How Badly Is Fukushima Radiation Damaging the Pacific Ocean?

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Richard Wilcox, PhD
Activist Post

Although its heart is rich in pearls and ores 
The Sea complains upon a thousand shores
– Alexander Smith (1)

I watched some wonderful movies over the summer with “ocean” themes and one was with Robert Redford called All is Lost. The entertainment value was good but it also made a statement about Man’s interference with Nature and how nature can strike back. I love films like All is Lost, Master and Commander, in which the imperial navy visits the Galapagos Islands and “Kon Tiki,” a story about a 4,000 mile trek across the ocean, because they show the unspeakable beauty and power of the world’s great oceans. Can humans actually destroy them?

Over the past year we’ve read many news stories about mass die-offs of marine species in the Pacific Ocean and other regions. One hypothesis in the alternative media is that the massive radiation released from the Fukushima nuclear disaster is the cause. Others blame over-fishing, pollution or climatic events.

My opinion is that if the die-offs are unusual and “man made” then it is a combination of factors, but Fukushima is probably one of them. The Earth is under many human threats — we are an industrious species — Fukushima is doing the ocean only harm, and following that logic, at a minimum the health of local species and perhaps wider ecosystems are being affected in a reverse synergy whereby organisms have surpassed the limits they can endure.

Controversy and Denial

Folks love to argue about whether things like radiation has killed the ocean; whether global warming is real or not or caused by humans emitting CO2; or whether the Twin Towers on 9/11 were brought down with nanothermite or mini-nuke explosives. But in all three cases the harm that has been caused is uncontroversial. We should stop polluting the environment with harmful pollutants (such as sulfur dioxide from coal burning plants) and promote renewable energy sources; we know the official story of 9/11 is a total lie regardless of how the buildings were demolished (see, for example: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth); and we know that whatever amount of radiation is leaking into the ocean it is a bad thing and needs to be stopped.

It appears that after three long years a group of scientists are finally going to have a meeting to discuss the effects of Fukushima on wildlife (2). Logical discourse, debate and scientific honesty are essential to finding consensus on how to solve the problem. However, our scientific and political institutions are often so inflexible that it’s not easy to change course or offer reforms for improvement. And, let’s face it, our economic and political system is rotten to the core (3; 4; 5; 6).

Fukushima Pumps Out Contamination

Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) is the utility in charge of the (FNPP #1) Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant No. 1 (“dai-ichi). They recently admitted that FNPP#1 is releasing a whopping 150 billion becquerels of tritium and 7 billion becquerels of cesium and strontium of contaminated water, every day, into the ocean (7). Compare that to the Japanese government limit for food that does not allow over 100 becquerels per kilogram in food to be sold as produce.

Fukushima: Worst Nuclear Disaster In History

It is estimated by the State of California Natural Resources Agency that the initial Fukushima accident released nearly double the amount of radiation compared to Chernobyl (8).

No human worker can enter the areas around the FNPP#1 reactor buildings because it measures up to 10 sieverts per hour (9) due to the melted nuclear fuel which is scattered at various locations beneath the reactors.

10 sieverts equals10,000 millisieverts (a lifetime dose should not exceed 100 ms!) or 10 million microsieverts per hour, when a normal background rate might be around 0.05 up to 0.15 microsieverts per hour (10).

NHK claims the melted fuel has “cooled down” but so what? The Abe-controlled NHK wants to reassure the public with sugary, sprinkled donut language that “all is well” in Fukushima (11). If you compare the mild non-coverage that Fukushima gets in the Japanese domestic media versus the compendium of worries that independent researchers and scientists have documented it betrays the level of denial and helplessness on the part of the Japanese establishment versus grim reality (12).


Dr. Tim Mousseau has carried out extensive biological research at both Chernobyl and now Fukushima prefecture and found the same patterns of genetic mutations and damage to insects, birds and other organisms caused by the high doses of radiation released by the accidents (13).

War Is Peace, Slavery Is Freedom

In 2013, Dr. Chris Busby, an articulate chap of enormous integrity and “an expert on the health effects of ionizing radiation and Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk,” stated — in a fascinating interview about how the Nuclear/Military Industrial Complex buys their own scientists in order to produce fabricated results — that Fukushima is “probably the worst public health scandal in human history” and that the “actual background rate for thyroid cancer in Japan is actually zero…[according to] a study done in 2005” (14; 15). The background rate before the disaster was zero.

