Amish Family Avoiding Forced Chemo Back in U.S. But Hiding

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Sarah Hershberger, now age 11, is still making media rounds for avoiding forced chemotherapy for leukemia. However, they have yet to accurately portray the whole situation, or obtain an un-spliced story from the Hershberger family.

ABC news is still regurgitating the old story from the Akron Children’s Hospital’s perspective – that she will die without the chemo treatment. This Newsy piece tells more:

Apparently, they haven’t gotten the memo that she has been cancer-free with natural protocols since October 2013, that she is now 11 years old and that her family has returned to the U.S. but not to their Ohio home.

They also misquote the hospital’s treatment plan saying it was for one year, when actually it’s for over two years.

Again, how can the hospital know that she will die without the treatment if they secretly enrolled her in a new experimental chemo research treatment – the second phase without her parents’ knowledge?

There appear to be no searches or contempt of court orders, yet the Medina County sheriff and children protective service workers have visited the property on a number of occasions since Autumn.

Sarah’s online Health Freedom fund has raised almost $19,000 to help her remain cancer-free with natural protocols and help her family during their transition. You can read a condensed version of the whole story which includes contacts from investigative reporter David Michael HERE.


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