Canadian & Australian Prime Ministers Deliver Exact Same Speech (Word For Word) About Iraq & Terrorism

Arjun Walia
Activist Post

This is obviously a very old video, but it’s a great video and remains very relevant today. It’s a video of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and (then) Australian Prime Minister John Howard giving the exact same speech, word for word urging their fellow nations to join in on the United States invasion of Iraq in search for weapons of mass destruction.

Since this speech, 9/11 has been outed (according to many) as one of the biggest false flag terrorist events in history. This means that it was a sham, that the event was created by those who had vested interests in taking over Iraq for ulterior motives. Collective Evolution and other alternative media outlets have covered this topic in depth. There is so much evidence that makes the events surrounding 9/11 extremely suspicious. If you have yet to do your research, you can start HERE.

Question Everything – The Internet Too!

It’s very important, especially in this day and age, to question everything you see on your television. To not instantly believe what you see, or what you are told. Ask yourself, how often do you really use the resources that are available today to actually do your own research? Our mainstream (corporate) media outlets are owned by approximately five corporations. When someone brings up issues with regards to 9/11 that go against your belief system, ask yourself, why do you believe what you believe so much? How can you believe what you believe without investigating what you are told?

The Internet is full of information. Obviously it’s best to use the same method, question everything you read and see, look for credible sources and use your intuition. Your source for information (if you are truly interested) should not only be the corporate media. We are talking about the same group of individuals that own Big Oil, Big Health, Media and more. It’s imperative that one examines a wide range of sources and information before coming to a conclusion, and those who seem to do just that all seem to arrive at the same ones.

More people are starting to believe that ‘international terrorism’ has been used to justify extremely inhumane and immoral actions. That these so called terrorists have connections to the same ones who claim they are trying to fight terrorism. Why? To create so much conflict that the people will have no choice but to accept a New World Order.

One small point out of thousands that make it clear the war on terrorism is likely not real or at least overstated, is the fact that the CIA provided funding to Al-Qaeda, according to this article provided by the BBC. Another might be the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s claim that 9/11 was orchestrated, or the relationship between the Bush and Bin Laden family.

A Push To Create Terrorism

This speech makes it clear that there was an international push to become involved in the war on terrorism. If the ‘terrorist’ event used to justify the invasion was fabricated, what is going on? I don’t know who wrote this speech, and I don’t know if the two gentlemen who were reading them actually believed what they were saying. Just like many others around at that time, they to could have believed that this was indeed an act of terrorism.

At a certain level, politicians are nothing but puppets for corporations, they are told what to do, and often rewarded or doing so. If you want to know who is controlling the planet, you have to follow the money, but ultimately, it’s us, me and you.

At anytime we choose we can turn our experience around and create something better for everyone. An important step to take is seeing through the veil that’s been blinding us for so long. The statement that “politicians are nothing but puppets for corporations” is backed up by a tremendous amount of evidence. For one small example, one might want to look at the revolving door between Monsanto and the FDA. Politicians do not dictate policy, corporations do. Politicians are the ones to blame, if ever we are upset, our attention is turned away from the puppet master and onto the puppets. They are the “fall people.”

The president of the United States, for example, doesn’t even have enough security clearance to know what is happening in the black budget world. You can read more about that HERE.

So, whether you think this same speech video is relevant in some way or not, it definitely gives one something to think about. Feel free to share your thoughts below about the video.

Arjun Walia writes for Collective-Evolution, where this first appeared. You can Email him here:

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