Grandma Wounded By Four Bullets – Shoots Back With .45

Amanda Warren

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A family is relieved and proud this week of a 51-year old grandmother of four, they lovingly call “Rambo.”

Paris Ainsworth was shot multiple times last Saturday night and bears four bullet wounds during a random driveway shooting in Detroit. Sensing something was wrong before the two assailants took aim, she fortunately placed her .45 in her pocket before exiting her car – just in case. She and her family know this move saved her life, especially when she refused to die – but rather fired back eight rounds, injuring them.

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The two would-be murderers had no choice after facing their own mortality but to go to the hospital to have their own wounds treated. You are probably aware of the hospital policy (at least this is what I know about Michigan) that requires law enforcement to be called into the hospital for instances of bullet wounds. Yet LEOs were aware of the men as Ainsworth was being treated in the same place having had EMS help. She fortunately applied pressure to her wounds while waiting for help.

Note the way she describes the attackers. This writer is taking notes from her experience. Her training and empowerment successfully precluded her fear.

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She obtained her conceal-carry permit two years ago following a mugging injury she received ten years ago.

Bob Owens of had this to say about how Ainsworth handled the situation:

Experts will tell you that a large part of surviving a gunfight is mental. After being shot three times in the body and once in the hand, many people would have registered, “I’m shot,” and they would have wilted to the ground what experts call a “psychological stop.” If you’ve ever studied film of gunfights, you’ll note that many gun battles stop just this way, with someone taking hits and quitting the fight, even though they have not suffered a hit to the central nervous (CNS) system, might have suffered superficial wounds, or might not have been hit at all. 


You’ll note that she has quality weapons, good ammo, trains regularly, good situational awareness, and has what’s been called “the fighting mindset.”

If I were a Detroit area self-defense company owner, I might consider attempting to hire Ainsworth as a speaker, if not as an instructor. She did everything that a shooter should do in gunfight, and because she did, she prevailed.

Yes – never give up! And what he says is a good reason to avoid television and movies – especially action types that are full of propaganda, inaccurate tactics and are downright self-defeating. Imagine the tragedy of going down because of misguided belief and even terror from years of this type of imagery.

He notes that the police often keep the self-defense weapon until an investigation is complete. This is all the more reason to have more than one firearm. Which she does, and Owens identified her other handgun as a Sig SP2022 that will protect her until her .45 is returned.

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