The Bullshetahmeter Technique – Demystifying News Source Validity

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Michael T. Winter
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You are reading these words. It is therefore axiomatic you can read. An axiom is a premise or starting point of reasoning. It’s a self-evident principle or one that is accepted as true without proof as the basis for argument. You are reading this, therefore, you must be able to read. It’s axiomatic, dude!

Moving forward, having established we can all read, the question becomes, what do we read? There are a wide array of websites from which to glean our news. This writer’s personal choice is a contributor/writer driven vehicle, fueled by a strong comment forum; this format offers us a broad spectrum of a great many writer’s opinion, and a world-wide assessment of the author’s position, the better to ‘take the pulse’ of the world of the awake (and the extent of ‘truth’ to the piece, as assessed by the number of and comments of, the trolls). Another axiom has reared its head; by reading this article, (if not an employed monitor/shill), it is axiomatic you do not believe the vast majority of mainstream media any longer.

This incredible Bullshetahmeter has three dials on the unit. The first knob, or dial, is the broad sweep dial. This is utilized in conjunction with individual authors and for initial assessment of a website. After dialing in on the broad sweep, one can then fully validate the information itself by utilizing the two primary fine-tune adjustment knobs. The broad sweep dial (found slightly below the left frontal cortex, but above the pineal gland) allows the user to make a general assumption from which to either explore further, or move along to other sites.

An example can be found here. A person decides to look into Fukushima. (Ding! Ding! My Bullshetahmeter just kicked off. MS Word doesn’t show ‘Fukushima’ as a valid option for a mis-spell. That’s weird…Microsoft is such an honest and open company, I can’t imagine them not recognizing this word….an oversight, I’m sure. Bill ‘The Reducer’ Gates surely wants correct spelling on the Fuku crime against humanity). One barely need breathe on the dial to know that will not post the same reports as As proof of this dial’s accuracy, please visit both sites and look into the postings relevant to Fuku. CNN’s will be ‘the party line’…”nothing to see here, folks…move along…move along” ; however, a visit to Jim Stone’s site will leave you amazed, shocked, awed and angry at the information he has factually and source documented.

Having spent an unpardonable amount of time absorbing writings and videos in my process of awakening, I’ve distilled my Bullshetahmeter down to two criteria; a pair of knobs I mentally fine-tune in assessing the particular validity of any given article or video. These dials are found deeply embedded in the limbic system. Lab research (and it wasn’t cheap, let me tell you!) has placed it specifically within the amygdala region.

The first dial addresses (or tunes, if you will) an assessment that can best be distilled in the word ‘Coverage’. A prime example is had in the case of Paul Craig Roberts. Upon a time, PCR was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under Ronnie Reagan. He also served as a consultant to the DoD and U.S. Dept. of Commerce. Back in the day, prior to his awakening, (or more likely, his growing a pair) he received numerous national and international awards for his work in economics. Even France found him worthy of the Legion of Honor. When PCR sang the party line with the rest of the psychopaths in charge, he was a regular on national media outlets. Fast forward to now. Since he started speaking truthfully, he is no longer welcome on any of these shows or platforms. His opinions have been ridiculed by those in charge and major media. Only sites like Activist Post and others like-minded will post his writings now. I always read him when I see his postings. Another fine feature of the Bullshetahmeter is the auto reload data function. Once the Bullshetahmeter has made an assessment, it remains there until such time as the device/program (and this is the incredible part) reassesses the data and computes a new course of action relevant to an established protocol.

From this one example, it’s easy to see how much data can be drawn. A. PCR was once an insider and viewed on mainstream media. B. When he stopped ‘going along to get along’ he was banished. So, broadly extrapolated, one can deduce that any media outlet not willing to post his writing is part of the problem, not the solution. Conversely, any media site that is willing to post is part of the solution, not the problem.

In a mirror example, lets look at Al Gore. On the surface, his message sounds wonderful…save our planet! But, let’s look at the coverage dial on this character. His message is seemingly against the agenda of elitist killers, but how can this be? The killers give him free reign to spew his verbiage all over the airwaves. They promote his video and help push his papers and writings. By employing the coverage dial, we can thus conclude that Al does not have our best interest at heart. It is axiomatic that any person or agenda pushed by MSM is not conducive to our health, wealth and well-being. Ergo sum, and I must be frank, Al ‘To Many S’mores’ Gore is full of shit.

The third and final dial adjustment is related to the word ‘premise’. Ayn Rand famously quoted “Check your premises”. No fan of Rand, (though having read all of her books and agreeing in part with some of her posits), her advice regarding premises is spot on.

A fine example of application can be found in this video. It is posted on AP as well as other sites.

This video illustrates the fact that a paint cleaner and wall preparation substance is found in four major cereal brands, including Trix. By checking the premise of the videographers, we can conclude they have nothing to gain other than making people aware they are feeding their children paint thinner. The premise for the video and effort, therefore, is a desire to keep people safe. If one can find nefarious motive in that desire, then please refer to my Paranoia-tometer2000 users guide (as advertised on TV).

Revisiting PCR, (while also demonstrating the flexibility of this system) we can apply the premise dial in conjunction with the coverage dial for very fine tweaking. What motives would PCR have to start spouting this crazy nut-job conspiracy theory nonsense? We can rule out (this premise dial works backwards or forwards) motives of greed. He hasn’t gotten wealthier as a result of his truth telling. Fame? What he had on the world stage is now non-existent, relevant to the players that shape events. Honors? Hmmm…nope. He is a pariah in the circles he once traveled. We can, with the aide of the Bullshetahmeter arrive at but one conclusion. The man is telling the truth, as he sees it, and as a result of his desire to awaken others and share the truth (as he sees it), he has willingly given up fame, respect, honor, awards, money and status. The premise, therefore, is that if a man is willing to give up all these things, his motives must be pure.

“But Michael”, you say, “PCR’s just controlled opposition, dummy!” Ah…not so. With the Bullshetahmeter functioning properly, and using the dials in tandem, we can turn (ever so slightly, now!) the coverage dial. When the two are in sync, we can see that PCR is not controlled opposition because his coverage has slipped. Do you see?

Now someone else, such as Michael Moore, has a strongly backed base of media coverage, yet strangely, his message is purely anti-government. “But how can this be?”, you ask. “He is against the government…he must be a good guy!” If the premise and coverage dials are tuned correctly, we can surmise he is controlled opposition. Because, and here is a fact – if MSM doesn’t want you covered, then brother, you are not covered. If you are, then you are ‘singing their song’.

In case you’re wondering what axioms have to do with this great technique, one need understand that the principles (operating rules) in play for the Bullshetahmeter are themselves axiomatic. So there you have it – a foolproof method for determining the validity or authenticity of a written news piece, op-ed piece or video relevant to current events.

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