Ukrainian Protesters Get Orwellian Texts From the State, ‘you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance’

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Cassius Methyl
Activist Post

Approximately 100,000 Ukrainian protesters participated this week in defiance of new laws which have made it illegal to cover one’s face, set up tents, or wear a helmet for simple protection, among other restrictions obviously seeking to curb public dissent.

US corporate media reports that protesters are using Molotov cocktails, baseball bats, and even catapults, while battling riot police armed with the usual rubber bullets, and stun grenades. It is likely that the protests began with peaceful disobedience of the laws, and the violence was instigated by the authorities.

The exceptional thing about this protest was, around midnight on Monday night, protesters received an Orwellian, ominous text message on their personal cell phones.

The text message from the State read – “Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance”.

It has not been revealed exactly how the government executed this, though three cellphone companies in Ukraine denied giving the government any information about the subscribers. Three hours later, a group of protesters in illegal ski masks and helmets defended themselves against police, with zero regard for the warning from the state.

Protesters, dissidents, activists, and people in the way of the agenda of corrupt, powerful individuals, are likely being logged and taken note of, wherever they are. Here in the US, we’re even more likely to be put on a list somewhere. However, if everyone spoke out and participated in protests, civil disobedience, and activism, everyone would be on some list, and it would be all the more difficult to combat a resistance.

People are resisting corruption and unnecessary laws more and more every day, and the global paradigm shift is not going to be stopped by the fact that we are being observed and taken note of.


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