8th Grader Brutalized During Interrogation

What you gonna do when they beat your kid too?

Andrew V Pontbriand
Activist Post

A 13-year-old Chicago student athlete says he was brutalized by Waukegan Police last month, and now there is a federal lawsuit being filed.

According to Mike Parker of CBS 2, the eighth-grade honor student and athlete Jonathan Garcia, his family and their attorney took their complaint to the Waukegan City Council. “We are on a pattern on abuse in the city of Waukegan, which has now led to our children,” the lawyer, Kevin O’Connor, said.

The rise of police brutality since the aftermath of 9/11 seems to have grown. As Dave Hodges reported, since 9/11, the police have killed 5,000 Americans, which in comparison reflects the number of soldiers killed in Iraq. In fact, you are actually 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist.

This has sparked various new watchdog organizations, and the invigoration of one that has been around for a while known as Copwatch, which was started in Berkley, California in 1990.

Whether the police are shutting down lemonade stands, such was the case when n Coralville, Iowa police shut down 4-year-old Abigail Krstinger’s lemonade stand after it had been up for half an hour, or police beating up teenage boys during questioning, it reflects the CIA’s torture methods now trickling down to local police departments It seems police locally, and state-wide have abandoned their principles and have decided to wage war on Americans.

As for the lawsuit Garcia’s lawyer filed, it states that the police interrogated Garcia and a friend for 3 hours in regards to a broken window.

Garcia says he was roughed up because he wouldn’t confess. 

“He got mad because I said, ‘I’m not going to sign nothing without an attorney or my mother, and then he hit me with his phone. He choked me,” the teen said. According to Garcia, the police also banged his head off the wall. 

His lawyer says the blow to the teen’s nose caused it to break. “If the police is doing this, who do I call if I’m in danger?” Garcia said. 

The city and the police department declined comment on the suit, saying they haven’t seen it.

Andrew Pontbriand is an activist, researcher, radio show host, Contributor at Activist Post, and Founder of The Resistance Journals. Like his Facebook Page here<

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