‘Natural Cures’ Author Kevin Trudeau Sentenced to 10 Years Prison

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Heather Callaghan
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The case of author and radio show host Kevin Trudeau is one that raises questions about free speech, business, law and natural health.

Trudeau has been jailed since last November when he was convicted of criminal contempt by jurors for defying a 2004 court order preventing him from running alleged false ads about his book, The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About. After the order, prosecutors said the informercials were run over 32,000 times.

Prosecutors fought for a prison sentence of at least 10 years, saying they couldn’t think of another case where someone cheated people so ‘brazenly.’ In another filing they called him an “uncontrollable huckster” who would probably try to defraud his prison mates.

Defense attorneys called that “overblown and unfair” and didn’t think Trudeau deserved more than two years. After hearing prosecutors talk about Trudeau’s actions causing “shattered lives,” defense argued that any harm done by the book would have cost the person less than the $30 price tag.

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Ronald Guzman sentenced Trudeau to 10 years in prison for “bilking consumers via infomercials for his best-selling weight loss book.” But not before blasting him with a lecture on morality about the decades he “steadfastly attempted to cheat others for his own personal gain” and called him “deceitful to the core.”

Trudeau will be 60 years old before he is let out of prison.

Some similar tactics were deployed on Paleo diet blogger, Steve Cooksey, who wrote about his steps towards reversing diabetes. A similar case involving “the morals” of what he was doing was built up against him in an effort to justify jailing and fining him. If you read up on his case, you will see how what prosecutors call ‘dietary advice,’ is to them, not a part of protected free speech.

So what is it ‘They’ don’t want you to know about what Trudeau’s case really signifies?

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9 Comments on "‘Natural Cures’ Author Kevin Trudeau Sentenced to 10 Years Prison"

  1. not surprised this is happening. though his claims sound farfetched , it does make sense when it comes to the drug companies and how they will be out of business if they are cures to their respected diseases. unfortunately alongs as there is the unholy connection between them and the so called politicians who want to keep their seats then advocates like him will always be silenced in fear of getting crucified by the govt and sent to a federal prison.

  2. itworkedforme | July 28, 2014 at 2:10 pm | Reply

    What Kevin wrote about was not new, (Dr. Simeon) he just brought it to the masses, I took the shots from doctors many, many years before KT wrote about it. I wish I could have written about it, WOW. The bad part about his being tried and convicted is that it worked!!! Why didn’t his attorneys reach out to the people who the protocol worked for? Is MONSANTO being tried for killing us daily? I know there are more people who it worked for than it didn’t. He gave reliable information, it was up to the individual to find a doctor who did not cheat to administer it properly.

  3. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 2004. My blood sugar was WAY high. I was put on Metformin which caused me to have to stay VERY close to a bathroom. Made me sick. I did some research and orderd Kevin’s book on natural cures, one of which was Coral Calcium for diabetes. I went to Walmart and bought a liquid version, which Walmart now no longer carries. This allowed me to control my blood sugar, it worked like a CHARM. No side effects, used it for years. This cure came from Kevin’s book and I am grateful to him for just this one piece of information. Now, they have stuck him in prison. Sick country we live in

  4. Your comment is dishonest so you probably are also. One of his cures he discussed in his book probably saved my life.

  5. I purchased The Cure book and I keep getting billed $49.95 every month. WTH! I have called and requested it be cancelled. The bastards keep billing me. Ive had it! Don’t ever purchase anything from them……It’s a total scam!!!!!!!

  6. What’s that guy’s name – he’s been jailed many times. But NOTHING stops him from selling medical marijuana oil cos he claimed it was what cured him from cancer. He’s always back to selling “God’s Oil”.

    THOUSANDS beg to buy from him with dozens saying their “western meds” doctors disbelieved their cancer was cured. But that’s exactly what scans and tests show: NO MORE cancer.

    The doctors then said the cancer must be a misdiagnosis. What kind of doctors misdiagnosed?

    Regardless, one can simply sieve out what you think is useful to you (from Trudeau’s info), do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

    P.S. If the authorities were as honest as they claim to be, I don’t see them arresting the thousands of pharmaceuticals companies whose products or “medicine” have caused man so much MORE harm. We are talking about side-effects and the irreversible side-effects….like disability and deaths.

  7. This is BULLSHIT. The government only cares about money, not helping people. That is what Kevin did, told us the truth. The internet has all the info now about natural oils you name it. Why exactly did he go to prison. He should get paid for his research and hard work. Natural remedies work. I bought the book and never use medicine.The FDA, Government should be in jail for keeping things from us and lying to us as well as making way too much money, how expensive the drugs are and Insurance companies work with them never help with cost.Can we put the government and FDA in prison….thats where they belong.

  8. Keven said “They were out to get him.” Thanks to his book it’s cheating Big Pharma and the Doctors out of east money. Please read “Budwig Protocol” it’s an eye opener!!

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