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Americans, by now, should not be shocked at the level of depravity to which Western governments and their media mouthpieces will sink in order to demonize the government of a target nation. While the historical parallels are plentiful, recent events should serve as enough of a reminder that reports circulating from Western media outlets should never be trusted when concerning the situation on the ground inside a country that is slated for NATO intervention. Indeed, Syria has been witness to this fact time and time again.

Thus, as reports begin to circulate regarding the alleged Syrian military airstrike against a school in Aleppo, it is important to remember the history of the Anglo-European propaganda machine in regards to so many other “masscares” and “crimes against humanity” that have later turned out to be either completely fabricated or twisted in such a way as to represent a narrative that is 180 degrees different from the truth.

With that in mind, mainstream outlets like Reuters are reporting that on April 30, 2014, the Syrian military conducted an airstrike on a school in the Al-Ansari District of Aleppo which resulted in the death of at least 18 people, most of them children.

The reports present the bombing of the Ain Jalout school as if it were the target of the Syrian Air Force all along.

The pro-death squad organization, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, essentially one man located in Britain, claim that the death toll surrounding the school bombing was 18, while the media wing of the death squads, the Aleppo Media Centre, claimed that the death toll was higher, with at least 25 children being killed.

Videos posted by the death squad forces show bodies strewn about the floor along with blood and debris.

The United Nations apparatus is now falling over itself to condemn the airstrikes with the United Nations Children’s Fund stating that it is “outraged by the latest wave of indiscriminate attacks perpetrated against schools and other civilian targets across Syria.”

While indiscriminate bombing campaigns by the Syrian military are certainly not outside the realm of possibility, there are several reasons to doubt the veracity of the claims made by Western media outlets that attempt to imply that Syrian government forces intentionally targeted the school. Indeed, there are also reasons to question whether or not the school was bombed at all. Given the history of the Anglo-European propaganda machine in its rush to war against Syria, we cannot ignore these possibilities.

1.) While mainstream Western media outlets attempt to present the school bombing as if it were the calculated tactic of the Assad government, some level-headed reporters have provided a slightly more sober interpretation of the events in Aleppo.

For instance, Jason Ditz of writes that the bombing, while the fault of the Syrian government, was not an intentional targeting of the school, but an errant bomb that veered off course. He states,

Underscoring the increasingly inaccurate nature of the Syrian Civil War, a military air strike, involving a barrel bomb, careened off course in a rebel held district of the northern city of Aleppo, hitting an elementary school.

The bomb tore through the school, ripping the side off of it and killing 25 people within, including several children. Multiple strikes hit the Ansari District of Aleppo, though this was the only one reported to have caused deaths.

2.) The source of the reports being paraded across Western screens from the infamous “activists say” school of journalism. “Activists” in this sense, of course, can be translated to mean “death squads” (aka the “rebels”). These “activists” have provided weak information at best, but have provided unsubstantiated as well as outright fabricated and staged information on numerous occasions.

The Ghouta chemical weapons attack scenario stands as one of the more famous instances of “activists saying” that Assad forces fired sarin gas against Syrian civilians while themselves having staged the entire event with captured civilians from Latakia.

3.) There is also the question of exactly how many civilians remain inside Aleppo to be bombed. Aleppo, particularly the rebel-held areas, has witnessed a massive outflux and evacuation of citizens. This is not only because of the fighting and potential attacks by opposing sides, but also because of the savagery inflicted upon the subject populous once the death squad fighters seize power.

Indeed, the New York Times reported in mid-February that hundreds of thousands of civilians had been forced to flee the rebel-held areas of Aleppo.

Even more so, Al-Jazeera reports that rebel-held Aleppo is a “ghost town” with whole neighborhoods having been abandoned.

This is the same situation of Ghouta, where most civilians had left their homes in order to escape the fighting and death squads. Still, the Western media ignored the clear evidence that these attacks had been staged and attempted to portray the Ghouta region as heavily populated with civilians.

4.) In keeping with the tradition of both the terrorists operating on the ground and that of the Anglo-American propaganda outlets, there exists the very real possibility that this attack never actually happened in terms of the way it is being portrayed.

Keep in mind that the collusion of Western governments and the death squads have presented numerous instances of Assad’s alleged cruelty and war crimes that have all turned out to be those of the death squads themselves. The Ghouta chemical weapons attacks, the Houla Massacre, the Khan al-Assal chemical weapons attacks, and many others have all initially been blamed on the Assad government. Evidence to the contrary, however, subsequently emerged.

As in the case of the three specific atrocities mentioned above, reports based on “activists say” and videos provided by death squads were used to justify the possibility of military action by NATO. Indeed, in the case of Ghouta, captives were actually used as stage props in order to pin the attacks on the Syrian government.

Likewise, we must remember the documented cases of photographic tampering that have occurred during the course of the Syrian destabilization.

The image reportedly showing a Syrian orphan child lying between his parents’ graves which was passed around the mainstream media to tug on the heartstrings of Westerners, turned out to be nothing more than an art project that was taken in Saudi Arabia. The child was not even an orphan.

Another photo, showing a child jumping over a row of dead bodies, and also used for war propaganda turned out to be a photograph of Iraq, not Syria.

Likewise, the photo portraying a lost little boy alone in the desert being comforted by UN staff, turned out to be a cleverly cropped photo used to drum up misguided sympathy and promote NATO involvement under the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

With all of this in mind, it is important to note that another school was bombed in Syria this week. Shortly before the alleged bombing of the Ain Jalout school, a school was bombed by terrorists in Damascus.
Although not widely reported, particularly after the mainstream outlets picked up on the propaganda point of the Ain Jalout school, Tuesday saw four mortar shells fired by terrorists in central Damascus killing approximately 14 people and wounding many others. The CBC reports quotes the Damascus Police Command as having stated that two of those shells hit a school complex.

Even the pro-death squad organization, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, admitted that the attacks occurred, explaining that the school taught students as young as 14.

The video of the attack can be seen here:

Whether or not the bombing in Aleppo was an errant bomb, an intentional strike on death squads holding a military position from the school, or simply never happened, it is imperative that we remember the false narrative that has been provided to the Western public since the beginning of the destabilization.

We must remember the fabricated stories repeated ad nauseum regarding Assad’s alleged atrocities only to later find that it was the Western-backed death squads who were responsible.

In the end, we must observe these events from a logical standpoint and always take whatever comes from NATO media outlets with a large grain of salt.

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