2014: Let The Year Of The Solutions Begin

The New Mental Combat Zone

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

How can we (humanity) defeat the globalists if we don’t have a specific plan? Thus we need an idea on how to move forward; that is, cut into the march toward global tyranny that we are in now. This march toward global tyranny is being felt by all at the local level. You can be physically arrested, detained, fined, harassed, jailed, or imprisoned for almost any reason now. You are now seeing the globalists forcing their will on your personal life like never before.

Government mandatory health insurance, creditor penalties, collections, and fees, aerosol spraying of chemicals and forced GMO foods, jaywalking, parking and loitering tickets, forced medication, control of your children and home schooling, churches not allowed to criticize government, corporations who now have signs in their stores that read “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”, and phone and email companies who freely, willfully, and greedily sell your private information to the highest bidder. The list of examples is endless.

Solutions for these and other problems has to first and foremost begin with you.

It is now 2014, a new year is upon us. Humanity is awakening politically to global events at a scale unknown in human history. The awakening can itself be broken into several segments. Awakening to the realization that something is very wrong with humanity. Awakening to the realization of who the key individuals are that are causing the problem. Yes, we are becoming reasonably familiar with the organizations, corporations, and who the individuals are behind the dark mask of control.

Okay so, what is actually happening and who is committing the crimes is collectively part of the initial informational awakening. But then there is the ‘what to do’ component, the ‘how to do it’ and the ‘when to do it’ components which are action-related awakenings that sometimes take a little longer to experience or realize. I’m talking about true action, not talking about action but actually walking through the steps of a solution that you know or hope will work.

Knowledge and information sharing

Many of us can remember how and when we woke up to the information. When you finally realize that something is very wrong and you are able to identify some of the root causes, at this point you have entered the first awakening phase. At this point your mind has been altered, your perceptions changed; the excitement of this alone often triggers new behavior. Some wake up and immediately can accomplish great things that change the world. This is the exception not the rule. For most, unfortunately, they first hear the information and can acknowledge the truth of what is happening. They acknowledge there is a problem; they recognize some of the root causes of these problems. They may even become experts at sharing the information, but unfortunately they never get to the part about how to actually to solve the problem and when to begin to act upon that solution. There are several reasons for this.

First, psychology experiments examining bystander apathy or the bystander effect have shown that when subjects were exposed to situations where they saw someone in need, they were significantly less likely to intervene to help the needy person if others were also present. The bystander apathy effect taught us a lot about how humans think. Because of this bystander (social context) apathy that many of us are inherently programmed with, we are now able to understand why many people who are awakened to the problems of the world today don’t do anything to actually create a solution.

Another reason why many don’t get to the moment of awakening that defines exactly how to solve the problems and when to implement the solution is because they don’t distinguish between information sharing and actual solution implementation. Granted, information sharing is also part of the process of arriving at a solution, we can think of information sharing as a pre-solution on the road to a solution. To apply the principles of the Learning Trivium, the information sharing (pre-solution) stage (of educating others and increasing mass awareness) is analogous to the grammar and logic phases of the Trivium where a person assimilates the facts and the proper relationships between the facts. Those who haven’t arrived at a solution-implementation form of awakening may even see solution implementation as a separate duty for someone else to do. This is slightly different from the bystander apathy effect where you assume that someone else will help the needy person, knowing well that if need be, you are fully capable of helping.

Another reason some don’t arrive at a solution-implementing phase of awakening is because someone may fundamentally believe that god or some other force is in control and to take action is futile. Perhaps they believe that the evil globalists are unbeatable and fighting a global agenda already in place is useless. This is a logical fallacy based on ignorance of how humanity works, as well as pessimism. Some may compare this to perceiving a glass half empty. These people see how bad the world is and thus give up the fight based on their own logic and pessimism which ignores the profound and intricate abilities and miraculousness that humanity is capable of. They put humanity into a small box; a helpless species somehow eternally under the control of the globalist Illuminati control freaks. With this belief system reinforced by over-think and narrow-mindedness, these individuals carry on every day as bearers of bad news about the world, and perhaps in some cases enjoy being able to watch the frustration humanity suffers in, and enjoy the inability of the species to not create permanent, useful solutions. This is not who we want to be and this is not how to affect change.

Arriving at the mental combat zone

Arriving at a solution-implementing ‘combat zone’ mindset or awakening comes in due time. Like any other awakening, it is a realization that the world simply won’t get better unless you yourself take much-needed focused and calculated action. In order to be most effective this action must be driven by consciousness, conviction, logic and reason and it must be carefully calculated for potential errors, benefits, and drawbacks. Time and urgency should be taken into account. The impulse to act is preceded by your original awakening to the information, the urgency of now, the hope and belief that this action you are about to take is the manifestation of the solution, and the attitude that if the problem is not solved immediately that doesn’t matter because we are in the middle of a long game.

Once you cross over to this new mindset then the game has just begun. You will embrace a new distinction between words and actions. You will begin to view words as an empty meal and actions as a full plate of food. This new mindset releases you from many of the worries you may have had before as your new battlefield mindset begins to guide your instinctual sense of desire. Note the far cry from the days you were busy acting as only an information warrior, which itself is very honorable, but like a military promotion you are now in charge of your own unit engaging and strategizing against the enemy in a real-life scenario. You are not the only one in charge, however; there are many teams in this and we all play a part. It is up to you to join forces with the other generals and officers to rehearse plans, help each other, and pick each other up. The most important thing is to know thyself. Know what your skills are and apply your skills in the implementation of the solutions.

Doing more to fix the world

This urgency is what 2014 is all about. We are seeing the efforts and hearing the ideas that are now in motion. People are moving toward solution-implementation. For those who have never disseminated information, they are doing everything they can to do more. Ultimately, it’s about doing more. Let’s all do more to fix the world we are living in. This can be done. Let’s keep fighting and let your imagination run wild with ideas and how to implement these ideas. Like a soldier in a combat zone, realize that you are now in a combat zone and that your freedoms and liberties can be taken completely at any given moment. With false flag operations happening so frequently and with natural disasters looming we now have no option but to put on our information combat zone mindset which may soon be your greatest survival equipment to fight this battle with. Learn from professional athletes and soldiers in a battlefield; the mindset of an athlete or soldier is the most important single factor in determining who wins.

Now is the time to realize that there are a lot more of us than there are of them. Now is the time to connect with the realization that police and military are just like us. Yes they have their own salaries and careers to nurture, but ultimately we’ve been duped by a class that has played into the gullibility of humanity and has deliberately divided us. They’ve used a lot of tools to mesmerize humanity (including and especially police and military) into their electronic signals which control how we think. Now is the time to realize that you, the living breathing person, can overcome this level of brainwashing. This brainwashing will be torn down by our spirit. We will affect a new mass perception which is already alive and breathing within the species. Believe in humanity for in this belief the solution lies!

Equipped for mental combat you should now be researching and documenting your plan for 2014. Ask yourself, what actions will I take this year? What organized effort will I join and be a part of? How many efforts can I be a part of? If you are not asking this then you are not positioning yourself to implement actual solutions to undo the current control system. Think ahead and take nothing for granted, we are just getting started. Are you up for the challenge?

10 Predictions For 2014

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

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