It was recently announced that “[t]hyroid cancer [was] diagnosed in 104 young people” in Fukushima. However, “government officials in Fukushima say they do not believe the cases of thyroid gland cancer diagnosed or suspected in the 104 young people are linked to the 2011 nuclear accident” (16).

The article does not offer a counter argument for what might have caused the cancers, but some dissenting experts do think Fukushima is the cause. Oddly, the government is not carrying out thyroid cancer research in other regions farther away from the disaster site such as in Kagoshima or Okinawa in order to compare the data, and are apparently ignorant of the study Chris Busby dug up that indicated the zero incidence background rate prior to the disaster!

Considering that the normal rate of thyroid cancer in children is zero or very rare — as it was just prior to the Chernobyl disaster — the statement by officials that there is no link to the disaster is a shameless lie. But we are talking about genocidal psychopaths in the Nuclear Industry aren’t we? (17)

The United Nations, whatever its good intentions, which controls the IAEA who in turn oversee global nuclear affairs, is a compromised institution when it comes to regulating the Nuclear-Military Psychopaths (NMP) (18).

Nuclear Power Causes Childhood Leukemia

Dr. Ian Fairlie is a rare breed of hard-headed and uncompromising scientist, not of the bought-and-paid-for variety. In a recent article he further exposes what has been known for decades by the Chris Busbys and Helen Caldicotts of this world, that even “properly” functioning nuclear power plants are dangerous. His research finds:

a highly statistically significant 37% increase in childhood leukemias within 5 km of almost all NPPs [nuclear power plants] in the UK, Germany, France and Switzerland. It’s perhaps not surprising that the latter 3 countries have announced nuclear phaseouts and withdrawals. It is only the UK government that remains in denial (19).

Suffer The Little Children 

Considering the Nuclear Cartel’s control over Japanese politics, blatant denial of statistical data in Europe and the way the UN is compromised, it’s unsurprising to find that the Japanese government, prone to byzantine politics and opaque political processes to begin with, would lie about the effects of radiation on children.

The excellent website, Simply Info, opined that the recent findings of increasing cancers among Fukushima children exposes the government’s deceptive handling of the issue:

“The Health Survey has been less than transparent in what data they release. Many times the data given makes it impossible to perform any sort of outside analysis or obtain a clear picture of what is going on. The survey has refused to release any sort of raw data or additional information in a way that allows for … review or confirmation that their reports accurately present the real situation” (20).

Whither The Pacific Northwest?

Recently Dana Durnford who is true citizen-hero, is also a resident, fisherman and diver of the British of Columbia coastal area of Canada. He and a colleague did a survey of 200 km of the BC coast and found it to be practically lifeless of many normally thriving species (21). This is unprecedented according to Durnford who has lived and worked in the region for years and knows the topography and ecology there like the back of his hand. Is the cause due to Fukushima radiation?

This article from Washington’s Blog (WB) has some good maps that show how ocean currents are sweeping Fukushima radiation toward North America (22). The big question is about dispersion of radiation in the ocean: does it disperse and dilute and become harmless or is it concentrated enough to have an effect? A fisheries expert cited in the article argues that radiation is not the cause but WB refutes some of his claims. An anonymous person in the comment section purports a theory about radiation killing the plankton thereby screwing up the ocean ecology. It sounds like a reasonable hypothesis to me that should be investigated.

A Drop In The Ocean?

Returning to the argument of Dr. Chris Busby, while a lot of people make big statements about the death of the Pacific, he uses mathematical calculations to make his case. I have not seen his figures either verified or disputed by other scientists.

In his audio interview he noted he is aware that all of the radiation will not dilute uniformly and that various currents will concentrate the radiation in certain places but he does not believe the radiation will cause an ecological catastrophe because the ocean is just too darned big. Busby does emphasize the danger to Japan especially people living in the vicinity of Fukushima, but notes that even if the entire inventory of radioactive materials were to make it to the ocean, that the above ground atomic bomb tests released more radiation than Fukushima could.

