to remove Harry Reid! Of course he won’t do that because Reid is doing the JOB that he was told to do — block Congress from doing the JOB they are PAID to do. Again you don’t realize that it’s all part of the game from both sides to deceive the American people.

      Then people like you come along and say that it should be blamed on Bush because he lied about the WMDs. What a crock! Why don’t YOU go sit down until you learn some truth for a “change”!

      • ok, the blanket statement that the government has been corrupt forever wins you no talking points. The sun will also come up tomorrow.. and money buys cheese burgers. NOW that all the obvious shit is out of the way lets get back to the topic.

        I never said bush should be blamed for nothing passing the house. In fact not even close. I said that you are nit-picking over the president using executive powers when he has used less then any of the others. Then pointed out that you are more then willing to bitch about something that happens everyday, but when it comes to the complete travesty of the entire last cycle there are no voices to be heard. As though all the lies and BS that came before him have no bearing on the decisions he and his office are making today.

        Further more, yeh it is Harry Reid’s job to stop bills from making it through, that he thinks shouldn’t. What isn’t his job is stopping every bill, period. There is a difference between catching political corruption and stone walling the entire governmental process, then bitching because someone had to go over your head.

        But, what do I know is, I’m just a “useful idiot”. So Sunshine49, badass of all things government. When will we be seeing you run for office? I mean, most of us are just idiots and your the illuminated few right? So obviously you will be stepping up to lead us soon right? Please save us from executive orders, and everything not “red coolaid”. As you have said, we know not what we say, and are fool children. >.>

  14. Well, well the proud ‘democratic’ american public is all up in arms because
    their black ‘messiah’ has not delivered them from the evils of this world including their own conceited, pretentious racial pecking order slop jar
    society! Krishnamurti came here from the east during the seventies and
    can be viewed on YouTube telling young students on several college campuses here in the U.S. how unhealthy psychologically it was for “any people to seek acceptance in a neurotic society!” Strangely the enraptured listeners were mostly white boys and girls, not a single brown, black, red, or yellow face in the throng of hundreds who should have been the ones in receipt of such enlightenment! Perhaps (like
    some of the young ‘blacks’ that can be seen on Tyra Banks, and Montel
    Williams’s shows-again on YouTube-who openly expressed in the most self loathing terms and with the most disgusting vehemence imaginable why they hated being born black and wanted to be white!) they somehow found
    a way to not know about the man’s lectures which of course covered a
    large number of life experience topics.

    The root cause of all this agrimony concerning america’s first ‘colored’
    puppet to sit atop the popularity contest winner’s roosting stoop called the
    ‘white house’ is quite simple. In fact it pertains to all of humanity, the masses over the millennia of human history. Lack of self awareness, and ignorance of the lessons of history! Common people have never ruled themselves in human history and probably will not for many years to come if ever. Like it or not the american constitution does not contain the term ‘democracy’. Like it or not a number of the so called ‘founding fathers’ including Thomas Jefferson who according to a number of historical accounts referred to ‘democracy’ as mob rule in which the majority can abuse the rights of a minority (was he nervous about the two rebellions against the young american democracy-Shay’s Rebellion of 1786 and the ‘Whiskey’ Rebellion of 1791-94 in which the then sitting chief executive
    -guess who- took off his executive’s breeches and donned full dress in
    military regalia to command 15,000 well trained federal troops with field
    artillery to smash the second of those upstart ‘revolts’!) perhaps were very nervous about their ‘common’ people, seventy-five percent of whom were totally illiterate and could neither read nor write a number of whom had been released from an overcrowded British prison system and pardoned by their reigning monarch upon promise to leave England and help in the
    colonization of the British North American, Australian, and New Zealand

    These and many other historically significant events ignored by what is
    referred to by some as the american educational system has spawned
    this lack of historical perspective concerning the peoples of the world let alone the ability to have a clear composite of america’ history with all the missing pieces in place! Is there any wonder why trillions of tax payer’s
    dollars and thousands of servicemen’s lives have been squandered to
    propagate and support the world government’s police department supplied
    by the U.S. military?

    Daniel Patrick Moynihan, whose senate committee concluded in the late
    seventies that U.S. surveillance of its own citizens began during the First
    World War during the administration of Thomas Woodrow Wilson because
    of his paranoid fear of “the communists, Germans, and Negroes in the
    United States”, himself stated during the late nineteen-sixties that “the
    communities in america that tolerated female lead households with no
    proper male authority in them would experience well deserved chaos!”
    The senator should be with us today as this nation that has not only tolerated but enforced historical ignorance, arrogance and the lack of self knowledge and true creativity and independence is about to experience much more than mere chaos! And, as Adolph Hitler was quoted on a
    History Channel Documentary some years ago, let us all understand this:



    • So you think people have “changed” over the centuries? The Hebrews didn’t listen to God when He warned them and they paid a steep price for their failure to heed the warnings. People learn by example and when you have a government that lies, cheats and steals — the people do the same.

