Congress Just Authorized $1.1 Trillion in Spending…And Nobody Read the Bill

Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.)

Kimberly Paxton
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We are so lucky to live in a country where we have representation. Think about it – we all get to choose someone to go to Washington DC and look out for our best interests. We all have a voice, and we can all rest assured that those elected officials will diligently work for us, their constituents.

Please note my sarcasm.

It’s triggered by the recent spending bill passed by Congress – all 1, 582 pages of it.

Wouldn’t you think that before authorizing something so massive that our members of Congress would have read it? Or at the very least, have hired someone to read it and summarize it for them?


According to one very amused congressman, Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) nobody read this massive bill. Trust me, this is really funny. You’ll laugh too.

On Capitol Hill on Thursday, asked Blumenauer: “The omnibus bill yesterday, it was 1,582 pages, did you have a chance to read all the pages before voting on it?” 

Blumenauer laughed and said: “Nobody did!” 

“Nobody did?” said the reporter. 

“Nope,” said Blumenauer. 


This isn’t even “corruption”. It goes way beyond that. This is our elected representatives giving us the middle finger and then laughing about it. Because it’s all a big joke to them. They make salaries most of us can only dream about earning and they don’t even have enough respect for those of us who put them into office to, I don’t know, do their jobs!

How much do they make, you ask? Members of Congress are paid $174,000 per year for their “service”. Some with special jobs receive more. For Example, House Speaker John Boehner receives $223,500.

Then, of course, there is a budget for each office. Are you sitting down? Each office budgets between $1.27 million to $1.546 million. Congress has 535 members. So at the minimum, $679,450,000 is paid to run the offices of these people who do not care enough to read the bills that they are voting on…in our best interests, of course.

Almost $700 million dollars is spent on staffing and office expenses and no one had time to read a bill before voting yes and signing it into law????

And the member of Congress interviewed by CNS laughed about this?

Incidentally, the bill budgeted 1.1 TRILLION DOLLARS for government spending for the rest of the fiscal year, increasing federal spending by$44.8 billion.

I wonder what that extra money was spent on. I guess I can’t ask my Congressman because he didn’t read the bill.

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Kimberly Paxton is a staff writer for the Daily Sheeple, where this first appeared. She is based out of upstate New York.

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