Drivers Forced onto Toll Roads in Texas

Aaron Dykes
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Private Interests Inhibiting Free Travel on Public Roads – Paid for By Taxpayers

The overlapping control grid of the Trans-Texas Corridor/ NAFTA Superhighway and Agenda 21 urban redevelopment in the Texas Triangle (ref: is taking over public roadways and directing human behavior.

Watch this video:

This emerging reality hit home a short while back when traveling to Lockhart, a quaint small town famous for its barbeque just a bit over half an hour from Austin, on Highway 183 – which is now displaced for some 10 or 12 miles by the toll road SH 130 which lies east of Austin down to San Antonio. It was only once it was too late that I realized I was even on a toll road, figuring out that it was now impossible to travel directly to Lockhart without paying tolls!

The warnings that public roads were being taken over by private (Spain-based) interests that helped derail the Trans-Texas Corridor super-project have now come to pass! And other sections are being phased in as well in the quickly changing landscape in the Austin area – Highway 290 that goes eastbound to Elgin is partially a toll road as well (despite allegations that it violates civil rights), and I-35 north of Ft. Worth is being developed into a toll road, with plans to eventually force all I-35 traffic (one of the most important and heavily traveled roads in the USA) to pay tolls!

To add insult to injury, Texas toll roads do NOT have toll booth operators (thus no Texan jobs) and drivers must either get an RFID transponder tracking device to pay the bill, or pay by mail at a rate that costs 1/3 more! Why? Texas Tollways claims: “Toll rates for people who pay by mail are one-third more than for drivers with toll tags to offset the costs related to processing license plate information.”

Read more about the NAFTA superhighway takeover plan via Jerome Corsi, author of The Late Great USA: NAFTA, the North American Union, and the Threat of a Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada and senior writer at World Net Daily, who warned that the “dead” superhighway scheme was back.

As I previously wrote, the RFID transponders are about tracking more than toll payments – they are used by law enforcement and government agencies to monitor innocent citizens accused of no crime while logging detailed movements into a database:

Many toll road systems now use tracking devices for pay/authorization, and they have also been used by police to catch criminals. From the beginning, these transponders were designed as a payment collection system AS WELL AS a tracking system. Here’s a link to the patent proving that intention: “Open road cashless toll collection system and method using transponders and cameras to track vehicles.” Adding further insult to injury, states like Texas do not hire toll booth operators, refuse to take cash and require drivers to adopt transponders or pay much higher rates via mail after photographing license plates and auto-mailing a bill to the registered address for payment!

California’s Department of Traffic – and likely plenty of others – use the technology to track the flow of traffic, officially storing data on all vehicles moving past their monitors for 24 hours: 

That is exactly what California’s 511 system does. Scanners placed throughout the highway network track the movement of motorists with toll transponders as a means of monitoring traffic flow. According to the California Department of Transportation, the system tracks individual ID codes, storing a movement history for each particular car in a database for 24 hours. Lawson suggested that anyone with access to the 511 database would have the ability to track in real time the movement of any vehicle of interest after having scanned its ID code just one time. 

• Meanwhile, privacy experts have exposed the ability to easily hack these transponders and use them to track individual vehicles anonymously or to cheat on toll road payments, clone tracker devices or interfere with them.

Like other aspects of the North American Union, the powers that be are implementing this toll road scheme gradually, and by stealth and deception. The people of Texas have already been uproariously opposed to this costly and destabilizing master plan, and yet, despite assurances by Gov. Rick Perry that it was “dead,” the plans have been signed and it rolls onward … against the sovereignty and economic interests of the state and against the rights to free travel.

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Aaron Dykes is a co-founder of, where this first appeared. As a writer, researcher and video producer who has worked on numerous documentaries and investigative reports, he uses history as a guide to decode current events, uncover obscure agendas and contrast them with the dignity afforded individuals as recognized in documents like the Bill of Rights.

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