A New World Self Order: America 2.0

Jack Mullen
Activist Post

Most people do not understand the difference between anarchy and chaos; Anarchy being the condition of living without government – no government – and chaos being a state of human existence where no societal structure exists. Anarchy is a perfectly natural state of existence in which a self ordering societal structure emerges favoring and reinforcing the ideals supporting man’s highest values including life, property, and happiness.

The superstition that government is required for man to survive and prosper and evolve in a way consistent with being human and maximizing peace and human happiness is the primary reason man remains a slave today.

Mankind has been a slave species for thousands of years, held in slavery to superstitions of government and religion and other mind-controlling paradigms reducing individuals to nothing more than a means to the ends of others. In another world, man is a means to his own ends, independent of the control and whims of others – living according to natural law; any action is Lawful that does not harm another – and coercion of any kind is harm.

Law is independent of government and so are courts, preservation of rights, culture, education and civilization. Government and the worship of authority are yokes and a religion of institutionalized violence against the individual and violence against competing ideas and the natural evolution of cooperation of all Earth’s people. Anarchy is an idea that will deliver the salvation of mankind and must emerge if man is to survive and throw off the yoke of slavery.

In the limit as government goes to zero (limited government not growing rather diminishing) Liberty, individual prosperity, happiness and the state of being “left alone” are maximized. In the limit as government goes to infinity (total totalitarian control – the psychopathic pathocracy of a fully evolved narcissist State), Liberty, individual prosperity, happiness and the state of being “left alone” is minimized.

Self responsible philosophies and coercion-free markets can and will produce a culture and concomitant civilization protecting rights and defending individuality. This is one of the great secrets protected by the high priests of religion and government for thousands of years – man can live without the control of authorities and herd manipulation of a fear-based mind control.

America 1.0 was an experiment in Limited Government; however, government is a resource consumer and a way to the means of special interests, eventually privatizing into a means to the ends of the most ruthless competitors for access to government’s monopoly power of coercion. No example of governments self limiting has ever existed and will not exist.

America 2.0 might be a region of diminishing government and the supported growth of self-responsible people living in a state of Natural Law consciously defending against an outbreak of government (gangs) by fostering self-ordering systems maximizing private property, individual Liberty with no limit on the explosion of innovation unleashed by the free market of individualism. A world minimizing unproductive wealth accumulation, while maximizing productive wealth through the cultural appreciation of new life supporting valuables.

To a New World Self Order: America the World’s Greatest Hope!

 Jack Mullen has been a businessman for more than 25 years, owning 3 radio stations, several technology based companies and a resource development company

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