If we add the bomb tests plus Fukushima, maybe the accumulation is something to worry about.

Here is what he wrote for Russia Today in 2013:

The…Pacific Ocean is big enough for this level of release not to represent the global catastrophe that some are predicting. Let’s get some scoping perspective on this. The volume of the North Pacific is 300 million cubic kilometers. The total inventory of the four Fukushima Daiichi reactors, including their spent fuel pools, is 732 tons of Uranium and Plutonium fuel which is largely insoluble in sea water. The inventory in terms of the medium half-life nuclides of radiological significance Cs-137, Cs-134 and Strontium-90, is 3 x 1018 becquerels (Bq) each. Adding these up gives about 1019 Bq. If we dissolve that entire amount into the Pacific, we get a mean concentration of 33 Bq per cubic meter – not great, but not lethal. Of course this is ridiculous since the catastrophe released less than 1017 Bq of these combined nuclides and even if all of this ends up in the sea (which it may do), the overall dilution will result in a concentration of 1 Bq per cubic meter. So the people in California can relax. In fact, the contamination of California and indeed the rest of the planet from the global weapons test fallout of 1959-1962 was far worse, and resulted in the cancer epidemic which began in 1980. The atmospheric megaton explosions drove the radioactivity into the stratosphere and the rain brought it back to earth to get into the milk, the food, the air, and our children’s bones. Kennedy and Kruschev called a halt in 1963, saving millions (Op. cit.).

Copyright Richard Wilcox 2014

Deep Sea Snooze Fuguheads Furrowed In Ocean Floor

Mainstream science websites like Deep Sea News posit that there is no threat whatsoever from Fukushima radiation, yet devote very little attention to the issue other than to deride those are worried about it (23). In one of their rare articles on the topic I read some months ago, there had previously been a long and thoughtful debate in the comment section among some of their critics, even mainstream scientists, who chastised DSN for so handily dismissing the radiation threat. Recently when I checked the site all of those comments had been deleted and no new articles on the topic had since been published. Only those who cheerlead for their website are allowed to publish comments.

Science follows funding, and promoting the anthropogenic theory of global warming (AGW) pays better than locking horns with the nuclear industry (big bucks military industrial complex). In the meantime, promoters of Al Gore’s official religion, AGW, had to come up with a computer model to explain why global warming is on hiatus until 2030, but don’t worry, it will be back and so will their funding (24).

The Cosmic Convergence Group has just published a lengthy essay that goes into multiple causes of climate change, and while acknowledging the reality of AGW disagree with the way it has been over emphasized and politicized and instead offer a scientific analysis of complex, interrelated phenomenon (25).

As one observer noted to me regarding ocean collapse and climate change:

I think its a state-change in the Pacific eco-system and that Fukushima was simply the precipitating catalyst (26). Entropy was rising in the Pacific for many reasons but whole-scale chemical and elemental contamination (e.g., lead, mercury, uranium, strontium) had already pushed the world’s oceans towards state change. There are also quite a few earth changes that have increased ocean acidification. I really think the climate change problem distracts from the more encompassing problem of broad scale eco-system collapse. (Maija Nadesan, personal email communication, August 29, 2014).

The Knowledge Gap And Pacific Marine Species Die-Offs

Nancy Foust of Simply Info replied to my question as well: “How bad is the radiation to Pacific marine life?”:

There is lots of debate about this issue with die offs. Much of what has been cited since 2011 had documented problems or previous similar die offs prior to Fukushima. 

What is the big unknown is that the radiation releases from Daiichi are still very much up for debate. This gives me pause every time I see some declaration that there is no problem of any kind and never will be related to the Pacific. Until we all have a better scientific grasp of the actual releases into the Pacific over time it is impossible to make solid projections. Most of the estimates on Pacific contamination that I have read only used the initial sea releases as their basis. So they do a good job of estimating where contamination might circulate. But if they only account for the initial release and not the additional over time releases, their estimate will be low. The big question is how low.

Are they just slightly lower or are they considerably lower? What matters then is what were the actual releases to the sea over time. Right now nobody is doing comprehensive and unbiased research into this, or if they are they haven’t published it yet. So there is a knowledge gap. 

