The Parasitical Elite – Defining The Shifting Enemy Of The Common Man

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Michael T. Winter
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Who are these people? Some will immediately chime in, “They aren’t people at all!” Perhaps so…perhaps not. They go by many names; The Powers That Be, The Illuminati, The Freemasons, The Brotherhood of the Snake, The Universal Brotherhood, The Sinisteri are but a few. The broad term, Parasitical Elite, is more description than a branded label.

There is a designed ambiguity surrounding the Parasitical Elite. Through millennia, however, certain constants manifest themselves; they are as unavoidable as the age found in a person’s eyes regardless of the best efforts of cosmetic surgery. Parasitical Elites, regardless who you think they are, are evil. ‘Evil’ is itself a subjective term, but in the broad context of the thought processes of non-psychopathic people, we can all agree on a universal definition of evil as the desire to do harm to others.

From before the time of Christ in ancient Sumeria, right up to present day, the Parasitical Elite have alternately appeared, disappeared and reappeared under different guises; in the form of secret societies, political ideologies and occult institutions. This is not accidental. Obfuscation is a pillar upon which their agenda for global domination rests.

The employment of the root word ‘parasite’ is accurate. Regardless of what they choose to be known as within any given epoch, they are parasites – they latch on to a host and drain it of whatever is required for the parasite to thrive.

How far the blinders have come off will usually help define what we consider to be the Parasitical Elite. For those newly awoken, the Parasitical Elite might be corporations, or even the Democratic or Republican party. At the sleep leaves one’s eyes, the central bankers. At yet another, it might be the ’13 Families’, or the reptilian bloodlines, or the Nephilim. Or European royalty and nobility. At yet another, the Ashkenazim. For some, it’s simply “The Jews”. Catholics. Organized religion. All of these are correct, in one fashion or another. And all of these are not correct – this is the nature of created ambiguity. Confusion is the Parasitical Elite’s friend. If everyone is the bogeyman, then no one is the bogeyman. These parasites operate on many levels; attaching to races, institutions and ideologies until such time as they have consumed their micro host and move on to more fertile ground from which to ever realize their goal of global domination. From domination comes fear and negativity. We, humanity, are the primary host from which they seek to feed upon. They do so by creating and controlling instruments (nothing more, really) such as belief systems and political systems such as communism and socialism…’isms’ that fight each other and create fear and death. Parasites depleting the host…us.

This article’s title question still begs to be answered. Some might ask who they are. Others, with an eye to a larger canvass, might ask what they are. Are they aliens, as William Bramley, author of Gods of Eden believes? He makes a very convincing case to that effect. This worthy read will open anyone’s eyes to a great unveiling of truths. Even if one cannot or will not subscribe to the alien theory convincingly posited, there is a great deal of historically accurate data pertaining to secret societies such as the Bavarian Illuminati, William of Orange, or the origins of the House of Windsor.

Many believe the Parasitical Elite are divine beings of evil origin. How they differ from aliens is a theological distinction that escapes me, but many will defend that argument. It is believed they have come to us or been cast from their place of origin, depending on what holy book or legend one ascribes to. Wherever they come from, they are here to feed upon negativity and fear. This rings especially loud when speaking of Satan and his demon horde. There is a library of Alexandria-esque proportions detailing the hierarchy for these entities, sub-categories of demons and angels, such as Nephilim, Seraphim’s, demi-gods and demi-urges and the like. Beneath this blanket nestles a host of various mythologies and theological structures such as the Greek Gods, the Norse gods, and a great many non-western and tribal mythologies. Without intending to ruffle any feathers, a widely held belief claims modern, organized western religions are simply present day humanity’s current theological lover. Will Christ, or Allah, or Shiva be spoken of in current context two thousand years from now? Perhaps, as they have survived that long already. But in five thousand years? Six thousand? Before answering a thunderously indignant “OF COURSE!”, ask yourself if you can name the primary Gods of Sumer, or even Egypt. Most cannot, yet they were deities that shaped the course of our history. Many will argue that these deities of antiquity have been re branded into the deities we worship today, and I will not argue that assertion, finding it to be spot on.

