Merry Christmas: Your Drone Spotting Guide is Now Available


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A new concept introduced by an Amsterdam-based designer is reminiscent of the hilarious Joy Camp video below, where a group of nature lovers are seen hiking with their drone spotting app called CIA (SeeYa). 

Apparently Ruben Pater was thinking along similar lines when he produced an Audubon-like spotting chart for drones, with helpful tips for hiding from them . . . so as not to have an ending like the one in the video.

The global drone arms race now comprises nearly 90 countries who have tapped into the military-industrial complex’s lucrative drone market, or are seeking to defend themselves from it. This panoply of drones is available on Ruben Pater’s, Drone Survival Guide, and highlight those:

from NATO member countries, with the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, and the United States all represented, as well as NATO itself, for the other member countries that use these drones. Partly because those are the countries that have used drones, in Afghanistan and elsewhere, the most, but partly because they are just the countries where it is easier to get information about the scale and wingspan of their flying robots. 

Also represented are drones from China, Morocco, India, the United Arab Emirates, and Israel. In fact, Pater told Popular Science that part of his inspiration came from people in the Gaza Strip, who filmed Israeli drones overhead, and the challenge of making out what kind of machine it is from the silhouette alone. The silhouettes also resemble Airplane Spotter Cards, made during World War II so that servicemen could differentiate between aircraft, both friendly and allied. (Source)

Now, lest one think that this is deadly serious – though it is – the guide itself is meant first to be a work of art, according to its creator, but does make a salient point when handed out as activist literature. In this case I have to agree with Popular Science and urge you to strongly consider this creative educational tool and darkly humorous commentary about the world that is taking shape around us.

And to think that you didn’t know what to get that particular family member or friend who has it all!

“21st Century Bird Watching”

*Important Note: This guide will not work to identify the new stealth drone being worked on at Area 51 – President Obama was reported to have laughed at such a possibility, then exclaim, “You will never see it comin!”

The drone spotting guide, complete with survival tips – like using the reflective aluminum surface of the guide itself – is available in multiple languages HERE for $15 including shipping, or via various free downloads at the same link. 

Here is an interview with Ruben Pater:

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