Recently TEPCO admitted to much larger sea releases over time since 2011 than they had previously admitted to [currently 157 billion becquerels per day!]. There were some oceanography experts that had called TEPCO’s previous figures into question as their readings were showing there had to be an ongoing release because the readings they were taking were not sufficiently going down over time.

So the big question is the difference between these estimates currently being used for Pacific projections and how these new admissions might change those. 

As far as dispersal. It appears to be a little of both based on the published studies and what oceanographers seem to be most interested in monitoring. It will dilute to an extent, but it will also follow currents and there is some research that found concentrations higher in certain levels of the sea depths. There is also the known issue of cesium concentrating in the sea floor. Much of the research has focused on cesium but from the new TEPCO findings strontium 90 is an equal or larger concern and it isn’t being monitored or tested for in the sea the way cesium is (personal email communication, August 27, 2014).

Animal Die-Offs Worldwide

In 2013, yachtsman “Ivan MacFadyen says he was shocked by absence of sea life during his 37,000km voyage between Australia and Japan” and described the Pacific Ocean as “dead” due to “severe overfishing.” He reported that the ocean was strewn with “copious amounts of rubbish” and that “[i]t started to strike me the closer we got to Japan” the deader the ocean became (27).

There are multiple causes to the destruction of the flora and fauna of the planet including pollution (from rubbish to radiation), habitat destruction, poaching/over harvesting of species for human consumption and even geophysical disruptions that are now taking their toll on marine habitats.

Whether or not you share the eschatological position of the website, End Times Prophecy, I was amazed to come across this list of animal die-offs at their page, “Mass Animal Deaths for 2014.” It is truly horrifying and appears to be entirely verifiably, factual information (28). We do have to consider that throughout Earth history there have been population explosions followed by die-offs, and that in the past, before the Internet, many of these occurrences were not so readily documented for public viewing. Still, there seems to be a pronounced and disturbing pattern here that is not just a random collection of information.

Meanwhile Japanese Are Still Eating Fish

It is hard to detect the severity of this state-change to the natural world when viewing the complacency and normality of daily affairs in Japan. Sushi restaurants all over Tokyo are packed with customers as if nothing ever happened. Most people, although against nuclear power now, are apolitical and apathetic and will do pretty much whatever the government lays out for them (hey sheep the abattoir is over there!). This is evident as the economy stagnates, the nuclear issue remains unresolved and yet Prime Minister Abe keeps pushing to increase Japan’s military and nuclear capabilities.

Understandably the farmers in Fukushima are suffering due to the disaster which had nothing to do with them in the first place. Someone else’s mistake (Tepco’s) has cost them their livelihoods. In reality, Fukushima prefecture is quite large and I would guess the other side of the region does not have that much radiation, but because the name “Fukushima” is affixed to a food product many people will avoid buying it for fear of radiation.

That said, one wonders about the wisdom of campaigning the rest of the country to gobble down Fukushima’s delicious produce. Seafood will have to be monitored for a long time, if not forever (29). And yet one 5 star hotel in Japan is trying to support Fukushima by serving its food on their menu (30). However, Japan is having a hard time getting other Asian countries such as Hong Kong to accept their exported food (31).

I live in Tokyo and personally avoid buying any produce from the northeast or Tokyo regions, although sometimes it is unavoidable. The radiation from Fukushima’s nuclear explosions spread hot particles and all assortment of radionuclides across Japan, North America and even the entire world. No one is safe.

Copyright Richard Wilcox 2014

Going Green Before We Go Dead

All of this mess could have been avoided. As the world’s leading renewable energy expert, Amory Lovins has shown, renewables such as solar and wind could offset the need for nuclear and fossil fuel based energy sources for many countries including Europe, the US and Japan. Probably for the entire world.

Even the bastion of capitalist ideology, perhaps following the lead of investors like Warren Buffett, Forbes magazine, is promoting wind power over nuclear as having greater scalability, meaning that wind power versus nuclear has “the ability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work in a capable manner or its ability to be enlarged to accommodate that growth” (36). If there is anything capitalists love it is growth of their assets so maybe they are waking up to saner options.

