Military Brain Technology Could Create “Lucy-type” Super Soldiers for a Day

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Mind control scientists continue their quest to alter the human brain.  Recent experiments have opened the doors to many methods that researchers believe show promise. One technology that appears to be reaching perfection is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

In a new Department of Defense video seen below, they casually state that super-powered brains might not remain in science fiction films such as Lucy for very much longer.

Using a cap which works with 22 electrodes positioned around the body, scientists believe they can enhance natural abilities … for at least 24 hours.

Naturally, even though we are getting this information straight from the military – the leading source of death and destruction on the planet – noble possibilities are presented such as curing cancer, building a spaceship, or superhuman athletic performance.

Readers would be wise to remember a whistleblower from Arizona State University who revealed to us a secret DARPA-funded program that had less than benign intentions – namely changing people’s moral beliefs and stopping political dissent through remote control. Or how about the God Helmet that could induce religious-type visions through the same form of stimulation?

Oh and that easy dismissal given by the DoD anchor about the possibilities of synthetic drugs offering Lucy-type abilities? No worries, that too was just announced in the form of liquid memory implants.

Once again, we hear nothing of ethical implications, it’s all just a witty soundbite aimed to pacify the masses with a cute sci-fi movie connection. 

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