Getting Organized For Making Things Better

Jon David Miller
Activist Post

With crisis upon crisis unfolding, with life as we have known it dramatically changing, with tyranny being openly implemented, getting organized is a crucial priority.

For example, the modern high tech lifestyle is not suited for sudden reversion to primitive circumstances, as could happen with a lengthy shutdown of electrical power. It is anticipated that many of those unprepared for such a shocking change would not survive for very long.

I have advocated that people set up a prep cooperative with family, friends and neighbors, starting right away if not already.

In addition to personal preparedness for survival, it is important to organize for teaching the issues and acting together to make things better. The more members of the community that are clued in to what is going on, the less stunned they will be and the more prepared they can be, when a more obvious major change occurs.

In addition to a stock of food, clothing, blankets and other needed supplies, availability of land, seeds, water resources, equipment, indoor growing facilities, alternative heating and lighting, a special shelter in case of damaging weather or other dangers, and a thorough security plan, would be very helpful for being ready for about anything.

The ideal would be to live in a small rural town of friendly compatible neighbors, all well organized and prepared for whatever may come down the pike. Those on nearby farms and other properties are best included in the planning.

Most of us are not in an ideal situation. We must strategize to make the best of the circumstances we have.

Beyond what one is able to do alone, preparation in place starts with outreach and education. With others who are concerned, you can form a “steering committee” to plan an approach to more of the community.

Interchanging with existing activist groups who already work on issues such as natural health, vaccinations, fluoride, pollution, fracking, the environment, poverty, etc., would provide the opportunity to meet others who are inclined to take action to improve the world.

Among these will be some who are likely to be interested in stopping tyranny, restoring civil liberties, protecting their family from harm and preparing for survival. Dedication to personal improvement and spiritual growth is a valuable quality as well.

These folks could be invited to a presentation or seminar, in a home or another venue, about the full scope of the many serious challenges we face. Presenting a compelling message that emphasizes the importance of local involvement can build a momentum that reaches a critical mass of people.

Ideas can be shared about organizing for action around such concerns as chemical contamination of air, food and water by chlorination and fluoridation, commercial food additives, atmospheric aerosol geoengineering, and agricultural and industrial pollutants; also electromagnetic frequencies, economic hardship, debt, pharmaceutical dominance of medicine, and other disturbing realities.

Those who are willing and able can plan and arrange for making further presentations.

It is suggested that people host home meetings of their circle where an informed presenter can discuss the situation in a clear and effective manner. Attendees would be encouraged to get involved, or at least get prepared with their family and some of their friends.

Time is of the essence. There is a very real potential for an economic crash, a power outage, an earthquake and/or volcanic eruption, a meteor bombardment, a food availability crisis, a deadly pandemic, a social breakdown, martial law, and/or some other form of life-changing occurrence.

We are not sure when or what, but the conditions are developing from which any of these crises could arise.

One or more of these scenarios could happen anytime from as soon as now or in the next few weeks to a few years down the road.

Being as prepared as possible would reduce stress now and after. Having the whole community aware and prepared would enhance the survivability of all involved.

Organizing for ongoing outreach, education and action may awaken and motivate enough people to generate a momentum that brings about significant changes, which hopefully could prevent some of these potential disasters and minimize the damage of what does occur.

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Jon David Miller is a social analyst, wellness educator, philosopher and singer/songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion and a Master of Divinity from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies research and writing. Jon is the author of several books, including The New World Order Empire, and developer of several websites, such as and, and has an internet radio program.

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