      What is relevant to most people is what is happening in their own little world. If politics isn’t disrupting their life they don’t pay attention until something finally happens that forces them to look up. Then they say “what happened” in stunned surprise! That’s were the media takes over and fills their heads with lies and excuses. Blame it on the other party and keep the game going. It’s called propaganda and manipulation. Only the “useful idiots” from BOTH sides bothers to listen and since they don’t do any research they never realize they are being manipulated by BOTH sides.

      Satan is good at this game. He’s had thousands of years to perfect it!

  15. Ask yourself why Melton and most of the other writers here almost never call for anyone’s arrest. Lame activism at best.

  16. I think that everyone has forgotten the the real cause of the “Congress Inaction”. Has it eluded everyone that it is the Democrat controlled Senate that has refused to vote on any legislation? The inaction is not the House. Maybe the “Big O” should instruct his pets in the Senate to vote on the backlog of 300 Bills that are waiting for them, so the Pres doesn’t HAVE to use his Executive Actions.

    • Rep/dem – flip sides of the same coin in a rich man’s pocket. 15 bills for wealthy/one for we the people. They swapped power for over 158 yrs in congress and a tad longer for presidensity. It takes BOTH parties to sink good legislation/pass bad stuff. Therefore the problems aren’t from too many or too few of either party, or pretend ideology.

      Vote against BOTH. They have gotten things worse and worse. How is putting those parties in office going to be a solution to the very problems that they wrote and then legislated? It won’t. There is no “lesser evil” btwn the “2” parties. You vote for them – it is seen as support – and used to convince the lemmings that they are approved.

      Writing in when other options don’t exist, or voting for ANYONE who is not a rape-public-again, or demo-crap-ick person tells them REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY DO or how they falsify the elections – they are NOT seen as a solution, we want them outta there. We do not trust them. Not voting? Tells them you’re a whipped wimp. You don’t matter. Vote for them? They have you fooled. Vote against them? Their polls will instantly tell them that what they SHOULD have received in votes went elsewhere in significant numbers – and they will have to respond and try to convince you they are the best thing that ever happened to you.

  17. Hey! Someone who is not a techno-retard like me should make a meme with O-bomb-u and a very clear microphone in front of him. The microphone should have a label like “Lie amplification device” or “Dishonesty enhancing dispersal unit” or something like that.

  18. He’s never had a clue what the American people want!

  19. HOW MANY CLONES of Barry/Obama are there ??
    One will tell the American people what they WANT to believe, another will actually go and do the OPPOSITE of the first. Another one will keep playing golf & going on 4 + million $$ vacations while another goes out on PHOTO OPS & acts like a foolish gay teenager !
    Are there ANY MORE ? Maybe that’s why there is a Barry Soetero, A Barrack Hussein Obama & several other elusive names….there is a clone for each name ! LOL… am I being silly OR is this so crazy its possible ? Maybe Barry/Obama just a has several personality Disorders ??
    OH YEAH…He is simply a LYING. Fraudulently placed Muslim terrorist puppet ACTING as a president . MAYBE this is actually a NEW REALITY SHOW we are witnessing, in its final seasons !

  20. Andrew Bennett | August 8, 2014 at 4:38 pm | Reply

    Every President ! since day one has use Executive orders when it become impossible to get Congress to do its job and the right thing to help the American people ! Its call by passing a do nothing Congress !

    • I guess you didn’t see the article about the 352 bills from the House that Harry Reid has sitting on his desk that he won’t allow to come up for a vote? When you have a sink that’s clogged you flush the clog — so flush the clog by getting rid of Harry Reid. Since he isn’t up for re-election for two more years, he needs to be removed NOW by Congress for failure to do his JOB!

  21. Proudvietvet58 | August 8, 2014 at 8:52 pm | Reply

    No Obama, what Americans want is for you to LEAVE this nation.

  22. I am gay & I want you all over for a sex party! signed: Obama Bin Laden-Biden, the Zionist whore for Israel. . .

  23. I highly recommend you view the following, if you want to know what’s REALLY HAPPENING in the U.S., today:

    Obama Aims To Replace American Dream With Socialist Utopia

    Caravan To Midnight – Episode 95 Film Maker Joel Gilbert
    (Joel Gilbert talks about his new film THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE UTOPIA)


    Tags: Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, Barack Obama – Chicago COMMUNISTS

  24. Hagmann & Hagmann – August 9, 2014 Host of Caravan To Midnight – John B Wells https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k6S6rH6dp0

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