Movie Review: “Divergent”

Jack Mullen
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WARNING: spoiler possible.

Divergent is another in our face explanation for what is about to happen in America and why people have to be awakened; and those awake naturally must be the first to take action against the tyranny rising in America.

The movie explains most people are easily herded and think according to standard patterns or archetypes. In the movie, people are divided according to their simple pattern of thought into groups called factions: Amity, Erudite, Dauntless, Candor and Abnegation.

The plot explains how an average person’s archetype can be discovered (through testing) and then the pliant citizen is coerced into a life of serving the system ( “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” ) via their ‘discovered’ faction.

The plot begins with remaining survivors of some post-apocalyptic Chicago having created a wall around the city to keep “the not seen in a long time” enemies out of the city. Rules and sacrifices are set up to continue to keep people “safe,” and at the age of consent young people are forced to accept a “faction before blood” credo and serve lifelong career paths in the faction they can best serve.

Before choosing a faction, a test is given which ‘reveals’ the faction best suited for each person, but the debutante may, at some risk, (as explained in the movie), select a faction they prefer. The caveat being, after choosing a faction there is no way back; if they fail at faction initiation, they go to the “ghetto” of the faction-less as an outcast, living in poverty and physically uncomfortable.

However, all is not as it seems (ding). It is learned by those in the “governing” factions that certain people are now showing up in the test divergent, meaning they cannot be assigned a faction from the test results because they can think for themselves and can’t be told how to think or molded into a servant because their brains “work differently”.

So, after testing, the lead female character (Tris) is told by her tester not to expose the fact she is a divergent and to never tell anyone because divergents are being hunted and killed.

In the movie, the Erudite faction has decided (the technocrat faction – generating managed technical knowledge, not truth, for their own faction’s consumption) they must destroy all the divergents and seize full control of governing all the other factions which is currently the function of the Abnegation faction. The Erudites will seize control using mass murder to eradicate those opposing the “clearly superior leadership of Erudite’s with ‘degrees’ in ‘advanced’ knowledge.”

Tris visits her brother in the Erudite faction and learns he’s buying the propaganda: “Erudite is the only faction qualified to know how to govern and they should and must be in charge.” She tells him they’re creating a false narrative and lies; and because he’s not a divergent he’s locked into believing and trusting the superiority of his faction and safety in the worship of authority, highly rewarded in the Erudite faction, so he gets angry and asks her to leave.

In order to eradicate the members of the current ruling faction, the Erudite invent a mind control substance they are going to inject into the Dauntless faction, the warrior class used for keeping the peace and being public physical servants (police, military, court servants, etc.)

They give the drug to the Dauntless faction, but Tris and her Dauntless faction instructor (Tris chose Dauntless and hid the fact she was divergent) are divergent and can think and understand what is happening and are not affected by the mind control drug, and they hatch a plot to attempt to wake up the world.

Tris explains it is not the fault of the mind-controlled Dauntless or those being rounded up by Dauntless (all those in the Abnegation faction) to be murdered, rather it is the fault of mind control and those controlling the minds.

Tris, and helpers, break into the main control room and shut down the computers sending messages to the mind-controlled Dauntless thugs, the message is being is picked up by the nano technology in the drug they were given, and the Dauntless ‘thugs’ WAKE UP …

The final straightforward message delivered at the end of the movie is: people must be vigil for those who would pigeon hole non-thinkers and those easily controlled into factions of thought and then using mind control (either through drugs or education and propaganda) direct them into lives that are not their own.

This is just one of many recent movies telling a similar story to those who are awake, and many awake might not be sure or even know they are awake. The sleeping will see the movie, but not hear the underlying story.

“Divergent” is a metaphor for America today. The parallels are these:

The “the not seen in a long time” enemies == War on terror, there are statistically no terrorists, except State-sponsored terrorism created falsely by those causing fear and selling an agenda of tyranny to keep us safe.

Factions == National paradigms fostering deep unthinking belief in paradigms promising safety and advertised as working toward the best interest of those they control or influence. Factions include Political parties, government departments (department of Defense, State Department, Justice Department) and schools of thought, educational systems, etc.

Faction == “A party or group (as within government) that is often contentious or self seeking” – Merriam-Webster dictionary

Erudite Faction == System of public education and the highly propagandized university curriculums in America. It is the system of pretended authority granted to leaders and so-called intellectuals and the religion of authority worship. It is a false paradigm of educational systems claiming higher and morally superior ways to live an individual’s life. It is the prattle of a credentialed snake oil salesman proselytizing the health benefits of his secret elixir, the product years of scientific research.

Public Service == a false paradigm created by controllers to enlist the unthinking service of people into anti-life and anti-liberty archetypes for living.

Mind Control == State/corporate media (mainstream media including TV, newspaper and magazines). Mind control is also the primary goal of public education and public institutions like medicine, psychology, banking, bureaucracy and government.

Mind Control Drugs == vaccines, big pharma prescription drugs, tainted and non natural “illegal drugs,” genetically modified foods and poisoned water (fluoride compounds).

The PURGE of those in Abnegation == [like] The “glorious” workers revolution and Red Terror of 1918 Russia, the Nazi Night of the Long Knives and the systematic extermination of Jews and Pols and those mysteriously dying now in America by ‘suicides’ or explosions or heart attacks and some during interrogation by trusted public servants. History is teaming with examples of mind-controlled ‘servants’ murdering hordes of people in the ‘best interest’ of another faction.

Those awake now are divergent, and it is you who must work against the tsunami of tyranny now devouring America. The coming new “glorious revolution” will be another hell on earth unless those of us who can see do what we can to oppose the growing tyranny; tyranny unfolding at an alarming rate.

In the movie Divergent, the lead character, Tris, is called up to decide for herself which faction she will choose – a gut-wrenching choice. After the first hard choice, she must then follow through by accepting that her choice picked her path and future, and therefore to fulfill her destiny she had to be willing to jump blindly into a long dark concealed hole — a hole where her fears were to be faced and things she most avoided in her previous life were now to be challenged straight on.

When those who can see in real life decide to make the jump, the decision is made and should not be reconsidered. Tyranny is here and can be seen all around – before the purge starts (and it is being planned) those who can see are being called up to service; in service to those who cannot see and will either be killed or become a killer – neither “ain’t much of a living.”

Mind control is everywhere – it is included in all national paradigms promising to provide safety. Safety is a code word for control. Fear is the venom delivered and Safety is sold as the cure; the cure is worse than the cause.

Self responsibility is the only path to safety, transferring and abrogating your “born on Earth” obligation and right to be self responsible for you and your loved ones is the road to slavery. Giving up self responsibility, by definition, means you are agreeing to be a slave and, come what may, a slave has no say.


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Jack Mullen has been a businessman for more than 25 years, owning 3 radio stations, several technology based companies and a resource development company.

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