Fukushima And Dispossession

Finally, please keep an eye out for the upcoming book on Fukushima entitled: Fukushima: Dispossession or Denuclearization (2014). It should be published within the next month or so and is an anthology of articles by a wide variety of independent-minded journalists and scholars of unique talent written in order bring into sharper focus the implications of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Some of the proceeds from the book will be donated to help children refugees who are still suffering in temporary housing situations in the Fukushima area.

Copyright Richard Wilcox 2014

Richard Wilcox is a Tokyo-based teacher and writer who holds a Ph.D. in environmental studies and is a regular contributor to the world’s leading website exposing the Fukushima nuclear disaster, He is also a contributor to Activist Post. His radio interviews and articles are archived at and he can be reached by email for radio or internet podcast interviews to discuss the Fukushima crisis at [email protected]


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  1. The radiation releases from Fukushima are not over, and could not be beneficial to any life form. The huge accumulation of plastic debris is also a threat to marine life.
    Following wartime activities munitions have been dumped into the ocean as well as barrels of toxic material. Truth be told humans have used the oceans for a garbage can for a long time and never thought about the consequences. As a species we never think of the consequences until it is well out of hand. Denial is so much easier and cheaper.
    Global warming is a scam and money making scheme. The climate of this planet is always changing and this occurs with or without humans, but garbage is our main contribution.
    Without the oceans, bees and fertile soil it is going to be more difficult to feed ourselves and support our population. Weather modification programs that have run since the 1940’s or 50’s have had a noticeable effect upon weather patterns, look at California which is where a lot of produce comes from or used to.
    I think we need to change a lot of our behavior and good place to start is to look at the profit motive and see it for what it really is. Then maybe we can address other areas like not producing things we cannot control or safely dispose of. But I think people are a long way from this right now.

  2. The oceans have yet to be colonized by man. The Fukushima accident has become a spectacular event. The anti-nuclear faction is out in force, their demonizing of all that is nuclear, all technology and the existence of man, the human species is evil. Nuclear waste is nuclear treasure, a fuel that cannot be wasted and waste from the ocean can be picked up and recycled. Nuclear power is necessary for many recycling processes that will benefit the population’s physical economy, our standard of living. David, immortalized in Michelangelo’s fine sculpture inspires us; Modern man looks into the future and says, I am not afraid!

    • Keep drinking the Kool-Aid…you might just manage to go thru life totally asleep & not realize what a hypnotized fool you’ve been …parlaying propaganda from the MSM into ersatz truth…how righteous & noble you must feel setting us all straight,,,kinda makes you feel all warm & fuzzy all over.

      • The Fukushima mess can be cleaned up, its ‘waste’, is a valuable asset in the furthering of nuclear science and nuclear fuel technology. The article above, a little loose with the facts, has unforgivable omissions, does not serve our survival, it is a grand distraction, as if this were the only danger that threatens human existence. Simply not true, nuclear energy is absolutely necessary for the survival and perpetuation of mankind. What kind of propaganda operation are you running? or are you one of those gullible people who believes everything they read?

        Humanity is walking into the Greatest Depression caused by the world financial system now in disintegration, now driving thermonuclear WWIII, it is the immediate human existential crisis. It’s solution, besides terminating Globalization and the reorganization of finance systems, among sovereign nations, demands funding the Universal Development Plan, which will require the construction of about 60,000 nuclear fueled facilities throughout the world, at least 300 here in the United States. So I am suspicious of the Green faction, an auxiliary force of the Wall St.operation, running on about the evils of nuclear fueled power.

        • *You’re hilarious…. Have you ever thought about stand-up comedy?….your abject ignorance of all things NWO….inclines me to believe you’re part of some NGO Soros-type foundation, living off tax free $$$…NUCLEAR ENERGY is an absolutely filthy way to boil water…..FREE ENERGY has been cuckolded by BIG OIL /13 family/Old Black Nobility/Rothschild vested interests in leaving us ALL slaves to their artificially machinated staus quo….You are operating within a very tiny, self-proclaimed, parameter of plausible possibilities…(Why am I wasting my time here, with a totally deleteriously programmed automaton???)

