Watch: Verbal Acrobatics of Officer Pulled Over By Trucker

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

On June 29, a YouTube video was uploaded showing the aftermath of a citizen pulling over a cop, so to speak. Well, this bold move worked! Brian Miner caught up to a speeding officer who was on his cell phone in rainy driving conditions and honked repeatedly which compelled the officer to pull over.

He got the officer’s attention. The officer turns the table to act as though it was his pullover and that he must write a ticket for the indiscriminate use of the trucker’s horn. He ignores attempts at a two-way conversation, changes gears a bit upon notice that the interaction is being recorded, but proceeds to act strangely evasive with bizarro deflection tactics.

The officer does not succeed in deflecting, though he tries repeatedly to ignore the truck driver’s reasoning. ‘Amnesia’ cop suddenly remembers that he wasn’t paying attention to his speed. And that he didn’t know he was using a cell phone.

In a magnanimous act of graciousness, the officer repeatedly shows the person who pulled him over what a nice guy he is. That he doesn’t want to hurt the trucker’s record, that he has done an inspection (?), that he won’t search the truck, that the truck has no violations which will look good to the company. “Enjoy that violation-free MCS inspection,” he says. Gee, how swell!

The conversation did not start out as friendly.

Wikimedia Commons image overlayed and altered by author

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