Food and Farm Freedom Featured in Corporate Media Showdown

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Heather Callaghan
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Here is yet another instance of a healthy food freedom advocate going on air, against all odds, to defend that basic right. That takes courage! And we need that voice, whether you care about the troubles of the world’s food supply or with what you will prepare your next meal.

Liz Reitzig, founder of Nourishing Liberty, faces off with a heavily-pushed-by-media (and a part of the media) GMO mouthpiece and John Stossel at 9:15, but I recommend watching from the beginning.

But who is it that she’s up against?

It’s GMO front-runner, Jon Entine … Why is this guy advising the public?

For brevity’s sake I’ll refer you to two articles that go deeper into his background – here and here.

The bulk of his career is not in science, genetics (although he writes about it), food or medicine. Yet, he is often present as the voice of science and reason. Taken in whole, it’s in media and public relations, although he will adamantly deny that and any deep connection with Monsanto and chemical industries.

Tom Philpott writes:

Entine also runs a consultancy, ESG MediaMetrics. The firm’s homepage lists Monsanto as a “select client.” Among its “core services,” it lists “Media strategy, writing, speechwriting, and engagement with critics.” Describing its media services, it declares, “We manage and create reputations. We bring to every challenge our vast experience as active journalists, public relations and media specialists, international scholars, and advisers for Fortune 500 corporations.”

In other words, he has the expertise to throw wrenches or tomatoes, and sit back while everyone gets angry and tries to counter it. He is to make genetic modification and chemicals in food look reasonable, and opponents look crazy. Meanwhile, the core issues and concerns are shielded. Any time you find him, he will be accusing someone or some group of deceitfulness, hate and having an agenda.

It works…

But so does standing on your values, knowledge and consumer rights. Liz Reitzig, that took courage to appear live on Stossel and face off with the likes of Entine!

I think her words and radiance are a testament of the good health enjoyed from real food without chemical pesticides and, like she says, going beyond organic, straight to the farm with an emphasis on small-scale practices like soil revitalization.

Liz was poised and correct in admitting (and also further explaining) the parcels of truth that Entine brought in about the bigger organic industry, imports from China, and lax USDA certified organic standards. He attempts to paint the “mega organic industry” as all bad, futile and as thought it’s exploiting the public. There is indeed a dark side to it – but that’s not what Liz was referring to in regards to buying healthy food!

Do you see how Entine constantly threw out flames (or bait) that the other side had to constantly address? It was never meant to be an open conversation about chemicals in food. He kept to projecting tired lines about organic flaws knowing full well what she just said about which organic. The “debate” was set up that way on purpose with Entine and Stossel going on offense.

It’s important that viewers got to see the facts – Liz came prepared and knew that body of knowledge. She stuck with the main points of knowing your direct source of food and how it’s grown – not just buying the organic label.

GMO front-runners enjoy talking about “the organic agenda.” See what you think when you compare the two “agendas.” Unfortunately, what average viewers get to see is often a thinly veiled smear campaign. With people like Liz stepping up to the plate, writers and activists don’t have to be a voice crying in the wind – but a bold call in the media for self-empowerment.

Liz is also a Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader – they love to help people find their farm source and healthy food. You can read more about that and finding your fresh food source here:

20 Places to Find Local Food and Family Farms Near You

PS – Wrench-throwing and accusatory PR tactics could fall under the category of dark marketing. You can read more about that in Ryan Holiday’s Trust Me, I’m Lying. You might also like Toxic Sludge is Good For You! and Trust Us, We’re Experts!, the authors of which founded and is a branch of PR Watch. Take a spin with some spin doctors and you won’t be able to ever unsee it again.

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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