Monsanto Spoof – Picking Up God’s Slack

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Happy Little Guillotine Studios is known for some lacerating comedy jabs. They even take on the NSA in one of their twisted “rejected superbowl ad” series.

Perhaps they should work for Monsanto’s PR firm. This “ad” brings up a few important points about marketing psy-op techniques as well as the unfortunate results of eating genetically modified foods.

The parody uses projection tactics to make nature out to be a nazi-regime to be stopped, complete with word associations for negative reinforcement and “subliminal” messaging.

Monsanto has really “simplified” our lives and removed sooo many inconveniences for us. “Bees stinging you. BOOM. We killed them all.”

“Monsanto. Because God just isn’t doing a good enough job.”

Hat/Tip to Huffington Post who called it the Monsanto Ad Parody [that] Says What We’re All Thinking

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