          • You’re pretty funny yourself. I never mentioned empowering the Private Sector, quite the opposite. No sense accusing each other of being the enemy of humanity. You’re just not as informed as you think you are. Nuclear energy is absolutely necessary for the perpetuation and elevation of humanity. Have a nice Labor Day

          • agileprovocateur | September 1, 2014 at 9:28 pm |

            Clarc King

            You claim ( The Fukushima mess can be cleaned up ) , lmbo is that why the yakuza will not let scientist into Fukushima from around the world only homelss right . Or is that why they claim radiation is like idiotic Banana’s potato chips or walking in sunshine everyday instead I wonder . ( you claim its ‘waste’, is a valuable
            asset in the furthering of nuclear science and nuclear fuel technology. ) Umm hahaha Do you make Depleted Uranium munitions to destroy impoverished peoples country’s or something . USA Hanford nuclear site has 41 miles of open pits full of yellow cake nuclear waste they don,t know what to do with so what are you talking about ?? Hanford dumped 450 billion gallons of yellow cake raw nuclear waste into the soil there in the 50s and 60s because they refused to follow their own rules for waste . The UK has 4 million Litres of radioactive water from Sellafeild hemorrhaging into the Atlantic every day not counting the endless ships full of radioactive material dumped randomly and secretly into the Atlantic ocean from Britain and the list of massive coverups is endless and growing daily in every country with nuclear stupid . Your pathetic in every-way and disturbingly divisional when the facts are well sourced .

          • agileprovocateur? Gee, buddy, all I said was that waste is a valuable asset. The oligarchical powers that be, need to keep humanity in a state of want and fear. Comments here, go on to say that man is a virus and that out numbers must be culled. This is insanity. In this instance where nuclear fueled energy could give the world limitless energy supply, we instead hear that ‘there is not enough to go around’ and we do not have the resources to do anything right, etc. our perspective over energy and the pollutants of nuclear waste, our own interests, is subverted. Man simply does not have to live this way. Using our brainpower nuclear waste is fuel as demonstrated in the Fast Neutron Reactor technology. Do not be afraid.
            The higher order of civilization demands creating the political will to clean up the planet Earth and use nuclear power for the benefit of humanity.

      • The Mainstream media promotes the Linear no-threshold lie that radiation in the tiniest amount is certain death. By pretending they are withholding the information regarding Fukushima, they further the anti-nuke fear-based propaganda to the gullible who are so “awake” they’ll believe anything.

      • optimistic4thefuture | November 23, 2014 at 8:06 pm | Reply

        He might be “drinking the kool-aid” in the fact that he isn’t afraid. But he is right about Nuclear power being a virtual necessity since the alternative is to increase the amount of green house gasses we expel by ten fold. Personally I think Nuclear reactors should only be put in geographic areas like the midwest where there is little to no noticeable plate shifting.

  3. Nothing is going to change for the better until all the 1% of the sick, twisted greedy bastards that are presently pushing all the buttons are extracted from the planet.
    Here is the solution,

  4. Sadly human wisdon has not kept up with technology,
    my reading of the chicken livers is telling me, if I live five more years,
    [I’m seventy], technology is going to be one of the four horseman that will reap
    down the living, [think Japen’s leaking reactors]. The last book in the bible, Revelation 8:11,
    tells us what percentage of life, land, ocean, air, will be distroyed, and it
    tells the name of the distroyer, [Wormwood] The area around Russia’s failed
    nuclear power means Wormwood. J. Clark

  5. The bad news is we might starve ourselves to death or rot our lungs out for two or three generations or irradiate ourselves into oblivion. But the good news is we can’t destroy the land and its oceans. Not by land time. Bar ditches and old cemeteries tell us this. The ground-zero bamboo they found growing at Nagasaki and Hiroshima tells us this. The foliage we hack through at the Mayan and Aztec ruins tells us this. The Northern Ground
    Gopher they found living beneath the Mount St. Helen’s blow-down surface tells us this. The weeds and grass we find inching their way through asphalt and concrete in abandoned city slums tellsus this.