In defining the Parasitical Elite, dipping in the shallow end of the pool, a person’s opinion of the elite goes no farther than politicians and businessmen.

Deeper into water, reaching above the waist, the opinion of who the Parasitical Elite are changes. The veil is lifted a bit and central banksters, the multi-trillion Rothschild clan or their evil and malevolent offspring the Rockefeller’s become identified. Subsidiary evils might include Wall Street denizens, the spider webs of global corporations, the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, Skull & Bones or the Council of Rome; all evil, all psychopathic in leadership, membership and objectives; yet all are just clothes of different cuts, emanating from the same wardrobe. They are, indeed, but garments draped upon evil entities; the physical manifestations required to give corporeal substance to these malevolent entities, the better to aide in their ongoing campaign of destruction and control.

To swim in the deep end is to lose purchase with our physical reality, much as one must tread water to remain afloat. The universe is a big place. Infinite? Maybe. Do we inhabit just one universe in an ocean of universes? Perhaps. Science has proven that within the broad electromagnetic spectrum, our decidedly limited scope of perception perceives a tiny fraction of what is known to exist. If we can allow there is a vast spectrum of energy and existence we are not privy to, then we must allow the possibility of invisible (undetectable within the scope of our visible electromagnetic spectrum) entities existing all around us. Some will call these unseen entities spirits, demons, ghosts or Gods. Given (we now know) there is more unknown than known, we cannot rule out they do not exist. It is more probable and logical to allow that they do exist. Being of non-physical substance, they do not eat food as we define food. They do not get drunk on what we call alcohol. These entities feed upon fear and negative emotion. The tools they use to grow their food are found in the machinations of central banks, the CFR, warmongering corporations and a host of earthly minions, all dedicated to sowing fear and creating negative emotion within us. This is their food. This is the harvest they seek to reap, and our planet is the field. We, as individuals are the kernels. But they don’t want wheat – they want the chaff. Where there is wheat, they seek to create chaff. It is the more fertile from which to germinate fear and insecurity, the consumption of which only makes them stronger.

Allowing there is a yin and yang to everything, a universal balance if you will, then the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that love is the antidote to hate; that positive emotion is the antidote to negative emotion.

There is a universal battle being waged for our little sparks of energy each of us possesses. One side, via the trappings of various earthly instruments, seeks to entrap us in fear, while the other side seeks to envelop us in love. Negative entities are decidedly more proactive, while the forces of light, no less concerned or desirous of our energy, remain in stasis; it is only by embracing love that one can become part of it. Positive light and love cannot be accepted in the form of deception, whereas fear can. Fortunately, all but the darkest heart instinctively will shy from evil. As social psychologists would have it, roughly 4 % of the human population will embrace evil. A brighter outlook on this is that 96% will not seek out evil, but must have it inserted. This is where the Parasitical Elite shine via their earthly instruments. Industries created to promote lust, greed, covetousness, materialism, pornography, inebriation and a boatload of other human weaknesses; these are the keys that open the door to fear and negativity. Those lesser and mis-diagnosed definitions of Parasitical Elites found in the shallow waters of the newly awakened are only tools created by the true Parasitical Elites…tools designed to separate us, or our spiritual energy, to be precise, from the light and positive energy that love emits.

So, at the end of the day, the only way to defeat these Parasitical Elites is to reject their wars, their moral corruptions and other means designed and projected on us daily in an effort to keep us from the light of love. Darkness flees before light. One doesn’t go into a well lit room and ignite a candle of darkness to banish the light. Sadly, these Parasitical Elite have used religion for eons as the primary vehicle to create despair. War is evil incarnate. There is no good or justified war. There is simply war. Christians, Jews and Muslims, take heed! Your violent defense of your faith is little more than fuel to stoke the furnace of evil. Peace is love…to embrace peace is to embrace the light. As Gandhi said, “There is no path to peace, peace is the path.

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  1. David Michael Shayler | October 2, 2015 at 6:57 am |

    The solution lies in spiritual activism because love is the Law.

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