New York Medical Mandate: Poison the Children!

Kenny Valenzuela
Activist Post

Research links posted below…

New York City Board of Health approves mandatory flu shots for kids

CVS Flu Shot Kills 23 Seniors

Board of Health Votes To Require Mandatory Flu Shots For Kids

Sneezing the New WMD Weaponized Mucus Device

91% Fully Vaccinated Involved in Pertussis Outbreak

NYC requires flu shots for all daycare, preschool children

Polio Vaccine Contaminated with Monkey Cancer Virus

Mayor Bloomberg Dismisses Anti-Vaccination ‘Crazies’

5 Year old Girl Contracts Shingles after Chickenpox Vaccination

Non-scientists’: Bloomberg on vaccine skepticism

Vaccines Linked to Childhood Cancers

Bloomberg Philanthropies to Donate 100 Million to Help End Polio

Flu Shot Causing Fetal Deaths

New York State Department of Health Seasonal Influenza

Flu Shot Causing Brain Disorders & Paralysis

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Flu Shot Linked to Sleeping Disorder

PGEI Polio Global Eradication Initiative

Mumps Outbreak Involved 97% Vaccinated Children

New York Vaccine Exemption Forms

Bill Gates Oral Polio Vaccine Cripples 47,500 Children

You can see more of Kenny Valenzuela’s informative videos at Experimental Vaccines

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