    Grass don’t grow no more in our concrete jungles? Come back in a thousand years. Okay, make it a hundred thousand. Hell, go for a million. Understand what I mean by land time? One of our fallacies is we humans measure things by human time and human selves. We can’t think land time. Another is we think we’re important to the scheme of things. S – – t. We’re closer to the universe jesters. Did you know the ancients put up stones along Japan’s coasts hundreds of years ago that say “. . . don’t build your houses any closer to the sea than this stone?” Why? Because if you do, a tsunami will wash your human ass away. Fact. Stones are still there.
    But along comes selves with our seawalls and we tell people “. . . you can
    forget about them stones now.” Which is why we may irradiate ourselves this go-round with what’s left of our tsunamied Fukushima egos sitting atop an earthquake fault leaking radiation directly into the Pacific Ocean and the selves can’t stop it. But even that won’t kill the land and its oceans. Not by land time. Oh, we’ll all be gone. But the planet will come back ‘round when the charades are finished. The Army, bless their little OD hearts, had a saying that got right at the heart of this man-land thing “. . . crap in your own mess kit and you’ll wind up having to eat out of it.”

  6. Feudal Peasant | August 31, 2014 at 4:44 am | Reply


  7. Good article. The attention not giving to Fukushima is by design, I ask you , who stands to lose the most if man kind knew the complete truth going back to the start of splitting the atom, all the secrete test done on poor women & their unborn babies at hospitals across the USA, the military men who stood on ships & in trenches not far from open air blasts, the spraying of radiation on certain parts of ST Louis, huge landfills in ST Louis with no lining to keep it from leaking into the water supplies & the fires now burning is a landfill in ST Louis, open air burning at Oak Ridge of nuke waste from Germany & others nations, the use of HARRP to control weather, ship yard workers becoming ill after working on the Regan at Bremington, the Regan sailors who have died & the ones so sick & even their children suffering all related to radiation, the high cancer rates very high of all that live within 50 miles of a nuke plant, down winders of WIPP now sick. One source is http://Bobby1' who has shown in medial terms he & his son got from Fukushima & WIPP, the evidence is out here but have been locked away by the very ones who would lose the most. Who is behind endless wars, displacing Natives off their land to mine this deadly stuff & when done leave a land mass not fit for no humans.
    Go back & look at why Help was attacked by the Oil & logging barrens, 1 acre of Hemp equaled 10 acres of standing trees, THC has many medical uses, Hemp has so many uses it would bring back industry to the USA & the world, but those who made sure Libya & any other nation bucked their staying Slaves to the banking families were made examples of & the USA & any other nation will be no different. Just another Protocol set by the Learned Elders of The Zion & carried out by the military they high jacked & have controlled for a very long time. Russia was only Nation who responded when Lincoln sent letters world over for help against the British(Rothschilds Bankers) during the Civil War, it was the Czar of Russia who sent war ships to the US east & west coast to keep the British out, the whole Russian Royal Family Paid for that help with their lives, the Bankers made damn sure they did not get in their way again & so just look how many US Presidents did also & any leader in the world did also, just like today, so history has been altered to cover up the crimes against humanity & the deaths of billions & the mass destruction of land, seas, fresh water & the air so the banker families control the slaves & any advancement that would end slavery & bring Freedom to the world.

  8. wow, and the news media would have us believe that survivalists are mostly the evil tea-party types. guess they haven’t been to your site yet…..

  9. Westcoastscientist | September 24, 2014 at 1:22 pm | Reply

    junk science.. not supported by any data.. I work on West coast of Vancouver Island during the summers as a scientist) and can attest that the ocean is not lifeless as stated here. I also have taken water samples can count them in a beta counter and gamma counter (to monitor radiation, I have access to this instrumentation) and find no statistical increase in the waters over the past 2 years.. there is a small increase (perhaps -510 cpm), but this is against a background of about 70-75 cmp that exists naturally and everywhere on earth so difference ins solar flares and radiation take up much of this and therefore, the author is simply full of it. I have worked with various radioactive isotopes as biological tracers for >25 years and have lots of experience and understand the risks

  10. Westcoastscientist | September 24, 2014 at 1:23 pm | Reply

    sma;; correction- the increase is 5 -10 cpm, not 510, for some reason the hyphen dissapeared when typing

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