3 Best Natural Hangover Remedies and 1 Unnatural Remedy

Heather Callaghan
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It happens. While celebrating, it might not take much in the way of alcohol to bring on a nasty hangover the next day. The headache that doesn’t go away after taking over-the-counter pain relievers…the unforgivable nausea. Sensitivity to sounds above .0001 decibels. Irritability, dehydration, blood pressure problems, and sometimes even tremors…gosh, just how much did you drink, exactly? Never mind that…

Unless it’s an emergency situation, these remedies are sure to relieve suffering quickly.

Obviously, staying hydrated is one of the best things anyone can do to ward off the effects of a hangover. But did you know there are other reasons one could have a hangover?

Here are three lesser-known, inexpensive all natural remedies to ward off a hangover after drinking too much and one surprising unnatural remedy.

Nux Vomica 30c Homeopathic – three pellets under the tongue at the onset of symptoms of overindulging food or drink. Relieves nausea and bloating, sick feeling. Pretty much THE drinking remedy that naturopaths probably don’t want broadcast everywhere because they’d rather their clients avoid drinking alcohol. Should not be taken within 15 minutes of eating or drinking. This remedy helps with a variety of issues and is helpful to the liver.

Activated Charcoal – there’s a reason this is used in emergency rooms for toxic overload. Luckily, this is a cheap remedy found at healthfood stores everywhere. This is like an amazing sponge, absorbing all kinds of junk in the system. Should be taken awhile after drinking alcohol, one capsule for each drink and more the next day as needed. Do not take with food, supplements or medications. Do take plenty of water if taking activated charcoal.

Asparagus – a study found that asparagus contains a compound that protects the liver and cells from the toxicity of drinking and can ward off hangovers. Asparagus is anti-inflammatory but also has diuretic properties (so again, water is important). Interestingly, this amazing food is also the best and cheapest remedy for cleaning out the kidneys, in which case, cornsilk can be added to compound the cleansing effects. Other hangover foods to consider are eggs because they contain cysteine, which breaks down acetaldehyde in the body, and foods that contain electrolytes. A pinch of Himalayan salt in water is a healthier alternative to sports drinks to replace electrolytes.

Benadryl – here is the unnatural remedy best for the hangover headache. One theory for the hangover headache concerns the sulfites added to all non-organic alcoholic drinks. Lots of people are unknowingly sensitive to it. Mild side effects to sulfites include headaches, nausea, diarrhea, itchiness and respiratory problems. Benadryl and many sleep aids are the same thing – Diphenhydramine. It works for such allergies because it blocks histamine reaction. It also helps with motion sickness, but can cause extreme drowsiness.

Benadryl carries its own side effects so the directions should be strictly adhered to during allergies or intoxication and if taken, only after a hangover, not near the time of drinking alcohol. But hey, did you know there is a natural homeopathic for histamine overreaction? That would be Histaminum Hydrochloricum 30C.

The best way to avoid a hangover is obviously not to drink or to only drink in moderation. Vomiting after alcohol consumption is akin to the reaction to food poisoning. The liver is rejecting it to protect us. The real effects of alcohol on the brain and blood pressure regulation are much too downplayed. Alcohol depletes the body of minerals and electrolytes the body needs for heart regulation.

Please be good to yourself during this time and afterward, replenishing with electrolytes, minerals and hydrating fluids. Apparently, the best choice for drinking is just 5 oz of red wine for its antioxidants.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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